Things I Miss: Carob Buds

I am pretty sure this was an Australian thing, but it’s something that was at almost every school tuckshop/canteen/kiosk. I can’t remember what got me into them, but I remember being drawn to the name when I saw it printed on the canteen menu, and then seeing a box of them labelled “carob buds”.

They were little yellow flat circles, like giant Smarties or M&Ms, with a vague “droplet” shape, but with a flat bottom. Carob buds were made from carob powder from the carob tree, the tree’s pulp as sweet as, and similar in flavour to, chocolate. I found personally that they had a milky sort of taste, a bit like white chocolate.

Coloured carob buds
Coloured carob buds

I didn’t think they would be so tasty when I first saw them. They just looked like they might taste a bit sweet, like caramel… but they were so, so yummy. I haven’t always been a huge fan of chocolate (I like dark chocolate though), as it often made me sick from the sugar levels being too much for my liking. It wasn’t until my vegan friend in high school told me that it was vegan-friendly and gluten free, that I became obsessed with looking for carob buds again.

I’m not sure why, but I go a bit nuts over them because chocolate alternatives really make my eyes glaze. Not just chocolate alternatives, but delicious, sweet treats that are not purely chocolate. Like jersey caramels. Or fudge. Mmmmmmmm. When Nick and I went to Hunter Valley last month, I jumped at the sight of carob buds in the chocolate factory (I didn’t buy any though).

So yeah, carob buds are amazeballs. They are also low in fat, high in fibre, and caffeine-free. And since I haven’t been drinking coffee lately either, this sounds great. In the future I will probably try and cook something with carob buds in place of chocolate, too.

Photograph of carob buds from Naturalicious.

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I once accidentally bought “carob chips” from a whole foods store instead of dark chocolate chips. They were exactly what you described here, just more chocolate chip-shaped and the color of dark chocolate. They tasted AMAZING and I believe I started buying them on purpose after that first time. :)

I looooove carob! And I do love chocolate, though I’m more sold on carob for being healthier and caffeine-free. I’ve never seen carob buds before (and definitely not pink ones) but those look so yummy!

I occasionally put carob chips (dunno why they call them chips when they more like buds) in my yogurt at Yogurtland. I honestly thought they were just chocolate! XD I think I’ll have to buy that instead of chocolate from now on; I’m trying to eat way less sweets and sugars since diabetes runs on both sides of my family. Unless their sugar levels are about the same as chocolate? D:

Carob is quite sweet but if I am not mistaken, it is naturally sweet and doesn’t have added sugar like most chocolate does. :D Still, the general rule applies to eat everything in moderation haha.

Not sure if we have those here in Canada, or if I am too young to remember. I maybe saw them once at Tutti Frutti. However since starting at my summer job my coffee intake has gone through the roof! Do not know how you do it without the coffee!

It has been so longs since I have commented. I have occasionally read your posts, like the one a while ago where someone commented on the change in the blogging world. That was so true! Hope all is well, I am hoping to try and get back into this groove. XD Glad to see the emoji’s have not changed!

Hey Domenica! :) Too many little things have changed. And funny you mention the smilies/emoji – I am actually working on switching these guys to a more retina-display-friendly bunch. It will be sad to see them go, since they have been here pretty much since the beginning of time… :( But at least people like you still remember that I am around!

I would have to say I am more of a tea person than a coffee person. I seem to go through random phases of going back to coffee, or have one occasionally (I love my boyfriend’s mum’s coffee machine… mmm… so good). I’ve gone for about two months without having one every single day, at least!

I didn’t know they are called carobs till now, so thanks for the post! :P
I think I have eaten them as a topping on an ice cream cake and I loved it!! :D :D