A Day in the Life: November 2015

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It’s already November, I can’t believe we are getting this close to the end of the year. I started my new job three weeks ago but it feels like it has been a lot longer. :)

This morning I woke up to my alarm – well, to both mine and Nick’s alarm, since we had our alarms set for the same time. I have some default alarm tone while he still has Uptown Funk as his… I still don’t like the song, but it doesn’t bother me. We don’t get up straight away but we get up with enough time to get ready. I put on a button-up shirt, I’m not a huge fan of my outfit but I just throw on some jeans and I’m OK.

Nick said he didn’t understand why I wore a shirt I didn’t really feel like wearing because I had said, ‘I couldn’t be bothered wearing a t-shirt.’

‘You mean you couldn’t be bothered wearing a t-shirt, but you could be bothered wearing a shirt where you have to do all the buttons? I’d just wear this if I couldn’t be bothered!’ He pointed at one of his own t-shirts.

I guess part of me is still reluctant to wear a t-shirt to work – we have a very casual dress code, as with all the places I’ve worked in the past four years. I consider myself lucky that I don’t have to suit up every day, but I do like to make an effort and look presentable anyway.

Nick waiting at the bus stop
Nick waiting at the bus stop

We make our way to the bus stop, which takes us to the train station. Then we catch the train into the city. Nick walks me to work then catches a bus down a couple of blocks to his workplace. We both didn’t realise that it would cost him extra to catch the bus, so he got quite annoyed. I can tell you, our Opal transport system is very confusing and annoying.

At work I take the elevator to my level. Our office has two levels, the lower one being where most of the desks are. I leave my belongings at my desk but use my computer to order a soy chai latte from the kitchen, before I walk upstairs to the kitchen to grab breakfast.

No tomatoes today, so I’m a bit disappointed because I love tomatoes, but there is asparagus, which makes me happy. I grab some sourdough with that, and a bit of scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are not my favourite but I cannot complain about being served breakfast so I walk to the fruit platter and add a handful of strawberries to my plate.

Breakfast at work
Breakfast at work
The view from my building
The view from my building

I sit by the window today, after having picked up my chai latte. Yum. I take my time eating breakfast, and then grab a mug from the cupboard to take downstairs with me so I can make tea.

We have a standup meeting at 9:10, which is just a daily team meeting. We stand around a wall that has many cards stuck to it, indicating what tasks need to be done, and discuss what needs doing.

Some notes. Trying my hand at bullet journaling.
Some notes. Trying my hand at bullet journaling.
My desk
My desk

I don’t have many meetings today. I spend the morning running through a task I finished on Friday, just checking everything is up to scratch before getting my teammate to review my code. It’s all good. :) I spend the rest of the morning trying to be a ninja at hacking an email template specifically for a specific Gmail bug… but to no avail.

It’s time for lunch but I decide to skip free lunch at work because the menu doesn’t seem that interesting. Pulled pork, but I don’t eat pork, and the rest looks like salad and other less exciting stuff. Nick feels like sushi so I decide to just have lunch with him. I haven’t had sushi in a while so it tastes super good!

Grilled salmon nigiri sushi
Grilled salmon nigiri sushi
Lightly grilled scallop sushi
Lightly grilled scallop sushi
Abalone salmon gunkan
Abalone salmon gunkan

I accompany Nick to the mall to browse some of his favourite stores. I’m not sucked into buying anything. :D He ends up buying three shirts. They look great, one of them is a shiny navy one which looks really slick.

When I go back to work I have a meeting, but before that I notice that coffee orders are open so I get a soy chai latte again (which isn’t coffee though), this time with caramel syrup. It’s nice! Our lovely coffee-maker tells me that in two-and-a-half years of working here, he hasn’t had anyone choose caramel syrup in their chai. I suppose I’m special, but Nick kinda started that trend when we went to Starbucks together and they remember our order. :P So I suppose I stole it off him.

Some sweet candy
Some sweet candy

The meeting was pretty interesting. After that, I kick out a whole bunch of quick and easy tasks before ending the day. One of my teammates has bought some candy since our resident candyman (our team lead) is ill and has locked his candy drawer. Apparently, we could not survive.

Standing in the elevator
Standing in the elevator
Waiting for the train
Waiting for the train

I meet Nick at the train station after work and we catch a train home. My dad picks us up at the station, along with my cousin Tasya, and drives us home.

I bid Nick farewell after we lie down and have a quick rest. He drives home. It’s always hard saying goodbye. :'(

I eat a small dinner, and then have a shower and spend the night working on an upcoming presentation I’m doing. I have a few coming up and I’m reluctant to share what the presentations are for, but I’m excited about them. :D I have to get myself organised!

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Comments on this post

I spent 5 minutes away from my assignment to read this and I do not regret it at all.
You make mundane things sound so interesting.

Stay cool Georgie (and Nick, if he’s reading haha)

Love hearing about your day!

What, you get fed at work?! :O you don’t work for Google, by any chance?! Lol. I didn’t even know that was an actual thing. I work in state government and they supply a Nespresso machine and a fridge but that’s it :P

Your commute time however, I am not envious of. I live about 12 km out of the city and it takes me roughly 20 mins to get to town, I’m pretty lucky!

Haha I work for Campaign Monitor. My old workplace had bread and spread, a coffee machine, a fridge and a vending machine, but when I was at Freelancer.com they gave us cereal, lots of snacks and lunch once a week.

That is lucky indeed! I’m about 30km away from the city so it’s double!

Ooooh I see!! That’s pretty awesome :D I guess in these kinds of jobs you need a lot of brain food :D hehe.

And wow, that is pretty far! I couldn’t handle a long commute. I think I’d rather have to make my own sandwich ;)

I loved your desk (and the stack of post-its!)
I have to commute a lot too. It’s by bus from home to station, then train to the station near to my college and then walk for about 10 mins to reach the college! (1 and 1/2 each time)

Looks like you had a pretty decent day :D

Thanks! I don’t use the sticky notes that much, but we need them within our team. :D

Looks like you and I both know how long commutes feel!

I feel the same about dressing for work. We have a very casual dress code with the guys wearing tshirts and jeans, yet I feel that’s too casual for me. I like to separate work and home, and I do this by dressing differently. Although if you come back to me in a few months I might have changed my mind, haha!

The view from your office is so lovely. We can see the river from our office but the positioning of my desk means I’ve got my back to it. :(

Same haha, I have always worked around a lot of guys who just wear jeans and a t-shirt to the office. I feel like I will be working in similar workplaces for most of my life… lately I have worn more casual clothes but most other people in the city dress up and I feel like doing it too, even if our office is more casual.

I’m not a fan of Uptown Funk either… Even though Bruno Mars is featured in the song, he pretty much dominated it XD. It’s cute how Nick walks you to work (even though it costed him by doing so, but still). I am digging how healthy your breakfast is! The view of the city from your office is amazing~~

Your handwriting is cute. Sushi always sounds good! Especially if it’s up against pulled pork. Everything you had in the pictures look delicious @___@. Where’s my sushi? XD

Sometimes Nick walks the other way so he doesn’t always walk me to work – still, it’s nice! Healthy is good haha, I make sure I have lots of greens in my breakfast. Much better than reaching for the pastries. :D

First time I’m trying emoji in a reply, so I’m not sure if this sushi emoji will come up in your notification email! 🍣🍣 (PS. Don’t forget the emojis work on my blog now wooooo!)

Thanks Georgie for hosting this linkup! Happy to be participating. Been meaning to do this for awhile now, so I am glad I remembered.

I’m totally with you on Uptown Funk – I really don’t care for the song. ;)

Love the idea of this link up! :) It’s cool to see how’s an average day for you and I can see that you work at a really great place! Free awesome food and soy chai lattes 8D Where I worked we hardly had free food :(

Also interesting to see a side of Nick’s personality. Haha! Uptown Funk xD

Was the standup meeting like a scrum meeting? I kinda miss doing those kinds of meetings ever since I left.

I feel blessed to have chefs who cook us food haha. I worked for one-and-a-half years for a company that had a cupboard absolutely stocked full with snacks, then worked for a company that didn’t have anything except bread and a toaster. It’s something you kinda take for granted!

Yes we follow scrum methods. :D I think it’s a good idea to keep everyone updated in the team. Just as long as it doesn’t go for too long because the idea is that they ought to be really quick.

I love hearing about your day and seeing pictures! I’m so jealous you get to see that view everyday. Working in an office in the future would be a dream of mine! ;) I’ve joined in with this link up this month :D