Delicious Sashimi

No, nothing to do with sashimi, actually, though I really dig that stuff.

The Easter weekend is over, I’m no less tired than I was when it started, but I did have a much needed break. I would say that full-time work is killing me! – but it’s not. I’m enjoying it. I’m finding just the right amount of time to do my assignments, having finished my macro/micro analysis with a beautiful long reference list. I’m pretty proud of it. I must say, I’ve learned quite a bit about JavaScript and its history, though I’m still not convinced that PHP is easy. I do like the way WordPress makes it look easy with their comprehensive guide – I wish that more tutorials on the web would be a bit more considerate of n00bs out there who are really new to something. Sometimes you just have to assume your reader doesn’t know anything when you write a tutorial, because it’s better than them actually feeling dumb for not understanding something. :X

For years I had been tweeting links to websites I thought were great. I love sharing things. Last week I decided to get a Delicious account, and I chose the username sashimi for my love of sashimi and simply because of its correlation with the Delicious service itself. I have been finding many useful articles and other resources which I have been adding there, along with other websites I’m interested in. I don’t really bookmark things in my browser because it ends up being full of Doctor Who images and other Doctor Who related stuff, so anything else gets lost in there. :P As I mentioned, I tweeted things, but I couldn’t really keep track of them because I use Twitter daily and those links also get lost.

What I love though, is that my friend Kiri tends to favourite all my tweets that happen to link to interesting articles, tools or tutorials relating to web design. One day I’ll really just have to go through all of her favourites and find those links. I know other people keep their bookmarks well organised in their browser, but sometimes you just need something else. There are endless services out there like Digg and Diigo… and loads more, that take care of your bookmarks, but I turned to Delicious because it was popular and seemed easy to use in comparison to others.

In terms of my build-a-WordPress-plugin project, I haven’t gone very far. :( I have been rather busy but I did manage to get some PHP code working to connect to a dummy database and display some content from it. Hoooray! Sorry, no demo as it’s on my local server. I’m getting different content to load when different links are clicked, but I’m struggling with writing the proper PHP. At the moment I’m using separate pages for separate pieces of content, which is really a horrid way to do it. I have to get some variables going, methinks.

I just thought about how handy it would be to make a simple shopping cart. I wanted to sell handmade jewellery last year (or even the year before, sheesh, it’s been a while), but I didn’t go ahead with it because I wasn’t sure how to deal with the orders and I didn’t want to learn something new, use another service, or deal with it manually. I guess it’s something I can look into perhaps for a side project. It would make orders or requests for anything a breeze. I’m aware that there are some web designers and graphic designers who take requests for custom designs and I can see how that might help them too.

I’m not sure if my project is steering in a different direction, but as of now my goal is still to create a working WordPress plugin, of sorts, if I can’t get my initial thing to work.

Did anyone go to the Easter show for Easter? I looked at the showbag website and it’s horrible. You can’t search for showbag contents, you can’t view a list of showbags all on one page without images, you can only see showbags from a drop-down menu… that needs a redesign. Ugh.

I’m tired. I can’t wait until the study break, really. I’m going to haul everything together and do a lot of work… and I really miss having the time to read everyone’s blogs. :(

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PHP… I will stick to HTML and CSS, thank you. xD; The hopping cart would work, but I think it would be better if you familiarise with it first before making one and putting it to use – maybe use it on another website for a client or something? I don’t know. ^^; Good luck though!

I stayed home all throughout the weekend. I’m still not keen enough to go to the Easter Show – it’s too expensive, and I had work to be done anyway hahah… Ah, uni… /sigh

What’s Sashimi?

Oh hey if you know javascript… you can help me! actually I’m trying to learn both Javascript and core JAVA… and I really need some help!
Is javascript easy to learn if you are good at C and C++. I’ve absolutely no problem with coding in either of those too… plz do reply!

Well looks like it’s helpful to have a delicious account!

Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy made from fish and served in slices.

I plan to learn Javascript, I don’t know much about it right now. If you know C and C++, Javascript should not be hard to learn. It is going to be difficult for me because I do not have background in either. If you search for tutorials on the internet they should be easy to find. I can’t help you very much there.

ohk thanks…
So sashimi is sweet or something?

Wow…. just looking at PHP code make me really confused, I can’t even imagine trying to learn and write my own!! Good luck with that, Georgie! :D

I try to keep my Bookmarks very organized on my computer, making sections and stuff, but since getting my iMac I haven’t had the time to do that just yet… everything’s in one big folder O_O

I LOVE SASHIMI too… but only the salmon kind and maybe the shrimp kind. Every thing else is yuck to me. I remember going to this sushi place and I said – go ahead, surprise me. There was this brain looking creature on my plate. Needless to say, I was turned off for a while LOL.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to sell stuff too but for me, it’s more of meeting the demand and also production of the items. I might end up being in the hole vs. making a profit at the end of the day so I decided to forgo the idea.

Good luck to you though!

Your picture with this post looks delicious! Nom nom nom. I want sashimi now!

I used to use Delicious a while back, but then discovered that a lot of sites did not have a proper Delicious button for me to press! Everyone seemed to have Facebook and StumbleUpon buttons, though. At the moment I’m thinking of using Tumblr to collect all the amusing things I find on the Internet into one spot, except that’d turn into robots playing ocarinas and flutes… :P

I have only seen one or two sites put up a handmade jewelry store with online ordering. I would be extremely scared to write anything that handled online orders for security issues. But since you probably know what you’re doing, I’d love to see you try it!

But Georgie has enough to do already, so you should get sleep before taking on more projects.

Never cared much for japanese cuisine but I’m glad that you love it so much and that you’re not having a hard time at work.

Not many people enjoy the busy time that they get. I’m glad that you found the time that you need to do everything which is amazing. Again, not many people get that or have that chance. Lol

Sashimi! That’s the name of our hermit crab. She’s a bit of a weirdo, but we named her after our favorite food since we didn’t know she was a she and I was never found of gendered names.

You learning PHP sounds harder than me learning Japanese, but I guess like Japanese is my major working with these things is your forte. Really, it’s amazing that you’ve got all this knowledge. I only know CSS & HTML, but I’ve never tried to keep learning more. So much for a hobby!

As for tutorials I’m learning from your tutorials right now and once summer break comes around I hope to have learned a lot from you. Your tutorials explain things clearly, and I appreciate that!



So I am back. For the time being. Happy Easter to you too. I am not a Christian but I go (ouch, went) to a Christian school so I know a little. I remember how fun it used to be, getting a much-needed break in the middle of a hectic schedule. I have been free for a long time now, and I actually miss homework now that school is over. :)

The website looks lovely…your best layout yet! Or at least, counting the ones I have seen. The fonts and colours are soft and gorgeous.

Have a nice day. :)

After a spring break last week I’m even more tired because I went out to have fun every day. I really just need a break where I don’t have to worry about schoolwork and honestly a week where teachers pile work on you doesn’t count. Do you have an autumn break in master’s degree? You seem to be handling full time work very well. From talking to my brother I’ve been afraid of full-time work and study but I guess it depends on the job. If you get a job that requires you to do stuff outside of work hours, like my brother’s job, then it would be tough to handle along with study.

I often hate reading online tutorials because they assume I’m not a noob. If I wasn’t a noob why would I refer to a tutorial? :P

Haha my bookmarks are full of K-pop articles … I suck at life. I’ve never seen a link to a website that you tweeted. And I’ve been following you for more than a year! I guess I haven’t really gone on Twitter much lately.

No one’s blaming you if you don’t have the plugin for show and tell, hehe. I’ll be excited to see what you do. I’m not very informed in the plugins department.

I’m shortening the reply because I now know how hard it is to get so many long comments. Even 3 is hard to reply to haha. :P

It’s definitely NOT an American thing. I don’t know a thing about American media in the first place and based on the past when I did, Koreans or any Asians were always portrayed as losers. I was refering to Korean media, such as Korean dramas. The leading male character is always this guy of perfection, and angelic, one drama the girl said “I think I saw an angel”. Even in K-pop the boys are always so good looking from either surgery or makeup or both. But in real life not all Korean boys are so good looking.

Might’ve been confusing to readers but people who are so omgosh about having a Korean boyfriend know that I’m refering to Korean media. Sorry about the confusion on your case, haha.

Were your friends in high school Korean, or Korean Australian? There’s a huge difference. After getting westernized they wouldn’t care so much about appearance anymore. My best guy friend is a Korean American and he’s not as concerned about appearance as my cousin or my boyfriend.

I don’t think most girls are so concerned about appearance. I don’t think a t-shirt and shorts, like what some people wear when they’re lazy, is an appropriate outfit for anything situation unless it’s a PE uniform.

I meant I have the same (or similar) schedule as you and I don’t even have work, not minus the work, sorry. Although I don’t have class for that many hours, my day adds up to be about 12 hours unless I skip a class. I guess I can be spending some of that time doing homework but it’s really difficult. I need better concentration like I get at home. So I’m usually stuck all weekend doing homework.

Even though it hasn’t refreshed you in the way you expected, I’m glad you got your break! I’m sure it was really benificial to you!

I liked your analysis! The reference list was big! It was really well written though, and neat. PHP is NPT easy! I got a book out once to learn it and I can’t understand it at all! I think you’re a genius for being able to do any php! I didn’t realise so many people used wordpress. Don’t get me wrong, I knew it was popular but jeez!

I don’t bookmark anything. I’ve had this laptop for a year now and I’ve bookmarked 3 pages. I don’t know why, because I always get fustrated when I can’t find something. I might make a delicious account too!

Best of luck with your wordpress plug in! I agree, a simple cart is needed. I did a website for my theatre and I had to install about 5 different plugins to get a ticket booking system up, but it was so complicated to then update I just ended up using ticketsource instead…..the lazy way out!

Take care xx

Why hello there Georgina! It sure looks like you are making progress with all this web stuff — whereas I have probably hit a road bump. I’m sure you’ll make a great WordPress plugin! What is it you plan to draft up though? :D

Handmade jewelry is a wonderful idea too — you’d have many competitors, as with any business out there, but if your stuff is good and you’re an approachable seller people will tend to like you. :)

I’m glad you enjoyed Easter :D

I know several other programming languages, but when it comes to PHP, I still have to look up references all the time. I just find PHP to be ugly and… unnatural? Even though I use it on my sites, I’m not a big fan of it =/

I know a lot of people on Delicious, but I don’t have an account. I should probably look into it though. My bookmarks differ depending on which browser or computer I’m on, so it’s annoying to keep track XD;;

Good luck with your plugin project!

I hate tutorials that miss out valuable information. If find this a huge problems with Photoshop since I’m not very use to the layout of the program and I don’t know where all the icons are or what they mean.

I could do with getting a Delicious account. My bookmarks are a mess and just full of things my mum bookmarked when she used my laptop.

It must be unbelievable complicated to code a plugin. I’ve looked at the code for some of the plugins I have installed but they just seem confusing. I guess the first time I looked at HTML I though that. Best of luck with the project. :D

By the way, I have moved my blog to I was having too many problems with Imperfect Angel and I much prefer owning my own domain.

Ahhh I spy some grammar/nerdy English stuff in your Delicious bookmarks 8D Ahahaha I should probably utilize my Delicious for things like that it mostly only has fanfiction oTL. /goes off to stalk your bookmarks

Jealous that you can make a WordPress plugin (not like I’ll even try, haha /o). Damn. I’ll totally use it when you’re done :D

Ah PHP I tried to teach myself that but because of work I haven’t had a chance to get back into it. I know a bit of javascript but still confuses me at times. Good luck with the learning! I tried Sashimi when I went to Japan, I thought it was ok but I’m not that big of a fan of raw food. Hope you had a nice Easter! Good luck with the plugin project :)

I couldn’t agree more- I HATE it when tutorials I find on the Internet are so difficult to understand with all the big terms and strange-sounding words. Seriously, if people who need to read the tutorial are already pros, why the heck do they even need to find tutorials to help themselves in the first place??? Anyway I really like your wordpress tutorials because they’re clear and easy to understand. :-)

Oh and actually I’m running my own online business but I don’t ever write about it on my blog because i don’t really want people to know that I run a business. I don’t use any shopping cart tool/script or whatever and I take orders manually through email. May be a little confusing though if there are too many orders.

Aaaaaaaand I love sashimi.

There is a plugin I know that offers shopping cart though, but I’m not sure if it works. I tried it – but failed. I tried to make one my own – but then again failed. Good luck again. Haha!

Any I personally don’t know the use of Delicious accounts, not after reading this blog posts. Now I know. :D