The Best Friend Lunch #11

Lilian and I caught up today for the first time in a while! I went to Indonesia and switched jobs and we actually saw each other multiple times on the way home from work! So it wasn’t like we didn’t see each other for years. Feels like that sometimes though. :P

Also, you might have noticed that Nick sneakily threw some emoji in his Spring Fashion Quarterly – he fixed some issues with my database rendering emoji as question marks, so have at it, and use emoji in your comments now. ;)

The Place

We went to Caffe Tiamo again and Lilian got nachos again. I got a salmon salad garden, something I have ordered multiple times. And I got a soy green tea latte because it has been practically two months since I have had one of those. Lilian picked the place because I didn’t mind, I would just eat whatever. Since work serves us breakfast and lunch every day, I was really not fussed as to where we went. Though I have to admit I haven’t had Asian food in a while because most of what we get fed is Western food. I’m not complaining though, it’s great. :) I missed out on some seafood pie today but that’s OK, I didn’t really feel like pie.

The Chat

Of course I asked about the blue bandage on Lil’s arm, it was, as we agreed, attention-grabbing. RSI is evil, and she said that her poor right arm will be next, as soon as the left one gets better. I incidentally injured the same arm yesterday, so I told her about that. I dumbly slipped as I was getting in the shower and landed on my left side, except my arm was under me so a lot of weight went on it. I suspect that I may have fractured it because it hurts like hell, but I don’t see anything wrong with my arm and I can still move it without excruciating pain.

From what I have been told by doctors, if a body part really hurts when it is moved, it is possible you have broken something. I managed to get a really nasty cut (from the frame of the shower door), a graze (from where my arm must have scraped across the frame), and a number of pain points which are now turning into bruises (from the fall in general, I guess).

I think we just caught up on loads of things – chat revolved around Indonesia and living conditions, as well as weddings (Asian vs. Western), and work. Lilian’s moving offices soon, even though it is just down the road, it’s further away! Then again, I guess I moved further away too (I moved two blocks away). LOL. And she has this really annoying colleague that she was trying to avoid by taking as long a lunch break as possible.

About the wedding thing, too, we had a discussion about the tradition for the groom to remove the bride’s garter, and how some couples do or don’t do that. Specifically, couples who didn’t do that probably didn’t because it would horrify their parents… typically, that kind of thing would probably be shocking to Asian families. Although I find that funny, I have to admit that I always thought that that tradition was strange.

Then we talked about how annoying it is when skirts ride up when you walk. At present there is no good remedy, though I remember reading about using hairspray, which Lilian pointed out gymnasts use so that their costume stays put. This is why I think I prefer A-line skirts instead of pencil ones! Even though I look better in pencil ones… I think.

As is customary we also talked about creepy guys trying to hit on us. (Always a fun topic.) And girl problems like having heels click on the pavement because we’ve worn the heels right down to the nail holding the heel in place…!

Lilian loves Minions, and we spotted a few figurines on the sample cup sizes at the front of the cafe. I know she wanted to steal them. Hahaha.

The Selfie

I took this on my iPhone 6s, which Lilian wants because it’s pink! It’s a live photo, though of course you can’t see it here… :( Also, you can see her smile now because she has gotten her braces off since. :D

Big grins
Big grins

Also, I tried to catch a bus when I was on my way back to work, so that I could add another trip to my Opal card, but that plan backfired on me when the bus did not stop and I was so far away that I had to find another bus to catch to go back. Then I got furious when that bus turned in a completely different direction and I had to figure out where it was going before getting off. It was going around in a circle so it wasn’t too bad, but it was very annoying and I obviously felt rather embarrassed at how incompetent I was…

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I’m glad you and Lilian had a good lunch and an even better chat! ^^ Tell Lilian she has excellent taste because Minions are awesome!