I will follow you into the dark

I’m typing this blog post on my iPad, listening to post-rock music in the dark while I sit – or slouch, really – in bed with my headphones over my ears. I’m wearing marshmallow socks – that is, fluffy socks, and they’re yellow – and I’m wearing a big red hoodie.

It’s cold. And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that the weekend is nearly here. Because of Easter, Monday was a public holiday, and I didn’t work or have class until Tuesday. On Tuesday I finished all the class work in ten minutes. It was very easy and involved some simple PHP that I was already familiar with. I left class early.

Yesterday, I didn’t go to class. I went straight home and picked at the code for that idiotic PHP shopping cart. I just can’t get it right. Once I’d figured out something small I just let it go and went to sleep. It doesn’t help that I get home at around seven-thirty most days; sometimes later. By the time I shower and eat dinner it’s nearly nine, leaving just an hour to brush my teeth and do any homework for the next day.

But I’m not really complaining. I’m not stressing out, though that shopping cart has been driving me mad and I hope I get it all done and fixed by Sunday at 11:59pm. That’s when it’s due and I suppose I’m glad the weekend is nearly here so that I can work on it.

Earlier tonight I had a class on business process modeling. I regret doing a business-related subject. It is the most boring subject I’ve ever done and to be honest, information goes in one ear and out the other. My lecturer is great though. He explains well and he isn’t boring. He jokes from time to time and he answers questions and relates things to everyday situations. It’s a shame the subject is so dull.

Mid next week my study break starts. I am looking forward to it for so many reasons… I mean, I get to have a break, above all. I get to catch up on all my assignments. I am really looking forward to that. :) I still have to go to work, but that’s okay. I probably have a bit more time to read blogs and blog and photoblog myself. :)

I guess I just need a break. I’ll be happy when I figure out that PHP shopping cart thing, really I will. Wish me luck.

I’ve decided that tomorrow I’ll be taking photos to document my day again. I’m just doing it for fun this time, to make up for the lack of photos on my photoblog in the part week.

I guess I’ll go to bed now, goodnight. /eee

Hmm. My iPad still doesn’t have a name, so I think I’ll be spontaneous and call him Kevin, after one of my favourite musicians, Kevin Mitchell.

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Kevin is a nice name for the iPad! I hope you get your well-deserved break soon! it seems you are always working. Even I don’t like business related stuff!

Hey Georgie!! Honestly; I can’t understand how you could do so much, work and go to school. That’s really amazing! I’m just having trouble passing my color theory class. Which I’m passing with an 86 %. B! I’m so happy.

But, you’ll eventually get that shopping cart project done in time. I just know you will and have faith you will get it done in time to turn it in. You probably are just worn out, from doing so much of that coding, and you’re probably just a little tired of doing it. I don’t blame you. I’d be tired of it all too. But, that’s just my opinion. You could possibly take a break and do a cool down, than come back to it. That’s how it’s usually done in our English class. :).

Well; I need to get off my arse, and actually write a comment back and actually blog and do a photojournal layout. I hope to hear from you soon! I’ve just been so busy, with revising my homework for my color theory class and what not. You know how that goes since you’re in college/university as well.

Georgie, you need a vacation I think! You work so hard all the time, and manage so many things so well. I admire you a lot for it, and I say that knowing that I’ve said it many times before. You’re awesome. Keep on rocking life!

I’m not sure I would call Death Cab for Cutie post-rock, but hey.

My study break starts Tuesday, as you know, and you don’t even want to hear the list of things I have to finish before then. Then, a week from Tuesday I have three exams and another the next day, THEN MY SEMESTER WILL BE OVER BITCH FUCK YES. Sorry. My spring class starts 1st May, though. :(

We can both make it. And of course, seventy-one items, babe.

I wasn’t calling them post-rock. I was listening to Fightstar. :P

Ohhh. ‘Cause the title, you know. :P

It sounds like the cart is causing you some hassle. I’m sure you’ll get it sored though! Don’t stress out about it, it’ll be fine!

It’s a shame you don’t like your business class, but at least you have a nice teacher! It would be worse if he was really boring,

I hope you enjoy your study break, it’s such a good feeling when you get all of your assignments done.

Hahaha, Kevin is my dad’s name, but it actually suits an iPad =]

You need a good sleep!
And relax a bit :)

Wow, sounds like a difficult project! Of course you’re not going to let that beat you; you’re Georgina who accomplishes great things on the interwebs and beyond. ;)

Kevin sounds like a very professional name for an iPad if you ask me. I have a Galaxy Tab and he is called Andy Ray, based off the fact that he runs on Android. Kind of corny so I simply refer to him as “my tab.” Besides I no longer consider a masculine name befitting, seeing as he has been dressed in a very feminine-looking pink case for several months now. I would have renamed him Tabitha, too bad that name is taken by my 3-year-old pen tablet.

I hope you figure out your PHP shopping cart and get it done in time! I think programming is frustrating when things don’t work, but it’s such a great feeling when you figure it out XD I love seeing a completed program.

I think I would be bored in a business-related class too, since it doesn’t really interest me. It’s good that the lecturer is interesting at least!

I hope you figure out your PHP Shopping Cart code. I hate PHP sometimes, it is fustrating.

Oh, man, a PHP shopping cart …? That’s top tier difficulty in my books! :X I think it’s amazing you’re even considering taking on the task, personally — I can barely fix instances of open paragraph tags nowadays, as you know! XD Oh, man.

Here’s to hoping that you’re managing everything without TOO much trouble … Although going by your latest Tweets, it still sounds pretty rough. I’m sorry. Many hugs being sent your way! ♥

PS: So glad you’ve still been blogging even after all this time I’ve been gone! For some reason it makes me so happy and comfortable to just come back here and start commenting again. /heart

2012-04-16 01:24:28′, ‘Yay for the break, I’ve just started working after a break so I know all too well that ‘needabreakneedabreak’ feeling 😴 :( .

Thanks for the comment
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Don’t worry, your break is coming!