There were two birthdays today

1) That of Andrew, my friend from the band Hey Geronimo.
2) My blog.

I successfully managed to completely forget it was my blog’s birthday (Heartdrops turns four years old today) because I just kept remembering it was Andrew’s birthday, and the rest of notes piled upon my head consisted of university forum posts, university assignments, university storyboards, work, vodka, cheese, more vodka, more homework, work… yeah, piece of shit. Happy birthday Andrew! :) ♥️

It’s okay, I’m fine now. I took half a day off work today so I could go home early and work on my homework. I can’t believe I’ve been up until 2:00am for the past few nights, just posting stuff in the university forum. What constitutes forum posting as coursework? Especially when you have to provide references. I personally think it’s ludicrous. It is also the result of my Progress Report: Fail that I received the other week from one of my teachers. That’s why I’ve been making an attempt to crazily post everywhere, anywhere in the forums, so it looks like my participation is high. Hopefully that will up my grade. Thankfully in another one of my subjects I’m doing really well. I wish I was doing well in all of them, but I know I’m not perfect.

Yesterday I had a really good run in the evening. I tried to get home as soon as possible because I wanted to get home before dark. Daylight savings took place on the weekend, and we lost an hour, so we had to move our clocks forward. I am usually bothered by the fact that we lose an hour. In fact, on Sunday morning I technically got up at 11:00am, which didn’t feel too good. I really do love daylight savings in the summer though, because it’s really light and it doesn’t get darker until much later. I feel much safer outdoors (oh, I know it’s a psychological thing… heh, heh), and I guess it also gives me the illusion that the day is longer. The day is longer but it doesn’t mean there is more time. It’s just that it’s lighter for longer.

I got home just before dark, so I put on my running shorts and left my hoodie on and just ran. I ran around the sportsground near my house eight times, and around the streets a little. The highlight of my run was probably everything. I ran without stopping, and for the first four rounds I passed this middle-aged Asian couple who were going in the opposite direction. They were just dressed in tracksuits and walking. I don’t know why but I felt really good as I ran past them, as they moved to the side of the path to let me through. After a couple of rounds around the sportsground, they grinned at me each time I passed. It made me feel good and not want to stop.

It was getting dark but the lights around the sportsground lit my way. There were two guys sitting in a car talking to each other with the windows open and another guy talking to them at their window. They would look at me when I ran past, the guy leaning on the window would turn around. I felt like I was saying, “Hey look, I’m awesome, I’m running”.

As they say, starting is the hardest. Once you get into it, it’s easy to just keep chugging along.

I ran six kilometres that night without stopping. I felt really proud of myself. :D

I’m insanely excited because the Homebake festival is going to be so full of bütz. I just found out that HEY GERONIMO (okay these guys are fucking honestly my favourite band right now), The Griswolds and Lime Cordiale are playing there. They were in the second lineup announcement today! I haven’t ever been to a festival, just gigs and shows… and this sounds amazingly awesome. Tickets are $99. I don’t care, if I have to pay that much to see those three bands as well as San Cisco and Ball Park music, who were already announced a couple of months ago.

James agreed to go with me so he can check out the food stalls and other fun stuff.

I honestly can’t wait for the next month to be over. Four more weeks of class and maybe-hard-work and I’ll be free for a few months. I can hardly wait. While those in the US are embracing the fall (or as we say, “Autumn”), bring on summer. I don’t think we had much of a summer in January because of crazy climate stuff… but please. Give me sun and good beach weather so I can wear shorts and miniskirts! /eee

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I don’t know why but reading your blog is always so enjoyable. It’s my favourite way of winding down after a long day and just generally taking a break from life/school/work/everything. Thanks for keeping up for this! Happy birthday to Andrew and to your blog. And festivals are pretty awesome; you’re going to enjoy yourself. <3

👏 Happy birthday for your blog! That’s awesome 4 years. Hope you’re well. It feels good to run. Takes a lot to get started but like you said once you’re doing it, you can’t stop! I just got back into gyming myself. I love running on the treadmill. Trying to get into shape and fit for summer.

Awwww. Happy Birthday Heartdrops!
I’m so glad I didn’t miss this post. :D
How have you been Georgina? I’m staying up late to finally reply to comments. It is the drastic measure I have to take to fit it in.

I remember my first online class and having to post in a discussion board. I was kind of like, what? But it kind of made sense to me after awhile.

Congrats on running and not stopping. I’m trying to work my endurance up as well. I’m sure carrying my 15 pound backpack almost every day to the bus stop helps in some way.

I remember well most of your posts about Hey Geronimo. Hope you have a good time at the festival.

I never thought about how, if the seasons come at different time all around the world, daylight savings does too. Cool.

Well, the dishwasher is off, making the house really quiet. I better go empty it and the get my butt into bed. :D


Man that subject is pretty snurg, but I’m kind of glad this blog isn’t about geegs or something which is a nice change. :B

Glad you had a nice jog! :3
huzhuz, miniskirts /bounce :P


6 KM’s is brilliant :-D Go You!
Happy Birthday bloggy ♥
I am so hoping the weather is MUCH better this summer ..

Wish your blog a very happy belated 4th b’day!!!
How are you doing Georgie?
You like to run so much?
i prefer biking around… but these days I’ve kept it confined to my stationary bike…lolz.

Happy 4th birthday to your blog! ;)

6K is already very long for me. Congratulations on being able to do it. I’d like to try it some time. (Y)

Happy birthday to Heartdrops again!!

My mom has to do forum posts with references for her Masters course, too. She has to do two posts every single day and it takes her ages sometimes. I guess it’s a necessary evil, especially if you’re not in a class that exactly facilitates discussion in the classroom. Forum posts suck though. I hated having to do them in high school and in one of my classes my first semester of uni.

Festivals are the best. I think I actually like them better than straight-up concerts/shows/gigs. What more could you ask for than a full day of music? And festival tickets often do cost more, but in my opinion they are totally worth it because of how many bands you get to see and did I mention a full day of music?? /love

I’m sure that you’ll do just fine in your classes and that you’ll also do just fine (and be much happier) once you’re done with your degree.

Exercising is glorious! If only starting were easier! But partially because I’m determined to be more like you this year, I am much more motivated and active and spend less time on the Internet.

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Happy Birthday,! Have fun at the homeback festival! Even though I often have little (if anything) to comment on when you write about the gigs that you go to, I am always happy to see a post about a gig that you had fun at.

Just a short note for you, Georgie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEARTDROPS :D

Happy birthday to your blog! :D

And yeah, online class discussions are a pain. One of my professor says we have to post at least 5 times each week, BUT it hss to be on 3 different days. I am like GRAGH! Luckily, so far, none of my online professors demand us to post references on discussion posts; some people do, but most of us don’t, but we do put references in our actual assignments, LOL.

But I am sure you will be able to get the marks you want. Just continue to be active on the class discussion board.

You ran 6K? I think that’s great. I cannot run for the life of me, haha!

Happy Birthday to Heartdrops and to your friend!

I hope all of that posting raises your grade too. I haven’t had a course require that before, so it’s kind of weird to me that it’s such a big part of your grade.

Congrats on running 6km without stopping! I agree with the saying that it’s hard to start running. I stop running during the summer, and when I pick it back up in the fall, it feels so bad in the beginning. It does feel a lot better after the initial soreness and tiredness though :)

Ooh, that festival sounds exciting. I haven’t been to one either, even though my city has several big ones. I hope you guys have fun at it!

Happy Birthday your blog for a few days ago! :)
You reminded me to remember how old mine is, haha. :P
OMGOSH, be proud of yourself, because I can’t even run 10m without thinking ‘Perhaps this was not a good idea’, 😰 walking home, and eating a muffin.
I don’t mind walking, but I seriously detest running (unless in a sport or in a sort of ‘I want to release all my energy’ mood). Haha. 👏
And don’t get me started on work, either! I’m in sixth form and all this is ridiculous. Basically, I’m working to get to your position… of more working! /bash WHATTISTHIS? 😢
Well, I hope for all our sakes, that you get a pass next time round and we can all just sit on the sofa and do nothing. Hahaha. @_@

Happy birthday to your bloggy!

Congrats on running 6KM! I can’t run for my life! Why? I have big boobs, and they make it so hard for me to run. I jog, when I have too, but other than that, I just end up going for a jog. I do this, to avoid cars, and that tells me to go first before them. :).

Sorry, I haven’t been by in awhile. Been kinda out of it.I had the birth control shot done in my arm (why is beyond me…usually they give it in the toosh area), and thus leading for my hormones to be out of whack and misplaced. Almost like a ticking bomb waiting to be exploded. Not to mention the fact, that my dad was making it worse, when he would say he would show up and don’t.

Odie and I almost broke up, before our third month. I’m glad we worked it out. He knows, I can be some what of a hard head as can he. But, again worked it out and still going strong. I’m happy about this. But, as time progresses, we will more than likely reach our one year next year :). I can’t wait. :). His family already likes me (sorry I have to brag about that). And it feels good to have people caring for you that you know and loves you for who you are. I’ll let you know how things turn out between us. But, so far, still together and still growing strong!

How many years have you and James been together? I’ve lost count already! lol. Anyway, I’m glad you’re going to get to see some of your favorite bands. $99 for tickets aren’t that bad really. You’re lucky though, Meat loaf travels to Australia a LOT, and does a concert with the Melbourne Symphony orchestra. You’re lucky. :P.

Anyway, you take care, and have fun at the festival and concert :).

Happy birthday to your blog! And well done for running 6km, that is amazing. You must have a lot of stamina because I couldn’t run that much in one go. I also hate daylight savings when the nights start getting longer. I need my sunlight to stay sane. Don’t get me wrong, I protect myself from the sun and I don’t go out sunbathing on purpose, but I do need daylight in my life to keep the blues at bay. Anyway, I hope your university work is all good!