Fashion Friday: Where’s Georgie?

I’m sure many of you have heard of Where’s Wally? or the American/Canadian equivalent, Where’s Waldo?. Just the other week I learned that the female version, or rather, the female character that appears in the books — has a twin sister. I knew neither of their names until Cookie and I looked it up on the internet. There’s Wilma and Wenda, and both of them wear the same clothes. Wilma apparently appeared in 1990, then Wenda appeared in 1991. It turns out that Waldo/Wally is dating Wenda, and Wilma is his ex-girlfriend.

But they look exactly the same… hahaha.

I bought the stripy jumper in this post from Hong Kong. Scrounging for cheap clothes, James and I stumbled upon this boutique clothing store in a local mall. Hong Kong had a lot of stores that sold designer clothes, so it was a relief to find this little place. I remember seeing a few cardigans, and when I was picking out clothes from the racks, I noticed that the girl helping me out was wearing this really loose stripy jumper. I liked how it looked on her, even though she was shorter than me and probably wearing it oversized. I chose to buy it because of the bold colour and pattern, and have been happy with it since!

Fashion Friday Red Stripes-4

Mine isn’t as loose as hers, but that’s okay because I don’t always like wearing giant jumpers. The wide stripes would probably make the jumper swamp me if it was a loose fit. I usually don’t like tops or jumpers that dip at the back, but this one seems to suit the style. And yeah, people keep pointing out the resemblance to Wally.

When we went to Osaka I had to mend the sleeve and sew it up by hand because a thread had run loose. I was quite distraught when the sleeve started splitting because I was already completely in love with the jumper and didn’t want to think about looking for a replacement. James got me a sewing kit from our hotel and I fixed up the sleeve on our long Shinkansen ride to Tokyo.

I’m not a fan of the skirt in this post, to be honest. It’s from Forcast and is a metallic pale bronze colour. The horizontal pleats go with the jumper, and the skinny pencil style complements the loose jumper. However, I have come to hate this skirt because it is made of material that doesn’t stretch enough to allow for walking. I honestly have way too much trouble walking up steps, stepping sideways onto a train, or just stepping sideways at all. James said he once saw a lady at the station in a long skirt that was so tight around the ankles that she couldn’t walk. So a tip if you’re going to buy pencil skirts or maxi dresses — make sure you can walk in them.

Fashion Friday Red Stripes-1

I have definitely been obsessed with braids lately. Ever since receiving Kitsch’s hair ties, I have loved braiding my hair. A few days ago I did lots of little braids. Last time I did that was for a Crazy Hair Day event in high school when my hair was down to my knees. I had put lots of little toys and trinkets in it, and used a dozen hair ties. I don’t think I won a prize. If I did, it would have been a consolation prize, because mine wasn’t the craziest hair. Anyway, when I did small braids in my hair, undoing the braids at the end of the day was more annoying than I remembered.

Fashion Friday Red Stripes-5

I’ve done my hair in a French braid that goes across the back of my head. It took me a while to get used to, and sometimes I still have trouble doing it evenly.

As for accessories there isn’t much – a huge statement ring from Lovisa, which I love; a few small red rings and a gold pinky ring from Equip; a big red ring I bought from coloresky on eBay.

Fashion Friday Red Stripes-2
Fashion Friday Red Stripes-3

Comments on this post

You have such a great fashion sense. I love the rings (as always).

I always loved braiding my hair. Especially when it was French Braided by a YMCA counselor named Lauren. She did it tight. It felt as thought we were getting a weave. LOL. But I haven’t done a French Braid recently. A year ago, I did my own, and it was a little one. I did an okay job on it for a first timer.

Tristan, wants to know who takes your pictures. I said that your friends take them, but I’m not sure if I’m correct or not. What part of Australia are you in when you take these pictures? It looks like the Harbor. But unsure.

Thank you Jamie! :D

You are correct, my friend Seb takes most of my Fashion Friday pictures. I used to do them myself when I started but it’s good to have someone else do it! A lot easier too.

I live in Sydney, so these pictures are around Sydney harbour, near my current workplace. We are moving more towards the heart of the city soon, so there won’t be any water views… just high rise buildings haha.

Ha! I knew it! I just couldn’t remember who was taking your pictures.

That sucks, that you won’t have the pretty backdrop. Maybe, when you have the time, and energy and if it’s a possibility, you can take the pictures over there still. If not, I wonder what the backdrop will be like near the city. Tristan, was kind of surprised when he heard that you took the train to your job. I had to explain to him why. lol.

It will be a challenge to find a nice backdrop, but there will be parks around. Plus, it makes the outfit stand out if the background is dull, right? :P

Yeah, I live in suburbia, so transport to work is a hassle. Walk, bus, train, light rail, then walk again. It will be a bit better when we move offices but I will still have to catch the train.

Your hair/braids look lovely! I like how they look but I’m terrible at doing them on my own hair.. and now it’s basically cut up to my chin so no hope for a while :)

I like your rings on your little finger!

When I was looking at Wilma and Wenda, I was trying to depict the differences but they’re copy-pastas of each other, XD. I’m a bit curious as to why have two different characters who looks the same that are/used to date Waldo… Maybe it’s to mess with the readers.

I remembered hearing about Hong Kong being a shopping center whether you want clothes, kitchen accessories, toys, and all of the other stuff. The jumper looks great on you! Despite of it kind of breaking apart, you managed to fix it :D. I find it a bit hard to walk in dresses or skirts with that material and style. It’s not stretchable and you need to be a fast walker while taking small steps to make progress, haha.

I’m liking the variety of where you buy your jewelry from!

I remember hearing about Wilma/Wenda but I had always thought that they were the same person with a split personality. But you look really cute and I love your jewelry – it’s adorbs. :)