Radiodense calculus?

I decided to go to the doctor yesterday. Well, it was really my mother’s suggestion. My day consisted of a rather dull trip to university, a wonderful guest lecture with photographer Emma White, an exhilarating stair climb, an odd phone call, a quiet break, an appointment, and a sweaty trip home.

I made a friend in my class, and I realised we have one unusual thing in common: our hair. I didn’t think anyone else would have the same hair as me – short at the back, long tails at the front – much less hate it as well! This girl, Clarisse, said that she initially thought the hairstyle was cool too. πŸ˜› In class we spoke about our ideas for our projects.

The stair climb was epic! On Monday, James, Mike and I climbed 20 levels of stairs. Yesterday we did 27, going all the way to the top of the university tower building. Unfortunately we didn’t have access to the roof, so we hit the end door and high-fived each other for being total superheroes. We actually started from level three though, which is one of the main levels of the university. We’ll actually do all thirty another time. 😁 It gives your legs a real workout, mainly your thighs. Haha. It took us less than twenty minutes, which didn’t kill as much time as we thought. Daaaamn.

I went to a career’s advisor to ask about postgraduate courses, and then we all made our way home. We tried to do a crossword together (the brainpower of three, James mentioned) yet failed, even with the help of a thesaurus and dictionary.

The doctor examined my stomach and she gave me this fibre laxative supplement to help me out. It’s been alright, I guess. It looks like Coco Pops or some kind of chocolate cereal in granules, and I have to swallow them with water. It’s supposed to help with the constipation. Today I had a blood test and an x-ray on my abdomen. When I told her what was wrong, she said, “and you’re only twenty?” as if it’s a sign of something not-so-good. Well, I wasn’t worried before, but I am now.

I had a blood test this morning, I woke up nice and early, before my alarm again. I wasn’t too happy about going for a blood test… but I wanted to know what was up. I don’t find out results until some time next week. It was hard for the nurse to find my veins. That’s unusual, usually they don’t have much trouble with it. My brother told me that he had that problem and she kept poking the needle into his arm. Ouch?! Thankfully the nurse just kept pressing on the crook of my arm until she found a vein. I hate having blood tests because I can feel the blood being drained from my arm and then it kind of goes dead. I kept wiggling my fingers. It didn’t take too long and I felt alright.

I got kind of hungry since I had to fast and skip breakfast for the blood test. For a couple of days I have been eating gluten-free food and not eating any dairy or meat, except seafood. I might as well become a vegequarian.

I had an x-ray as well, and managed to get all that done before 9:00am. Superwuggs? Yeah, Superwuggs. (Considering James calls me “Wuggs” often.) I had to stand up against a machine and lie down on a bench and get wonderful films taken of my idiotic abdomen.

When I got the results for the x-ray I snuck a peek… yeah… basically, I have gas in my bowels and a loaded colon which is affecting my digestive system, ergo resulting in me feeling endlessly constipated. 😒 I don’t have “radiodense calculus”, which James told me means there isn’t some dense object or anything in there that wouldn’t let radiation pass through…

Fucking hell. It’s been painful and I get stomach pains from time to time and my stomach has blown up like a balloon. And I haven’t even been eating much. My weight is going all over the place because my stomach is bigger than ever but I lost like two kilograms. Today I cried because I got worried and scared. My doctor said I might have to get a colonoscopy, but she hasn’t seen the x-ray yet and some time this week I guess I’ll find out what they’ll do then.

I hate being ill.

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