Fashion Friday: Watermelon nails and blue summers

Watermelon-style nails & my watermelon purse
Watermelon-style nails & my watermelon purse

Hey guys! Daniel pointed out that I am very overdue for a Fashion Friday post, my last post being on the 12th October, nearly two months ago! I also said I coloured my hair black, but I never showed a photo.

I don’t really have a good one either, heh. It was not a permanent colour and started to wash out. Since I plan to colour my hair a lighter colour next year, I decided to use my purple hair dye the other day. It is also a temporary colour and will wash out after some time. It was hard to see any of the purple but today I took some photos in the sun and the purple was more visible.

I also painted my nails with a watermelon-inspired design. I don’t have any nail-painting pens or brushes so I had to make do with the regular nail polish brushes and a toothpick for the watermelon “seeds”.

Watermelon-style nails
Watermelon-style nails

The red went on really nicely, but I struggled to paint on the green tips. I don’t think I rolled the bottle properly (protip: roll bottles of nail polish through your palms rather than shaking them, to prevent air bubbles) because parts of the green polish were darker than others. As a result, some of the tips were very dark green. Too dark.

For the white parts, I didn’t have a very white polish, so this was more pearly and more translucent. It didn’t look very nice, so the whole thing ended up being a mess. I didn’t want to fuss too much so I did the seeds, using a toothpick and black nail polish. That was probably the part I was most proud of. After leaving it all to dry for a bit, I covered it with a non-chip coat and then left it.

That was a bit disappointing. I hope I do better next time!

It’s summer already in Sydney, but I suppose I am still embracing longer clothes because I will be heading to Hong Kong and Japan with James this week, and it will be winter time there. You might have seen the same top when I went to Newtown Festival. I bought it a few months ago from Cotton On when Tristan and I decided to buy stuff and save on shipping. I liked the style because it was sort of loose-fitting, and I have a thing for the batwing-style tops that hang under the arm.

My purple hair becomes more visible in the sun.
My purple hair becomes more visible in the sun.

I don’t normally wear jeans since it’s awfully hard for me to find ones that fit me or feel comfortable, but by golly do I love this pair. I bought them at Jeans West about a year ago. I remember first wearing them to work and my workmates were surprised because they had only ever seen me in skirts and dresses. Earlier this year, one of my university friends said she didn’t recognise me because I was wearing pants.

I do love this pair of jeans though; it’s one of my favourites. It fits very comfortably, though it doesn’t stretch much, so it feels a bit tight if I want to crouch down, for example.

This was taken in my back garden. Difficult to take photos at noon!
This was taken in my back garden. Difficult to take photos at noon!

The big speech bubble necklace is from KidViskous. I believe I wrote about it in another post too.

I got the big oval ring from Equip. Actually, now that I think about it, it might have been Diva. They are my two go-to places for fashion jewellery. I am not usually a fan of huge rings because I prefer thinner ones or smaller ones that I can layer, or that I can wear many of without looking too over-the-top.

Got this blue ring from either Equip or Diva.
Got this blue ring from either Equip or Diva.
Texting. As you do.
Texting. As you do.

Boots! Ha. My boots are the wedge-heel Soft Soul ones I featured in another Fashion Friday post.

Wedge-heel boots.
Wedge-heel boots.

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Fashion Friday, finally! XD

You coloured your hair purple, just like you said you would in your last post! And you look great /love I can’t wait to see it in person when you stop over here in transit!

I enjoyed reading your little story description on how you did your nails, as well as looking at the photos for today. I must say you did an impressive job with the nail design, especially with the few tools that you did have. Although you’ve featured those boots in a previous post, they weren’t exactly visible in any of the photos there, so it’s nice to actually be able to see them this time XD Quite an interesting choice of setting as well :P

I saw you posting a photo of your hair colour on Instagram, I love that shade! I love hair colours that are dark but when you walk under the sun, the shade comes out. It’s lovely!

That watermelon nails are so adorable. I can never paint my nails coz I tend to mess them up. Even though you didn’t have the specific tools for nail art, you still did very well in my opinion! And also, I really like your fashion style :D

Ahhh I love your purple hair! It’s so adorable. ♥ And I like that it’s not too blunt, I think that would look a bit much. But the purple tint is perfect.

And I like the nails! I think you did a good job. I wouldn’t have done any better, so I can empathize with you on that haha.

Cute nails! That’s too bad the green part didn’t quite work as you planned, but I like that shade of red.

I’m opposite when it comes to jeans, haha. I wear them all the time and people are surprised when I wear skirts or dresses. That outfit looks nice and comfortable! I especially like the style of the top and your boots :)

I adore your nails! I really need to invest in some nail art pens so I can get all creative, especially now I’ve given up biting my nails. I like buying nail stickers off Etsy.

Your hair looks great too. It’s so shiny and glossy! :P

I like wearing jeans but once winter comes I switch to leggings/tights and skirts. They make me feel so much more feminine!

I always find your outfits to be super cute. c: I’ve never really developed a fashion sense or style of my own other than ‘comfortable’ goes. 😏

I kind of wish it were summer here considering it’s so icy. Grandmama and I have places to gooo. 🤤 (Now that I clicked it and see “drool”, it doesn’t look like icicles anymore. :P)

Aw, your nails are adorable! I love them! I don’t think they look bad at all…I could never do that on my own haha. :P

Your hair looks great! I like that it’s subtle. :) I really like your fashion sense in general!

Haha, it’s so weird that it’s summer over there in Sydney because we’re just getting into winter over here. I have to say I’m jealous. I’m more of a warmer weather person than a colder one. The only reason I like the cold is because it reminds me that Christmas is coming. After Christmas, I hate winter and everything about it.

I love your watermelon purse and nails!

I also really like your blue top. I love longer tops and that one looks so comfy!