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Health discusses everything health, though mostly related to my personal life. I have had a countless amount of health issues related to my digestive system and mental illness.

One issue is my twelve-year battle with high cholesterol despite being extremely thin. I was constantly told that genetics did not contribute to my condition. I tried so many diets to reduce my cholesterol levels, but to no avail. Visiting a new doctor in 2013 led me to discover that my condition was indeed genetic, and I was put on medication.

My second issue is related to depression, which I suffered since 2004. I went through bouts of being suicidal, and self-harmed a lot of the time. I visited a counsellor in 2008, and began taking medication in 2011. I stopped in 2013, feeling a lot better.

Occasionally, I still get anxious, and there are times I have been extremely stressed and on edge. The last time I recall feeling suicidal was in late 2013, whereupon I called a friend to talk to. It was the first time in about a year that I had had thoughts of suicide.

At this time when my mental health is at a low, I wanted to write about how we can reduce the stigma around mental health and how we can explain it to people who may have misconceptions about it. Mindsets can change and people’s mental health can definitely improve.

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From what people see of me in real life, or in photos I post, I have a slim, relatively well-proportioned body that many women would kill to have.

But like many other people, I have not always been comfortable with my body and my physical health, and to get it to the state it’s in now and feel good about it has taken me a very long time.

In this post, I write about the struggles I went through and how I shaped into the more positive person I am today.

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I dealt with some super annoying traffic this morning.

I visited the doctor to get my sore throat checked out. It’s not fun when you have a sore throat three times in a month: the first time developing into a violent cold, the second time blasting your voice out of existence, and the third time you are determined to get it to piss off. Apart from finding out I have pharyngitis, I also found out something else more interesting!

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I haven’t been this sick in a while, living off green tea, hot soup and crackers because I don’t have much of an appetite. It also feels sort of lonely.

I had a cough after my presentation last week (thank goodness it was after my presentation), and over the weekend I felt lethargic even though my sore throat disappeared, but the other day I woke up with a horrid cold. I hadn’t slept well and I woke up because I was unable to breathe through my nostrils.

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It’s not every day you decide to use organic, all-natural shampoo, so when Nick decided to try Hanz de Fuko’s products, I thought the shampoo smelled so good (well, obviously from smelling his hair, hahaha), so I tried it over my Palmolive-whatever-it-was.

The fact that all their hair products use natural plant extracts and smelled so good was very appealing. I have heard all too much about sodium lauryl sulfate in most shampoos being bad for your scalp, too.

The main issues I have had with my hair – because I colour/dye it at least three times a year – include dry split ends and dandruff. My dandruff used to be very bad until I decided to remedy the issue by using the ‘no-poo’ method, ie. skipping the shampoo and using only conditioner. I have always used conditioner, but I read that conditioner does just as good a job of cleaning as shampoo does, without drying out your scalp. Of course you get the added benefit of soft hair too.

I borrowed Nick’s shampoo and conditioner one time to try it out.

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