I do actually get sleep

I’ve been drowning in work and university for the past week. I haven’t felt like writing much. Most of the time I get home after work or class and then I just crash or laze around. Do my homework, perhaps, then shower late and sleep. I think I have lost my motivation somewhat. Every morning though – I manage to pull myself out of bed and go for a run in the mornings. Of course, I make my bed as usual, because I just can’t stand leaving my bed unmade.

Monday’s class – Interaction Design – is not bad.

Mind you, I come late to nearly every class. I finish work at 6:00pm, and all my classes start at that time, so when I leave work, I kind of half-walk, half-run, feel so dizzy, feel light-headed… feeling overall crap, I make my way to class. I believe my recent lightheadedness and headaches is a result of weaning off my antidepressants. I gave this a second thought last week, and thought that maybe I should just start taking them every day again… but no. I’m not doing that, that’s just a wussy thing to do. Weaning off medication is hard and I can’t give up just like that. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms, so what? I can do this. I have already shown more strength than other people who have a harder time getting off antidepressants.

With each step of my foot hitting the ground, my head hurts. It seems to only happen at night. When I’ve been sitting for a while at work. Perhaps it’s just my low blood pressure.

About two weeks ago I visited the doctor to check out my blood test results. Not really all that surprising. My cholesterol, as usual, is disgustingly high. This is probably the third time I’ve been warned (to me it sounds more like a threat) by a doctor that I’ll be put on medication to lower my cholesterol if my diet and exercise won’t change it in six weeks. I get scared of this shit, but I also get upset and angry. I don’t want to depend on anything so I try really hard to eat well and live well… in the past that hasn’t happened so well. Noticing I didn’t exercise much, I decided to go for a run every morning. It’s been going okay so far. Oh, who am I kidding. It’s going great. I have a lot of motivation to get up and run. I feel good when I’m done.

I also had very low vitamin D levels. The normal level is from 50 to 200. Mine was 18. Eighteen. Sheesh. My doctor said it was the lowest she had seen anyone have.

I was shocked, to say the least. I love the sun, and I probably don’t get much of it because I’m inside a lot, but I never avoid it. Now that I’ve been running, I get some exposure to the sun, which should help me out a fair bit. And that should help with my calcium levels. My doctor also said that it’ll help my body work to kill some bad cholesterol. Well, I hope so. :(

Anyway, Monday’s class is pretty naff. I know it’s based on human-computer interaction and is interesting, but it seems really dull and boring. I wish it was more practical. It’s very theory-based, and we have to understand a number of principles of interaction design. It’s not hard, but it’s not all that interesting.

I’m also taking a subject called Digital Information and Interaction Design. I thought it would be pretty similar. It’s actually even more boring. The classes are just lectures and really small discussions, going through various apps and programs that are new on the market, seeing how interactive they are and so on. We looked at it in terms of iTV – interactive television or some doozy stuff. When I went to class two days ago, I was fashionably late. I managed to sit through the rest of the class… but don’t get me wrong, I was surfing my iPad most of the time and thinking about the gig I was going to later that night, and getting to see The Griswolds again.

As soon as the class finished, one of my classmates rushed out. I wanted to catch the same elevator as him so I wouldn’t have to wait (waiting for an elevator to come back up 25 levels is shit, I tell you), so I took off after him. We got into the elevator and as soon as the doors shut, he exclaimed, “This class is killing me! It is so boring.” I laughed and agreed, and casually stated that I hated coming to this particular class every week and was just surfing the internet the whole time. Deep down I was actually intensely relieved that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

So Friday night was good. I saw The Griswolds yet again, and the main act, Split Seconds, was really quite good considering I hadn’t heard their music at all before. I felt compelled to buy their album, so I did – as well as their EP. They’re lovely – their music is a wonderful combination of pop and rock – a little more on the rock-ballad side of things.

I’m a bit too tired to write about them, and I’m usually short of words other than “amazing” to describe the artists I see, so I’ll skip the live review for now. :P XD

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Man, that’s some awful body conditions you got there D:
at least it doesn’t work by humours anymore. hurr hurr. Don’t worry, you’re very seldom the only person who feels a way about any one particular thing :3. you. *huggs*

Glad you had fun at geeg, shame you couldnt take photos of yourself with any band member/s D:


How relieved I am to hear, that you actually, in fact, in reality, DO sleep. Phew. I got worried that night (well it was daytime for me) that we were just endlessly playing Draw Something. However, it was really fun, so no regrets.

I occasionally see your tweets about how many kilometers you run, it’s really impressive. A great way to build up your stamina. I should use this as inspiration to get off my ass and start doing some exercise on a regular basis.

I had no idea that you were having these health issues. Kudos for trying your very hardest to stay off the antidepressants. Stay strong, girl. :)

I haven’t even had a check-up in my.. life. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the family doctor for just the purpose of getting checked. So heavens knows what the hell is happening inside my body.

That’s scary that your vitamin D levels are so low. D: Lots of fish, like salmon and tuna contain lots of vitamin D, so eating more of those should help.

Being bored in lectures will become the story of my life once again, in exactly 3 days when I go back to University to begin my second year. *shivers* Thank god for Internet is really all I can say.

I’m glad that you had a nice time at the Griswolds and Split Seconds concert. You go to so many gigs! I kind of wish I was passionately into some bands so I would have the motivation to go to some gigs. But I never have been a hardcore fan of any band, really. Shocker.

Are antidepressants really that addictive and if so, why do they put so many people on them?
I don’t think you should have to “wean” off of them but then again, they do make you feel different.

I know how you feel. I haven’t had much motivation recently either. I don’t know how I’ve been working on my site(s) so much lately. Lol. I’ve been mainly watching SVU on Netflix. I think I am addicted but idc.

I’ve also hit rock bottom. Yesterday/Last Night, I ate a family size bag of Doritos….& then I exercised and felt like I was going to pass out (guessing it was because of dehydration, I don’t drink much water) but I fell asleep right after that but I only slept 6 hours. Ick. I am so tired right now but then again, I am always tired even when I get 10 hours of sleep. I think I have an iron deficiency from not eating enough meat, I’m not a vegetarian I just don’t eat meat. Lol.

Those do seem like some pretty boring classes. My classes are worse this semester. Sociology, Personal Finance and then 2 others that I don’t know the name of. These first two classes (sociology and personal finance) are the only two that have started yet. Sociology is 8 weeks and then P. Finance is 10 weeks. Then my last two classes start & finish (hopefully) before December. I plan on at least trying to finish them before December starts that way I can have a longer break.
It’s going to be different having to actually go to school the WHOLE semester instead of being able to finish school early.

I hope you start feeling better. I would hate feeling like that each and every day but you are right that does make you stronger.

How do you have enough money to see so many concerts?
How do you get so good pictures at the concerts?

Concerts are always so expensive. I want to go to one but it isn’t in my major priorities so I probably wont go until someone else pays. Hahaha.

Good luck on getting your motivation back! (:

They’re not addictive in a bad way. They are needed. The reason it seems like an addiction is because they are hard to give up – in depressed people, they need antidepressants to fix the chemical imbalance in their brain.

I think you may have been dehydrated, or perhaps you simply didn’t have enough energy to exercise at that time. Water is important!

Concerts are not that expensive. I’ve been to some that cost 50-80 dollars but they’re usually in huge arenas. The ones I like to go to are under $20 for the night; some even free. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that most of my money goes to concerts anyway – more so than anything else. /um

I don’t think my pictures are that great haha. But thank you. /eee I guess my photos are good because I practice and have a good lens. You can’t really take photos with low light if you don’t at least have some good equipment. I’ve been doing this for a while and it takes time; sometimes my photos aren’t even that good either I have to admit.


Human-Computer-Interaction (and human-robot-interaction) is one of those weird fields that I’m staying as far away from as possible from at the moment. I’m glad that there are people who are into design and psychology, as opposed to computer science, studying it. Hopefully, it will help you in the future, when technology changes and when today’s web browsers become obsolete.

I do hope that your cholesterol and vitamin D levels improve! I’m not sure whether taking multiple medications is a good idea, and hope that you will slowly wean off your antidepressants soon! I know that you’re trying – you work so hard at everything – and you deserve to have an awesome body.

Best wishes to you, Georgie. Life will become much easier once you finish your Master’s! I’m glad that you still get to go to concerts frequently, though. :D

Eyyy, you can do it, Georgie! I believe in you! I used to love going for morning runs, but I slacked off and gained weight and got lazier. It wasn’t nice at all. I really need to get back into it, but I wake up and have no motivation to do it. I prefer running in the mornings since it gives me a great start to the day, and I’m a bit bothered by showering at night. If I did night runs, I’d be all sweaty and my skin wouldn’t enjoy that while I sleep.

I’m starting university on the sixth. Hopefully it’s not as boring as your classes, but, being in first year and not technically in my program yet, it probably will be. But good luck in your masters degree! Again, I believe in you. /eee

Love the photos, too. I like all the photos you take at the gigs. /silently creeps on your stuff
They’re wonderful, and your photography skills blow me away.

Aw, Georgina, it seems like everytime I come over here you’re having some sort of body problem :( That’s super awesome and I’m really jealous that you’re getting up and going running each morning! That’s great! :D I’ve never been much of a runner, but the one summer I worked at a camp I tried and each time I actually got up early to do it, I always felt amazing afterwards :D I hope you can keep it up! :)

I’ve always wondered what the difference between and EP and album were. Mind letting me know? :)

Im glad that you enjoy running. :D I on the other hand can’t stand running. Or any other activity that includes lots of movement, LMAO XD I guess you can call me lazy when it comes to that sort of stuff. :D I would much rather move around while doing something else, like cleaning instead of playing some sort of sport. But that’s just me. :)

EP means “extended play” – it’s something that’s too long to be a single, but too short to be an album, generally speaking.

I used to hate running, believe it or not. I used to hate running so much, but when I ran in a school race and came 8th out of everyone my age, I realised I had good endurance, which made me want to run.

I used to just walk places because it was easier and handy. I totally feel you on the laziness! It’s hard to find motivation to exercise.

Why hello there. ;) It’s been such a long time since I’ve commented on one of your blog posts – I kinda feel bad about it, but I do read every single one of them. (H)

Your life seems to hectic right now; I honestly don’t know how you deal with it, I think I’d crawl up into a ball and cry. I’ve had withdrawal symptoms from trying to stop taking tablets to control my bowel (TMI? IDC) – even medication that isn’t a “high” dose or whatever you want to call it can cause withdrawal side effects. I hope you manage to wean off them completely soon and the side effects stop!

I’m surprised you haven’t been put on cholesterol medication before, or are you allowed a choice? Here, I’m pretty sure they just shove everyone on medication if theirs is high, paha. Glad you’re enjoying your runs though and hopefully it lowers your cholesterol. :)

Vitamin D is stupid. Mine was 16 when I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease but I went on 2000 IU once a week for 12 weeks and it shot back up to the 90s so it’s all good. I could be wrong but I believe you don’t actually get much vitamin D from the sun, I mean, you get some obviously but most of it comes from your diet.

Glad you had fun at the concert – I’ve still never been to one haha, hopefully I get to one day. I haven’t heard of either of those bands; maybe I’ll look them up. :B

You always take so much amazing pictures, you’re great.

I hope your health improves, Georgie. ♥

Haha, don’t feel bad. I’ve had at least two other people say that to me – that they just snoop my posts. :P

Sometimes our body just needs those things, so I guess your body was crying for those tablets because it needed them. :( It’s just a normal bodily reaction, I guess.

I guess every time the doctors brought it up I pulled up a sad face and they realised I was too young to be put on medication for cholesterol. That said though, I have seen several different doctors about the issue. They all said the same thing. I didn’t see them all on purpose – some doctors in the practice were away, so I ended up visiting a different doctor. The bottom line is that they’re all concerned. But I’m also taking fish oil (I used to not take that crap religiously haha)… so I hope it works. D:

Hmm, that’s so odd. I was pretty shocked because I get “enough” sun. I guess our silly bodies just need supplements at times.

Thank you Vicky, you’re the best. ♥ You’re an awesome friend. :)

have you tried taking omega 3 supplements for your cholesterol? That shit cures everything, lol. won’t help with vitamin D unfortunately though :-/ That’s weird that it’s so low when you actually spend time outside. I guess your body has trouble producing it or something?

I’m having my bloodwork done in a few weeks. I suspect by B12 is low or something considering how tired I am all the time. Or maybe I’m just getting old :D

Hmm it sounds like you’re juggling everything well, which is good. To me, busy life triumphs over lazy life. :P Usually the complaints I hear around me are not having a job, not sleeping, but still not enough time to finish schoolwork. However, I am not understanding how you are able to walk into class late. At my school, three latenesses equals one absence. Three absences equals automatic failure. Using laptops or iPad is also not allowed for notes. -/_-

You’d think a 25 floor building has more than one elevator.

I’m sorry about your health. I believe you work in a setting where you use the computer too many hours a day? When I was doing that this summer, I felt like I lacked sunshine too because my body was so frozen that I needed to wear cardigans when it was 35 degrees out. I think you’ll be alright with some exercise, though I do not know about the cholesterol. My dad has the same problem and I believe he takes fish oil.

Either way, keep up the running and I hope you feel better! Maybe once summer comes around things will change.

Hey Georgina! I start my classes up again next week and am already stressing out with the amount of work coming my way. Im also sorry about your health, I hope everything works out.

I sent an email to Florientals hosting but im not sure what is going on with the site if its still in the works or not! haha! let me know :)

I honestly feel as well as though I have lost any motivation to do work! I don’t know what is is, maybe the Summer, I just haven’t done anythinggg that I should have.

I think it’s really great that you have found the motivation to run! I completely understand how hard and tedious is becomes to get exercise done, seeing as I’ve been telling myself I’d do exercise for the past three weeks. Ah dear.

I’m sorry that your health hasn’t been to great :( that’s strange that you Vitamin D levels are so low! Hopefully the running outside does help, or even just taking some time each day to even go outside and ejoy the sun? I hope things get better!

I could use some motivation right now. I need to start on my college essays.

It’s great that you’ve found enough motivation to exercise. I hope your health improves and that the next time you visit the doctor, your test results will be a lot better.

25 floors…That’s insane. There should be more elevators.
Going from the bottom to the top floor through the stairs must also be a rigorous, hardcore workout.

I hope you feel better soon! Withdrawal symptoms sound tough, and I hope they don’t last too long. I have issues with high cholesterol, too, which seems to be common with my dad’s side of the family. My dad and his siblings take medication for it. I’m really hoping to avoid it, so I guess I should get back into doing exercise too.

I think it’s great that you’re going for a run every morning and enjoy it :) I’d like to get back into running too! I’m kind of waiting for the heat to go away first, so I can go for a run after work. It’s a great stress reliever to me.

That’s too bad that your classes are boring though. Interaction design interests me, but I guess just going through examples and sitting through lectures isn’t very exciting.

The photos look great!

I have never heard of the split seconds before either. I need to listen to them now.

But university is stressing me out too. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to rush as well. I am second guessing myself now.