Happy 22nd birthday, James

Today was James’s birthday and I had yum cha with him and his mother and grandmother. I got filled up pretty quickly. Afterwards we still decided to have dessert, so we went to a little dessert bar called Passionflower and had a black sesame ice cream dessert. From the outside it always appeared to us as just another dessert place, but today we realised that they actually had a menu of specialties including crepe and waffle desserts. Now I know where to get a good waffle! Waffles are uncommon here, at least to buy on-the-go. You actually have to walk to a cafe, sit down, order, and so on. I don’t know, maybe I need to get out more and I’m missing some places? I love having dessert with James. It’s a nice treat.

On Saturday James and I will be having pizza to celebrate again. /eee It’s a bit hard thinking of how to really celebrate birthdays as I get older. (Not that I celebrated my birthday much when I was younger.) Last year I had a birthday dinner, but I’m not sure if I’ll do that again this year, or if there’s something different I can do to mix it up. Either way, I’m still looking forward to some good vegetarian pizza with James and a lovely afternoon/evening out. ♥️

I mentioned vegetarian pizza because… well, it’s been about three weeks since I decided to go pescetarian, to encourage myself to eat more vegetables and because my doctor actually said I should get my cholesterol checked. Again. Which made me realise I should try to eat less meat. I dread every time this happens, and now I’ve been taking copious amounts of omega 3 fish oil to help. Being pescetarian means I don’t eat land animals, but I eat fish and other seafood. So far it’s been alright. I’ve actually found myself sadly put off by the abundance of chicken and pork lately. I don’t eat duck; ever since I took care of the ducks on the school farm and one of them was killed, I couldn’t take it anymore.

Each time I go to a restaurant I have to go for the vegetarian options but that doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve been making my own lunches and cooking my own food lately. It isn’t much and I’m a shoddy cook, and everything I make probably looks bad, but it tastes good to me. I like the simple life. My boss was surprised that I liked plain green lentils just boiled.

They are really delicious, and I know that sounds odd to most people. /drool

I’ll be honest; for a while I’ve said I hated Chinese food. I’m part Chinese, and I like Asian cuisine, but every time it came to buying food I was hesitant on buying Chinese dishes and every time I went out with my family I would flinch a little if we went to a Chinese restaurant. I would order the same thing on the menu each time (salt/pepper squid), much to my parents’ annoyance – and to this day, I still, truly and honestly, dislike fried rice. :( It’s just very near impossible for me to find fried rice that is cooked the way I like. I love my mum’s cooking, but I don’t like the way she makes fried rice. It is nice and moist how fried rice should be, but I feel bad saying that I want it a bit drier. And I don’t like the taste so much, but my brother loves it. My mum cooks with ham and Chinese sausage, which I obviously won’t eat now. She has come to understand that I dislike fried rice but has made so many efforts for me to enjoy it by putting egg or trying different ways. I do feel bad that I am impossible to please.

I go to the store and I buy fried rice and it’s too dry, or the texture is “wrong”, or I don’t like what’s in it, and then I just get turned off. It’s impossible to explain what kind of fried rice I like best, but I like Japanese Pepper Lunch style. And now I feel a bit of a tool because that is pretty damn buttery, and I complained about some rice being too oily.

On top of that, dishes have just not been appealing to me anymore, and it makes me sad. My mum names dishes I used to like and now I’m saying, “No, I don’t want honey soy chicken. Too sweet. No, sweet and sour pork is yucky. No, I don’t want Mongolian beef”. I can’t remember when it started, but I’ve always known my tastebuds were a bit silly.

Regardless — I enjoyed today and the last time James and I had yum cha (which was shortly before I went pescetarian). I’ve only had yum cha once before I’ve ever been with James so it felt special to me. :3

Happy birthday lovely 🌹

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Thanks for coming to runch; I hope Saturday’s better. /th /um

Ah I don’t think you’re such a fussy eater :B
I kept ducks when I was around 10. We had them in an open enclosure, and one time I found a duck head on my lawn and I think either my neighbour’s cat got it, or he dropped the cat into our lawn. Nurg


Hey Georgie! Happy Birthday to James… :)

Dessert and pizza? Sounds like a good birthday gift!

I’m actually not that fond of fried rice either. I do eat it sometimes. When it comes to eating Chinese food, I prefer chicken, wontons & veggies. That’s what I usually get. If I eat fried rice, I like shrimp and sauce with it as well.

I hope the 2nd birthday celebration goes great! 👏 ♥

Happy birthday, James!! :)

We don’t really have a lot of just dessert places around here with a variety of desserts. We mainly just have ice-cream shops or frozen yogurt shops (which are becoming really popular). There’s occasionally bakeries, so I’m kind of jealous that you guys have those! :P They sound great!

Omg tell James I said happy birthday! Lol might be weird when we all know who he is and he doesn’t know who we are. I was a little surprised at 22 for some reason though I really shouldn’t be, since you are older than me and I’m 21! I keep forgetting that I am though.

I haven’t really celebrated my birthday ever, not even when I was a little kid. No one wanted to come to my parties because it was either snowing or too cold.

Pescetarian sounds alright. Fish is good for you!

Strangely the only Asian cuisine I can stand is Chinese. I hate Korean food hahaha. I’ve never had moist fried rice that actually sounds quite nasty. But in the end I don’t like Asian food so much in general.

Did you leave a comment on my new post as Anonymous? According to the IP it’s you. Why? Haha.

I’m sure he’ll check out this post and see the birthday wishes. :) Well I’m 21 too, but I’ll be 22 in a couple of months. You’re not that much younger!

I’m the same. I’ve had Korean food and it’s not bad but I don’t find it that tasty. It seems really bland to me. The only Asian food I’m really a fan of is Japanese. :)

I did; I forgot to put in my details after I typed it. I actually wrote a reply immediately after that with my details, saying that it was my comment, but it didn’t come up. When I tried re-posting it said “you have already said that” so I figured you already got it… haha.

Passionflower’s food looks absolutely delicious! I’ve noticed that a lot of restaurants in other countries really present their food better and make it more exotic and unique and (so I’ve heard) tasty. I’m jealous, and I’m still wishing to be able to travel to another country soon! :x

You’re still having cholesterol problems? :( I don’t think I would be able to give up chicken or pork, but I could easily rid beef from my diet. It upsets my tummy. :( I like plain green lentils boiled, too! They taste good; one thing that’s not too bad about this allergy mess is that I don’t use a ton of seasonings, and I’m alright eating some things just plain.

I’m not a fan of fried rice very much, but I do love other rices. I love Chinese foods, but not every restaurant knows how to make it well. -.-

Perhaps your taste buds are just changing! I used to love to eat tomatoes, but now I can’t stand them at all! Ketchup has an exception, of course.

I’m glad you had fun! Happy belated birthday to James! :)

I wish I could do that. I don’t eat much meat as it is but my mom is worried about my iron. Not that meat will help that but she says “You need to eat more meat.” It’s not that I don’t like it or that I am a vegetarian I just don’t like eating meat. I guess it is the chewing concept or something. Lol My dad has always said that I hated chewing but idk. XD

I am on a new diet where I get Vitamin B shots and an appetite suppressant. I am also using that Nike + Training as well. I am not sure if it is the fact that I have more energy or have more Vitamin’s in my system but I just feel like this time I will get to my goal weight. I don’t feel that roadblock I have always had before. I would always hit it and then quit, not sure if it was stress but I have put my mind to getting through 4 weeks of this Nike + training game (that is how long the training lasts four and then it assesses you again and does it for another four and then so forth). It pushes me really hard but I am able to actually do A LOT more than I was even one month ago. I haven’t even done it much within this last month (I don’t exercise besides that) so I am not sure what is going on. Hahahahaha. I can tell that these appetite suppressants are working though. :)

Fried rice is okay but I don’t really eat Chinese food either. I’m just not that kinda person….idk. I don’t eat Mexican either so, yeah, not judgmental or anything! XD

Happy Belated Bday James!

Oh that sounds like a fun place to eat! I am cutting out all deserts for 6 months though. No candy, deserts, or foods that have ungodly amounts of calories in them and don’t fill you up. I eat too much of that stuff so I am being forced on this diet to stick to a strict 1,200 calorie diet. I tend to get really hungry really fast so I am focusing on eating that as well as eating BETTER. I am going to make myself a turkey sandwich for lunch today and bring several apples and (TOO MANY) grapes that way I can eat them over the course of the next few days. The turkey sandwich will be for lunch. It is a healthier alternative even though we don’t have wheat bread (I need to get some!). I just have a hard time figuring out what I am going to eat for lunch. I could always cook my meals the days that I am off but I am too lazy for that. XD
Do you have any ideas that would make for a healthy lunch? (I am going to make salad and eat it tomorrow and thursday and then more apples and grapes and bananas….but I need more veggies somehow? I hate cold carrots but I guess I could open a can of carrots or green beans and heat them up for lunch….we do have a microwave and fridge….) (thinking out loud is fun! XD)

OH! WATERMELON! I need to get some. They need to sell slices in the deli where I work or at least have smaller watermelons. XD Good source of water, too….

Hey, do you think you could post a link to my forum in your next blog? It could be at the very end or something, idc. I am just trying to get the name out there. :) (starsfalling.net)
If not, that’s fine, I’ll just keep bloghopping.
Yeah, I know what you mean. Like I said there, I don’t really carry a purse either.

I’ve already done that. I have pads in the center console of my car as well as in my purse that is in the glove box and I have some in all of my other purses (due to pure laziness when I switch from bag to bag lol) When I move I will probably gather all of them up from the bags I don’t use and I will start actually using those.

OMG! So, I thought I was pregnant. 😰 XD /bash luckily the day I got my Vitamin B shot they tested me (before they gave it to me) and it came out negative. /oh That’s the last time I fool around but now I am wondering why my period is so late if that isn’t the case. I know there are false negatives/positives but I highly doubt I am pregnant. Like, I am having all of the symptoms cramping (feels exactly like I have already started sometimes but no blood), nipples were sore but now they aren’t, I feel kind of bloated, and such but like I said no blood. :/ I have a doctor’s appointment for April 4th but I couldn’t get one any sooner than that. March is already booked. I want to go on base but my mom is hesitant to make me an appointment there? Why? Probably because it is a hassle….either that or she doesn’t think she can make any appointments in March. :/
I really need to go and I can’t. When I do go I am starting depoprevara (depo) shots because I am tired of my period being irregular. Birth Control was the only way it was ever regular at all.

Not sure why I feel like I can talk to you but I do. (Can you edit out that last part before you approve the comment? I would rather that not be public and I didn’t feel like emailing you, I’m so lazy lol)

Happy belated birthday to your boyfriend! :D I’m glad you two are having more wonderful days together. ;)

I love vegetarian pizzas, too. They are lovely, with so many veggies that it fills me up after 3 slices over 4. LOL

I’ve never went a specific meat-less diet, so I can’t really comment there. But I try to eat all kinds of food during the week: meat on a day, fish on another, cheese on yet another, then soy, beans, mushrooms, peas, etc. Certainly some time without meat can only be good when you’ve exaggerated (it lowers triglycerides).

Hope to come around a bit more often, Georgie! ;) *hugs*

~ Luana S.

I’m not a fan of vegetarian pizza, unfortunately. I went full on vegetarian a few years back, when I was younger because my parents were convinced I’m allergic to seafood and I’m not supposed to eat meat, bla bla. I didn’t like vegetarian pizza haha.

But hey, if it’s health reasons, by all means I would do it again.

At least you can eat seafood, so that’s a plus! I LOVE prawns and squids. Not a fan of fish, though. :D

When it comes to birthdays, I don’t mind doing anything at all. I celebrated my 19th, 20th and 21st birthdays with my best friends. And that’s all I need. I told them I don’t need fancy gifts, and that it’s a gift itself to be able to spend time with them on my birthday. We always do dinner and maybe a random trip to the beach. And sometimes clubbing too. :)

Happy belated birthday, James!

Happy Birthday to James! I typically celebrate my birthday with birthday dinners now (plural because I celebrate with my husband, then with my parents, then with friends). I’m not really the type to hold parties anymore I guess.

I’ve thought about going pescetarian before. I feel like it’d be hard for me to go vegetarian, but I think it’d be easier if I could include seafood. I do love vegetarian food though :) I hope you get better results from your doctor after doing this! I have cholesterol problems too, unfortunately, though I’ve been told it’s mainly because of genetics.

I don’t hate Chinese food, but after growing up on it and eating it daily for several years, I never really crave it. I end up preferring other Asian cuisines over it. I actually don’t really eat white rice anymore, but I still like fried rice, haha.

I LOVE chinese food. OMG that and Mexican and now Indian. I have a wog stomach (helps being part scandinavian)

Happy Birthday Sir James :D

Happy Birthday to James, I hope he had a great day. :D

Happy Birthday, James! :D Tell him I look forward to seeing a blog post of his again. And tell him that he is allowed to blog about robots and ROS and whatever he’s working on. :P

I hope that your cholesterol will lower itself soon! If I’m right, lowering cholesterol is something that takes time, but you’re young and working very hard towards it, so you’ve got time. No matter what your reading is, I certainly won’t be worried about you! (Y)

All of your talk about Chinese food now makes me want some! Mmmm. I didn’t really like Chinese food growing up, but now I love it. Funny how that works.

Happy belated, James! :) I’m glad you guys had a nice time.

I agree with you on the fried rice, though. I like my fried rice a really certain way. Moist is not fried, though! haha. It’s okay that you started to dislike some dishes. I think it just goes with how you feel. Sometimes I never feel like eating what used to be my favorite foods and it frustrated my mom because she never checked with me before she made dinner. :P