Fashion Friday: 45.7°C

In Sydney, the weather hit a record temperature of 45.7°C, which is 114.3°F. It’s pretty unbelievable. This morning I woke up knowing it would be in the high 30s, so I knew it was hands-down not a jeans day. I was running late for work already so I just threw on a skirt and a top, and walked out the door in not-sneakers. I didn’t care what shoes I was wearing, as long as it was not-sneakers.

I missed the bus, and I was far too impatient and already running late, so I walked all the way to the other bus stop, where, luckily, a bus came by soon after I arrived at the stop. I’m pretty thankful that buses are air conditioned. I was suffering on the train though, it was getting rather hot and I was by a window where the sun was pouring through, even though the air conditioning was on.

I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and I was wondering what to eat because of my really weak and sensitive stomach and health issues. I usually eat cereal, but unfortunately that’s not something I can take on-the-go when I’m in a rush. We ran out of bread, and usually my stomach hates bread in the morning. When I walked to work I figured I’d buy yoghurt from the new yoghurt place down the road from my office, but it was still closed when I got there. It was 10:00am and a lot of other beverage places were closed, which makes me think they open a little later on Fridays. I’m not sure. Either way, I was a little bummed, but I didn’t know what my slightly hungry stomach wanted, and I didn’t really feel like eating, so I forgot about it.

I got a little hungrier later on but I just ate my lunch for “breakfast”. I read a person’s submission in the commuter newspaper the other day ranting that it’s impossible to skip breakfast, because breakfast is “breaking the fast”, and if you “skip” breakfast and eat lunch, then lunch is your breakfast. I have to agree with that person. Meals shouldn’t be corresponded to times anymore, especially not for nocturnal people or people like my dad whose cycles are reversed since he works night shift.

The weather cooled down in the evening, not before it started raining madly and after refilling my bottle so many times.

Today I want to start a new segment called Fashion Friday. Lately I’ve been posting my daily outfits as collages on Instagram and found that I like fashion more than I realised. I’ve always been a heavy accessoriser, but in the past few years I’ve definitely worn the same skirt and band shirts or geek shirts all day, every day, whenever I went to classes. Since starting work and tossing that up with class, I’ve found that I enjoy “dressing up” more, and put a little more effort into my clothes. In my Fashion Friday posts, which I hope to keep up every week or every fortnight, I want to share what outfits I’ve posted on Instagram through the week and write a little bit about them. I am sure I’m reaching out to a greater community here. :)

I’ll admit I always liked showing photos of my new clothes or clothes in general, but only recently have I been trying to show full outfits, and I’ve been doing that on Instagram a lot. Here’s what I wore today.

Collage of various parts of my outfit

Top: I got this top/shirt from Jay Jays. It was only $5 on their sale table last winter. It doesn’t really have sleeves; or the sleeves are a little baggy, so you could call this a sleeveless shirt. It’s super cute and it has a squirrel print. The shirt isn’t cropped but it’s pretty short, and I kind of like that. It’s a little loose overall, even though it’s a small size, so I guess it’s designed to be a loose fit.

Skirt: I bought this Playboy skirt online from eBay. It’s the same one I wore to the Homebake festival, except then, I wore shorts under it because it is the shortest skirt I own. At Homebake I was expecting to be walking around a lot of people sitting and maybe get pushed around and the last thing I wanted wash to flash anyone my underwear. I have to admit the skirt is a little big for me. I got Lilian to try it on and it fit her but she wasn’t comfortable with the length. I’m okay with wearing it and I love short skirts but with this one I have to wear a belt.

Belt: Fashion-wise, brown is one of my least favourite colours. However, I found it a bit more suitable for this outfit and I did wear this belt to Homebake as well. My mum bought it for me a while ago and I rarely wear it because I generally hate belts, but I don’t want this skirt going all over the place, so… :P

Shoes: These flats are the brand Therapy. I bought them at a sale where I bought a whole bunch of shoes for $5 to $10. I really hate shoe shopping, and because my feet are very small (size 5.5 Aus, which I think is 7 in US and ~37 in European), I always have trouble finding any kind of shoe that fits me. Well, I’m okay with buying flip flops (but I hate flip flops) and sneakers but flats and heels are an absolute pain to look for. These sparkly brown flats are one of my favourite. They’re comfy, even though they’re cheap and thin. They might not last long but they don’t hurt my feet, and best of all, they fit. I’m glad I found them. :D

Necklace: It’s barely visible but it is the necklace I wear every day. It’s a purple guitar pick and it has a fishbone charm; I wear it all the time, even in the shower.

Rings: I can’t remember where I got the smaller one. I know it’s on my marriage finger but I’m not married… or engaged. It can only fit on that finger comfortably. My other ring is from a boutique jewellery store called So Good in the city. They were having a sale a couple of weeks ago and the silver rings they had looked like they were good quality – definitely not real diamonds or anything, though. They seem to do well even when wet. I know some fashion jewellery is so cheaply made that it just discolours with your sweat from daily wear or if you accidentally wash your hands with them on.

Nails: I painted my nails blue yesterday. I had to – because I’m seeing Weezer tomorrow night and they’re going to play their first album (known as the Blue Album) from start to finish… so I had to celebrate somehow, and paint my nails the Weezer blue. I actually did it by mixing various blue nail polishes. I used a dull blue, for a few coats, then painted over in a lighter blue to make it shiny and just give it a better look. It’s the closest I could get to the colour on their album cover:

Comparison of the Weezer blue album and the colour on my nails

Hope you liked my first Fashion Friday. /eee Feedback much appreciated. ♥️

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I love your flats! I recently wore out my trusty brown flats to the point where I had to throw them out because they were just too worn out. I’ll have to hunt for a replacement pair in the spring as right now it’s still boots season for me!

Fun post!! I actually really like that belt. I admit I wouldn’t normally wear it either, but it looks BA with that outfit. I’m currently in an I-don’t-care-about-fashion-let’s-wear-a-t-shirt phase, but I bet once the weather gets nicer I’ll be back to caring. I think I’m usually more fashionable during the summer. :P

I love your shoes! Only suggestion I have about this Fashion Friday post is that I would have loved to see a full-body photo, either from a full-length mirror or taken by someone else. Otherwise, I look forward to see what you’ve got coming!

Thanks! Yes, it’s only in early stages now . I could very well do it myself with my tripod but it’d be much quicker just to get someone to take a few snaps. Time to make use of a full-length mirror too. :)

Omg that is so hot. I think the hottest it’s been here was 104F. Right here it’s not even 45.7 FAHRENHEIT. It’s actually in the 20s, which I know is way below 0C!

Urgh I know what you mean when you are in an air conditioned vehicle and the sun beats on you anyway.

Ohh that’s interesting. I didn’t know you can’t skip breakfast, technically. I eat bread for breakfast, so I can’t help you there haha.

At least it rained and cooled down? When it gets to 104F here, rain is the last thing that could happen!

I’m so gonna follow Fashion Friday. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I only have an ipad and the pics can only stay on there, so nothing I really could do. I LOVE the collages you are making and I love some of the simple clothing you have on! Not stuff I would wear but they are still cute! So great that they are cheap too, my clothes are so expensive. I love your long nails. My nails are not that elegant.

So adorable! I’d love to see full-length pictures of your outfits though! It makes it much easier to envision the individual pieces come together as a cohesive outfit. :)

Wow, 114 is hot! Sometimes we hit that in our summers, and all I want to do is stay indoors with A/C.

Ooh, I like the idea of Fashion Friday. I also like your shirt and skirt! I think they’re cute, and I think the brown belt goes well with it. I have the same problem with shoes, in that my feet are too small (5.5 US size). I think that’s why I dislike shoe shopping so much.

I agree with Stephanie that I’d like to see a full body photo! I’d like to see how everything comes together :)

I LOVED reading about the weather.. It’s been snowy and cold here, so all facebook messages, all clients at work, and even myself.. All we’ve been doing is moaning about the snow!

I would agree with a previous reply, for the fashion pics it’d be good to see the outfit as a whole, to see how it all works together.

My meals are a mess. I don’t have breakfast (due to laziness) .. I don’t always get to eat lunch at work, then if I finish work on time I get home at 8pm! I like to sit for a while before having to move and do dinner so it can be quite late when I have dinner. I usually end up snacking through the day. My poor abused body haha.

I wish I was in your hot weather right now! It’s about 10 degrees F outside, and its super windy. I absolutely hate the cold weather!
I love the outfit, and love the idea of Fashion Fridays, hope you keep it up cause you do have a good sense of style girl! :)

I love the shirt and your nails! The blue is a perfect match for the rest of your outfit, plus I love the shade of blue! 👏

Wow, I’ve never been in weather over 105, so I can only imagine being in weather that hot x.x I live in the US Northeast so temperatures rarely go up and over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

I LOVE looking at fashion collages! I have Fashion liked on Facebook and they always post really nice collages of outfits I can see myself wearing or I think are really cute! ^^

Anyways, I love the outfit and I hope the weather is better for you this week! ^^

Wow it is hot there! I’ve been told it gets that hot here during the summertime too but I haven’t been here during the summer yet. I guess this year I’m going to know how it feels. :'( Not looking forward to that.

I think the idea of Fashion Fridays is going to be a hit. :) The top you have on is so cute. & my shoe size is the same as yours! I usually don’t have problems finding shoes but they are always sold out when I do find a pair I like. I’m guessing we have a very popular shoe size. Good flats in general are really hard to find. D: I only ever come by one cute pair every once in awhile even though I’m always on the lookout for them.

Also agree with the comments above about the full length pics! :) although I’m guessing at this point you already plan to do that. :P

The heat has been terrible, we had a few days were it cooled down, but it feels like it is starting up again.

I really love your fashion images on instagram and explaining them here is awesome. I look forward to the fashion posts to come. I also really love that you can make a nice outfit that does not cost a lot of money. ♥

AHHH! I Finally found you! For some reason I didn’t realise where you went! I’m so sorry!

I love your fashion cells!

It’s hot over there! and it’s unbearably cold here in Mumbai!
the temperature keeps falling so much at night that I need two thick blankets!

I loved your shoes, and your nails too!
Nice fashion cells!