2 minutes and 40 seconds with Fiona Chan

Fiona is a front-end developer from Sydney, whom I met while I was freaking out at the thought of public speaking. I met her at my second SydCSS meetup (she is one of the organisers). I heard about the meetup two years ago when it started, though I was not very ‘social’ so I never went. I’m glad I do now! Fiona is pretty awesome and well known in the community, so I’m glad she didn’t mind answering my strange questions. :D

Hello! I’m a front-end developer who recently became a technical recruiter at Lookahead Search. I love the web community and connecting with people. I’m co-organiser of a meetup in Sydney called SydCSS. Organising the meetup is one of my favourite things to do :) I’m also a foodie and a Vietnamese coffee addict.

A photo of Fiona
A photo of Fiona

What would you love to see as a work of art on your next cup of coffee?

A sloth on a tree with a panda chewing on bamboo sitting under the tree because they are two of my favourite animals!

If you could invent a CSS property, what would it be called and what would its possible values be?

hamburger: cheese / pickle / bacon
When used, the property will give you a hamburger for your menu icon with cheese, pickle or bacon

Which sounds better, a unicorn named Bob or an elf named Steven?

Hmm Bob the unicorn.. or Steven the elf.. Definitely Bob the unicorn.

What book would you love to own every printed edition of?

I think To Kill A Mockingbird. It’s one of my favourite books of all time. Also it’s not too thick so all the books won’t take up too much space xD

You wake up and are surrounded by pink trees. The ground is also pink. The sun is nowhere to be seen. A little black bird comes along and gives you a note and a biscuit, then flies away. What do you do?

Sounds a bit like end of the world or something. I will of course eat the biscuit. If the sun is not there, I won’t be able to read the note right?

If someone gave you five hundred dollars, to spend on an expensive item of clothing, what would you choose? Bags and accessories do not count, it must be something you wear.

Probably one of those super shiny and sparkly dresses celebrities wear to the Oscars.

If ‘Fiona’ was the name of a hexadecimal colour, what would it be?

#ffffff cos the name ‘Fiona’ actually means ‘white’! :)

Would you rather eat rose petal soup or a seaweed sandwich?

Urgh I don’t like floral flavoured food so definitely seaweed sandwich. My mum’s made seaweed soup before and I didn’t mind it so seaweed sandwich wouldn’t be too bad I think.

Would you rather wake up in cornflakes or marshmallows?

Definitely marshmallows! Yummy! Also lying in corn flakes doesn’t sound very comfortable…

If you were a fly and you had the opportunity to annoy one person by buzzing around them, who would you choose?

Jamie Oliver so I can learn all his cooking secrets.

What was your favourite childhood television show?

Disney cartoons with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. I used to watch them while having breakfast and getting ready for school.

You have to trust one of these creatures with your deepest, darkest secrets. Who would you trust the most: a goofy bear, a clean white rat, or a turquoise-coloured toad?

A goofy bear. No other reasons other than I’m not a fan of rats and toads.

What domain name would you register right now, just for the lulz?


Take any number between 10 and 20. Multiply by 6. Divide by 7. Take away 20. Add 17. Add your age. Divide by 3. This is how much money you get for free. Tell us?

$12.47! Damn that’s not much is it!

What would you do with the money?

I’ll use it to get a burrito for lunch from my favourite Mexican place, Per Kilo.

You can catch Fiona at:

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Hi to Fiona! Haha I loved how if she were a fly, she’d be buzzing all over Jamie Oliver! hahaha Love it!