Fashion Friday: Hello Kitty

I took a day off work today because I was sick. :( I hate calling in sick – I really do. Back when I was a kid, I would always be that kid who never got sick, ever. Ever. Except for that one time I was sixteen and I got pneumonia. That was the first time I was ever so sick that I had to take days off. Heck, I think it was only two days off. It might be embarrassing to be that kid who gets 100% attendance but I was proud of it. I was disappointed when, for the first time in my school life, I had to take a day off. It makes me disappointed to take a day off work because I do love my job.

My sore throat went away, then I fell sick again with a dumb virus/cold/flu/thing, which in turn just made it hurt to talk, so my throat was horrid again. I have noticed that every time I burn my tongue, get a sore throat or a cold, my accent goes slightly British without me actually intending to. I can put on a British accent fine, but I don’t actually mean to this time. /oh

For the past two days I had really bad cold sweats and a nasty fever, and headaches so bad I could feel them when I touched my head. I felt extremely light-headed and it was painful to walk, talk, and eventually breathe. After taking a bunch of painkillers over the course of a few hours, I woke up this morning feeling sputum/mucous/goo/stuff in my throat. Given that I previously couldn’t coughing up something is actually a good thing, and it wasn’t like there was blood in it or it was sickly green. I could also breathe through my nose again – fantastic.

I went to see the doctor this morning, and she said that I should wait a few more days and see how I feel. She gave me a prescription for antibiotics but told me only to take it if I was still feeling horrible in a few days, and to come in straight away if I started having difficulty breathing again or started coughing up something that was not clear or pale yellow. (I’ll be damned if I cough up diamonds and yellow topaz!) I think I should be okay – today I do feel a lot better and I did nap a couple of times during the day.

I haven’t had the chance to do a second Fashion Friday since my first one, so today’s the day! My last one was three weeks ago, which is downright appalling, but I’ll try and do it a little bit more often. I received some feedback on my last one about including a full-body shot, so I made an attempt to do that this time. Since I didn’t go out today, except to go to the doctor, I am posting an outfit I wore on Tuesday, which was James’s and my five-year anniversary. ♥️ I had to take the photos myself and the weather outside wasn’t too crash-hot, so please forgive the lighting. /um

Hello Kitty top
Hello Kitty top

Shirt: A white Hello Kitty shirt that my mum gave me. She used to wear it herself but doesn’t wear it as much now because she has to wear a uniform for work (she now works for skincare brand SK-II). I think she bought this overseas. I am in love with it! I have recently become obsessed with Hello Kitty again.

Skirt: I bought this bandage/tube skirt from Guess at Sydney Airport. They were having a sale last month. I need more tube skirts! My tights are just plain black.

Easy Steps flat shoes

Shoes: I adore these shoes. They are my absolute favourite pair, and this is actually the second pair I own. The brand is Easy Steps and the model is Prefect, but I don’t think they make very many of these anymore, especially not in my size (5.5, small feet). It’s a shame because they are so comfortable, so versatile (when I say versatile, I mean my last pair survived walking through puddles and torrential rain), and last a long time, not to mention they aren’t a pair of high heels, which is a plus. They’re suitable for both work and play. They came in other colours but my favourite was the black one.

Here is a stock photo of the shoes for reference:

Prefect shoes

Now onto accessories…

Guess watch
Black nail polish

Nails: My nails have been painted black since last weekend, when I was debating whether to paint them black, yellow or red. James chose black. I was initially unhappy with how it turned out. Black is so hard to get right on nails, because you need multiple coats for it to be opaque enough, and most of the time it ends up being really thick. I’ve tried it on both long and short nails and it looks a little scary on long nails. I cut my nails last week because I wanted to play my guitar a bit more. I can never stand my nails being too short though – when I look at my palms I need to be able to see a bit of nail above the ends of my fingers. That’s usually how I judge…

Jewellery: I got my black ring from eBay, the user’s name is coloresky. Late last year I bought about thirty rings from this seller. They don’t discolour easily, they’re solid, come in lovely colours, and are really lovely. They’re not that expensive and ship pretty quickly considering the seller is based in Asia. /eee My watch is also from Guess, and my mum bought it for me as a gift a while ago. I am so picky with watches, as most of them are far too clunky for my skinny wrists, and I will wear only silver watches, so I’m glad my mum found this. :)

And it all comes together, hooray:

Fashion Friday: Hello Kitty!

If you want to ask anything about my room… I will think you’re a creep, but please do. I know you like my fez poster, Doctor Who fans.

Just for good measure, here are my iPad and iPhone covers. I got the iPad case from eBay and the iPhone case from Amazon.

iPad case
iPhone case

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Hello Kitty. I see it everywhere but I cannot actually say I own anything Hello KItty. I hope you’re feeling a lil bit better ♥
LOVE the shirt though, very cute and chic.

Awe that outfit is really cute. I love how the outfit is simple and elegant! You should do more of these :)
I love Hello kitty! I remember several years ago, the Mcdonalds in Hong Kong would make hello kitty stuffies and my aunt would buy them. When we visited her in HK several years ago, she gave them to my mom. As a result, my mom has a whole collection of snoopy plushies and hello kitty plushies!

Aww! You look adorable, and your hair is so long! You also have good taste in fashion.

Sorry to read that you’ve been sick :( I hate calling in sick, too, but sometimes you just have to do it or you will never get better! Still, though, I always feel like my employers will think badly of me for calling . . .

And I think it’s kind of funny you can do a British accent so well. I wish I could, but I can’t. I sound so . . . American, haha!

Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better by now! <3

Believe it or not, I think that my favorite part of your outfit is your shirt. It looks adorable, which is also why I’m not sure that I’d ever wear it. But your shoes look useful, so if I see a pair like that I think that I’ll go get one!

For taking pictures by yourself, I’m impressed! They look great!

And get well soon! Being terribly sick << going to work, always.

Hope you are feeling better. I usually get sick once or twice a year and that’s pretty much it. I prefer that because I don’t like having tasks pile up on me.
Love the hello kitty items in this post. I thought the shirt was particularly fashionable. I also like that black ring.
I haven’t had time to write another showcase blog myself. But I plan to get on it, searching for footers to display.

Black and white outfits are the best~! (especially with Hello Kitty involved)

Your shoes are lovely! I’m pretty sure I commented on the same post (on Heartdrops) where you first got them ages ago. /creepy
Gosh it’s been a while since I’ve been in the blogosphere. I’m pretty sure no one remembers me. orz

I don’t like calling in sick either. I guess it makes me feel like I’m going to fall behind when I do. Sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well though :( I’m glad that you’re starting to get better at least!

Aw, happy anniversary to you guys! 5 years is a long time!

I love your Hello Kitty shirt and iPhone case! I’ve been a fan of Hello Kitty since I was young, and I still like collecting her stuff. I also really like your watch. The border around its face and the band are pretty. I stopped wearing watches because I thought they felt clunky too, but yours doesn’t look that way.

I like seeing how everything came together :) It’s a cute look!

Wooo, you can’t go wrong with Hello Kitty! XD

I am sorry that you have been feeling ill again, I hope that you are starting to feel a lot better or have recovered. ♥

I love the outfit and I love the way that you describe everything. I think my favourite thing is the Hello Kitty iPhone case. :D

Oh your top is adorable! /love
I never knew Hello Kitty could look so awesome in black and white too. /faw