Nearly there.

Three and a half weeks to go.

The more I try to tell myself I’m not tired, the more tired I realise I actually am. I am not sure how much longer I’ll be able to endure this without feeling some kind of exhaustion. Working, studying, working again… In France, President Hollande proposed no homework for school students. I don’t doubt it’ll take ten years for all other countries to realise, “hey, this is actually a pretty good idea. It’ll be more organised, and there’ll be less work for teachers and students alike”.

As a child I loved school, and I loved learning new things. I probably liked lunchtime the least because I was a pretty lonely kid; I’d just follow other kids around until I got bored. The only time I was popular was when I initiated the Ghost Club and told everyone there was a ghost in the storeroom, and also by the time my hair was long enough to sit on.

I was diligent and did my homework every night; even managed to squeeze it in amid all my extracurricular activities, even when I only had Wednesdays free. As time went by I grew to dislike it. Since I was eleven, I wanted school to start at 8, finish at 6, include a dinner break and have no homework whatsoever. No one agreed with me. Everyone thought I was being ridiculous, even my classmates. Well, eat it up now. When you work full-time that’s what it is. When you work and only work, and don’t study, you come home and you don’t have to worry about this stupid thing called “homework”. You get home and everything at work stays at work and you don’t worry about it until the next day.

Naturally, that’s what it should be like. Schoolwork shouldn’t be done at home where students struggle and have no support and don’t have motivation, where they have distractions. Home should be a relaxing, safe environment. Not some haunted place where kids see maths equations in their sleep.

I’m listening to new music to get me by; there’s a ton of Australian music out there that just needs listening… currently, I’m delving my head into the new Regular John album Strange Flowers, as well as the new Ball Park Music album Museum. I’m also peering into the now disbanded but incalculable Montpelier, not to mention the gorgeous music by Founds, and the eclectic pop beats by The Belligerents. All music worth checking out… so do it. :)

I’m tired of university already. Just two lame classes in this week – no, wait, three – and then a horrible three weeks to go. A couple of pieces of work due this week, which I’ll flesh out alright. That includes my visual literacy essay in which we had to choose two images, at least one containing typography, and analyse them according to theory and write an essay. Obviously, I chose two Hey Geronimo pictures. One of the band and one of a tour poster. They’re my favourite band of the moment. I had to do anything to make the assignment fun. I’ve been trudging through everything day after day, upset that I haven’t had a spare moment to read some blogs, just too tired to do much. On Monday I didn’t work because I had a massive migraine, and I slept for most of the day. I managed to get some designing done for some fanlisting work, A Doctor Who related fanlisting – so at least that was progress on something – and I got most of my assignment done, not to mention get some illustrations done for my animation subject.

An informal exam next week, along with other weekly tasks… I don’t even know what to think anymore. I’m just waiting for the weeks to end because the end is coming closer and closer and closer. I can sleep more, I can dream more, I don’t have to worry about all that I’m worrying about now. I can worry only about work when I’m at work, I can go home and not worry about any work.

And we’ll see. Maybe until next March. When hell rises again.

Then again, I’ll be prepared. Come January, that’s when I’ll find out if I’ll be studying a further six months to acquire my Masters degree. If not, I’m stuck with a Graduate Diploma, but either is cool… I’m looking forward to those square hats again some time.

Peace. ✌️

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Looking back, school and university wasn’t so bad. I had more free time but I tend to waste most of my free time doing nothing useful.

Although school and university wasn’t so bad, work has it’s benefits too. Hours off course are much much longer but the best part is that work is work. As soon as you walk out of that office, you can let go of it all until the next morning. The few hours you have in the evenings are all yours.

I remember university was always on the back of my mind due to all the coursework deadlines. Off course there’s deadlines at work too but you feel that after 7-8hrs of work you truly deserve the rest. Once you’re out of the office, there’s nothing more you can do.

You’re going to love work, especially if you’re doing something you enjoy. But do be prepare for the massive drop in your free time. I only have 3-4hrs left between getting home from work and going to bed. One hr of that is spent doing essentials like having dinner and taking a shower.

I do love work, and I work about 40 hours a week, but after each shift I have to go straight to class. It’s already really tiring working full-time and studying full-time. It’s why I want to finish my study as soon as possible so all I have to worry about is work. I really enjoy my job.

Georgina! I can’t remember when was the last time I commented on your site~. Uh, there is no need to reply to my previous comment or anything XD

With all of the hard work you’re doing, I am sure it will all pay off when the time comes. President Hollande made a pretty good proposal considering how many students stress about getting their homework completed. In the college that I attend, a “bot” online automatically corrects most of the homework that are submitted since it’s done through the question engines and whatnot. School is supposed to be fun because of the knowledge that is being provided. You’re not the only one who was the lonely kid; I was one of the 3 Asians in my grade of 100 students.

You’re pretty amazing how you manage to fit all of those duties within the time you had back then. Apparently school is supposed to be relaxing compared to work. It’s also just as stressful, but hey.. I suppose that is how life is supposed to be.

It is good to branch out to listening to music outside of your circle. I haven’t had the time to explore any music lately. It’s all EDM.

Good luck with your classes in university! It looks like you have a lot of work to do; but you will pull through. Just don’t procrastinate and you will be good to go. At least you got something done with your fanlisting hobby! As time goes by, you’re closer into finishing up university! Hope all of the hard work you’re doing is paying off!

Hey! Haven’t stopped by in a while! haha. I think you said something about a wedding while you were in Indonesia – I hope you enjoyed it!

It seems like you’re really tired of school work and definitely need a break! Any chance you can maybe drop a class and take it later (though I’m assuming you don’t want to coz it means another year), or get fewer hours at work? If you burn out now, you might never have the will to study/work again :P

I’m not sure what I think of homwork. As a child I think I probably enjoyed the homework in the lessons I enjoyed, and hated maths homework with a passion. I think homework shouldn’t be given for lessons where support would be difficult to find. If I was stuck on say…my english homework I could ask my parents for help – but something logical like maths or physics where there is usually only one solution is a different matter.

I only know one Montpelier song – I think it’s called Boat, or Last Boat or something. It makes me cry, I’m never sure why. Very few songs have that effect on me, most of them being Radiohead songs!

Assignments aren’t so bad when you have that much freedom with them, it was nice that you had the option to pick something you wanted to! I hope all your assessments and assignments go well, I’m sure they will, you seem so hardworking!

I am. So amazed. That you’ve even heard of Montpelier. Last Boat really gets me teary as well. The words aren’t even that upsetting, but they are really deep. Their music really makes me feel nostalgic. I’m so glad I could share that with you! Music that conjures up strong emotions is good music.

:love: I ALWAYS HATED school, hated school, still hate school even though I am not even there anymore. Even the thought repulses me. Hence why I waited a while to go to Uni after school … I knew if I did a degree coming out of school I would have left. Wasted money and pissed the parents off.

It’s been so long since I have read your posts. I was just scouring my bookshelf for a good book to re read since I have nothing new. I came across one of my Bryce Courtenay novels and then you popped into my head. We must have talked about him at one stage.

I had neglected my website for so long that I hadn’t noticed it had closed down due to auto renew failure. I miss it so much. I can’t wait to re build my home on the net some time.

In year seven I was also in a club called “the ghost club.” I don’t remember much about it; I don’t even think we spoke much about ghosts. Same goes with the Pokemon club I was a proud member of.
Eventually I became best friends with the Queen Bee. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds. It was more draining, almost to the point where I probably had been better of being a loner. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Mean Girls’, well that movie best fits the description of what it was like to be best friends with the popular girl. I don’t think their would have been much wrong with being a loner looking back on those days. If I was left alone to concentrate on school work and not boys, bands and who had the prettiest hair, doing my best to please the crowd, giving into peer pressure and living off the expectations of the queen bee like it was oxygen, I wouldn’t have had to teach my self maths at the age of 21.

I agree 100% on the no homework thing. Home time should of been a time to relax, to be a kid. If a child needs extra work then they need extra support and attention during school hours, not sent home with sheets of A4 paper to not understand it. And I know now that there are some parents out there that are no help what so ever, where they can’t explain fractions or spell professional, or know what initiative means. Leave the work for school hours under the supervision of those who have uni degrees in teaching. And if a teacher wants to know the level of each individuals learning speed… well that’s what tests are for.

I have never heard of that music before. I have been looking for something new to listen to during my long afternoon workout sessions. I am getting rather sick of my Marilyn Manson selection which makes up 90% of my music list. I will give your suggestions a go. (H)

Only three weeks left of UNI? Congratulations. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?
I do understand how the last of a course can seem to drag, and things can seem messy, overwhelming and a lot of clutter and stress. You’le get there. :)

I am looking at a diploma in Laboratory technician. Being a high school drop out and not the brightest, that means a lot of reading, preparing, learning and quite a challenge before I even start UNI. I would be so proud of myself if I/when I own a diploma. Words would not explain. Someone like me having a diploma on my wall. Don’t let having just a diploma let you feel like you haven’t achieved enough.

I thinks it’s great to be a high achiever. Just don’t forget to enjoy life as well.

Steff…! It is so good to hear from you. I’m sorry to hear you missed on renewing your domain though. I hope you come back to blogging some time. :) We’ve talked about Bryce Courtenay on occasion, yes. It’s sad that he’s ill and is going to pass away soon, though.

I’m glad you agree with me. My mum thought I was being silly when I told her I agreed with the president of France. It’s true though – a lot of children need support at school and there should be extra time at school for children to do work so that they don’t have “homework”. Most parents work until 5pm anyway, so what’s the harm in letting children do work in the extra two hours from 3 to 5pm? Saves parents having to find after-school care.

Thanks! I do see the light! I have another half-year to go until I finish my degree, but I can’t wait to be done with this year.

Have a good one, Steff. Best of luck in that diploma. I am really happy for you that even as a high school drop-out you are still looking into studying. ♥

Wow.. no homework!!?? I could not even imagine. I was never a fan of homework but I wouldn’t say that I ever really hated it either.

I have never thought of having no homework from school, as someone who has had a combination of both good interesting assignments that helped me learn and bad homework assignments that was just plain stupid, like your forum posts. However, I think my old school district has been decreasing the amount of homework assigned to students and I think that the current students are not as academically knowledgable or string than the students from the time I was around.

But if school went from 8-6, then extracurricular classes would get put in the evening, or not at all. It’s an interesting thing to think about, this idea of not having homework. I’m glad that someone’s trying it out!

I hope that you finish university soon! There will be big smiles on my face when I see your post detailing your graduation.

Oh georgie, how I missed reading your rants. I wasn’t able to visit your blog for a couple of months now, and I know I have so much catching up to do. As a student, I totally despised homework. I mean, I feel like I am already a student by day, then the professors even force me to be a student by night. It’s ridiculous! I once told my friends that the university should take into consideration that our school life isn’t the only side of our life – we have social, career, let alone work, love, family – and so much more. Oh of course I realized that school probably is important and I may sounded like a lazy go with the flow type of student – but I’m not. All my life our classes start at 7 and end at 5. I thought college would take less time – but since I have chosen a complicated course, I have to suffer twice as much as normal student would. Too bad. By the way, I’ll be removing my comment form – so you can contact me through instead. Keep me posted georgie! I miss talking to you! You’re one of the few bloggers I really think reads my blog, and you do because you’re interested – not because you wanted a comment back. God bless you! And say hi to James for me <3

I remember one of my schools got rid of homework. Instead they assigned “independent study” e.e