Fashion Friday: Grey skies

It looked like it was going to rain this morning, but it didn’t stop me from wearing a dress. Generally speaking, I hate wearing jeans or pants, and given the choice, I’d wear a dress. I wore a dress a couple of times this week, including yesterday, but I only really felt good about today’s dress. Yesterday I wore a denim dress but it wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world.

Speaking of yesterday though — I went running in the morning, for the first time in a couple of months. I’d actually been up most of the night unable to sleep, and at about 5:30am I suddenly had the urge to go for a run. I was hoping for four kilometres but Rachel challenged me to do five kilometres, saying that it wasn’t that far.

Oh but it is, when you have not run for a while. I warmed up on the doorstep outside, hair tied up in a bun, iPhone ready to play Foxy Shazam’s The Church of Rock and Roll album (which I bought the other day for $18, and I’m certainly glad I did because I never had a proper listen when it was released in 2011, and I’m completely loving it!). I opened the Runtastic Pro app that I downloaded to my iPhone a couple of weeks ago. My brother and I found a bunch of free apps that were free for a limited time, and just in case, I downloaded Runtastic Pro, knowing it would come in handy when I went running. Brandon just downloaded it for the sake of it, and because it was free.

Speaking of apps, today, Plants and Zombies is free and Brandon was flipping out over it. He’d been waiting for it to go free. I admit I never played the game until today, haha. It’s very cute. I still don’t see the addictive factor — but maybe that’s because I am generally not into phone/tablet games. I did get addicted to Swordigo the other month when it was free, though. ;)

Anyway, testing out Runtastic Pro, I let it run while I ran. After a kilometre a voiceover announced that I’d run a kilometre in six minutes. A little poor. I later found that the app would show how far I ran, my average speed, and even map my route, as well as other useful information. Two kilometres and I was already getting tired. I kept going. I passed a neighbour on the way. I turned a corner, I went on running. I passed many buses going in both directions. I thought that at this point, Rachel’s challenge to me was going to come out as a huge fail. I was tempted to run around the sports oval and turn right around and head home.

Once I reached the corner of the oval I didn’t turn. I kept going.

I slowed down as I reached the traffic light, where I usually turn left.

I kept going.

I found myself going a lot further, taking the main road. I passed the shopping strip. I passed the cake store and the vet. I put Foxy Shazam’s Last Chance At Love on repeat for a few. I think that the voiceover notifications stopped at this point, but I didn’t dare check. I was so sure, if I hadn’t done nearly five kilometres now, I would just go home.

I had to run uphill. It irritated me. My arm had gone numb and I had to shake it many times. I felt myself slowing down. I was getting far too tired. Angry at the hill in front of me, I ran faster. I picked my legs up and ran faster. I just kept on going. I decided to just take the quickest route home as I passed another shopping strip.

I saw a man in the middle of the path, back turned to me, standing next to a suitcase. I wanted him to move off the path. Idiot. I ran faster. I hoped he could hear my necklace rattling as I ran, or my feet going patter patter thunk thunk or whatever sound they make. I couldn’t tell, because now Weezer was playing in my ears.

Thankfully, he moved out of the damn way. Nearing the corner of my street, I just ran as fast as I could to the front door, very much out of breath.

I ran 6.06km.

I was so proud of myself. So, so proud. It’s the longest I’ve run without stopping, and it made me feel really good.

Today I woke up feeling super sore, but it’s to be expected. Regardless, I wanted to wear something cute.

Grey dress

Dress: I bought this grey dress for only $10 at a sale in a store that was selling a lot of dresses. It’s a bit silver actually — and the material is a bit shiny. The straps and hem are patterned with a stitched gold pattern. Most of them were very small sizes or very large sizes. I’m quite small and it’s safe to say this dress is even a little loose on me. It’s a bit of a bubble/balloon style dress as the hem is a bit tighter. What I also love so much about this dress is that is has pockets. I am enthralled. I know I don’t use pockets often, but I love when dresses have pockets. It’s super cute.

Pockets in this dress!

My guitar says hi, by the way. His name is Sparrow Alexander. ;)

Sparkly brown flats

Shoes: My sparkly brown $5 flats say hello again! I had to wear these because my legs were so incredibly weak today.

Shell ring

Ring: I got this ring from Parklea Markets a couple of years ago. It’s handmade from a shell and some foil, I believe. It was only two dollars, and I couldn’t resist getting it. It’s coated with resin, so I can wash my hands with it on. I usually get annoyed having to take rings off when I wash my hands just so they don’t change colour or get ruined. I chose to wear this because it matched my brown shoes.

My nails are crazy bright blue. I painted them last week because I was getting bored of the black and it had started chipping off.


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I’m the opposite when it comes to dresses! I much prefer jeans or shorts, but I am slowly coming around to the idea of dresses. It helps that I’ve recently acquired some very cute dresses that I am dying to wear once it gets warmer! I like the dress you are wearing in the pictures and can definitely understand the appeal of having pockets in a dress. It’s so much more convenient!

Congrats on the running! I haven’t actually ran in almost 2 years now. I’m pretty sure that’s bad for my health, haha.

I flipped out when I saw PvZ was free too! I think the game is more addicting on the desktop. I already finished it so I’m not sure why I felt like I had to have it on my iPad too.

The dress is super cute! I wish I could pull off a bubble hem, but I think it’s my height that makes it look awkward. I absolutely love it when dresses have pockets. I hate having to carry extra things on hand if I’m wearing clothes without pockets. :(

Ah, you’re so pretty Georgie. I’m loving your fashion posts, that dress is super cute. .< Keep up the good work! :D

Ah, you’re so pretty Georgie. I’m loving your fashion posts, that dress is super cute. <3

Well done for running so far! I don't think I would be able to do that, I have no stamia at all. Keep up the good work! :D


Ps. Sorry for the double post, I don't know how I managed to mess up the first one!

Fashion Friday is back XD lol so you’ve ran for 6km? I only know that you only ran for 4km only, but yeah, it’s an achievement :)
Wow, I love the dress, and say hi back for me to Sparrow Alexander :)

I HATE running but I have put down running a marathon or half marathon on my bucketlist, so you never know (Y)

I don’t hate running, but I get preety embarassed to run because I’m not exactly thin! So I stick to extremely fast brisk waking everyday for at least 20 mins ( which is probably to less!) I loved your dress, it ‘s very cute! I have painted my nails dark brown… it’s a nice shade but my family hates it!

BTW Hi Sparrow Alexander!

Spelling mistakes!

I meant “pretty embarrassed” :P

I freaking love this. I think anyone who is a new runner who complains about not being able to run farther because they get tired should read this. “Just keep going” is what I tell them. ♥

So cute! I love the dress and your hair! How do you get your hair to look that way? I have been struggling with my hair lately with the front not being able to look like yours. :c

But seriously so cute. I love your fashion taste.

You mean how it doesn’t just flop in front of my face? I think it may depend on how your hair is parted or how far to the side it is parted. I think my hair is long enough (and perhaps straight enough?) to be able to be swept up and over. I keep brushing it back, too, so that might help. :) I actually used to wonder how people did those really sweeping side fringes. When mine grows out it just doesn’t sweep to the side. Tends to hang in front of my face, haha.

YES! Haha, I will have to take your advice. I parted my hair to the other side today and it seems to be working at least for now anyways.

And yeah, that is the way mine was too. :c

Awe, the outfit looks so adorable I really love it. ♥

P.s. You are so pretty. /love