The Chronic Complainer

This morning I was watching The Morning Show while I was ironing clothes. Often there isn’t anything better to do, and I kind of enjoy watching lifestyle shows that mention things I can relate to. The only thing I don’t like are the crazy infomercials which are constantly repeated. I tend to think they’re a scam most of the time.

This morning they had a segment on chronic complainers. I won’t name names, but I know a few of these. Some people might point out that I am – but I think I’m not a complainer, just an angry person. I know a lot of people online who complain very frequently. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, but it seems that they just complain, complain, complain.

In this segment it was mentioned that chronic complainers probably complained a lot as a child and were given a lot of attention. Maybe because they were the youngest, or spoiled a little, who knows. But to tell who is a chronic complainer, you have to know what they’re complaining about, and most of the time, it’s about themselves. It’s about something concerning them. Where the issue doesn’t concern them directly and concerns other people, then it is something you should sympathise with. But the idea is to empathise, but not sympathise. You should also keep advice to a minimum and give them as little attention as possible, because attention is what they want.

I’ve seen several people complain on Twitter. I’m pretty active there, so it’s hard not to notice when someone just keeps complaining ten tweets in a row in the space of an hour. Wow, you’re on a roll, but sorry honey, if you’re just complaining that you have class, that you’re late for class, that your iPod hasn’t synced, that you’re going to be late for the bus, that your browser crashed, that your TweetDeck isn’t working… how about you get off Twitter and actually fix your problems?

Another time I was in class talking to a classmate (let’s call them A). One of my other classmates (Classmate B) sat nearby, engrossed in something on their mobile phone. While I was chatting with Classmate A, Classmate B was groaning and muttering under their breath, clearly annoyed. I was trying to hard to ignore it, because I found it excruciatingly rude, as if Classmate B was desperate for us to ask what was wrong or “are you alright”. I knew the smart thing to do was to let it go and just not give Classmate B any attention. That was obviously what they wanted.

I guess I’ve been a bit of a complainer lately anyway, feeling ill and with all these digestive problems as of late. It hasn’t improved since my last post, and I actually threw up. 🤮 Waaah. I’ve decided that I will pre-pack all my meals from now on and really cut down on the breads and cereals – eating primarily fruits and vegetables, and some eggs and tofu (thanks Rachel for the suggestion) to make sure I get my nutrients. The lovely Vicky helped me out as well and said that I could have coeliac’s as she had some similar symptoms, but even if I don’t, it would be a good idea to try a gluten-free diet.

Either way, I think I may visit the doctor in a week or so if my condition doesn’t get better after cutting out a few foods. I’ve been spending less time on the internet, which is good – and also getting to sleep early. It’s quite magical, really. I’ve been sleeping before midnight and for four days I’ve woken up without the help of my alarm, usually after almost exactly 8 hours of sleeping, and not felt like going back to bed. :)

I’m kind of looking forward to the weekend for relaxing. I want to read some books. :B

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I was complaining like craaaazy on Twitter last night. I’m gonna be early for the bus, the bus is really late, I can’t find the shop, I’ve been waiting for a long time, the bus is coming late, the lady is smoking. That said, I try not to complain too often. Jimmy told me once that Lucy was complaining to him about how I complain too much. That was a couple years ago though, and now I try to keep it in check. Sometimes it’s so much easier to make conversation with complaints though. Like last night, me and Shaun were mucking around doing our things in the dining room, and I was really tempted to make some comment about how I can’t believe I got home so late, but I refrained because I thought maybe it was too much complaining. Do I complain too much to you? >.<

Dude, isn’t grumbly classmate the same one who told you to stop complaining to him? I just remembered. Losa. BLOBFAG losa.

I want to read some books too. Last night I really wanted to read, but I didn’t have time. I was gonna bring a book to work today to read during lunch, but I’m gonna walk around the building a couple times instead, since I fuckin’ ate 4 (small) bowls of cereal and two slices of peanut butter toast at breakfast. You should see how bloated my stomach is, oops. So I just brought vegetable soup and a banana in case I get hungry, but I want to try to not eat anything till at least 1, hopefully more like 4.


LOL I complain a lot but that’s just because I have no one to complain to so sometimes I would take it out on the internet haha. My brother is actually the youngest in the family and he seem to fit the description of a chronic complainer. I started laughing when I was reading that.

I knew a few people who were chronic complainers too and it was only because they wanted attention. They have this constant need to be reassured but it gets annoying because it starts to become like they want you to constantly feed them compliments and such and start fishing for them. I eventually stopped giving them that attention and they just turned to someone else becaues they think they can find someone else to gravel them at their feet. 😒

Hope all your ailments get better! I got food poising a little while back so I know how you feel about digestive problems. Ever since it happened to me, I haven’t been able to eat the same and I can’t eat as much as I want to anymore. I think it’s more psychological at this point because I’m just scared that I’ll get sick again but I guess it’s kinda an advantage because I guess not eating so much is a good thing for me.

I complain a lot, about a lot of shit, but most the time that’s just ’cause I’m hacked off (unfortunately, I’m really easy to piss off because I take everything too seriously. Some things to work on. Quite). But most the time when I complain it just kind of “comes out”. You know, my pen’s run out, this guy in my game did something I didn’t like, I’m bored, I have a stomach ache, bah. I don’t normally really *mean* it, or am really *that* hacked off.

Weird to think about. Interesting blog, man.

That’s a wee bit of a pain – the whole making a big deal and hoping people will whirl around and grovel at your feet. I admit I have done it before but it’s just embarrassing when people obviously hear you but don’t do anything.

I’m the middle child, whoooo. (I hope my sarcasm was pretty obvious in that sentence).

I admit I complain on Twitter all the time… well at least, I went through this huuuuge phase when I was going through a rough time and just complained. Not always in a “ugh, this sucks” way, but with lyrics and whatnot. Oh well, things are moving on. And I really do try nowadays to not complain as much because it’s shitty for everyone else and although it’s obviously perfectly acceptable to complain every once in a while, all the time doesn’t help anything or anyone. Positivity never hurt!

Nuuu! I hope you get better soon, love, or find out what’s wrong. I hate being ill and having digestive problems. (Ha…. I just complained).
I couldn’t cut down on cereals even if I tried.

Oh dear, we’re on opposite sides of the fence. Since it’s the holidays my sleeping patterns have screwed up beyond all imagining… at 11pm I’m tired but don’t feel like going to bed. I got into the habit of reading really late and now I just stay up late. Bad stuff.

Triple whammy, whoop! Thanks for your comments; never fail to cheer me up. You got some skills.

Thanks, man – I normally get rather nervous with acrostics because they can either work really well or cock up depending on the direction you take and the rhythm you want and all that technical melarkey. I’m quite proud of that one though :3

Ah, I go through phases with poetry as well – I didn’t write for a while but then I did this 30 day thing and I sort of *have* to. Except I end up getting into it, even if I post stuff at like 11pm. /ehe
I popped over to – I’ll read your stuff in more depth later but I had a nosy through your poetry and I loved ‘Stars in Your Eyes’. Your poems are really fluid and your language is magical. Your structures are interesting as well. I noticed in that one that some lines had been indented – was there a reason at all? That definitely intrigued me.

Most of the ‘poems’ I’ve written are tagged as lyrics ’cause they end up turning into lyrics, hehe. When I write them I always end up imagining I’m singing them along to guitar. Casual like.

I might have done on FanUpdate… oh my days, how times flies. FanUpdate was a blast! I remember when you used it. :P

Yeah, I’d rather do the whole kaboodle at school rather than lug more work home as well. Bah. Torturers.

Take care! xx

Thank you!! :D I’ve linked you, to see it use the scroll function( i now call it that because you did.) (H) I was going to do it on the footer but it just didn’t look right lol.

The paycheck came and it was $800, i have never maid that much in my life before, i’m going to spend just a little bit on school stuff….like a little little bit. 🤤
Where do you work at?

Ooo can’t wait to see it. :D That happens to me a lot, i like something much then i see something new and it’s like /faw We all love new stuff.

I’m aiming for a scholarship because half the people in my family are still in school and they got loans and such so that’s probably what would happen to me. The thing is though I don’t want to get a loan because that’s a huge dept on your head that you would have to pay off.

I looked up Todd Lasance from the show and he is kinda cute, I’ve seen him somewhere before though I just can’t put my finger on it.
I just took the best nap ever and was rudely awoken because someone decided to call my phone. /angry

I wouldn’t say I’m a chronic complainer, but I do complain at times but only at specific things at really irritates me. For instance my mom has a bad habit of leaving the dish on the table after she’s done eating. Like she literally leaves it there and walks away, I don’t know if she thinks the little kitchen elves will get it or some shit like that. That bugs me because as a parent she should be setting a better example….so i complain. 😒

I know what you mean by chronic complainers. But before you mentioned it I didn’t actually think about what they complain about and now that I do, you’re right, it’s always about themselves. I’m not really too active on social networks so I don’t know the people who complain on Twitter/Facebook rather than fix their problems, but in real life? Sure. A little too much of complaints I have to listen to actually. Usually about pointless things as well. I can just say I’m not a complainer. And if I complain it’s rare. Unless it can be seen my rants about fangirls are complaints? Hmm depends on how you look at it. I don’t think writing about being ill is complaining at all.

Of course you shouldn’t give a complainer attention. They’d pick you out as one of the listeners and keep only complaining to you.

I think if you have problems for a while you should visit the doctor. Not great to overlook things, I’ve heard some stories about those, I won’t talk about it here. =/ I hope you feel better though.

You are so right. I need to stop complaining too. And I find it is hard to do so when you are around people who complain. At my work, were complaining all day, and I don’t know when I joined the bandwagon. Ashamed! :(
I’m sorry to hear about your health. Eat things that are easily digestible. I recommend making smoothies out of your fruits. Smoothies are a great way to easily get in your recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. Try making a green smoothie. Blend some romaine lettuce, celery, or like kale (honestly any greens) with a sweet fruit like apple or banana (or any fruit). Trust me, the sweetness over powers the green taste. It taste delicious, get your greens in easily, dietary fiber, nutrients and vitamins are easily more absorbed because honestly we don’t spend enough time chewing our greens thoroughly enough for our bodies to be able to digest. Hope you try it out! :)

I forgot to add this: I don’t advise adding additional sugar in your smoothie. There is enough sugar in the fruits. Want it more sweet, put more sweet fruits in it! One thing that have always bothered me is how we tend to add additives when its not necessary at all. -_-

Ohhh I am so over complainers! I mean everyone is allowed their moments every now and then, but when it’s constant, it is like, SHUT. UP. Haha.

There’s this girl I went to high school with and all she did 24/7 was complain about absolutely everything and then if she wasn’t complaining about every nitty gritty detail of her life, she switched to gloating! I don’t know why I tolerated her for so long – haha!

I actually had a very short discussion about chronic complainers with someone on twitter the other day. It’s easy to vent on twitter, and I may have done it myself once or twice, but that’s all certain people do. For some people, it’s clear that it’s just the little things in life that irritate them. But other people talk about how hopeless their lives are and go on and on about it without ever giving a clear picture of the actual problem. I know depression is a serious issue and that I probably don’t understand it because I’m generally pretty content, but I can’t help but think that some people are making a whole lotta something out of nothing. What irritates me even more is when people don’t want to talk to me about it if I ask or are super negative when I try to be optimistic. THEN WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING IF YOU DON’T WANT HELP? Ugh, it’s so frustrating. I’ve just stopped trying and usually unfollow chronic complainers.

Thankfully, I don’t know many offline.

This is quite interesting… Also, I know a few complainers of Twitter, too… I haven’t used it much because of that. Dx It’s just aggravating and annoying. >.>

I’ve been sending less time online, too – like only signing online after dinner, or after everything is complete for the day. It’s really nice.

I hope your weekend goes how you would like it to go. :)

Guilty of complaining, but it’s only human. :D What I don’t like are people who complain about the one and same thing at least five tweets in a row D: I have a lot of active tweeters on my following-list but there are some people who complain so much they flood my twitter-list. Got so much to complain about, blog.

Oh dear, try taking vitamin supplements while you’re at it. Vegetarian diet is healthy but you will be lacking a lot of nutrition. :( Trust me, I’ve tried.

I think those people are orders of magnitude than the guy I blogged about a while ago who complains a lot. I’m sorry that you have to deal with them. I think that my initial response would be to just stop following them, or block them altogether, on Twitter. But since they did a morning show on it, is this now a personality disorder or something like that? *sigh*

Get well soon, Georgie! Eggs and tofu are yummy.

There is one person on my twitter who complains constantly. I’ve thought about unfollowing him about 100 times but he sometimes replies to my tweets and I guess I’d feel bad.
One of my friends is also a constant complainer. He writes to companies etc because he doesn’t like certain things. He wrote to Taco Bell when he was in America on holiday because he didn’t like their food…
I was just sitting there like o.o…

I can admit, I do complain a lot but only with certain people about certain things. I do complain on Twitter though. Well I use to, I don’t tweet as much as I use to anymore. But I did complain for that one reason that you listed, ATTENTION.

I know a lot of “chronic complainers” too, my bestfriend being one and I can swear it gets on my nerves. You’d think since I know how annoying it is then I wouldn’t do it much myself but it’s not something that I do purposely. I’ve actually been trying to work on it, I think I’m doing pretty good. I’m not exactly where I want to be just yet though.

It absolutely annoys me when a person like Classmate B is engrossed in something and constantly grunting and moaning just so someone can ask what’s wrong -__-

Hey Georgie,
sorry that my reply is ever so late again. I’m sure you won’t mind, as I know you’re very busy replying to other comments on a regular basis, and by replying, I’m only adding to that list. At least I don’t bug you too often, eh? ;)

Everything’s good now – the parents are getting on. Back to normality. :)
I hate to admit that I can complain quite a bit, but not near as much online as in reality. In reality, it’s mainly about how I look, but nothing too annoying … I hope. I do know someone like the classmate you mentioned, but he’s always complaining online. It’s irritating beyond belief. He says things like: Oh, good effort guys. Nice to know that my friends don’t want to see me.

I don’t understand why he just won’t make the effort and make plans with his buddies. Grrr. /argh I’m tempted to hide his posts. In fact, I’ll probably end up doing so. /hehe

What I get annoyed by more than the people on Twitter who just complain all the time are the ones that tweet really vague sad and angry statuses, obviously just trying to get attention or trying to get other people to ask them what’s wrong.

I can’t stop myself from complaining about petty things every now and then, but, for certain people, it’s like it’s all they do. I try not to give them attention, because, frankly, they don’t deserve it and shouldn’t be encouraged to complain even more.

I definitely complain sometimes. /ehh Buttt, some people complain SO much. Ther eare some people on Twitter, who only Tweet complaints. I’ve always kind of wanted to address it and tell some people to just chill out. /pow

Classmate B sounds like an attention seeker. /ho The thing is, a lot of the time when people complain and seek attention, sometimes you’ll ask them what’s wrong and they’ll just say ‘don’t worry’. /argh I don’t understand how some people just spend their time complaining, it must take energy to be that angry all the time. 😒

We are all guilty of complaining sometimes, though. It’s just those people who take it too far. 👏 Anyhow – I hope you feel better! Get well soon. :) /heart

Btw, these smilies are awesome. I don’t know how I’ve only just noticed how cool they are. (H)