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Today is just a four-day week. In my state we have Friday and Monday off, because it’s Good Friday and Easter over the weekend, through to Easter Monday. I am completely looking forward to this weekend because I really need to catch up on some work, reading my favourite blogs (😢), and just having a break from university and work in large blobs. You have nooooooo idea.

I can’t really say I’m stressed, to be honest. I haven’t felt upset, or cried, or bothered, or wanted to scream at someone. Actually, maybe I have felt like screaming at someone, but it’s usually dissipated in a matter of minutes. Right now, I’m a little miffed at home-things – you know, parents, family, all that jazz. Mainly my mum not really dropping conversations past their use-by date. Sometimes she brings up things we’ve talked about and, truth be told, I don’t like that very much. Some things should be left in the dirt, where they were buried in the first place. Also, no one likes being reminded of the past sometimes. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you relate to the situation.

In this instance, let’s take my annoying hair. It’s thick, it can’t withstand a curl, it’s brown, it’s getting longer, it’s growing, it’s not really in need of a cut but it’s in need of a style. This is the thing I hate about hair and haircuts. I’m indecisive, I suck, I often hate my hair not long after I’ve cut it, then see an older photo of myself and miss the haircut I had before. Really stupid, really idiotic. By not withstanding a curl – I mean, I use the hottest setting on hot rollers, a curling iron, or a straightener, and my hair will not stay curly. Not even wavy. Also, I’m not getting a perm, no way.

For fourteen years of my life my hair was long and thin and went right down to my knees. Every day it was beautifully French braided. I can’t tell you how sick I got of it. I was sick of my French braids, alright, but I wasn’t sick of my hair. One day my mum decided to let me have my hair cut and coloured. I totally loved my awesome new hair. It had highlights, and was long, and pretty, and I had that haircut for maybe about a year. Ouch. After that year, I cut it into a shoulder-length sort of bob. I looked a bit hardcore, maybe. It suited my mildly punk look then, before I went punk? Hmm.

I found myself wanting long hair after that. I have to say that last year, getting hair like Ramona Flowers was really an idiotic thing to do, especially since I don’t get my hair cut much. I don’t know why haircuts for girls are so expensive. So slack, man – my dad gets $5 haircuts sometimes. However, recently, my mum made a new friend who owns a salon and her prices are pretty affordable. Affordable meaning we can go there every six weeks instead of visiting the bloody hairdresser once a year. My hair shall hopefully no longer suffer.

Well, it hasn’t suffered in the past year, really, but I guess I just want to make sure I make the right decision. (Tell that to my mum, she’ll flip. She thinks I don’t think I made bad choices.) I think maybe, since I had that hair for fourteen years, I’ll go back to keeping it long. So I’ll just get long layers, keep my fringe tolerable, and you know, be that bad chick and colour it red. /pow

I totally can’t wait until the four-day weekend. I will totally catch up on everything, just you watch me. And then, and then… next week will only have four days of work too. I like it, I like it. It’s like having a weekend the same duration as not only the work week before – but the work week after it. AHEE! /bounce

I took part in A Day in the Life yesterday. Basically, I took photos documenting my day. I haven’t ever done that before so take a look at A Day in the Life of Georgie. /eee

There used to be a link to a post on my old photoblog that had the original “A Day in the Life” post, unfortunately the photoblog does not exist anymore and as yet, I haven’t imported the post into this blog. (18/02/2018)

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I totally think you should cut your hair. :D I mean, its jsut hair, its grows back. :D

My hair was really long too. In 8th grade I decided to cut it and it hasnt been that long in years. I even cut it just above my shoulders. I really liked have my hair that short. Its alot easier to manage and takes less time to wash. :D

I havent had my hair cut in a long time, I really need one though. its down my back and its loaded with split ends ontop of slit ends.

hey, I’m first commenter! That’s a first. :D

Good for you that you have a four day week!
Have fun at Easter!

Well, I’ve never really had loooong hair as such… maximum length for my hair is below shoulder level… and they are wavy length wise and curl at the tips..I ♥ that! that’s the only thing I love about my hair! And prefer keeping them in a step cut…I can manage them in that way.
Even we had that problem of horribly high rates in those parlours, but then my mum found a salon which gives only hair cuts (any cut) at only Rs.99! that’s really good cuz I suffer from split ends! zI just have a side fringe and I’ve not coloured it! :P

So how are you?
I got sick of trying to chage the layout…hehe…got back to reviewing the books! have got two to three new book reviews! 👏

Man, you should get super long hair again. It’s so /love
but it must be a pain in the butt to wash /sweato

I hate it too when my mum drags something out of the dark and distant past. haha. nurg

I hope the weekend is good! /th


just having a break from university and work in large blobs

I read that as “large boobs” and nearly did a double-take! My eyes sure like to play tricks on me XD;;

But yay for a four-day week! I believe that every week needs to be a 3-day weekend. I’d totally work 10 hours a day for 4 days to have a 3-day weekend all the time.

Enjoy the break. You deserve it! :D

Georgina! I’m going to link you on my new blog, please do link back. Thank you <3

I might know how you feel a little bit…

I hope you get to unstress, or whatever it is that you’re feeling.

Enjoy the four-day weekend, though.

I totally hate you right now… four day weekends for Easter? Unfair! We only get Easter Monday off. In an effort to appeal to the employees, the company I work at generally does let people go home earlier than normal on Good Friday… but you can bet that everyone’s soooo motivated to work that day :P

I used to dread haircuts a LOT. I have curly hair, but not one of those thick huge heads full of corckscrews… but it’s not the civilized soft curly type either. So I generally just have it straightened and maybe put in some highlights when I go to the hair dresser. That’s one thing they never messed up so far.

At my school we get Saturday and Sunday off. You’re probably wondering what I mean by that, and well at my school we do have Saturday and Sunday classes. People insane enough to sign up for them get the weekend off. USA is secular so Easter isn’t important, apparently.

My mom disagrees with my choice in hairstyles. She likes the wavy parted-in-middle look, while I like having short hair and a fringe. I’ve never been able to grow my hair past halfway down my back so I’m wondering how your hair was so long and how you could’ve taken care of it! :P In high school I only wanted short hair because everyone had long hair, and now everyone has short hair and I miss longer hair again. My mom has just given up on my choices.

Yay! Same here in the Philippines. We have a loooooong weekend. I’m not enjoying it though… I wanna go out but most of the malls are closed yesterday and today. I hope tomorrow they’ll open so I can go out! /wave

I used to have long beautiful hair too. Just like you, I got tired of the long, black hair drama that I told my mom I want a new haircut and highlights as well. She approved having a haircut but not the highlights! Too bad. :(

I think you should cut your hair… for a new look’s sake! I also think it would look nice on you so why don’t you give it a try? (Y)

Wow, a four-day weekend is FANTASTIC! Even if you’re not feeling stressed, I’m sure any kind of break is welcome :D

I tend to have long hair as well, which I’ve grown down to my lower back before, but I’ve found it tiresome to maintain so I only grow it until the middle of my back. Lately, I’ve had the urge to just cut it short in a bob just to see what it looks like. I did it last month and I liked it! Sure, it makes me look like a 10-year-old, but hopefully a cute 10-year-old! :P I’ve yet to dye my hair, but I’d really like to try! I don’t know if I’d want to colorall of my hair, or just do highlights or tips… What do you do?

I did cut mine in a strange sort of bob with front tails – that was over a year ago and I totally regretted it. At least I know that if I ever get a haircut, that’s not the way to go. :P

Once I had a blonde underlay, leaving the rest of my hair its natural colour. I really liked that but I want something different now. At one point I had different coloured streaks, and there were many times I just did a full red head. :) I’ve never just done the tips. The underlay is more interesting!