Another brick in the wall

I’m racing Rachel; she thinks that I’ll finish writing this blog post before she finishes getting ready to go to the gym. I told her she’d be wrong – I type fast, but it takes me an awfully long time to say, “Well, I’ve finished that blog!”

I’ve put too much thought into my blog posts over the past year – not really all the time, but generally – and like I suggested to Rachel, I should write whatever comes to mind, not really caring about what I write or don’t write.

I’ve nearly finished the puzzle at work… today I spent about 50 minutes on the puzzle and I probably have between 50 and 100 pieces left. I told my boss I was nearly done and the rest seemed easy.
“Like a shoe in, eh?” he said. Well, I hope so. I aimed to finish it last Friday but maybe, just maybe, I can finish it tomorrow. My eyes are already melting at the thought. 😰 I think it’ll be like a load off my back though. I won’t have to worry about it anymore. It was pretty good – a $5 puzzle with 1000 pieces lasted me quite some time.

I bid on an iPad on eBay a while ago and won it; it was shipped on the 21st of February or so, and it still hasn’t arrived. I had it shipped to my work office, and as I guessed, the case I ordered came first. The lonely red thing is just sitting on my desk there. :( You won’t believe it; every day I walk past the mailbox and try not to look desperate as I peek in. I still wonder whether an iPad would actually fit in there; I still wonder if the postman just left it on top of the letterbox… I am still paranoid that someone stole it, knowing an iPad was inside. Every time I hear someone walking up the stairs I’m hoping it’s someone there to deliver my godforsaken iPad.

It’s just a first generation bugger with Wi-Fi, but it’s just what I need to read on the train and to surf the net and to take to university. I’m so impatient for it. I just hope someone didn’t steal it and it’s just sitting in the mail facility somewhere. My dad works at the mail facility sorting the mail – if he’s seen it while sorting, well, I hope he lets me know. :P

While I was doing my puzzle this afternoon before class, my boss asked, “Don’t you have class?”
“Yes, I’ll leave in a few.”
“Are you going to wag? You know, we don’t really care if you do, it’s none of our business.” XD

I don’t know where these terms for “skipping school” came up; I usually use the word “jig”. I’m sure there were more – apparently “playing hooky” was another. To be honest, I’ve been pretty sweet with attendance most of my school/educational life, never skipping a class in high school, though I will admit that in university I slacked off a lot. There were times I knew I wasn’t going to learn anything so I went and used my time for something else. Often wisely, to do assignments, often just to hang out with friends. Oooh, rebel. Whatever. (H)

I painted my nails light blue with white tips on the weekend. It’s nice to have a lighter colour for once. I’m actually really proud of how it turned out because I did the tips on an angle, diagonally, and I put a non-chip top coat. Usually my nails start peeling within days but it’s been a couple of days and they seem okay. I really hope they last until the weekend, I’ll be thrilled. Hopefully even until next week.

I’m getting tired. I want to go to work early so I can do my homework in peace in the office. Or you know, get distracted by my puzzle again. Either way, I’m determined to finish it tomorrow, but we’ll see. I also love work, so we’ll see how that goes. /love ;)

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I hope your iPad arrives soon! I’m really paranoid when I buy something expensive online, too. But anyway I love receiving parcels, especially those wrapped with brown paper. :-) It’s really exciting to tear brown paper to see what’s inside.

Oh and why didn’t you have it shipped to your home?

And your dad sorts the mail!! How fun really! I’m always fascinated by all the various operations in the post office and all that. I want to become a postwoman, seriously. I love the idea of delivering letters and parcels and dropping them in mailboxes.

I haven’t commented on your blog since you put up this layout and I have to say, I LOVE it. I should really put more thought into my comment sections like you do. I think I am going to download smilies like your’s from somewhere for my next layout. But ehh that’s when the time comes.

I’m really a fan of this current layout. It’s really unique and I like it though, I’m starting to think about using your pink theme that is just like this one on my site and changing it up…but I really want to be able to put my themes on DTE…(which I have yet to update the portfolio section again with this new layout on DTE and IBE). Maybe I don’t like my layout…idk. LOL I guess I could try to code a new one and if I like that better I can always change back and forth…though I already change the layout enough as it is. Hahahaha.

So, did you end up beating Rachel?

eBay has tracking information on packages. As long as the postal service provides them, you can ask James to check the tracking information (all eBay packages are supposed to have them, at least for the USA this is true) and that will tell you exactly what is going on with it.

I’m thinking about getting an iPad for my sister and myself. I know I already have a tablet (HP TouchPad) but it doesn’t have enough apps and I kinda like the iOS platform more than Android but if I do get one, that wont be until next year or the end of this year. I gotta build up the amount of money I have before I go ahead and purchase an iPad/Laptop. (trying to decide between the two)

How did you get your links to do what they do? Like when you scroll down it barely covers the text in your bg color…and they stay in place…I think staying in place is background-attachment: fixed; or something like that but is that HTML5 or something?

What do you think of my layout on IBE? Would you suggest anything to change?

Yep, she beat me by like a minute. I was done but in the middle of downloading something to study at the gym when she came back. :P

Oh wow! hahaha.

Hey girl! Long time no hear! I know I’ve had for a little while, but it was hard wanting a fresh nice cut layout that is for spring and it being a dark name. So thanks to my hostess Randi, she told me about a deal through namecheap (that 1.99 deal again). And I ordered this one.

Anyway, I do hope your Ipad comes really soon! I’ve never really had the need to buy one. It’s a nice little gadget, but I don’t see myself having one. Only for the GPS if and whenever I get a car. But the iPad is nice though. I’ve had my hands on one before (when I was rooming with a female from my old Church). But I do hope it comes! *crosses fingers*.

Did you take a picture of your blue/white painted fingernails? I hope so! I will check your photoblog after this. Hmmm, oh speaking of blogs, I do have another twitter account. Vampified. I’ll look you up on there again.

I really should start another Photoblog, but after I start one and get on a spree, I intend to let it die down so I’m not really sure if I would start up another one or not. What do you think?

Today, my little sister (adoptive – her family adopted me into their family) is taking me to the Oakland Zoo, for an early Easter Present as this is her Spring Break from school. I will take pictures. :). I can’t wait. She called around 10:00 a.m. and asked her dad if I’d like to go. And initially I said yes! I have her Easter present here at the house. I’m making her a home made Easter basket (filled with Candy, a do it yourself Build-A-Bear thing, and other goodies). She’ll more than likely get it tomorrow or Thursday depending. We might also go see the Lorax. We were going to see it last week, but since it was opening week, everybody and their brother was there and it was just aHHH! lol. We decided to opt out from it and go when we felt better. Pictures of course will be posted on my domain.

I have a viral cold right now. I’m on some medications for it as well; as nausea medication. I have an abdominal ultrasound to see why my stomach is continuously hurting. I have to pick up the authorization and make an appointment later. I’ll probably be doing that tomorrow or Thursday depending. I also have an inhaler for my cough now. I’ve never had one before. I’m back on Anti-Depressants, and it’s Prozac. I’ve started it Saturday, and so far I’ve felt really weird but than again my Psychiatrist told me I would feel weird for two weeks approx. Also I was re-diagnosed with a mild form of Schizophrenia. Which even he stated if I go on the pill it makes it worse. Which is true it does. It makes me want to have a breakdown or something else. And I really don’t want to go through that again. I’m fine not hearing the voices aka thoughts in my head. I do hear them on occasion but not as often as I once did when I was on the pill. So I had some side effects to the illness, but the vast majority of it went away.

So anyway, I’m so so so sorry that I haven’t been by lately to comment. Been busy with my new domain (as you can tell), and still am pretty much busy with it. haha. But, I will make it a forceable habit of coming back to your domain. I know life is busy for you with Uni and work and James and what not! But good luck. Again, I do hope your Ipad comes soon!

I’ve never heard the term “jig” before. Around here, I think that people use the terms “skipping school” and “hookey”. University students skip classes all the time – sometimes it’s because attendance isn’t taken and because the professors often make horrible teachers.

I hope that your iPad arrives soon too! Since the box probably doesn’t say “Contains and iPad. Please do not steal,” I think that at worst, it’s lost in the mail, and hopefully it’ll make its way to your workplace.

Also, as far as I can tell, there isn’t much of a difference between the first, second, and third generation iPads. After all the news stories about the third generation iPad overheating, I think that you made a wonderful choice buying a used first generation iPad.

Maybe the eBay seller is tracking your purchase, but did not send you a tracking code. Could you ask?

I’m glad you’re getting a lot of use out of that puzzle. Can’t wait to see the finished product :)

I had nearly perfect attendance in school as well. This is possibly a consequence of me liking my classes. Although it waned a bit in college when one of my professors said she didn’t count attendance as part of the overall grade.

Georgie, you’re so full with energy! I can’t help but admire you. Sometimes I wish I were that energetic too (I am, for the most time, but not when I have classes until 6PM!).

Your boss seems like a fun guy. That helps make the job sweeter, doesn’t it?

Oh, typing fast! I do too, but I can’t stand not giving my posts a well-ordered structure. I used not to care, but since I began to freelance I feel the *urge* to structure all my posts, regardless they’re for leisure or work. Ahah! Call that paranoia. xD

Sorry to hear about the ‘lost’ package. :( Hope it ends up in your dad’s hands and not in a thief’s!


~ Luana S.

So did you beat Rachel?
Even I take a awful lot of time to finish a blog post…many a times just leave it half way done… lolz :D
I hope your iPad arrives soon…it’s taking a lot of time… I get really paranoid when something like this happens to me.Why were you solving the puzzle in your office? O_o
You painted your nails blue? It must be looking good. I’ve painted mine red…maroon actually…i liked the shade a lot!
Btw i’ve got two new reviews on Sweet Desire…do check them out! :D :D

God my nails always seem to be peeling and chipping within a couple of days, no matter what I do. So who was faster, you writing your blog or your friend getting ready for the gym?

Over where I am, We use the term ‘cutting class’. I don’t know where these terms come from. Now that I look at them, they’re quite bizarre. It makes no sense! Playing hooky. It makes me think of fishing.

Hehe, I type quickly too. 144wpm tops, 120wpm average. I don’t really blog anymore. I actually deleted WordPress on my site, but I’m considering putting it back up again. I need somewhere to let my geekiness run wild. xD

Oo! Have fun with your iPad when it gets to you. I have an iPod Touch. I find iPads kind of clunky and just too big to be considered portable. Just my opinion.
My mother recently bought me an iPod case. Hu-hu-hu, it’s pretty and stops all those awful scratches.

Oh, and lovely layout Georgina. I stopped by a few days ago and saw the change. I’ve been meaning to leave a comment. :)


Makes me think of hockey! :S

I don’t think I could stop blogging. It’s something I really enjoy, for the writing and the thought-dumping as well as the interacting with other people.

I used to have an iPod touch, then I gave that to my brother. I had an iPhone for some time before I lost it, and I read e-books on there, but it was uncomfortable. I’d like the iPad so I can read on it like a book. :P

I hope you get your iPad soon! I would be paranoid too. I’ve left work early before just to check on packages or worked from home if I was expecting an expensive package. I’d like a tablet though, an iPad being on top of the list XD

I don’t think I ever skipped class in high school either, but I did do it in college, especially classes that I didn’t pay much attention in anyway XD;;

I haven’t done a puzzle in SUCH a long time – and it sounds as though you’re nearly finished yours, I hope you complete it in the time frame you’ve set yourself. It will feel such an accomplishment! Especially it being a 1000 piece one. I might have to find a 1000 piece one for myself to complete – thanks for the tip!

As for the iPad, I sincerely hope it turns up soon. I can only imagine how stressful it is to order something so expensive and have to wait for the postal service to bring it. I get impatient as it is with small purchases such as shoes and clothing, never mind an iPad!

I see you beat Rachel in the end time-wise, well done! ♥