Achievement Unlocked: January 2017

Achievement Unlocked: January 2017

I am in Perth (the other side of Australia) right now, working remotely and giving a presentation at a meetup. I find that working remotely can feel like some distance away from my team, even though we have regular stand-up meetings, but at the same time I feel more productive when I work remotely. I think there are less distractions. It can be challenging getting into the groove, but because I am working from my apartment and don’t have to commute like I do back at home, it means my days seem longer and I am able to fit more in.

My mum is back at work, still seeing a physiotherapist for her injured foot. She has a new physiotherapist because her original one sadly, tragically, passed away whilst on holiday with his girlfriend in Bali. He was found lifeless at the bottom of a pool in a resort. The cause of death was thought to be a health or medical issue of some sort. It’s really sad. :(

Just before writing this, I was:

Eating prawn gnocchi at a restaurant called Beaufort Local. It was pretty overpriced, but still tasted good.

This past month, I achieved:

I bought my wedding dress, and ordered my bridesmaids dresses! I also passed my second driving knowledge computer test after failing it late last year.

This past month, I was grateful for:

The ladies who helped me when I tried on wedding dresses and eventually bought one!

I am also grateful to Patima, Corey, Mandy, and the supportive people in the Perth web community who welcomed me and invited me to do my presentation!

I am also grateful to Nick for joining me in Perth for a few days. ❤️

This past month, I learned:

That wedding dresses often look terrible on the hanger but will look entirely different on you.

This past month, I got bored of:

High heels. Oh shit, you never thought I’d say that, would you. 😏

But that’s OK, because I enjoyed:

Wearing a new pair of sandals and a new pair of Vans shoes from work! I have not owned a pair of sandals for a while and I am glad I have a pair to wear now. Thanks Monica for nabbing a pair from me for work!

Today, something that made me happy was:

Meeting up with Meagan, one of the organisers of Mixin Conf. I didn’t get to talk to her much in person last year so it was good to have a chat over lunch. She will miss my presentation, unfortunately, since she will be flying to Melbourne, but my presentation will be recorded. 👍

I also got my nails done today! Both my toenails and my fingernails. I got plain aqua on my toenails but a peach gradient on my fingernails. I also got a bit of nail art done. I would like to write a review on the nail salon so I will be posting about that later on.

Today, something I could have done better was:

Plan my day. Back at home, I feel so busy that I write my plan for the next day, the night before. But Perth makes me feel more spontaneous, which can be both good and bad. I think I could have planned today a little better.

Tomorrow, I’m going to:

Do my presentation at the meetup! :D

Next month, I’m looking forward to:

Going on my first cruise with Nick.

Next month, I’m going to make the positive change of:

Saving more money. This trip to Perth has burned a bit of a hole in my wallet. 😆

One thing on my to-do list is:

Write a few reviews for websites or services I have used recently. I want to spread the good word, and write reviews of my own accord. I won’t be paid to do it but I especially want to write about what I like.

One happy photo from this month is:

We went to Rottnest Island on Saturday and I took a photo with a quokka, an animal native to the island.

Me taking a selfie with a quokka on Rottnest Island
Selfie with a quokka!

If I had to write a book or record a film about this past month, I would call it:

Georgie Does Perth (Again)

After I post this, I’m going to:

Keep working on the slides for my presentation… I keep going through multiple iterations because they just don’t look right. D:

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Are you staying in an apartment, or did you mean more like a hotel or Airbnb?

Yay on your wedding dress! 💖💞

I have found I prefer writing reviews on my own prompting; when companies get involved, there’s this pressure of sorts. I did one in 2015, and the rep was a bit disappointed in her email response to me, because I’d put some cons in it. The cons are actually my favorite part of reviews, because they’re what helps me determine whether it is worth it for me. It’s like the major determining factor. 😒

I also like reading reviews. I like yours. I struggle finding legit reviews these days, because too many people freak over negative reviews or negative thoughts on reviews, because of stupid reasons, from impressing the company to alienating people. But idk. People suck.

Yeah, I was staying in an Airbnb rental, but it was a little loft-style apartment in a block of other loft-style apartments.

I enjoy putting honest cons in reviews. I feel really dishonest if I don’t say why I didn’t like a product, or that I didn’t like it at all. I would not recommend something to my readers if I don’t like it! I do my best to approach from all angles, because a product can have both good and bad points, and my opinion is not everyone’s opinion, so I try to make it clear that my opinion may differ from someone else’s.

Ohmygosh that quokka is so cute!! Australian/New Zealand native animals (like the kakapo and the kiwi) are so cute and interesting. And marsupials in general are really interesting to look at, I feel like, haha. Congrats also on choosing your wedding & bridesmaid dresses. That is so exciting! I feel like I can’t say it enough but it’s so exciting to hear about your wedding and your wedding plans!!

And I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s old physiotherapist :/ It must be really hard for the girlfriend, considering it happened on their vacation.

Looking forward to reading your review posts and hearing more about your presentation!

Sounds like you’ve had a super busy month o.O
I can agree with being more productive working alone, however it is definitely lonely. You trade productivity for companionship, and sometimes that’s for the better. Still sucks though.

I remember wedding dress shopping and it was terrible. I had an okay budget(I thought) at the time, and couldn’t find a damn thing I liked at the top of my price range($700USD). What killed me was looking at a thrift store with my friend for some stuff for her kiddos and saw a wedding dress for $24 WITH TAGS STILL ON IT…yeah totally bought it and just added my own “flair” to it xD

I swear I’ll never get that lucky again. Planning…I’m terrible at planning. We are about to move accross country(Small town of west Texas to Coloumbus, Ohio where hubby is from) at the end of March and I haven’t done crap to prepare for it. It’ll be better in the long run for me, and I stand a better chance at finishing my education that way, but I’m terrified! Planning would probably help, and well, I’m so bad at it.

Oh and pssst…that quokka is adorable.