Never gonna give you up

I like Rick Astley. Feel free to rickroll me any time. πŸ˜‰ Especially when you’re running on two hours of sleep and you’ve been up for sixteen hours. Really, really uncool.

I’m pretty tired, that’s a given. I was up until 5:00am this morning. Five. Ay. Em. I usually drop dead at around 2:00am on most days, but lately I’ve been finding that I can stay up really late without feeling tired. A couple of weeks ago I didn’t sleep until 4:00am because I wasn’t tired at all. I have, however, been sleeping early on some days – sleeping at around ten at night. I think it’s the fact that I’m sleeping really early that leaves me staying up late the next night, because I have a bit more energy. I am totally going to crash on the weekend, just you wait…

I was up until 5:00am this morning because I was working on that PHP shopping cart I mentioned in my last post. I had to because it was due at midnight. I did finish it before midnight and it was functioning okay, but there were still bugs in the script. The assignments are submitted via a form, and you just type in your student details and the URL to the shopping cart. I did that on time, but it looked messy. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to web design and code. Things just have to be neat. If there’s one little thing wrong, I honestly can’t sleep on it until I fix the problem.

So many times I’ve left work with my brain racked up in a whirl, because it was time to go home and I didn’t quite figure out a script or a piece of code or part of a layout. I just can’t leave things half-done, or unfinished. It’s probably why I like breaking things up into manageable goals and writing to-do lists like mad.

You can view my shopping cart but keep in mind that it’s just a prototype and not actually a real shop. You can add items to the cart, you can delete and update the amount of items, and you can check out and put in your details. If anyone checks out with the form, I’ll know they tried checking out the dummy products, because I get an email notification of the person’s order. I also set it up so that the customer receives an email as well. It’s a pretty nifty script and I’m pretty proud of how I got it to work. It’s hosted on my university’s server and I had to use the iframes and imagemap – that wasn’t my choice. I’m still happy with the way it works. At least I’ll have a basic idea of how to make one if I ever want to sell anything. I know there are simple shopping cart scripts out there, but it was nice to have a go at making my own.

It did leave me very frustrated with the problems but I’m glad they’re over now. I can’t believe I spent five hours after midnight fixing the images, styling and debugging it. I figured that I did submit my assignment on time but I can still technically update my files and make changes. πŸ˜› I was so close to giving up near the end but I’m glad I didn’t, because in the end I’m happy with the result even though it’s not perfect.

This week is supposed to be my study break week, but I have two classes this week and a presentation to give on Friday. Bleh. I’m glad that I still have less classes than usual, though. Any smaller workload is nice after a hectic weekend. πŸ™‚

James and Lilian bumped into each other on the train this morning – James sent me a text message to let me know. I was running late because I didn’t get enough sleep… and I really didn’t want to rush. I sent my boss a text message and he actually said to me “Sleep in!” 😴 I was already on my way so I power-napped on the train. I was on a different train on a different train line, and I arrived at one of the train stations near my workplace, when I saw Lilian and James walking down the stairs. I quickly got out of my seat and ran off the train. 🌹

It was good to see Lilian again – I hadn’t seen her in half a year or something. I can’t keep track – all I know is that we only get to see each other about twice a year.

Earlier this evening when James was dropping me off at home, he backed his car up in the driveway and hit our car. πŸ™ I warned him the car was close to the entrance to the driveway so to be careful, but he still hit the back of the car. Luckily the damage wasn’t significant; just a bit of paint scratched off. My mum wasn’t too pleased; she wondered why he didn’t just drive nose-first into the driveway, and he said it would be easier to get out of the driveway if he parked rear end in. It makes sense but my mum thinks that it’s easier to exit by reversing out of the driveway because you have a lot of road to move onto – compared to trying to reverse into a driveway. /confu

My dad didn’t mind; he’s scratched our own car several times himself, heh.

Man, I can’t wait until the weekend. Again. Because weekends just frigging rock. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down… 😁 Man, I love this song.

Also, I updated my about Georgie page. ☺️

Georgie logging.

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