The Best Friend Lunch #9

Wow, did two months go by so quick? I guess we’ve all been busy… poor Lilian has been stressed out, actually, I feel like a real jerk because I know Nick is trying to balance working full time and studying full time as well (insert jerk comment about how I have totally been there before, so I know how it feels and I’m praying on magic and love to get him through). And I am just sitting here pretty much chillaxing (more on that point in a future post).

Nick gatecrashed our lunch again, something tells me I’ll have to rename this to the Best Friend & Boyfriend Lunch soon.

The Place

Lilian said she saw a vegetarian restaurant when she was walking around the other day, so I agreed to go there. It was called Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen, a place down from both our workplaces. I had seen it before myself, but was never keen to try it. Nick came along with us and said it looked a bit dodgy from the outside but it was actually quite good.

I was impressed that everything… and I mean everything… on the menu was vegetarian, this is almost my new favourite place with Georgie-friendly food. :P I have had vegetarian fish before – and my mum was very confused because as a pescetarian I still eat fish anyway – but have never tried any other vegetarian meat. Oh, apart from some vegetarian mutton at a Malaysian restaurant Nick and I went to last year. (He said that it did not taste like mutton.) Vegetarian meat is usually made of soy, dairy or gluten products.

We ordered some mixed entrees to share, which had a bunch of tofu and springrolls and fried wontons/dumplings. I ordered some vegetarian fishball soup, and I have to admit that while it was nice, real fishballs are better. We had fried rice with “soya ham” and pineapple, and a sweet potato dish. It was all really quite tasty, considering a lot of vegetarian food just sucks.

The Chat

We talked about what our families have been up to and about where Nick and I are going for the rest of the week – Hamilton Island, yay! Lilian and I talked about some old high school friends and what they have been up to. Then the three of us just talked about exes, mutual friends and mutual “friends”.

I told Lilian who’s coming to my mini birthday celebration next week. Turns out there aren’t that many people coming, but I didn’t invite many people anyway. We have another work Hackathon which just had to land on my birthday, but I won’t be present for the whole thing since I had other plans for the night. Newsflash: Hey Geronimo are playing a show on my birthday and I can’t possibly miss it.

Insert the occasional rant about the noisy guy replacing the windows in Lilian’s office. Why can’t they do that outside of work hours?

The Selfie

Taken on Lilian’s phone outside the restaurant. :)

Me and Lilian

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Awww! Looks like you had a great time. I’m jealous, though :( My bestest friend lives in Guam, and I really miss her. I haven’t seen her for at least five years now. We’re definitely overdue for a reunion!

Also, that vegetarian restaurant sounds yummy! I need to try more veggie dishes . . . if that place were here, I’d definitely go there :)

Looks like you guys had a great time. And Hamilton Island sounds superb! I’m glad you guys were able to talk about things and just catch up. It’s nice to catch up <3 Best part of the friendship, well a good part of it anyhow. Hahaha

Poor Nick, he has to work and study!

I find vegetarian meat really nice, and really good alternative to actual meat. Although sometimes it isn’t anything like real meat, I just like the general texture of it. It’s much softer than actual meat and generally not as dry.

Glad you had a lovely like with Lilian and Nick :D

I feel Lilian about being so stressed out and busy!! The thing about some good restaurants is that it’s really good but it’s in a sketchy-looking neighborhood. I learned that a few times :$. It sounds like you had a great time there! I’m usually the same way when I meet up with an ollllld friend, we talk about what’s going on with people we know.

I can’t wrap my head around going to a vegetarian restaurant and ordering fake meats. It just seems so… pointless. I don’t know. Am I making sense? I just prefer to order actual vegetables when I’m at a vegetarian restaurant. I don’t know XD;;

I am looking at my stats and wondering why your site is my top referral for visitors. Weird eh?

anyway, i also wanna try that veggie restaurant and if everything is veggie i am curios about that veggie fish. :) hahahahaha

Hi Steve, I just looked through my own stats and I saw that you left a few comments on my much older blog posts, which were written and posted back when I blogged at Does it ring a bell? :)

I think the restaurant name is funny because that’s my last name :) That’s nice that the restaurant was all vegetarian! I like vegetarian dishes when the restaurant actually puts effort into it. I’ve seen other vegetarian meats before but never fish. It makes me curious what that’s like. Sounds like you guys had a great time catching up!