Zombies with hair

I really need to start sleeping earlier. I do during the week, but sometimes I just don’t feel tired and I feel energetic and motivated at night. This is a huge change from last year, when I used to be so irritable at night – didn’t want to talk to anyone, didn’t want to do anything, but didn’t want to sleep.

I’ve never been much of a nocturnal person, given my irritability at night. Since taking antidepressants I believe it’s changed my moods at night, but that’s not to say I don’t need my sleep. I still wake up maybe once or twice in the middle of the night, but it’s usually because I need the toilet. I never used to wake up so easily with a need to use the toilet… usually I just woke up when I needed to, and then went. But now it looks like I’m conscious of my bodily needs when I’m sleeping, hah.

Now I can’t say I’ve had an awesome day, but for some reason, staying up until 3:00am or some ridiculous hour seemed rather appealing to me. The idea of watching videos and reading blogs or reading a book in the quiet hours past midnight seemed very, very peaceful.

That was five minutes ago, before I felt myself yawning. Okay, damn, looks like I’m tired after all and I need to crash. I’ve been working this week and that means getting up early, and while I’m pretty groggy on the train, I focus pretty easily at work and I don’t get off task. Now, if only the same thing happened at home.

So a couple of days ago I thought I’d finally do something about all the junk on my desk. I put all the unnecessary things into a box, which included a lot of keyrings and photographic film canisters (they are good for storing things, really). I think they served as distractions so I put them all away. It feels nice to have a much cleaner desk. At work I have a rather clean desk but maybe one day I’ll introduce some zen and put a Venus flytrap by the window. I’m just kidding. 😛

My dad recently cleaned the bathroom and fixed up the gaps and spaces between the tiles with grout – just your regular construction material for filling in gaps. We’ve lived in the same house since I was three years old and he does this every few years. Unfortunately, last week, when he cleaned the tiles and left it for 48 hours, all the dried grout had just fallen off as soon as he used the shower. My mum said the grout he was using must have been ten years old and not fit to use. Whoops.

During that time we used the laundry shower. Our laundry is separate from our house, but it’s not like an outhouse. It’s still a part that’s connected to our house, but to get in there you have to walk outside and enter the laundry. The wall on the main part of the house that connects to the laundry has our television against it. When I was much younger I remember asking my mum why we couldn’t just make a hole in the wall so we wouldn’t have to go outside the house to use the laundry. It’s probably a bit odd, but even though we don’t use our laundry shower, I probably prefer it to the one in the house.

My mum also bought me a new hairbrush. Those who know me quite well will know that I don’t brush my hair. It started when I was perhaps twelve years old, and grew sick of French braiding my hair so I just tied it up or tossed it in a bun. I was the girl who never brushed her hair.

One girl at school was jealous; she didn’t believe me that my hair could be so “perfect” when I woke up and I wouldn’t need to brush it. Blessed, I guess? ☺️ Still, I’ve learned over the years that just because you’re blessed with something doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. I think that your blessings have a way of coming back at you – the same way I got top marks in mathematics up until I was 14, then just went downhill.

Took my natural intelligence for granted and it obviously came back to bite me in the ass. A bit like I ran out of that power. Similarly, my hair wasn’t going to be beautiful forever, and when I got that nasty asymmetrical haircut at the end of 2010, it grew out horridly.

I’ve decided to use my hairbrush this time. 🙂 Today I thought I’d be a badass though, and cut my own hair. It had been growing really long at the front, and while I’m trying not to get my hair cut into a new style, I am allowing it to be trimmed when necessary. Having to constantly sweep my hair out of my eyes bothered me so I got the scissors and hacked at my fringe. I don’t think I cut enough, but it’s enough to be back to how it was before. 😁

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