Timeless Thoughts: Making my own jewellery

Timeless Thoughts

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Pop on over to Tara’s blog for this month’s linkup! Today I am writing about something that I really enjoyed as a kid but something that I wouldn’t really do now.

When I was younger I used to make my own jewellery. I was very keen and very eager to make new bits and pieces. Back then I wasn’t really familiar with style or materials, so all my bracelets would be made of various different beads in different patterns. I liked getting crafty and doing a lot of DIY stuff, and I would even go to the local library and participate in craft activities. I really liked jewellery from a young age, so anything shiny, small and pretty was of interest to me.

Making my own jewellery

After church every Sunday we used to visit the shopping mall and I would always find myself in the discount or bargain store. They always had a tall rotating stand of packets of beads and other sewing items like buttons and hooks. It was fairly expensive, I think about $12 for three packets. My parents made sure I really wanted the beads before getting them. Each packet had maybe twenty or thirty pieces. That was enough for at least two bracelets, or more if I was using other beads.

Some beads were nice enough to be used for one bracelet, while others were even better used with others. I got very creative and made repeating patterns, symmetrical patterns and random ones before moving on to making some really simple earrings. Other bracelets I made were made from braided string or wool – I was not amazing at making friendship bracelets, but once I learned to use a method called ‘finger knitting’ to make a nice threaded piece of wool using just a few fingers, I made a few bracelets out of those!

My skills were by no means advanced, but it was enough to make bracelets that I liked to wear. If I had better tools I would have made something better, but I think I gave up once I saw that I was not as advanced as other people were. One of my mum’s friends made beautiful earrings out of glass beads and wiring and I just thought, wow, I can’t even afford to buy nice pieces like that.

I think my love for jewellery just continued throughout the years. I went from making my own pieces to buying them, though. Even if I had the time now, I don’t think I would have the skill to make something really nice that I would really want to wear. I admire people who make their own extravagant pieces, but of course I accept that there are some things that machines do much better (and much faster) than humans.

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Niiiice! I’m glad you enjoyed jewellery making and other craftsy activities. I actually have horrible fine motor skills, so I never had much patience for beading and other crafts that involves small objects. Even now, my fingers are too clumsy for such activities, and if I have to do it, I quickly become frustrated and then I just throw everything aside and stop. However, I respect those who make their own piece, especially the statement pieces, and I am amazed they can do such things with their hands and tools! XD

My aunt is really into making jewelry! She makes a ton around Christmastime to give as presents and they are always so pretty! The only time I ever made my own jewelry was when I was really little. I knew that I wouldn’t be very good at it so just left it to the pros, haha.

I too, tried to make jewelry when I was younger. I remember the kids and beads. Oh man, the beads..lol

I’m glad you enjoyed it as a kid and loved it so much that you wrote about it ^^