In a million years

There are periods of time in my life in general that are a blur. James remembers small details much better than me. He’ll remember things I say or do, or even small things that happened while we were out. I have always been good at remembering names, faces, numbers and addresses, though strangely enough, I was awful at remembering dates in history class. But to this day, I remember the phone number of my best friend in fifth grade, and I remember the birthday of someone I don’t talk to anymore, and I remember the email address of someone I talked to once over the internet, and I remember the date of someone else’s first date — this kind of thing is strange, it’s peculiar — like there are small memory banks in my brain that are designated for certain types of information, and whatever doesn’t fit in a memory bank will simply fall out, and be forgotten.

James remembers exactly what Andrew Stockdale of Australian band Wolfmother said at a concert we both went to, when he said some snide stuff about radio station Triple J. I got the damn gist of it. He remembers lyrics of songs right from the off — at least, compared to me. I have to think about it. James remembers songs after listening to them once. I’ll play him a song he’s seen live once, and he’ll know he’s heard it before. I feel like I don’t do that so well. Above all, James remembers when, where and how we met, and I completely forgot about the incident until it came up in conversation long after we began our relationship. It’s strange.

I almost wonder, if I forget, is that stuff supposed to matter? Even if we’re not all retrograde amnesiacs, maybe there’s a reason why some things are left behind as we pick up whatever is important and move.

I’ve been listening to a lot of new music lately, which reminds me that I haven’t been to a gig in almost a month, which is strange to me. It hasn’t been like this for a year. I’m torn between going to see Last Dinosaurs and The Griswolds and going to class, even though I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to choose.

Since I started Project Simplify Georgie, cutting out bits and pieces from my life, making myself less stressed, it seems like there is actually very little happening in my life. It’s strange, that just getting rid of a bit of clutter — physically, mentally, digitally, emotionally — can clear up the way so much. I have so much time, compared to when I had all this stuff lying around. It’s not like I’ve done much, either. I’ve only deleted some online accounts, changed the way I organised things, stripped certain habits from my lifestyle, but it has made such a difference.

I find that instead of saying there isn’t enough time for anything, I start looking at things in perspective. It’s not that there isn’t enough time. The time just hasn’t come yet. I have found that due to less stress, I have been doing everything calmly, progressively. I stopped writing lists, stopped making goals. Just wanted to live. It has worked splendidly, to be honest. Instead of being chin deep in lists, I can see what needs doing, what needs to be done.

Back to classes next week.

I dread it, but I don’t dread it that much.

I just hate it.

But, life is good.

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I guess I share memory traits with both you and James. I can remember small details like the things I (or someone else) said or did, and I’m good with names, faces, numbers and addresses, as well as other random bits of information. Sadly, I don’t remember the exact date that you and I first met (i.e. when we first followed each other on Twitter), but I do remember when we first talked on MSN! Which, now that I mention it, will be very important to me now considering the protocol is… shutting down… next month… /wah

There are loads of other little details that I don’t remember, however. In fact, I see my past life as kind of a mystery now, from where I am today, due in part to how so much has changed since then. And I have somewhat mixed feelings about that: on one hand, I find it fascinating how I can really change as a person (and how I have), but on the other hand, the thought of having changed so much that you end up forgetting who you once were, is terrifying.

Thankfully, since I’ve been so active on MSN, I’ll have a chance at putting most memories of my teenage life together by going through my (manually-saved) chat logs from previous years, which amount to the thousands, at any time I want, as many of my unanswered questions may very well be answered in conversations I had with friends from the past. This means I’ll have to be extra careful, making sure to keep them safe while I still have them with me, as these memories are important to me whether big or small. But of course, that’s how I view my own life, whatever of it is left that matters.

I’m really glad to hear that you’ve been taking things easier recently, and making the most of your time whenever you can. It’s a great way to prepare yourself for uni when it starts next week! I hope to catch up soon with the things that matter to me as well.

I know we can do this ♥

I often wonder about how important it is to remember certain things, for the simple reason that I have trouble remembering what happened 6 days ago much less what happened in high school. I mean, don’t get me wrong…I recognize faces for the most part, but events throw me for a loop. I think that you are very lucky to have someone who remembers the little details like James. :)

As for the not writing lists…maybe I need to undertake a simplify project of my own? I am so stressed out lately, and I am not even in school right now. Yikes!

Best of luck with the new school year. :D

I know what you mean about the memory thing. My bf remembers strange things right off the bat, but I can’t even recall it happening or it even existing. I think there’s actually a difference in what males and females remember – what’s important to each. We just might not notice it ^___^ I’ve thought about this before, but I think I’m going to look more into it thanks to you, hehe!

You inspire me to want to take on a simplify-me project too. I’ve always told myself I need to start actually getting my things together and not try to do everything at once… maybe I’ll actually start now :)

I hope your classes begin great this year. ^__^

I remember the little details while my boyfriend struggles with those. Sounds like we are the opposite of you and James :) As long as one person remembers then that’s more than enough, I think!

I sometimes envy people with insane memories. And I’m like you. There are some really weird things I remember – like random number sequences – but I forget everything else. I think my short-term memory is completely busted, to be honest. 😏
But I’ve given up a little. /ehe

If it’s important, I find writing it down helps a lot. Even temporarily – I have a whiteboard which is quite useful in these matters. Anyways, you’re not alone in forgetting land… /bash

Cleaning up is an awesome feeling. Especially if you have a cluttered desk… it gives you something to procrastinate with. (I call that good attitude XD ).

I feel you for going back to class. Me too. Shall we run away? LES GO! /pow

It’s ironic isn’t it, when you can remember tonnes of lyrics of tonnes of songs but you can’t remember important things such as terms/jargons of whatever subjects you’re studying for. I’d like to think that what I forgot isn’t all that important (classes and stuff are the exception, of course). I think I’m more like James, I tend to remember the small things even if it’s not that important.

I’ve been wanting to have a small notebook in my handbag so that I can jot down things that I remember out of nowhere. But since it hasn’t been a routine or a habit for me, I never get to do it :/

My boyfriend and me and my parents both have the same combinations of memories as you and James. My dad and I remember exactly when we met my mom and my boyfriend, but my mom and my boyfriend have no idea! I wonder what our minds are thinking, but it’s no surprise that some people are better at remember names, faces, and situations than others.

Good luck in classes this coming year! I’m sure that you’ll do just fine. And a guess – were you leaning going to see the Griswolds?

Memories are a funny thing. The way the brain stores them is funnier. (Why funny I mean interesting).

In some cases I guess we forget things that don’t matter to us, while remember quite easily the things that do. As a kid I grew up watching Pokemon and I learned all 151 Pokemons’ names pretty fast — whereas schoolwork continued unlearned, or at least hard to remember. I remember may times my dad commenting on that fact.

At the same, I think it depends on just our brain works on a basic level. It would be different for everyone so, while some people can remember lyrics in one go or, say, able to learn one song by only listening to it once, others would remember those things in different ways or just remember other aspects of the same thing.

It’s a bit of both, I think. ^^;

So, how did you and James meet? This seems interesting to me!

I know what you mean. There are some things that my sister remembers that I don’t. Like parts of our childhood is gone for me. I sometimes hate memories. I don’t remember how Dante & I met but I remember the moment I knew I loved him and around the time I lost my virginity (not the exact date for either of those). I guess we subconsiously choose what we believe is important to remember and what isn’t and what isn’t we just trash and don’t remember.
I tend to remember all of my embarrassments. It sucks but whatever. Nothing to stress about.

I know what you mean about nothing going on in your life. You used to be the busiest person and now you sound like you are like me. Doing what you have to do and just living.
I need to change my habits though. I’ve been eating too much candy lately and I stopped exercising. :/ I need to start up again but I don’t want to wake up early. I really don’t want to wake up early and I wont be able to do it after work (or at least it wont have much effect after work if I even am able to do it) so I have no time to exercise. Once I get a more steady job (that has better hours) I will be able to exercise but I need to lose weight….or at least eat better.
*sigh* I always complain about it but it never happens. Ever.

We met back in school (twelve, thirteen years old) when we were walking back to school from a sporting venue. I was with a girlfriend and we didn’t have a mode of transport that would take us home from that venue so we had to go back to school first, and catch buses from there. James approached us and said he had a map, but it turned out to be a fake and I scolded him for being silly.

I’d known of James’s existence but we hadn’t actually interacted until then. Apparently the next day I was still calling him out for being mean about fooling us with a map. XD

I know it sounds like you have no time to exercise but just twenty minutes to half an hour a day, or go for a walk after dinner — those kinds of things really and truly make a difference. For me, time goes pretty fast when I’m running and before I know it I’ve been running for an hour. If you can’t find the time to get out there, find a staircase or something. Above all make sure you eat healthily because that is definitely part of it. I can honestly say there are times I have not exercised for a while but as long as I was having fruit and vegetables each day, I felt good about it. Since I’m on the topic of running you might want to read my more recent post about how I pushed myself to run after not running in a long time. :)

I’m the forgetful one because I don’t pay attention to the little things – which can sometimes be very, very important despite of how little they are. The Weedo iPhone app helps me store those little moments and things. (Okay, it makes me sound like I’m endorsing them or something)

Have a nice day! :)

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