Fashion Friday: Tigerlily

Me leaning against a pole with a pedestrian button and a pink painted bus in the background

Nick and I saw Explosions in the Sky last night. EITS is an instrumental post-rock band. Yes, their music doesn’t have any words. Their songs all a little on the long side (6-10 minutes). Watching them is truly magical – you don’t really know what to expect. If you think of a bit of soundtrack music mixed with some melodic orchestral music and a whole lot of guitar pedal… you have an idea of what they are about.

Since we had some spare time before the concert I got Nick to help me take some photos. We tried something a little different and included more of the city. These photos were taken in the park and streets near my work building. As a result, the photos are also more interesting and show me amongst the background, rather than lots of close-ups of me.

The dress I’m wearing is not a new piece, but it’s a more “fancy” piece that comes out on hot summer days when I feel like making a statement. I’ve mostly worn it for parties or when I do presentations, but sometimes I wear it on an ordinary day.

Full body shot of me standing in Hyde Park with my bag in my hand
Full body shot
Me leaning on a short pillar on the edge of the park
Leaning on a pillar at the side of the park

I’ve actually grown out of shift dresses a little bit. Since getting this dress, I moved towards more fitted dresses, but there are days when a comfortable dress like this is just what you need. I used to love really tight bodycon-style dresses until I got pretty fed up with them. They rode up, accentuated anything that wasn’t flat, and were hard to move in after several hours. On the contrary, I disliked shift dresses like this one because they seemed to hide my small body and not look good on me. But as with all clothes, I guess it depends, haha. I like this dress because of the colour and the attractive collar.

The boots seemed like the right choice for the dress. I get the feeling I might have looked very short if I wore flats. Any short girl would love a bit of height! These shoes are one of my favourites which you might have seen in many other outfits. I’m a big fan of heeled, pointed ankle boots. The criss-cross detail on the side is awesome.

During the day I wore my hair a number of different ways. Most of the time it was down, but I think wearing my hair up in a messy sort of bun best matched the outfit. Out of the way, and in a way, “neat”, like the up-and-down simple style of the dress.

Me facing away from the camera showing my messy up-do
An up-do went with this outfit
Close-up side shot of my head
Gazing into the distance

I wore my bag without its long strap. Again it was a case of what looked best with the dress. Given the minimal look, the strap was going to make the look seem rather casual and probably a little busy, so I went without that long strap.

I am wearing a few pieces of rose gold jewellery which we didn’t take close shots of, but they were pieces from my collection and nothing new. You can catch a glimpse of my origami crane earrings, and I first wore those in House of Mirrors. (By the way, we gotta get my friend Pat to do another shoot, amirite? 😄)

Me slouching a little as I lean on a pole with my bag in my hand
Slouching, more relaxed

We also didn’t get close shots of the nails but I had some nail wraps left over from a pack, so they look like the nails I had in Moonlight. I did them before I chose the outfit, but I did want something simple. I actually had some really nice black swan nail wraps on, but because of an accident with some nail glue, I not only fucked up my manicure but I fucked up my skin. The nail glue burned like hell – I won’t go into detail about the incident (look out for an upcoming Georgie Gazette post) but it took me a heck of a long time to properly get the terribly bonded glue off my hands. And because I love doing my nails, I couldn’t not go without nice nails, so… :p

I named this outfit Tigerlily because of the orange colour, and the brown bag kinda adds to the warm tones too. It also looks like a lot of photos in this post are the same… we probably could have changed it up a bit. The photos are slightly different but I suppose there are not that many poses. Any suggestions to improve would be appreciated!

📷 All photography by Nicholas Cooke. ❤️

Outfit details

What do you think of this outfit? Should we try to take more photos in the streets?

View of me walking from behind
Back view, walking through Hyde Park
Me leaning against a pole with a pedestrian button with a car and traffic lights in the background
Closer shot at an intersection

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I like the city shoot, makes a nice change and definitely would like to see more of those I the future.

Not a huge fan of orange personally, it doesn’t suit me! But the colour looks really good on you. I think it’s because I am very pale – I don’t tan. At all. I burn then go back to pale lol. I like the bag and agree it may have looked too busy with a shoulder strap.

Have you thought about brown ankle boots with this outfit as an alternative?

Thank you! Yes, I do think that different colours suit different people… for instance, light pink looks like shit on me. 😆 My skin is a warm colour so bright colours like orange look pretty good.

I don’t own a pair of brown ankle boots actually! I used to think it was a good idea to have a pair, but I always went for black. Maybe next time. It would definitely go with the rest of this outfit. 😄

That dress is soooo pretty!!! I love these street shots, orange is such an amazing color – I need more color in my life. Explosions in the Sky!!!! They are so amazing!!! My dude introduced me to their music a few years ago!

I love how Nick helps you out with all of the behind the scenes prep ;). I love how bold orange looked on you ;). I need to start embracing looser clothes. Your messy bun looks great! I think it fits with the whole summer look. Oh, and I spy a Fossil bag! (the key is a big giveaway). I think this is another great outfit. Street pictures are great! (I’m looking forward to a “walking across the street” pic – even though you did a Beetles one before… How about a busy street? XD, just kidding. Safety comes first~)

LOL yes I love Fossil to the bone (PUN INTENDED).

I think we should do some more street crossing too! I think we did one way back in this outfit with the stripy dress but you couldn’t really see all the people in the background. That photo took a few tries. ;)

I love seeing the city in these photos – it really looks like you were captured going about your usual routine too. I love that dress, it looks smart but comfy :) I am a bit fan of the post rock I have heard – I will have to check out explosions in the sky…

Awesome! :D I love how bold the dress is and how much is stands out in the different photos (which are brilliant too). When you smile it really lights up your face so much. :D

That dress is so bold and lovely. The color just pops and omg, where do you find these awesome clothes? Seriously!

WOWWW ORANGE!!!!!! One of the hardest colors to pull off but you rocked it! I adore those shoes too!!! I used to have boots and heels and sandals but these days I walk so much I had to give up all my pretty shoes. :(

I actually think bright colours look good with Asian skin so it may not be as hard as you think!

Ah, you can definitely have cool flat boots to walk around all day in. 😸

I LOVE this outfit, Georgie! <3 It reminded me of a similar shift dress I have and used to wear a lot during the summer months last year – especially for work because it's smart and the shape is super cute! This one:

I always found it hard to wear orange, especially since I don't think it really matches well with my skin tone (although my tan made it look OK, I think 🤔) I think the orange really suits you though! The whole outfit is as always well put together (I need your style brain because I can't style to save my life – I have to always get at least 5 opinions on a daily basis haha) I agree with your hairstyle choice – looks pretty effortless overall! LOVE 😍 I never wear my hair up like that unless I go to the gym, I don't like showing my ears usually, I don't know why 😂

More city shots! Being the hard working, successful woman that you are, the background suits the shots well imo 😉

omg fuck yes that orange dress on you is HOTTTT! 🔥 I think orange tends to go well with warm Asian skin but maybe a slightly different orange could work for when you’re not tan. 😊

I used to wear my hair out all the time, then I got bored of it and did it up all the time, now it is a mix of both. 😆 I can admit to not wanting my ears exposed at night so I often put most of my face under the blanket, but I don’t get that so much with hair. Unless it’s cold and windy, then it is nice when my hair covers them. 😹