Pick-me-up Wednesday

I took the day off work today because I woke up dead. Well, no, that’s not possible… but I woke up feeling downright crap. I felt like I had an evil bout of hayfever, but I’m alright now. I think I just had a really, really, bad sleep. I kind of dozed for most of the morning before eating breakfast.

For most of the day I felt guilty about calling in sick to work, but my boss said I sounded ill and given my rough week and not feeling well on Monday, I felt like this break was a good time to unwind. I took it easy, eating some fruit and drinking lots of water. I managed to do some of my assignment and get my head around most of it, as well as cleaning out some of my files and email inboxes. Granted, the day was mostly taken really slowly, but I really needed it.

I don’t really want to detail my week as it was mostly me being in a bad mood, getting easily irritated, and not having enough energy to run. It’s unbelievable how much time and effort and energy commuting to work/university can take up. Plus, I realised that Wednesday used to be my favourite day.

Used to be. Most people have a favourite day, but I haven’t really had one. I realise most of the time I like Wednesdays. When I was younger, four of my weekdays days would be taken up by my dance classes, piano lessons and swimming lessons. Wednesday was strangely always the day I had off.

From seventh grade, I started to watch television shows that were played every Wednesday, and it was just my luck they were on television on my free day. I distinctly remember House being on television. That’s one of the few shows I’ve watched in my life. :P I have to admit I don’t really like television very much. Most of the shows I start watching and begin to like sadly get cancelled. It seems that I like the less popular shows. The only show I really watch now is Doctor Who. The new season started on the weekend and I was happy that I could watch it online for free, before it shows on television this weekend. I do watch other television shows occasionally, but it always happens when I’m eating dinner and just happen to have the television on, or just go to the living room for dessert or something like that. I can’t stand the idea of sitting down at a dedicated time each week, watching something I want to watch… especially with advertisements. The time really adds up, because that’s about fifteen to twenty minutes of advertisements.

That reminds me – in class last Thursday we were discussing interactive television, and we went into groups and each group reviewed a video. My group had to watch this video about the XBOX and an ad-sharing feature, where you said “XBOX tweet” or “XBOX share” in order to share an ad on Twitter or Facebook. It was really weird. After a minute of watching, we realised that the video had about 95% of dislikes, with people writing comments about how they hoped it was a joke. The video is titled Microsoft Kills Xbox Live with Interactive Ads.

No really, who even watches ads anyway? And now they want you to share it?

I don’t know if Wednesday is really my favourite day, but taking a day off in the middle of the week is nice. The highlight of my day was managing to run 5.2 kilometres with evening without stopping. I am so proud of myself. :)

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Ahh ye
you should sleep earlier :3 ye wuggs
It’s good to take a break now and again /eee to relax

God, what a horrible idea by Microsoft. D:


Hey Georgie! No sweat, and don’t fret about not leaving comments! I know how busy you get, and I’m sorry I haven’t left you one!

Thank you, for following me on instagram, and wishing us a happy anniversary! Our second month, will be this month!! I can’t believe how time flies!!

I agree with you whole heartily on this! An Angel did come down from Heaven, to look over me, and made sure I was blessed with the absolute most wonderful people in my life. I could not be more happier, and meeting my boyfriends family no less!!! Everything is finally falling into place!!

I would be honored to make you some tacos when (or if) you decide to come to America (California). You’d love them to bits and pieces and eat every single one of them (no kidding! I do the same lol). Also, being a lone doesn’t bother me, I’ve been a lone half the years, while my dad would be in work, or just be off by myself. Now that I have “odie” with me, he’s not living here, but it makes life a lot easier, knowing I have someone to love and loving me back. I cannot wait, till the day you come here and get to meet him and my most amazing friends here!!! :).

I’m sorry, you’re still running a high cholesterol problem!! It could be your diet, but then again I could be wrong on that. I do know you, and been following you as well as on Instagram, and honestly been to your photo blog, and you seem to keep that up a lot as well as your blog. I love the concert pictures, and glad you’re getting to go somewhere and what not!!! I’m happy for you on that part!!! Life can be dull sometimes, but you gotta take the good in with the bad, and exercising is a big deal in life. I’ve stopped, but I do need to start it back up again. Love you girlie, and do hope to see you around!!

Well, hope you get well soon Georgie! I also hope I get a one-day school break. It’s threatening me, oh my god.
Well, why should Microsoft kills Interactive Ads? Oh well. Hahahahaha
Anyway, congrats on you running achievement. I can’t do until that far cause I have asthma problem :/

I love hump day too! It’s great for a day off, splits the work week good. Sometimes you just need some r&r. I hope you feel better and that all is going well with you. Trying to get back into the blogging world, but it’s so hard when you stare at a computer screen all day. Have you watched Games of Thrones? That’s a good fantasy show that you might like. I love it!

There are some ads that deserved to be shared around like non-advertising videos, like the Old Spice commercials, but most ads are not that great. But no matter what Microsoft does with the project, I will lol if it ever makes its way onto my brother’s Xbox. And I will lol even more if they actually use the feature. :P

Glad you’re feeling better! 5.2 kilometers is quite a distance to run! Well, maybe not for someone who’s been running a lot, like you, but for someone like me who doesn’t run often, it sounds great. :D

That ad-sharing feature is just weird…don’t think I’d ever share an advert with my friends, they’d probably punch me. XD

5.2 km is about 5.1 km more than I could run, so I’m very impressed, well done :)

I’ve never really had much of a favourite day. I mean, last year I strongly disliked Tuesdays because they were my fullest days at school, but I didn’t particularly like any of the others, even Monday and Thursday(which were the really short days). Not something I think about much, every day’s just another one to get through and sometimes it’s harder than others.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon *hugs*

You really deserved some time off. You work so hard, like all the time! I still have no idea how you manage to keep up with it all.

It’s the best feeling in the world when you have a day off to catch up with university work. That time is so golden and hard to get! Glad that you were able to finish most of the assignment.

Wednesday’s have been my favorite days since I started university. Mainly because, last year (and this year) it’s the day that I have a later start so I can sleep in, and I have my elective (German) on that day, which I enjoy very much.

AMEN. To the cray amount of time and energy it takes to commute to school. I didn’t even realize how blessed I was to live on residence last year cause I was actually saving a shit load of time! But now, it’s my turn to slug it out with the rest of the commuters. I really can’t imagine myself getting used to it, like ever.

A lot of folks are really into Doctor Who. I’ve never seen it, but I should check it out since it’s free to watch online. :)

You have some crazy endurance to just casually run 5.2km. Like. YOU GO GIRL.

Sometimes our bodies are the ones who have to force us to realize we are not machines and need a break. I am also a hard worker adn I am constantly on the go, so I know the feeling when my body is the one telling me to slow down. Hope you enjoyed it.

Breaks are great and also very important. I’m someone who doesn’t like to keep on pushing myself when I know I just can’t continue on any longer. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and relax and sort out your life and priorities before getting back to work. :)

I think Wednesday used to be my favorite day when I was in elementary school. It was the day we did art and that was my favorite subject. Also Wednesday was the day I didn’t have to play sports in high school so I got to go home early :P

I hope you’ve been feeling better, by the way! Sounds like you’ve been going through a bit of a rough time :(

I really don’t watch TV at all. I used to think it was crazy whenever I heard of a person who didn’t own a TV (by choice) and now I totally understand. I mean, who needs TV when you have the internet? Really, who needs anything when you have the internet? That’s kinda scary actually . . .

Awe Georgie, it’s nice that you finally got time to wind up. Don’t push yourself too much. I used to always tell this co-worker with two jobs, “All that money’s gonna end up useless if you find yourself dead.” Of course, I was joking, but I was trying to make a point. Haha.

I don’t have a day that I particularly like, except maybe for weekends. (Who doesn’t?) I think I feel really good about Thursdays, because I never use to notice how fast the week goes until it’s Thursday. Fridays only make me feel bad that I don’t have anything good to do but stay at home, so. /um

My ideal week would be work Monday and Tuesday, then day off Wednesday then work Thursday and Friday, then weekend! Working Monday to Friday is just intense!

I never had a favourite weekday. Weekdays meant school and my mum use to make me to do extra work when I was at home. Well this was when I was young. I use to get really upset because all the kids go out to play after school and I had to go home and do work sheets from and exercise book my mum bought. I really hated it. I didn’t do much activities outside of that because my parents never took me to anything like swimming or dancing! Wish I had though.

Hope you’re feeling loads better now. I was ill last Monday and had to take a day off. I couldn’t get out of bed without feeling sick =(

I’ve been feeling sick for the past couple of days and I hate it. Breathing out of one nostril is the worst.

When I was younger I use to watch TV ALL the time. It bothered me when I missed episodes of my favorite shows. Now? I don’t watch TV at all. All I watch is movies and even then it’s just wasting electricity but the movie always end up watching me.

Hmph, take away all the commercials and advertisements from TV shows and I bet they only last about 10 mins. It’s a pure shame.

Having a day off in the middle of the week is nice. I don’t get a day off in the middle of the week but I do get a huge chunk of time off in between classes. Once I start my new job I’m sure that will come to an end though :(

It really is amazing how much time and energy work and school consumes. We just came back from a 2 day weekend, I should be the most well rested creature on earth right now but I’m not. All because this morning, I had to wake up for school 😒