We dance to a different disco, honey

Full time work and full time study make for a very tired, somewhat grumpy, mildly relieved, but mega awesome Georgie.

Today I finally finished my 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, therefore completing another item on my 101 in 1001 list. I’m very proud of the achievement. I’ve taken a photo of the completed puzzle. People have been asking whether I’ll be gluing it together and framing it, or just dismantling it to do again another day. To be honest, after nearly three gruelling weeks of looking at all that green, I don’t think I’ll want to do another puzzle for a while. I’d frame the puzzle, but I have nowhere to put it. Our house is a bit unstable in terms of wall mounting, so drilling holes in the wall to hang something isn’t the best idea.

It’s the first 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle I’ve done – in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done more than a kiddish jigsaw puzzle. Ever. I’m thrilled. I suppose I’ll keep it and one day when I have my own place, there’ll definitely be a spot on the wall for the puzzle. I can dismantle it, but at least I can do it in bits so it’ll be easy to piece back together again. I’ll take some better photos later.

I’ve been having work and university day in, day out, and perhaps I was a little too arrogant to think I could do it – but I don’t care, that’s obviously my problem. :P I just think that maybe I was being a little bit too determined thinking I could work and study at a postgraduate level. Well, so far it’s not bad. I just have less time for other things, I’m a little low on sleep – but I’m not stressed. That is the number one thing. Last year and the year before, I’d often get stressed, my time was awfully managed, and I was just all over the place. Right now I’m finding a good balance between work and play, even though most of it is really work. A lot of the time I come home, too tired to do anything. I’ll manage, though. I sure like a challenge.

Today I nearly fell asleep in class; very uncool. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before. I was positive I wouldn’t fall asleep; it was just that I was extremely tired. I can recall quite a few times when I’ve nearly dropped dead, but it’s only been at work, never at school or in class. It was 8:30pm though – I was just tired.

I was so tired I shut one eye and tried to sleep with my eyes open. It’s possible, but apparently you have to be really tired; so tired that your mind shuts off into sleeping mode before you get a chance to close your eyes. It’d be silly to try. I think if it happens, it happens. Nonetheless, I was listening to the lecture with one eye shut, and it reminded me of something I learned in high school. If you walk around with one hand over your eye for long enough, you’ll start seeing things two-dimensionally. Yes, I would assume it’s very bad for your eyes. Whatever cool effects you think it may render, it’s something I wouldn’t recommend. Similar to “let’s see how long I can go without sleeping”.

Some people try some very odd things. It seems like something fun to experience, but probably because seeing things normally, three-dimensionally, is just the norm, and anything out of the ordinary tickles the mind. Do you know how many times I put my iTunes on shuffle and come up with a song I never expected would come up? That tickles my mind. Sometimes too much that I have to keep pressing “next” until a good song comes up.

If life had shuffle, I wonder where it’d take me next. Hopefully bed. I’m tired. /zzz

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Congrats on the 1000 piece puzzel. I’ve only ever done kids puzzels before. My nan use to do loads of puzzels when we were young, I helped her a bit back then. Was so HARD especially when all the pieces look the same!

Work and university? sounds hard, guess that’s why you’re not coping too well with it. I didn’t bother with work during university because I knew that I just won’t be able to manage.

I know many people do extra study after work to improve their education level, I’ll never be able to do. After work I’m super tired and just want to watch tv and sleep.

Wow georgie! That puzzle looks amazing – it has so many tiny pieces! I guess I personally can’t achieve one like that. Haha!

Congrats on your puzzle. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a puzzle that large, though I did finish one of those 750 piece ones before of a lighthouse. I ended up giving it to my dad as a birthday present after laminating it, and framing it. He loves lighthouses XD

I actually had to drop out of school for this year because I just couldn’t handle all the stress of a full time job, a military husband, and I have a lot of personal things going on. Before I was also juggling both, and it was hella difficult! 💥

Georgie, I admire your efforts a lot. I am determined to become as awesome and epic as you are. It seems that your graduate program is made for people who are working full time, anyways, so I’m sure that if anyone can handle it, that you can.

If life had a shuffle function, I would keep on pressing the “next” button until it took me to bed. :P I hope that you’ll get a nice break soon!

First off I wanted to tell you that I am following you on twitter, so I don’t want you to think a creeper girl name Tiffany was following you lol. It’s my personal and I even replied to something lol Just wanted to give you a heads up :)

Congrats on finishing the puzzle! How did you finish so fast? And I saw it on twitter, it looks Amazing :) James really picked out a beautiful picture. You should frame it and hang it up :)

Balance is always a good idea. I think everyone has a hard time balancing, the professional life, school, family, friends and just life. I am the type of person, probably like you, who just likes to do everything lol. I always take on my task than I can handle and I love doing stuff. Whenever I go on vacation I always want to do everything in the city and see the world. I don’t like to sit still and do nothing. I am glad you are getting more personal time. That is always the first step in life. (I should practice what I preach) lol But yea.

I never fell asleep in class, although I came close in art history. Luckily, I didn’t though because everyone always falls asleep and I feel bad for her because she is the nicest teacher ever! But get more sleep and relax :)

👏 congrats on the jigsaw!!!! I’ve wanted to do one for so long!!! Might get one this weekend and make a start-thanks for the motivation! Kudos for working and doing uni at the same time too!

Thanks for the comment
PS. back from my hiatus xx

Sounds like you’ve been busy and whatnot and from the looks of it, not very good about it either. Anyhow, that is pretty cool that you are working and attending your college like that because I don’t know many people that can do that honestly.


I envy your busyness. Hahaha. If that’s even a thing. I give you mad kudos for being able to balance both work and postgraduate schooling. I’d like to do that one day. I’m not sure if I’d want to take my classes online or in person.

Thanks for posting your puzzle on Twitter. Quite an achievement, especially with all the green! Do you have your own office or cubicle at your job? Perhaps you can hang it there temporarily?

“Let’s see how long I can last without sleep” is not a fun experience. I’ve tried it before and didn’t realize I could be that tired or that disconnected from everything. My brain and body were probably screaming, “WTF are you doing?!” Never again.

I don’t know if I’d want my life to be on shuffle… Hmm, that would make for some interesting times. Maybe it’ll help my life fall into place, or maybe (with my luck) it’ll completely ruin my life. Hahaha. Can it be just a good shuffle with nothing bad? If so, I’ll take that!

Haha don’t envy it! You never know how stressed I might be soon. Well, I’m hoping I won’t be. But something tells me that my antidepressants have helped since I started taking them. I’m not feeling stressed or overwhelmed at all.

You’re welcome, and thank you for your support throughout! I am so proud of finishing it. I have my own desk at work but no proper place to put the puzzle up. It’s just sitting on a spare desk in the kitchen. :P

Ahhh I’m glad you won’t be doing that again. D: My friend told me about a classmate of hers trying it for fun, and after three days of no sleep it actually affected him so badly that he was never the same. /sweat

Congratulations on finishing off the 1000 piece puzzle! It actually looks awesome when it’s finished! Something I thought would be worth doing is if you can’t frame the puzzle on the wall, glue the puzzle together on a piece of thick paper& laminate it after… So you can use it for a “table mat”! Make sure it’s not some cheap lamination either :P.

It’s good to hear that you’re getting to a point where you can manage your time easier. Keeping yourself busy can have it’s ups and downs. Sleeping in class is something that’s not fun doing :X… Unless the teacher tells the students to have their heads down for a nap or something. Hopefully, you’ll get some sleep later on. Sleep deprevation sucks- but some people can manage it!

I’ve never heard of seeing things in two dimensions when you just have one eye open. It sounds interesting to try out, but I’m too scared to mess with my vision :X. I’m the last person in my main family who doesn’t need eyeglasses. I love the magic of three dimensions; everything’s just popping out to you! I was thinking about getting a pair of 3D glasses so I can view Firefox in 3D :P. But I hate the after-effects like how my left eye sees everything in blue while my right sees it in red. D:

It’s normal for anyone to skip songs on shuffle for that perfect song :P. I do that and I don’t mind! If life had shuffle, I’d probably end up in a random city in Guadeloupe or something XD!

Articles in yearbooks are pretty interestng to put together! In our case, our yearbook is filled with 90% pictures & the rest are texts.. XD! I’ll get my way back up in government somehow- things will get better in time.

You started the web business in the perfect time then! 2008… That was when I started high school! :X! That does seem long ago D:!