hello cloud mountain: sleepmakeswaves, live

“Sleep earlier.”

Easier said than done. So much easier said than done.

That aside, on Friday I went with James to see a band from our hometown – sleepmakeswaves. This band is truly incredible; they write music that has no words, but has undeniable power and emotion. You might not hear it in the music as much as you know it’s there, but it’s there. It’s deeply hidden in innocent melodies and undertones of electric. Live, this band contains so much energy, you’d think they were the ones actually powering the strobe lights. Granted, it was probably far too intense with the lighting, but I was still breathless.

The band were supported by a lovely mix of unique rock bands – Steering by Stars, Marlow, and Bon Chat, Bon Rat. Steering by Stars played a set that was highlighted by delicate keyboard melodies and crisp vocals. Their music stood out as being the most gentle out of the whole set. In contrast, Marlow’s vocalist put on an engaging show as he rocked out on the stage and climbed and leaned on the speakers, engaging with the audience. His passion in his vocals was pure, and his strength showed throughout his entire performance. His ability to exude notes even as he crouched and bent his back was eye-widening; the band reminiscent of rock gods The Used.

Bon Chat, Bon Rat proved to be a louder and more eclectic duo, with sounds that buzzed more towards a synthetic feel. Their unique pieces were a sort of peaceful climax to what the crowd were (or were not) expecting from sleepmakeswaves. They started off the show with a bang – starting incredibly loud, before dragging into their softer and more melodic pieces. Regardless, they are undeniably on the more powerful side of post-rock, and that is just what they showed us on that windy Friday evening.

In other news, rarrrrhhhhh. Not having a good week overall. Busted my legs last week, running all those kilometres. My legs haven’t fully healed and I’m still quite sore. I tried to run but only managed a steady and slow 2.5 kilometres this morning. It’s alright, I’ll ease back into it. I hadn’t run in two days. Also terrible is the fact that I stayed up until 7am from Saturday night until Sunday morning. Working on an assignment, I kid you not. It wasn’t even due the next day; I just thought it’d be super bad-ass to get it done. I was about to sleep once I finished a section, then realised Doctor Who was up on iView so I watched it right then and there.

I did my tax return on the weekend and found that I’m getting about $5000 back. It’s like free money, except it’s not. The government is so deceiving. They take small amounts of your pay out of each paycheck, so it looks like everything is normal, but it secretly adds up behind the scenes and they know they owe most of it back to you. It’s ridiculously funny. Of course, not everyone has lovely tax returns like I do, and I have to admit it is only because of my recent job and me working three jobs last year at once that made this happen.

I also ended up buying an iPhone. Not because of my tax return, but because after much thought, I decided to go back. It’s sad, knowing that I did like Android and liked my current Samsung better than my iPhone 3GS, but now that my phone is continually crashing and shutting itself off and freezing, I’ve compared a number of Samsung models with the iPhone and I decided to go back to Apple. I’ve also started to dislike Google and the Play Store (privacy issues…), and knowing that the Apple/iTunes store has more to offer and the battery life on the iPhone tends to be quite good… well, there you go.

I did not want to wait for the iPhone 5 because it couldn’t possibly have anything new that I would want in a phone. Overall, I just wanted a strong, sturdy phone in which I could put some music (64GB was a plus); I like the fact that I can sync my calendars and contacts with other devices; I do like the iMessage and Facetime features… and overall, I realise that despite loving the ability to customise Androids, I like the iPhone’s simplicity. Without jailbreaking (which I don’t really like), I like its sleekness.

I’m tired. I’ll sleep. I had a shit day.

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Yeah, sleepmakeswaves was good. Hrj
and the venue is quite nice, really. :3 and the drink was good :B

You really should sleep ealien /th
and he does look like miex


That sounds like an awesome show! Photos look great too :)

I’m sorry that you haven’t been having a good week though. I hope things get better. I’m amazed that you still ran with sore legs! I usually wait until they’re totally not sore before starting up again. Then again, I’m lazy and probably used it as an excuse to take a break XD;;

I feel the same way about the iPhone 5. I barely use my iPhone, so I don’t think it’ll have anything that will make me want to upgrade.

Get some rest! I hope you have a better day!

I like the way you shoot the photos. It was fabulous! Well, I’m not into a rock band (is it a rock band cuz it looks like a rock band) but I’m into the pop genre.

Well, I desired to buy an iPhone since I’m starting to hate Android because the new updates and everything just like, woa? Hahaha. iPhone 5 looks super gorgeous. :O /love

Yes, yes – they are a rock band! And thank you for your comment on my photos. :)

I think the iPhone 5 looks great, but there are few differences between it and the iPhone 4S. The differences aren’t things that are going to affect me very much, so that’s why I bought a 4S. I’m waiting for it to arrive.