Monthly Review: October 2015

Hey guys, time for another recap. I was going to do this on the weekend but got too tired. I am using the same template I used for my last monthly recap.

Most of October was spent in Indonesia, as well as starting my new job. It’s been a great ride so far! Everyone has been so welcoming and so lovely, they really make me feel at home. I think I knew from the beginning that these guys ‘spoke my language’. It’s been pointed out that I’m in a team of guys, and even though people use ‘guys’ as a collective term for ‘people’ (like I just did), I still get respected with ‘guys and girls’ or ‘guys and ladies’.

I put my old camera on sale on eBay, and the bidding ends in an hour or so. At present it’s sitting on $740. I hope it keeps going up!

The three things I’m most proud of from October are:

  • Getting through Indonesia holding Nick’s hand as much as humanly possible. Heh, heh.
  • Having a few driving lessons to prepare myself for a practical driving test (petrified at the moment…).
  • Doing up my portfolio to have the same colours as my blog.

The three things I’m most grateful for from October are:

  • Having chefs cook us free breakfast, lunch and dessert at work. I may cry. ❤️
  • Asparagus. Mmmmmmmmm.
  • Vegetarian food. Yes, my grateful items are all food-related… don’t judge me!

The lesson I learned and am carrying forward with me from October is:

Time is important, and stress is a real strain on your mental and physical health. Do what makes you happy and content and say no when something is too much to handle. Take on only what you are comfortable with, so that every now and then you can take a step back to really see the positive things in life.

My intention for November is:

To bring my blog back up to speed – that is, post more – and visit all my friends’ blogs, some of which I haven’t read since I left for Indonesia!

Because I am brave, here are two things I have been avoiding that I will do in November:

  1. Work on a presentation I plan to do at SydCSS! Also, check out some of the photos I took at last week’s meetup. :)
  2. Take my driving test… D: Well, let me get past the stage of actually booking one first.

Comments on this post

Woot for travelling and then moving into a new job! October certainly has been a wild month for you in some ways :) It’s great that your new workplace has been so welcoming to you! That’s always great when you have good co-workers.

Good luck with your driving test. I’ve my licence, but I actually HATE driving because of my crappy depth perception. Driving is definitely not something on my fun list. So I wish you luck with that!

Thank you Tara! :) I think I’m OK at driving, just that so many people, over the course of the last seven years, seem to like telling me horror stories of how they failed their driving tests. I really hope I will be fine. You also spend a lot of money to take the test even if you fail, so that’s also a reason to only do it when you feel ready. :P

October, I find, is always a wierd month. There are 3 birthdays in it (me, my brother, my sister) and I always find I’m still settling into the swing of things, especially as I’ve just started university (eeeeep).

Nothing wrong with food, especially vegetarian stuff. I’ve recently become vegetarian and honestly, it’s so much nicer than a lot of food with meat in it.

I wish someone cooked me free breakfast, lunch and dessert… very jealous right now.

It took me 3 goes to pass my driving test, but I’m sure you’ll beat that record. The key is to stay calm. You can drive!

Take care x

That’s good to hear! I find that people who eat meat and have not tried being vegetarian don’t really understand the difference. I feel really great when I eat a lot of vegetables, and I personally like the taste of vegetarian food better!

I do consider myself lucky that my workplace gives us breakfast and lunch, I know not everyone has that luxury (for free too…).

I think being calm is most of it – nerves tend to get the better of people when they do tests. It’s more important than driving because obviously it can be dangerous if you are in a panic. I can drive and I just have to remember to take it easy especially in the test!