Hi, I thought I’d blog. I was too tired to last night. My four-day weekend has started and I spent most of today replying to emails and browsing eBay. I can’t stop. I can’t get over how cheap jewellery is there, especially rings. I am only after fashion rings. You can get them pretty cheap at the market or when there are sales, ranging from $3 to $10. The annoying thing is that in a lot of the fashion jewellery stores, the jewellery is really expensive. It probably costs nearly $20 for one nice ring, whereas, if you look hard enough, you’ll find it online or in the market for a much cheaper price.

I was talking to Heza about rings today, and she told me that she hated adjustable rings and once a ring had actually cut her to the point where she was bleeding. Ouch. :( While I was complaining about my skinny fingers and not being able to find rings that fit, she couldn’t find larger rings for her bigger fingers. She definitely wasn’t after any adjustable ones. I don’t like adjustable ones either because sometimes they pinch the skin and they’re not all that comfortable. I also think it’s rather cheap to make them.

Most of the time when I go to the market, James knows I like to look at rings or jewellery, and I can’t find many rings that fit me. Most rings fit on my middle fingers, but are often rather loose. I’m usually after smaller rings for my ring fingers too. It’s not like I can gain weight on my hands. I have skinny fingers because I play the piano and probably because I’m a natural typist. Or maybe my fingers are just skinny, period.

Anyway, fashion jewellery is just that – it’s only for fashion, so you’re not meant to wear it in the bath or shower or wash your hands with it. I wash my hands after taking my rings off so I don’t damage the rings. I told Heza how much I hated Diva and their stupid jewellery that discoloured like hell. If there’s anything I hate about jewellery, it’s when it discolours and gets that disgusting tarnished smell of metal. As gorgeous as the word tarnished is, I hate when jewellery changes colour. It doesn’t help that Diva’s stupid care instructions say not to spray deodorant or perfume on the jewellery, and to lie them flat and not put them in water, when they change colour from you wearing them and having them attached to your skin. Stupid cheap fashion jewellery. /poo

I’ve been on eBay and realised I had 100 rings in my cart/watch list. How very idiotic of me. I know I’m not going to buy them all, but I watch or favourite things as fast as I run when I have five minutes to catch a train – and I just use it as a “look at this later” sort of thing. I find it rather useful, so I can later sort out my stuff. :P I really need to get off eBay. Really really.

Anyway, going back to the tarnished thing. I love words, and a couple of weeks ago I was looking up unique and unusual words. Words that were introduced to the language but perhaps rarely used, or used in a land far, far away, or used when people used to do their business in chamber pots. I sometimes spend my free time looking at words on The Phrontistery. It’s almost the equivalent of reading the dictionary, except it’s more fun. I feel incredibly dorky for looking up words like this. It’s not like I’ll be using such peculiar words in everyday language, but I have to admit, sometimes I wish slang was more in this direction.

It’s not every day you get to say you xertzed your voidee, either. ;)

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I remember when you found that site with the unique words because you tweeted some of them. I was reading them out of order in my timeline and thought you were quite clever in making up your own words, not knowing that the words were “real” words! Hahaha :P

I love fashion jewelry as well, but I don’t have many rings. My focus primarily runs in necklaces and earrings. It’s not unusual for some stores to heavily markup their fashion jewelry to fool their customers. I don’t like it. Mark it up if it’s quality jewelry and not the same sterling silver bit I could get at Forever 21 for $2. Lol. Don’t try to fool me! :P

I took jewelry classes a few years ago tolearn to make my own. I like to take pictures of jewelry that I like. Sometimes II recreate them or use the ideas as a base for my own spin on it. It’s fun tobeable to tailor them to go with what I have. Maybe you can try the same thing with rings, so you don’t get as frustrated with funding one in your size?

I wish I had a 4 day weekend!

It’s annoying to fall into an uncommon size. My fingers are small too. I had to send in both my engagement and wedding ring to get them sized down. My feet are also small, and I often can’t find the right size shoe.

Other than those 2 rings, I never really got into rings for some reason. I think I felt like they got in the way when I was playing violin, and now that I type a lot, they make my fingers feel uneven /sweat

Too much eBay. NGEO you. /bash

Ah, we’ll find something that fits you. :B


I love costume jewelry. It;s fun and funky. I rarely ever shop on eBay. I’m sure I’ve bought less than twenty things on there in the past… oh, however many years I’ve had an account. If you have any tips and tricks for buying on selling on eBay you should blog about them some day. I’m getting ready to buy a new phone on there but I’m a little nervous.

Ah, I’ve been looking at the pictures that you’ve posted on Instagram of your different rings! They are all so pretty & unique. Haha the word tarnished does sound nice and all but I hate when things get tarnished :[ I know you can usually get it off, but it still is bothersome. And browsing on eBay is so always so fun even though you usually don’t buy half of the stuff that you find on it XD

I only own two rings, one is an owl and one is a peacock, I used to wear them loads, but I don’t know. I do wear loads of braclets though. I hate not wearing my bracelets, I feel naked without them!

100 rings in your watch list? Hahaha that’s brilliant! Imagine if you did buy them all! That would be a lovely collection!

The word tarnished is lovely, but I hate it when jewelery tarnishes. At least metal jewelery tarnishes rather than smells though, My friend had a suedey braclet which got damp and then smelt really bad….

xertzed is a brilliant word. I’m going to use it more often!

Hmmm I love rings but I’m also really picky about them. I guess I’ve never had much trouble finding rings that fit, which helps. I’ve got rings to fit pretty much every finger!

And urgh yeah don’t go near diva. Not even warranting them a capital letter there, haha. Not even worth the “cheap” prices that aren’t even so cheap anyway.

Enjoy your 4 day weekend! Those breaks once in a while is marvelous considering how you’re working nonstop this whole time. Jewelery is such a hassle to purchase in stores, but it can be a good thing, only when you know who’s selling them at clearance.

Finding rings that fits is a hard mission. It’s either you’re too small or too big for them! Don’t forget, you have skinny fingers because you’re a female too. I noticed that most men have chubby-ish fingers. Genetics, I suppose?

Even if you don’t have contact with water, remember, sweat from your fingers can also damage the rings (not as fast, but gradually). You’re just window shopping for rings ;D! Eventually, you’ll have all of the rings you want. It takes time.

The last sentence threw me off! It’s amazing how there’s a lot of words out there that we don’t use every day. XD

It took a lot from those people to give a speech about their experience with cancer! It’s courage and determination that brought them up there, and we all live only once. We could make ourselves known with the time we have left :).

I’ve been wanting to start a ring collection for awhile now. I’m thinking about getting a prepaid credit card and starting with ebay. I’ve never done ebay purchasing before and I’ve never been much of a jewelry person.

Shopping is just fun in general. :)

I really like improving my vocabulary. That way I can join the party no matter who I’m hanging with.

you actually can gain weight in your hands. My HS class ring is a size 7, but my wedding ring is a 4. Granted I think my class ring was always a little big, it certainly wasn’t as big as it is now. Feet too. I went down two shoe sizes since HS, though I think one size has more to do with size inflation, my old shoes definitely are too big as well. I keep all my old HS stuff for use when I’m pregnant, lol.

Yeah, but anyway, I mostly only wear earrings. Earrings just kinda hang there and I don’t notice them, but everything else bothers me. It took me a long time to get used to my wedding/engagement rings and even now I take them off sometimes because they feel too tight or too loose.

online shopping can get addictive! i do the same thing too- add a bunch of clothes into my ‘cart’ online… it feels really like a rush ahhahah but of course i dont buy it all; everything in moderation or else my bank account is going to suffer!! jewelry seems to be priced overpriced quite frequently. hope you can get those sales on ebay!


So how was your four day week?
I’m not into buying too much of jewelry, As far as rings are concerned, I always wear a yellow sapphire gold ring… and I’ve one funky ring that I rarely wear. I’m more into earrings collection. I’ve not bought anything off ebay… My parents aren’t cool about buying anything online, though I’ve found some really great books online which I don’t find in book stores! *sigh!

But It seems like You are really addicted to ebay and all! XD
That dictionary thing sounds great1 i love learning new words! off to that site now! TC Georgie!