I’m probably hipster

I like indie music. I wear colourful dorky clothes. I wear red Converse. I use Instagram.

It started when I was ten years old. I wore pink culottes. I wore fucking overalls. My hair was always in the same hairstyle, even on days when I refused to brush it. I stopped brushing it after a while. I got into HTML. I made websites while everyone played on the playground. I trolled people with terrorism jokes, because I was naive and dumb.

I took pictures of trees and then wrote song lyrics on them with a black marker. I wore nerd glasses…

Not hipster?

Hipster is a stereotype. Who really cares whether what you do or what you don’t do does or doesn’t make you a hipster. I will probably get classified by one as some people; I branded myself some sort of rock chick in high school, and I am extremely vain.

In the end, just say whatever it is about yourself that is true. Even if people don’t believe you.

I like metal music.

In the end, if you’re true to yourself and you’re honest, no one really cares whether you’re hipster or not. But for at least a year now, “hipster” has become an endless joke for people who are or aren’t classified as such. Who classifies them? Themselves? Other people? Just society in general? You can make racist jokes, sexist jokes, but when you joke about something to do with stereotype, most of the time it’s laughable.

For the purpose of this post, hipster is anything you want to be. For me, in my head, it’s more of what makes me unique. In which case, I’m not hipster, I’m unique. But if I asked what makes you unique, you’d be stuck on what to say, right? You’d rack your brain for something about yourself that makes you different from other people. But what is different is that you are you. Now imagine that “hipster” encompasses those little things that you don’t dare tell anyone else, or those little-known things about you. Or even the well-known things about you. Or even the most blatantly ordinary.

Because it’s funny.

I’m a hipster; I like potatoes.

I’m a hipster; I listen to Rick Astley.

I’m a hipster; I go to bed at twelve.

I’m a hipster; I can use a knife and fork.

I’m so hipster because I can see over my own pelvis.

I have class tomorrow; that interactive design one – where we’re looking at interactive television. Most of the time I’m sitting there surfing my iPad wondering when I’m going to need this in life. I couldn’t even think of anything to research for my assignment because I don’t watch television. I hate television. Oh I hate television, I’m hipster.

I’m probably going to need people’s help with my assignment, because I’m looking into how people interact on social media with regards to television shows. It’s sort of interesting looking at this in light of Doctor Who (okay I lied. Doctor Who is the only thing I watch), because people don’t watch it with their friends or call up their friends. They tweet on Twitter, they endlessly post on Tumblr… in a way, they don’t always intend to interact closely with anyone, but only to share their thoughts. I don’t know where I’m going with my research question; I really don’t. Back in my Bachelors it was just so easy to look at something socially related. It was interesting, and I really enjoyed interviewing my blogging buddies and finding out how they interacted with other people online. I guess I could do that, but look at it in the light of interactive television and about discussing television… making this stupid concept called “television” more interactive.

My gosh. Is it really that simple? Did I suss it out just now, when I was screaming internally for some bright idea to pop up? At 12 midnight? I just have to make up a dumb question like “how is social media used to discuss television shows?”

University is bothering me. I can’t weave my life around all its tasks and crazy happenings. I can’t wait until I finish and graduate and when I get home at 7:00pm I can actually crash and sleep. And not have to worry about work, be it uni work or just work. I long for that day. I long for it so bad.

And then I can do something I’ve never done before. Like party or something. Drink more vodka. I’ve taken a liking to it. I can go to gigs without worrying “oh my gosh I have class”.

Sadly, that is about a year away. 😢

I wonder what hipsters will be like then.

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Your post reminded me of the word “geek”, which someone asked me about a couple days ago. These slang labels are just so useless because they can mean so many different things. Now, if only people would be more like you and just do what they like without thinking of labels!

I find that inspiration for math proofs (and other forms of schoolwork) comes at the strangest times. My friends recommend taking a shower for getting ideas. :P

Good luck on your project!

I’m so geeky, I love potatoes. :P

Showers really clear the head! If only I wasn’t so lazy to take them. It takes me forever to bother getting up to shower, but when I’m in there, I don’t want to get out. /hmph

For the record, I don’t think your a hipster by any means. It is a socially defined term & people may think you are by their definitions, but by Californian standards, you are definitely not. It’d require you to go to Urban Outfitters a lot more, you wouldn’t be wearing bright dorky clothes because hipster clothes aren’t dorky, they’re trendy & “in” & “hip”. The stereotype also normally associates soy lattes with hipsters too…which I resent because..well wtf just because you prefer soy over real milk or are lactose intolerant does not make you a hipster. WHAT’S WRONG WITH SOY LATTES SOCIETY?? SCREWWW YOURSELF. Anyway, yeah whatever. Labels. It’s just really natural for all of us to place labels on people because it’s how we categorize things. We’re very categorical. We need a hierarchy for things. Natural instincts really. But some people don’t always fit into the categories we want them to, so of course there’s the, “different from everyone else” category. In your words, the “unique” ones.

Yes! You should definitely go out & actually get some serious partying in you. You’re beyond of age to drink & socialize. Do it! I’ve been…definitely living it up since I turned 21..so yeahhhhhh. hahh I’m partied out right now though. ANYWAY one more year! I thought you graduated though? Well, whatever, you’re going to power through it & then you can work or do whatever it is your heart desires & you won’t have to deal with classes anymore.

I did! I’m doing my Masters degree now. I’m stuck for another year. POO. /poo

Oh you have no idea. I’ve been obsessed with vodka lately. I don’t really “party”, but I’m always looking for places with live music so I can take photos and hang out with friends and drink (not too much obviously) in the one night. I need to get out more – if only I wasn’t so busy!

The first rule of hipsterdom is that you don’t classify yourself as “hipster” and you are all about irony.

Kidding, asides…

I think stereotypical labels such as “hipster,” “rocker chick,” or even “nerd” are kind of unnecessary and just juvenile. No need for labels. You are what you are.

According to society, I’m a hipster because I wear skinny jeans and I listen to indie bands.

According to myself, I’m just a girl who wears skinny jeans and happens to love indie music. The two have no relation.

In the end, we are who we are. Stereotypes can SUCK IT! Ha :)

I guess the stereotyping is common for all not just in the states but all over the world. I’m also huge fan of alternative rock, christian and pop rock but not a fan of metal rock. When it comes to my looks I also weir converse most of the time but in a formal occasion I weir the proper attire. Sometimes we don’t need to tell everyone that we are “rocker” coz the way you love music is more important. Sometimes they just weir rock tshirt so just to look cool or just being poseur.. that’s really annoying for me especially when they started to talk about corny stuff like so girlie… 🤮 . All I can say is that no matter what you dress just be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else.

I’d use Instagram if I could but my crappy phone isn’t compatible. :( And I too love indie music and wear red Converse.

I guess I don’t like to be categorised because I just do and like what I want to like. Since I started university and I’ve started to meet new people I have realised that being yourself is the best way and if people don’t like you for who you are then they aren’t worth knowing. :)

You’re assignment sounds interesting. I know that some people use tumblr to talk about their fandoms because none of their friends offline are interested in the same thing. I know I do this with Grey’s Anatomy haha!

I never realised how time consuming university is. I only went to an induction and I came back so tired I couldn’t continue with the rest of my plans (which involved lots of cleaning). My reading list is huge. And I thought I’d get bored living on my own…

Ahah. Ha. Remember when hipster originally meant “knew about and liked before the majority of the population” and now it has its own culture? XD

I’m not hipster unless we’re talking about the first meaning (then in a sense I guess I am xD) but I kind of like the culture… It’s cool, I guess. ARTSY. And all. You’re cool and artsy.

Bagh. Good luck with your Master’s 8( I’m sure you’ll do great! You always do great, you hipster you. And as for the “how people interact about television thing”… yeah, making gifsets and edits on Tumblr is one of the answers to that. I would be one of those people, sob.

Lol man, I totes love the title of this blog.

I didn’t even know that people had a specific definition of what ‘hipster’ is. Cause I never really knew what people meant by it, lmao.

Stereotypes are a very vague and inaccurate depiction of what people are really like. Cause there’s so much depth to people. I mean, you spoke about what we consider unique and all those little things or unknown things about yourself being classified as “hipster”, but often I think, we don’t even know everything about ourselves. Be who you want to be, is really the best way to put it.

Dude, I love potatoes. So much. You know it. I must be hipster, then. Trololol.

University is a massive pain in the behind. I cannot wait till you get the chance to come home at 7pm and just crash. I will celebrate that day with you, hopefully. And vodka makes everything better. ♥

I may come off as dumb by saying this but really, internet users are using all these…alien terms; hipsters, YOLO, etc etc and I’m kind of irritated by that? I don’t know. People would go message me, asking me straight on the face, “hey dude, are you a hipster?” and really, I don’t know how to answer that. I don’t like the idea of using that word “hipster” to describe someone. I mean… if someone likes colorful outfit then so be it. If a nerd likes heavy rock metal music then so be it. Maybe I just dislike the sound of “hipster” but if you ask me, I’d rather have someone say, “hey you’re unique” and not “wow dude you’re a hipster!” …it kind of comes off as an insult, or at least that’s how my brain storms it. O_O that or I’m just too dumb to understand the meaning of hipster or am just too sensitively serious.
There are sooo many definitions of hipsters. When I googled it, urban dictionary confused me instead of helping me define it. Sigh. I don’t get it, seriously. Where did these alien slangs come from anyway? 😏 they’re weird.
It annoys me when people call others hipsters just because they think they’re “different”… 😒 those who start the whole call that person hipster thing …I kind of see them as… for the lack of better word, dumb.
I don’t HATE television. HATE is such a strong word, I’d rather not use it. But I don’t fancy watching TV either. Sure, there are some series I really like – CSI, Sherlock, etc. but nah, I don’t really watch much TV. I wonder if I’m a hipster too, hah.