Delicious Sashimi

No, nothing to do with sashimi, actually, though I really dig that stuff.

The Easter weekend is over, I’m no less tired than I was when it started, but I did have a much needed break. I would say that full-time work is killing me! – but it’s not. I’m enjoying it. I’m finding just the right amount of time to do my assignments, having finished my macro/micro analysis with a beautiful long reference list. I’m pretty proud of it. I must say, I’ve learned quite a bit about JavaScript and its history, though I’m still not convinced that PHP is easy. I do like the way WordPress makes it look easy with their comprehensive guide – I wish that more tutorials on the web would be a bit more considerate of n00bs out there who are really new to something. Sometimes you just have to assume your reader doesn’t know anything when you write a tutorial, because it’s better than them actually feeling dumb for not understanding something. 😢

For years I had been tweeting links to websites I thought were great. I love sharing things. Last week I decided to get a Delicious account, and I chose the username sashimi for my love of sashimi and simply because of its correlation with the Delicious service itself. I have been finding many useful articles and other resources which I have been adding there, along with other websites I’m interested in. I don’t really bookmark things in my browser because it ends up being full of Doctor Who images and other Doctor Who related stuff, so anything else gets lost in there. πŸ˜› As I mentioned, I tweeted things, but I couldn’t really keep track of them because I use Twitter daily and those links also get lost.

What I love though, is that my friend Kiri tends to favourite all my tweets that happen to link to interesting articles, tools or tutorials relating to web design. One day I’ll really just have to go through all of her favourites and find those links. I know other people keep their bookmarks well organised in their browser, but sometimes you just need something else. There are endless services out there like Digg and Diigo… and loads more, that take care of your bookmarks, but I turned to Delicious because it was popular and seemed easy to use in comparison to others.

In terms of my build-a-WordPress-plugin project, I haven’t gone very far. 😞 I have been rather busy but I did manage to get some PHP code working to connect to a dummy database and display some content from it. Hoooray! Sorry, no demo as it’s on my local server. I’m getting different content to load when different links are clicked, but I’m struggling with writing the proper PHP. At the moment I’m using separate pages for separate pieces of content, which is really a horrid way to do it. I have to get some variables going, methinks.

I just thought about how handy it would be to make a simple shopping cart. I wanted to sell handmade jewellery last year (or even the year before, sheesh, it’s been a while), but I didn’t go ahead with it because I wasn’t sure how to deal with the orders and I didn’t want to learn something new, use another service, or deal with it manually. I guess it’s something I can look into perhaps for a side project. It would make orders or requests for anything a breeze. I’m aware that there are some web designers and graphic designers who take requests for custom designs and I can see how that might help them too.

I’m not sure if my project is steering in a different direction, but as of now my goal is still to create a working WordPress plugin, of sorts, if I can’t get my initial thing to work.

Did anyone go to the Easter show for Easter? I looked at the showbag website and it’s horrible. You can’t search for showbag contents, you can’t view a list of showbags all on one page without images, you can only see showbags from a drop-down menu… that needs a redesign. Ugh.

I’m tired. I can’t wait until the study break, really. I’m going to haul everything together and do a lot of work… and I really miss having the time to read everyone’s blogs. 😞

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