Radiodense calculus?

I decided to go to the doctor yesterday. Well, it was really my mother’s suggestion. My day consisted of a rather dull trip to university, a wonderful guest lecture with photographer Emma White, an exhilarating stair climb, an odd phone call, a quiet break, an appointment, and a sweaty trip home.

I made a friend in my class, and I realised we have one unusual thing in common: our hair. I didn’t think anyone else would have the same hair as me – short at the back, long tails at the front – much less hate it as well! This girl, Clarisse, said that she initially thought the hairstyle was cool too. :P In class we spoke about our ideas for our projects.

The stair climb was epic! On Monday, James, Mike and I climbed 20 levels of stairs. Yesterday we did 27, going all the way to the top of the university tower building. Unfortunately we didn’t have access to the roof, so we hit the end door and high-fived each other for being total superheroes. We actually started from level three though, which is one of the main levels of the university. We’ll actually do all thirty another time. /bounce It gives your legs a real workout, mainly your thighs. Haha. It took us less than twenty minutes, which didn’t kill as much time as we thought. Daaaamn.

I went to a career’s advisor to ask about postgraduate courses, and then we all made our way home. We tried to do a crossword together (the brainpower of three, James mentioned) yet failed, even with the help of a thesaurus and dictionary.

The doctor examined my stomach and she gave me this fibre laxative supplement to help me out. It’s been alright, I guess. It looks like Coco Pops or some kind of chocolate cereal in granules, and I have to swallow them with water. It’s supposed to help with the constipation. Today I had a blood test and an x-ray on my abdomen. When I told her what was wrong, she said, “and you’re only twenty?” as if it’s a sign of something not-so-good. Well, I wasn’t worried before, but I am now.

I had a blood test this morning, I woke up nice and early, before my alarm again. I wasn’t too happy about going for a blood test… but I wanted to know what was up. I don’t find out results until some time next week. It was hard for the nurse to find my veins. That’s unusual, usually they don’t have much trouble with it. My brother told me that he had that problem and she kept poking the needle into his arm. Ouch?! Thankfully the nurse just kept pressing on the crook of my arm until she found a vein. I hate having blood tests because I can feel the blood being drained from my arm and then it kind of goes dead. I kept wiggling my fingers. It didn’t take too long and I felt alright.

I got kind of hungry since I had to fast and skip breakfast for the blood test. For a couple of days I have been eating gluten-free food and not eating any dairy or meat, except seafood. I might as well become a vegequarian.

I had an x-ray as well, and managed to get all that done before 9:00am. Superwuggs? Yeah, Superwuggs. (Considering James calls me “Wuggs” often.) I had to stand up against a machine and lie down on a bench and get wonderful films taken of my idiotic abdomen.

When I got the results for the x-ray I snuck a peek… yeah… basically, I have gas in my bowels and a loaded colon which is affecting my digestive system, ergo resulting in me feeling endlessly constipated. 😢 I don’t have “radiodense calculus”, which James told me means there isn’t some dense object or anything in there that wouldn’t let radiation pass through…

Fucking hell. It’s been painful and I get stomach pains from time to time and my stomach has blown up like a balloon. And I haven’t even been eating much. My weight is going all over the place because my stomach is bigger than ever but I lost like two kilograms. Today I cried because I got worried and scared. My doctor said I might have to get a colonoscopy, but she hasn’t seen the x-ray yet and some time this week I guess I’ll find out what they’ll do then.

I hate being ill.

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I remember my very first blood test they had trouble finding my veins. They poked me in the left arm three times, my right arm twice, they even tried a spot on the back of my hand and another between my knuckles. Then a male nurse came in to start his shift and got me in the arm his very first shot. I’ve been pretty afraid of getting blood tests done since then. :X

I wouldn’t worry too much about the one person saying you’re only twenty. That doesn’t mean it will be something bad, it might be something that’s easy to take care of that is just unusual for someone your age. Then again, I know how difficult it is to not freak out about these sort of things.

Anyway, I do hope they get in touch with you soon about what is causing all this trouble in your tumtum. Here’s hoping that it is something that can quickly, easily and painlessly be fixed.

I feel your pain, almost literally. I’ve been having a problem with my stomach for about the past six months. It started seemingly randomly with me throwing up once a month. It went away for a while and recently came back in the form of stomach pains and an urgent need for the bathroom. I seem to switch off between constipation and diarrhea. 😒

After doing a symptom check a few weeks back, we-my parents and I-believe I have IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I’m reluctant to go to the doctor since I had a lot of appointments last year for my scoliosis and I’m tired of having something wrong with me. So now I take a supplement of peppermint oil and fiber

Anyway, I hope it works out for you. X-rays are a pain, but I guess they help the doctor. :P Good luck.

I hope that the peppermint oil and fibre works for you! The fibre/laxative my doctor gave me works alright. I’ll definitely see my doctor regarding the x-ray though, since I have been having this problem for a while and want a permanent solution. I agree though, I hate having things wrong with me. I rarely get ill but when I do, it seems I get the worst of it (I got pneumonia a few years ago).

Blood tests will be the death of me; I’ve had countless blood tests that I can’t even count anymore, I’ve had about 20 this year so far and I probably will need to have more soon, boo!! My veins are really good thankfully and they never have trouble getting the needle in, although, I always bruise really badly in my right arm but my left arm is fine. XD I’m odd…

Maybe you were cold so your veins disappeared? I don’t know, it can happen though. Don’t let it scare you for the next time you need a blood test though. (Y) Don’t let what she said worry you! It could just mean she didn’t expect a 20 year old to have problems with their digestive system of this nature, it doesn’t mean anything specific!

Whatever you do, don’t let them fob you off by saying it’s IBS without giving you as many reasons as they can find. I was told for 6 years that I had IBS when it turned out to be coeliac disease; a delayed diagnosis meant my stomach was damaged and now I can’t absorb vitamins and nutrients properly and need vitamin injections and tablets. They put everything down to IBS so make sure they have sufficient evidence to suggest that. /nods (Sorry life story, but I don’t want to see what happened to me, happen to you!)

I really hope you get some answers soon and the things you’ve cut out of your diet helps you. *hugs*

On a brighter note, it’s great that you and Clarisse have something in common! I have a friend who had their hair styled that way too and now she hates it. :P Oh well, you only live once ay! I fail at crosswords, I start doing it and usually end up asking my step-dad for all the answers since he seems to know everything, haha. 👏

I might come back and return your comment later, but I’m feeling quite lazy right now. /bash

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so bad, and that doctors reaction was completely unprofessional. Especially when keeping you in the dark. I hate it when doctors do that, act like something is really wrong and then don’t tell you what. It’s like, “how am I not supposed to feel like this is my last day when you do this?”. It’s also really awkward, because they ask obvious questions like “you’re 20?” and “you don’t have AIDs or Cancer?!”. Okay, that last one was perhaps exaggerated. But still, I sympathize with how sucky those doctors acted. I’m sure it’s something rather fixable.

I really hope it’s not that bad, and that once it’s certain what you have it can be cured/stopped/treated. Cool, you have a hairstyle twin. 27 stairs in less then 20 minutes? Wow, sounds like you guys have a good condition! :D Blood test are scary. But if it’s necessary… Weird that you and your brothers blood veins are hard to locate. Runs in the family, perhaps? Xray test :O I’ve never seen one outside of tv before…… superwuggs (Y) Do you like this vegequarian (haha C:) eating pattern, or is it necessary because of the constipation? And the odd phonecall? What about that? Was it with the doctor? Ok. Enough questions for once comment…. I really really hope you won’t be ill for any much longer. ♥ ✌️ (Y) /eee :)

it’s really fun to have a friend that you have the same in common. like both of you can do things perfectly. i hate getting ill. it gives me stress and hinders me to stop doing things that i must. I hope you’ll be better soon!

OMG:LAKJFL:KSJDFl;kajsldfkjasl;dfkj it’s been so long since I’ve read your blog. I’m really sorry about that, dear. I hope everything is well on your end. We need to catch up!

Well after reading your blog, it seems like I was just filled in on your week so I guess you might not have much to fill me in on after all ahaha. I’m a Pescetarian & I tell people that instead of Vegequarian because I figured they’d be able to figure it out…, they just .. can’t.

I hope you get better though. Hopefully nothing horrible is actually bothering you & it’s just something minor that won’t worry you the way that it has been. Colonoscopies aren’t fun though, my dad does those for a living. I’m very familiar with abdominal pain & my dad specializes in it, so if you want a second opinion on anything, shoot me an e-mail & I’ll forward it to my dad. Free consult for you! :D

27 flights of stairs?! That’s crazy. How many steps were on each flight though? I love going up & down stairs! Not when I’m in heels though, Christ, but it’s a great work out, for sure!

I hate climbing stairs. My classes in university is all at the third and fourth floor and we have to climb so many stairs to and fro classes. It sucks. I hate it because it makes me tired, lol. I’m a lazy bum, I know :P Last semester, we climbed all 200+ stairs up the Batu Caves (it’s a famous Hindu temple in Malaysia) just for a video shoot that we had to do for our Video Production assignment. Needless to say, I hated it XD Hahah.

*hugs* I really hope you get better soon! I’m sure it’s nothing, Just take plenty of rest, love :)

I was hospitalized for the first time two months ago for tonsillitis and the first thing they did was draw blood from me to get a blood test, turns out I’m fine but I get how you feel about the draining thing, haha. I hope you’ll be fine, you’re really young and that’s unfair :( Take care of yourself b xx

Ugh, that must feel disgusting. My younger brother get’s constipated, and believe me, it ain’t nice.

That sounds like a fun stair climb! I guess you’d get fit quick if you did that every day, but it would get a little boring after a while. /bash

Saying ‘only twenty’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Maybe it’s just unusual. That’s probably why, because they’d have to tell you straight away if it was bad, right?

I’ve never had a blood test, does it hurt? Apparently the nurses clench your arm really tight so you don’t feel anything, but I think only some places do that.

Well, at least now you have a hairdo buddy! That’s usually a good sign. :p

I love the colours in this layout! Coffee and tv? Nice! (not that i like coffee or anything :p)

:love: BIG hugs and love to you … It’s horrible being sick. Just remember that Australia has the best doctors :P no seriously though, they’ll find out what’s wrong and nip it in the bud. A colonoscopy isn’t so bad, it’s the preparation that is shite.

Aww, being ill is definately not fun! And stomach pains are awful >.<

did you just walk those stairs for fun or was it an event? walking stairs is a WORKOUT. i can hardly walk the stairs of a transit station without getting tired… i need to work out ahahaha. I hope the stomach pains go away :( Don’t cry, but I get it if you’re worried! It can be scary. O_O

I think the majority of tummy troubles usually end up just being IBS. I used to have a lot of problems with my stomach, but once I started exercising, eating healthier and eating yogurt almost every they, they’ve pretty much disappeared. I don’t think I ever had anything as bad as what you’re going through, but I don’t think it’s that uncommon.
Tummy problems are very common in older people, which is probably why you got the comment. That doesn’t mean these things never happen to younger people. Try not to worry much.
Next time you get a blood test, make sure you’re well hydrated. Makes it easier for them to find the veins.

I hope that it’s nothing too bad, and that you’ll be all right. It’s good that you saw a doctor before it exploded into anything too bad, and you’ll be all healed soon! At least that you know that your pains were not caused by your new diet!

That is a lot of stairs to climb. I am impressed. The tallest building that we have on campus is only 10 stories, and most people decide to take the elevator to the top instead, saying that 10 stories is too high.

I only have to climb eight flights of stairs to get to the fourth floor of a building at 7:20 in the morning, and I’m always almost out of breath. I really should exercise more.

I dislike blood tests because whenever the nurse drains blood from my inner elbow, I can feel my arm getting weaker and weaker, and also slightly numb. It’s a weird feeling, but I can deal with it. I’ve never had a nurse have issues finding a vein before.

I remember getting constipated all the time because of something my mom cooked for dinner last week, but it doesn’t really compare to what you’re going through. :P I hope you feel better soon.

I had a blood test that was dreadful when I was a girl! The nurse spent twenty minutes trying to find a vein and it hurt like hell.
You got quite a workout from those stairs, I could never accomplish your feat. I get awfully tired climbing the stairs at school, I’m dreading using them this coming September. Haha, I need to get in shape.

And I really hope you feel better. It’s a terrible feeling to be ill. Especially constipation, which I always had a girl, but not like yours. I can only imagine. Get well soon!

=[ I really do hope you get better soon. It seems like you’ve been dealing with this for a while and thats just not healthy. it can get depressing! So i’m going to wish you the best! It’s a good thing that you have James and your friends thought that you can still hangout with and make you happy….

I always think that it’s nice to meet someone how has the same hair cut as you and hates it just as much as you lol you don’t feel so alone =p

ohh Georgina, i hope you feel better soon!!! i’ll have my fingers crossed the doctor comes with some good news and answers soon!! i guess the waiting is bad as well, as you don’t know exactly what to do. it’s never a good feeling being ill! the best thoughts and wishes to you!! <3
ahh those blood tests are so scary, i remember i had to do one once, not an experience i want to do again if i don't have to. it's freaking me out seeing my own blood being "taken" out of me ;SS it seems like i'm scared of everything including blood, needles and doctors. i think you're handling everything really well, and to me, you're really brave!

i'm glad you find most of the music i suggest good, of course it's impossible that everyone likes everything i do, haha!

I hope the test comes back good or if something comes back, hopefully it’s not too bad. I hate blood tests as well, I don’t like the feeling of the needle going inside my vein; and it just pisses me off when they have to poke me more than once when my veins roll around. >_<

I haven't been eating any dairy products either and I've been feeling alot better…no more constipation. haha. :D

Those stomach problems sound awful. I know someone that had the same thing…they ended up having to get their gall bladder removed because it was so damaged that it would have popped and killed them. Not trying to scare you or anything. x__x Everything will be okay though, I'm sure they can do something about it!

Oh, nobody likes being ill. sadly, I got this ambush attack on my chest bone again.. ugh. :( must be something to do with the gas because I haven’t been eating properly… again. as always.
Anyways, it seems that I’m an alien here because majority dislikes to have blood test while I actually,er…enjoy it. Yeah, I enjoy seeing this long tube sucking my blood out of my vein and all that. /snort (man,I feel really awkward and alien)
it’s always difficult for the nurse to find my vein too… and one of them used to ask me, “do you have any vein?” /hmph
I used to do blood test so often :D maybe that’s why I’m used to it. I just googled colonoscopy and even though I don’t really get it, it looks damn scary.. O_O (blood test is okay for me but other examinations like endoscopic,etc are definitely not okay)
Get well soon~ ;)

sometimes at hospitals they have trouble finding my veins too they can only do it in my left arms because my right has reflexes like u cant believe lol. i take those granule type things as well, they work trust me it takes time for ur body to get use to it but ye