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An irresponsible man maimed our car today. Congratulations mate, you’ve caused a complete inconvenience in our entire family. My brother has to wake up even earlier on school holidays to make his way to tutoring. My mum has to completely rethink her schedule this week because we don’t have a car. On days she finishes late, to avoid spending bucketloads of cash on a taxi, she has to wait for forty minutes in the dark for the next bus. My dad works night shift and has to leave home for work three hours earlier because he has to catch two buses and two trains and walk, because his office is by the highway and far from any public transport, and you know that there are less trains and buses at night. I have to catch a bus back home in the evenings, which makes for a longer commute, and on days I had planned to be picked up late at night from gigs, I’ve no option but to take a taxi.

Can I just add that this irresponsible man escaped the crash without so much as a scratch on his stupid Mazda?

It was about 8:50am this morning and I was feeling a little nauseous – too nauseous to walk to the bus stop – so I decided to wait until my brother was ready and my mum could drive us both to the train station. Brandon has had tutoring for the past week, even though the school term hasn’t started, so it’s like a summer class. I was running a little late to work already, but I decided that I’d feel a lot more refreshed by the time I got there because I would be able to power nap.

Well, the universe decided otherwise.

My mum was driving, and I sat in the back seat because Brandon got to the car first. We don’t argue over seats, and I don’t mind sitting in the back. I usually like the back because there’s more room and I can just put my bag next to me instead of in my lap. There was a car in front of us, and it began to slow down and veer towards the curb of the road (we Australians drive on the left). Eventually it stopped, so my mum decided it was fine to drive past this car and go on our merry way.

Well, no. By the time we were right next to the car, the driver decided they would attempt to turn right. Clearly, this idiot didn’t notice us right next to him and turned and rammed our car from our left. My mum lost control of the steering wheel as our car rotated slightly, but sharply, to the right. The impact was enough to make us all jump, but me immediately scream.

Many years ago I was hit by a car reversing into a pedestrian crossing – it wasn’t enough to hurt me but I was nearly knocked clear over – and my first instinct was of course to scream. It seems to get the attention of driving maniacs.

Damage at the front of the car
Damage at the front of the car

Anyway, after I realised what exactly had happened, I started shouting expletives. I was so angry I shouted a number of “fuck”s and “stupid”s. My mum got out of the car immediately and the man in the other car reversed his car out of the way. He seemed pretty chill when he got out, and my mum snapped at him right away, asking why he didn’t even indicate he was going right. I think my mum does pretty well in these situations, she stays calm and collected, but I know I’d be the type to snap. I got out of the car once I felt calm and listened briefly to my mum’s conversation with this guy, and he asked why we overtook him.

“You stopped your car,” I snapped. He retaliated, so I said, “No, you had stopped your car, how would we have any idea you were turning right? From right there near the left hand side?” My mum continued to repeat that he didn’t indicate or signal that he was going to turn or move right. The man seemed intimidated by two women telling him he was wrong, because he said he didn’t want to argue and would just let the insurance deal with it. He exchanged details with my mum before he went on his way. He was actually turning right into the house that was right there, just behind where our car had stopped following the crash. /hmph

Our car was so busted. I didn’t get a good picture of it because I didn’t want the guy saying, “What, taking photos to post on Facebook? Huh? Huh?” or some other crap, so I did it really discreetly.

There was also a really long line down the body of the car and pieces of headlight and crap down the road. As I said, this guy escaped with barely a scratch. He said, “It’s okay, we’re both in the same shit”.

Busted wheel of car
Busted wheel of car

Haha no not really. Because you’re not inconvenienced by this and you don’t have to buy a new car.

Yes, our car got written off because the repairs were going to cost three times as much as the car is actually worth. So now we’re on the hunt for a new car. Sadly it can’t be a red Beetle like my dream car, but it’s going to be a much better family car than the fifteen-year-old one we’ve had. After a sagging roof lining and a broken lock and rear windows that won’t open all the way… I think it’s safe to say it was finally time.

We won’t be getting much from insurance because the car wasn’t worth much anyway, but at least we can put some towards the cost of a new car.

I was on my way to work, after walking all the way to the nearest bus stop, and waited twenty minutes for the bus only to have it fucking drive past me. I got really upset, and my headache immediately came back at that point. I had signalled long before the bus came by and it just drove right past me. Like I don’t give a fuck if you’re full, I’m borderline anorexic and there was room for me on that bus. Thanks to you, I didn’t go to work, you ruined my day, and you can eat socks dipped in rotten cheese.

Back to work tomorrow where I will surely have a better day. I swear I hate Tuesdays.

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Man that sure is Bad News. D:
bummooo. Glad noone was hurt though :3


This sounds really similar to what happened last year with Bri and I. I think it happened in December? It was the second week in a row that I’d come close to death, as the week prior my aunt Charan and I were almost in aw reck on our way to meet Bri. With Bri, we were going to the gas station frorm Chik-fil-A, and some woman in front of us immediately slammed on her breaks. Bri went into the right lane, and so did the woman. According to Texas’ State Law, it’s Bri’s fault because she was behind the woman who did this. Which, really, that’s super lame, because I could go driving on the road if I wanted to, randomly slam on my breaks, and BAM. It’s the person who is behind me’s fault. -.-

/ho I don’t understand the logic behind that law.

Basically, the woman had just a tiny scratch on her car, and since neither of us were hurt, she didn’t have to pay. She didn’t even seem to care that Bri’s car, plus us, were rammed up against the side railing thing on the road because of her family van. 💀

I’m sorry the wreck happened. :L I almost screamed during the one in December. I was freaked out. I don’t know what else to do. Like your explanation, mine traces back to a past experience as well. Hopefully none of you got hurt! ♥

That driver needs some common sense and a dose of being a careful driver knocked into him. Hopefully none of you guys were hurt from this accident (:

That really stinks! It’s a good thing you had insurance to cover your loses, and get a new car out of the deal I guess. And at least you didn’t have a hit & run like I did yesterday, and have to deal with some A*hole cops who insisted I was lying about the accident, and wouldn’t do anything for us. Ughh.

Sorry to hear that happened to your car :( I hope you guys will be able to find a new one quickly and not have to deal with the inconveniences for too long. That’s stupid how the guy just turned right without seeing if anything was there.

It’s so annoying and dangerous when people don’t pay attention. I’ve been in a few accidents (the other person hit me) and several near accidents because of people not taking the time to look. One time, someone almost drove into the side of my car because they ran a stale red light.

I think it’s normal to take photos after an accident though. I always take photos of both my car and the other person’s car, just to make sure they don’t do anything fishy before insurance takes a look.

I’m really glad no one was hurt at least!

I’d probably snap off at the guy too. I had the same incident but with a motorcyclist instead. Fucker didn’t even indicate that he was going to turn right when I wanted to go straight. Genius was on my left side. We have such geniuses on the road today.

Such an unfortunate thing to happen to the car but in the end, I’m glad no one was hurt. Good luck on getting a new car, love!

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that happened to you and your family! It seems you all are alright and I’m glad that is so! Reading about this reminded me of the crash that I, myself, was involved in about a week before Christmas (my first car crash ever). It was a guy as well who rammed into my sister’s car from the back because the idiot wanted to switch lanes I guess (in sloooow traffic because we were at a toll booth about to get onto the Bay Bridge that goes into San Francisco). I guess he wanted to do it quickly, but he didn’t check to my sis’ car to see if it was stopped or not.

The moment he hit us was so shocking! I literally gasped as my body went forward and back. My sister and her husband were super pissed and were cussing at the driver – who didn’t even seemed all that phased by what just happened. >_> Because of this accident, all three of us are currently seeing chiropractors and my sis and brother-in-law have to drive a rental until the car is fixed. We also hired a lawyer to this case so we won’t have to pay for any damages or bills.

I found it interesting to read the bit about taking photos though – when the crash happened, my bro-in-law took pictures as evidence and not as something to publish online for everyone to see. In fact, it’s encouraged (here in the U.S.) that you take pictures of the damages to the car after a crash has happened because you’ll never know when they might come in handy and it did for us because our lawyer requested for those photos my bro-in-law took of that night.

Anyhow, it sucks how this caused such an inconvenience for your whole family. : My family ran into some car trouble a day before Christmas that has now left my parents and I with one car to go everywhere, so I understand what you and your family is going through.

Oh wow! I’m so sorry to hear that you guys, had got into a car accident – due to an idiots poor lack of judgment. I hope you guys are alright though?

That is such a big inconvenience! If he were to ask me that question I would’ve simply said “Why yes douche bag – I am posting these on Facebook as a citizen I have EVERY right to post whatever I want on my page!!” And walked away. That would’ve shut him up. But still. I can’t stand people like that. Or at least I would’ve come back with a sarcastic remark towards him lol.

But anyway – The remote didn’t come till yesterday after all that was said – it will be here no later than Saturday. That was the quote I had gotten from the representative. However, when the technician came out, he figured out the problem after a while – and he had a remote on the bus. So I’m happy. I can record my Ghost Adventures episodes and leave it or delete them. But yeah, so now I have an extra remote lying around, and no one bothered to knock on the door. I mean wth? So, it was a mere coincidence that this had happened. And you’re right Good service is hard to come by. I was never charged for anything and my three months of free movie channels doesn’t even expire till April. So I’m good on that part. I may add in one movie channel though not sure yet.

I agree with you – its not the fact of lazyness – its the mere fact that they have remote controls now a days so that we can record our shows, and/or if we don’t have a DVR we can change the channel with ease and know whats on the guide and what not. I have a DVR – so it was a big inconvenience, when I wanted to record my Ghost Adventures show last Friday – but couldn’t. Ah well. Doesn’t mean that we are lazy though.

Anyway – I do hope you’re okay though – and everyone else. I’m sorry you guys have to buy a new car. I thought you guys just recently bought a new car? Well not recently but thought you guys had a new car – and now this damage. What a jerk.

Omg, careless driver! Not having a car to get around is definitely a hassle, especially when it affects the whole family! I guess it’s different there, but in Toronto we’re encouraged to take photos and take down information. Last time some lady hit my mom’s car while parked (I was in the car) and I took a load of photos just for insurance purposes. I hope your family finds a good new car very soon to solve all this trouble!

Oh god… that car was so badly hit!
The driver was really stupid to not pay attention and look around him while driving his car… he should have signaled your car not to overtake his…
If you had this car for 15 years you would have some memories attached to it… when we changed our car last year after 12 years, I really felt bad watching it go… I loved my old car a lot.
It must be very inconvienient to not have a car at the moment… using public transport suddenly when you are used to a private vehicle is really difficult and taxis are really expensive anywhere in the world… In India it is equally dangerous to board a taxi alone!

BTW Georgie, i have moved to a new blog. Will you please change my link… I have added yours already! Thanks.

Take care!

Our car was backed into by a giant truck the other day. The parking for our medical centre is right by the loading dock of a big shopping mall, evidently did not end well. Luckily our car is still usable and we’re not in the same pickle as you are. I hope you guys find a new car soon! If only your insurance company could loan a rental :(

Oy! I hope that you never have to see that guy again! And I hope that you find a new car soon, because it’s really hard to live without one unless you live and work in the downtown area of a city. I’m sure that the guy is now punished with a higher insurance premium to pay, and if he lived in the right parts of the US, he would also have a criminal record.

Props to your mom for not snapping, though! You’ll probably pick up that skill sooner or later.

Man, that is so terrible. It is amazing how much not having a car can impact on your life, or a whole family. I hope that you are able to get a new car soon! :(