Fashion Friday: Moonlight

Hi everyone! I am in Perth again for ten days, and Nick is staying with me for the first four. He helped me out with this Fashion Friday shoot, which we did outside our apartment in Northbridge, a hip and lively town in Perth.

Full body shot of me standing in front of a light brown-red wall
This outfit is unlike anything I’ve worn before

Before I go into the details of this edition, this outfit is really something different to what I would usually wear. My friend Monica encourages me to experiment with different kinds of clothing – something I was previously afraid of doing. I tend to find something I like and stick with that, and really be afraid of trying new things for fear it will make me look unsightly. But I do go through phases of liking different kinds of clothing. For example, I used to dress like a punk but not so much anymore. I used to wear tube skirts but now I don’t like them as much. I used to wear sneakers but I never wore them because I preferred heels. I used to hate crop tops and high-waisted anything but I realise they accentuate my small waist – so we all go through different phases at different times. :)

Let’s start with the pants. I’ve never owned a pair of pants before. I’ve only ever owned jeans. Not once have I had a pair of cool pants. I bought this pair from NA-KD clothing, an online retailer that I found linked on someone’s Instagram photo. I was drawn to the website straight away because their clothing was affordable and had a lot of basic clothing that I could really do with. They ship for free, and have completely free returns too! I’ve actually bought from their website a couple of times since I found out about them. They stock a brand called Rut & Circle and I really, really like the style and quality of their stuff. More on that in a sec – but these pants are by Rut & Circle as well, and they have a shiny, satin feel. They are dark blue and definitely not too bright.

The pants are elasticated at the back of the waist and the back of the pant leg. I got a size smaller than I usually get and it fits alright, but I have to admit that when I sit, because of my meaty thighs, they feel a little tight. 😂 I totally can’t do squats in these either.

A side view of my right side, one knee slightly bent, showing my outfit
Side shot showcasing the outfit

Let’s also take a moment to talk about these “meaty thighs”. I’m still working on my post about my fitness journey – but had you mentioned my thighs about a decade ago, I would have hung my head in shame and been really upset. I never loved my thighs growing up, and they were – to me – fat. I hated them and I wished they were thinner. I was a dancer and I loved to ride my bike as well as use an exercise bike, and that meant my thighs became more muscly. Back then, women being strong was not a good thing. Women had to be thin. And I know there is negativity around the notion of a thigh gap – but because of my bone structure I did (and do) have a thigh gap along with my meaty legs, and that didn’t make sense to me. I just hated my legs, a lot. Now, I love them and they are slimmer, but definitely more muscular, and that doesn’t bother me anymore. #bodypositive 💪😄

But yes, I do love these pants. Without sitting down, they skim my legs nicely. If I ever have an accident and these rip or get damaged, I might even ask a tailor to make me a similar pair! I like the high waist, and the material is very comfortable. I think it accentuates my small frame in the right places. It also has pockets to fit my phone and my wallet, which I love!

Close up of gold chain bracelet with yellow crystals, with my hand in my pocket
These pants have pretty sizeable pockets

I mean, don’t even get me started on the sexist pockets on women’s clothing.

As you can see, I have worn this top in multiple Fashion Friday outfits since I bought it, and it makes an appearance here again. I brought it with me to Perth because I knew the weather would be warm, and I love the top. It’s good for summer and I am still very much in love with the style and cropped fit. I felt that it went best with the jeans to balance the high waist.

Close shot of me leaning against a brown-red wall with a wooden gate in the background
This headshot could be a nice new avatar for my social media!
Close up of my Vans shoes with Campaign Monitor and GetFeedback logo tiled pattern
Campaign Monitor & GetFeedback logo pattern on custom Vans

I only brought two pairs of shoes with me on this trip, and both are new! I needed a pair of sandals so Monica bought me a pair from the shoe store she works at, but this pair of custom Vans I actually got from Campaign Monitor because they gave a pair to every employee! Not only are they custom made, but the design is very cool. The shoes are very comfortable – I have never owned a pair of Vans before. They came right on time, too, since I didn’t have a pair of sneakers or casual “soft” shoes before. :) I love them a lot.

In deciding between the shoes I really wanted to showcase this pair – the sandals went well with the accessories in this outfit, but I really liked the cool look of the Vans with the pants.

Shot of my arms folded across my chest, showing my nail art
Some detailed geometric nail art

My nails are wraps from Scratch. They are a limited edition from the Scratch Monthly Mani Kit subscription. I did them today, and I think they have a pretty summery look. I chose the bracelet based on the gold in the nails and the crystal necklace I was wearing.

I chose the necklace to go with the top because it goes best with shorter necklaces. This is one I wore in Silence is Golden, and I bought the crystal in Fremantle (a town outside of Perth) last time I visited Perth. I just popped it onto a chain I already had.

Close up of my black crystal necklace and the neckline of my top
This necklace has fast become one of my favourites

Overall I am pretty happy with this outfit, it feels very street-chic. It’s very casual but the pants dress it up a little, and the jewellery adds a nice touch. I like that the pants can be dressed up or down.

📷 All photography by Nicholas Cooke. ❤️

Outfit details

  • Top: Carrislabelle (White knitted top)
  • Pants: Rut & Circle (Price Reina pant in Mission Blue available from NA-KD)
  • Shoes: custom Vans gifted by Campaign Monitor
  • Wristwear: By Invite Only (Gold Citrine Trio Bracelet)
  • Necklace: purchased at a market in Perth
  • Nails: Scratch (Monthly Mani Kit exclusive)

What do you think of this outfit? It’s different from what I usually wear but did you think I pulled it off well?

Sitting in a courtyard with my arm resting on a table and an orange lantern on the table
Sitting in the small courtyard of our apartment

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I hope you have a good stay in Perth. I am glad that Nick can stay with you as well. :D Make it seem like more of a working holiday in a way. :D

It’s great that you can try different styles and looks. I can’t imagine that you would look bad or ‘unsightly’ in anything, though!

What an awesome find in that shop. Free shipping is always a good thing. What is even better is having some items that you didn’t own before. More options. Plus, they look cool. :D

I am so glad that you could grow to love your legs. Personally, I think that if you feel confident within yourself and you have strength, you are beautiful and don’t need to change. You just have to try and learn to accept yourself or make healthy changes to find that acceptance.

How awesome that they gave a pair of the shows to every employee! The design is really good. :D

Loving the accessories as always. :D


First off I’ll say the colour combo looks good on you. I cannot for the life of me pull of white tops. period. Also, I’m terrified of high wasted pants because I have wide hips and what my bestie and I like to call a “inntertube pudge”(because it’s just around my hip area) Don’t worry we laugh about it, and I’m okay with it now, because it’s slowly shrinking! Bahaha

The pants fit you really well, and I really like the colour. I LOVE your nail wraps too. They fit well with the outfit, and also are just all around really cute. I tend to really like natural stones, so your necklace is like, my favourite item in your outfit!

Do you mean lower belly fat? Because that is something that most people have! I used to steer clear of white but recently got some white tops. I don’t mind them too much.

I love natural stones too! :)

The outfit looks cool! I liked those pants a lot and the shoes… I have a pair similar to urs but they have worn out now so I want to buy a new pair of shoes soon!
I have thigh problems when I wear shorts, because my thigh fat sort of juts out right above the knees and i need some serious recommendations to tackle it! Do you have any?

Hey B – I know how you feel about shorts. You must have big thighs as well – the problem I have sometimes is that the waist fits but the thighs are so tight. I would recommend finding a style of shorts that are a bit looser, it depends what kind of shorts you are looking for. Perhaps go for a lighter more relaxed material so you are more comfortable. :)

Very cute outfit! Just looks like you’re ready to chill! I love the pants and the shoes!

I absolutely love this outfit. It’s just so casual and something I would totally wear. In fact, I have shoes similar to yours. They’re not Vans, though.

Totally agree about going through different phases. At one point, all I would wear was hoodies, jeans and Converse. At the moment I’m only wearing baggy sweatshirts and leggings and boots because it’s comfy and warm especially in this -372436187647 degree we’re having right now.

That’s so cool they have free delivery because most online sites rarely do! The pants look really nice. I mostly have jeans, but I do have one pair of harem pants which are the most comfortable pair of pants to wear. My mum makes fun of them though and calls them “diaper pants” because they sort of sag in the crotch area, lol.

Girl, you rock those muscular thighs! I have meaty thighs, too, and like yourself it took me a long time to love them. It’s great going on Instagram though and just seeing random people showing off their thick thighs and it helps me feel confident. Also, it means that if someone pisses you off you can just jump on them and squeeze them between your thighs and pop their head like a pimple.

You definitely pulled this outfit off – super love it! ❤️

Hahaha oh my goodness, the comment about popping someone’s head was hilarious.

I am not a big fan of harem pants myself, but hey, if they’re comfortable, you do it! I have mostly jeans but because of my big thighs, not a lot of them are comfortable and I only wear one pair. I think that I’m certainly favouring loose and relaxed pants though. ;)

Ooo, I’ve been seeing your photos on Instagram! Hope you’re enjoying Perth 😃

Totally inlove with this outfit, Georgie! Given me inspo for my holiday in a few weeks! xD I recently bought some similar style pants, but it’s a bit on the smarter side with it’s pattern but I loved how you styled these ones – casual chic 💖


Oh I love this look on you! Your style has always been great but like you say this is a little ‘out there’ for you and damn you pulled it off girlllll.

I love the high waisted / cropped combo too. I carry my weight in my hips but have a small waist too and that’s what I like to emphasise.

Yay for body positivity! I am still getting there with mine, and am getting into an exercise routine to build strength and just feel fitter, but I have accepted that my legs are never going to be long and lean but stocky and bigger than my top half. Oh well. I am a perfect pear.

As a side note, I looooove the background in this.

I used to be pear-shaped because I had massive hips. I’ve gotten a lot smaller since exercising a lot, including around my hips. You may still be a pear, but if you keep exercising I believe you can still slim down in that area!

I like how the pants are shaped in a way that you look good and comfy wearing them. There’s nothing wrong with having meaty (or muscular) thighs. You’re exercising and keeping yourself fit so there’s more reason for having them. I love your custom Vans! Campaign Monitor is legit for giving out these shoes to employees. They look hip! Nick is a really good photographer as well ;). I think you pulled off the outfit perfectly fine!

I think the only problem with having meaty thighs is that jeans that fit well can be a pain to find! Especially if you have a tiny waist. Most jeans I find fit comfortably on the thighs but are loose on my waist. 😆 Pulling my jeans up is normal these days!

I used to dress like a punk but not so much anymore – omg, i remember when i was still into bands (not hardcore bands but more like a pop-punk rock kind), i was sooo into using skinny jeans! i was all about skinny jeans and sneakers! i’m not saying skinny jeans are instantly equivalent to “band kids” but you know what i mean, band members like to wear skinny jeans and vans or converse sneakers, right. i still do like sneakers now but i don’t wear skinny jeans a lot anymore. i don’t know, long pants make me feel uncomfortable; i always want some airy feel to my legs, if that makes sense (especially because they don’t trap my skin and make me itch at the end of the day) i always find myself wearing skirt nowadays but always the pleated kinds.
i think people who dare enough to experiment around with fashion are really cool. i’d never want to step out of my comfort zone and wear sleeveless for example because i don’t like how my biceps look. i think they look broad and huge (even though i’m not fat or anything) and i’m just so insecure about it! sleeveless clothing makes me feel…awkward.

like you, i never thought i’d like high waisted anything. i have a high waist skinny jeans but that was because when i bought it, i didn’t realize that it’s a high waisted jeans! i just thought it’s comfy and i wanted it, lol. it feels awkward to wear high waisted jeans though, especially because i don’t have lots of clothes that fit high-waisted fashion item because you gotta tuck in your clothes and all, right. i do want to wear high-waisted shorts someday, be chic and all, ya know :P

ANYWAY, i think your OOTD looks great here! it’s so fresh and comfortable but still chic and fashionable. tbh, i like how your fashion is either fresh and summer-like or semi-formal yet still nothing intensely heavy. i wonder if that makes sense. i also think you’re great when it comes to coordinating basic clothing items. the thing with “minimalist” basic clothes is that not everyone fits in them (at least imo) because some people can look really blah while others can look totally fine wearing basics. you, however, are one of the people who look good in basics!

P.S: totally adore your footwear! >:)

After having these pants I feel like my jeans are so tight. I love skinny jeans but maybe I will be more on the lookout for pants now!

If you’re not comfortable wearing it, I say don’t wear it. It takes time to be comfortable in clothing and your tastes can certainly change (just like how you prefer to wear skirts now as opposed to pants). I used to hate crop tops… now I’m all about them, ha! It may have something to do with my body changing as well. I hate anything that makes me look short or draw attention to my height, for example.

I don’t always tuck my clothes into my jeans. But I have a pair of shorts that are high waisted, and because the waist has some detail to it, I have to tuck my top in otherwise it will look bunched up and weird. It depends. I never thought I’d like high waisted stuff either!

Aw thank you, so much! :)

Ugh can’t get over this looK!!!!

Ah! I love this outfit so much! so jealous you can wear stuff like that just now, I end up wearing at least 4 layers a day just now. Also, loving the nail wraps! x

You totally pulled this outfit off!
I like your nails and how you tied gold into the rest of the outfit. Tiny details are always fun, I like pulling out colors from accessories as well. Once in awhile I try on clothes that might not be “my style” and then I’m totally surprised that they look okay on me.

I have meaty thighs too…but all fat…not muscle. I’d really like to get into the habit of riding my bike, but I keep needing to invest in fixing my current bike. It needs to be repaired. #goals!!!

Have a great trip!

This outfit is amazing. It really flatters your figure and, like you said, accentuates your small waist.
I always love your nails, but these wraps are gorgeous. I’ve always struggled with wraps, I could never apply them properly and they just ended up peeling off. I might give them another try though as there are some really nice ones around.
I’m just going to have a little browse through the Scratch website. :)

Yes, definitely try the ones I suggested from Scratch! I used to have issues with nail wraps peeling off too, until I found them. I’ve heard that Jamberry is pretty good too, but can’t speak from experience.

This outfit is great! Yeah, I too, used to dress very differently in my youth-mostly goth and punk style but it’s great to dress in something else and out of your comfort zone, but you are killing it and you can’t go wrong with nice Vans :D

I hope you’re having a good time in Perth. It sounds like a great place to visit and I’ll definitely put it on my list of places to visit in Australia.

You look gorgeous. The outfit looks great on you!

I know what you mean about branching out a bit. I’ll have to try and do the same. Right now all I wear are t-shirts and jeans. I wish I had the time and the money to buy other things. I guess I’ll find my inner fashionista when I get out of college

Thank you!

I used to wear t-shirts and jeans a lot when I was still studying. Your style will certainly change over the years, especially if you feel like you want it to change. :)

I hope you both have a good time in Perth. :-)

I dont own any pants either, apart from the two pairs I wear to work. I’m a jeans girl. I do like the look of the ones you’re wearing in this post though, and I love the necklace.

I have meaty thighs too and it took me years to accept them.

This is a super old post, so I’mma be quick—but the first photo looks all like, “*model pose*!”

I like this outfit (on you). I also like your nails and the crystal. :D It looks great against the clay wall of the building in the background. 💖👌