Zombies with hair

I really need to start sleeping earlier. I do during the week, but sometimes I just don’t feel tired and I feel energetic and motivated at night. This is a huge change from last year, when I used to be so irritable at night – didn’t want to talk to anyone, didn’t want to do anything, but didn’t want to sleep.

I’ve never been much of a nocturnal person, given my irritability at night. Since taking antidepressants I believe it’s changed my moods at night, but that’s not to say I don’t need my sleep. I still wake up maybe once or twice in the middle of the night, but it’s usually because I need the toilet. I never used to wake up so easily with a need to use the toilet… usually I just woke up when I needed to, and then went. But now it looks like I’m conscious of my bodily needs when I’m sleeping, hah.

Now I can’t say I’ve had an awesome day, but for some reason, staying up until 3:00am or some ridiculous hour seemed rather appealing to me. The idea of watching videos and reading blogs or reading a book in the quiet hours past midnight seemed very, very peaceful.

That was five minutes ago, before I felt myself yawning. Okay, damn, looks like I’m tired after all and I need to crash. I’ve been working this week and that means getting up early, and while I’m pretty groggy on the train, I focus pretty easily at work and I don’t get off task. Now, if only the same thing happened at home.

So a couple of days ago I thought I’d finally do something about all the junk on my desk. I put all the unnecessary things into a box, which included a lot of keyrings and photographic film canisters (they are good for storing things, really). I think they served as distractions so I put them all away. It feels nice to have a much cleaner desk. At work I have a rather clean desk but maybe one day I’ll introduce some zen and put a Venus flytrap by the window. I’m just kidding. :P

My dad recently cleaned the bathroom and fixed up the gaps and spaces between the tiles with grout – just your regular construction material for filling in gaps. We’ve lived in the same house since I was three years old and he does this every few years. Unfortunately, last week, when he cleaned the tiles and left it for 48 hours, all the dried grout had just fallen off as soon as he used the shower. My mum said the grout he was using must have been ten years old and not fit to use. Whoops.

During that time we used the laundry shower. Our laundry is separate from our house, but it’s not like an outhouse. It’s still a part that’s connected to our house, but to get in there you have to walk outside and enter the laundry. The wall on the main part of the house that connects to the laundry has our television against it. When I was much younger I remember asking my mum why we couldn’t just make a hole in the wall so we wouldn’t have to go outside the house to use the laundry. It’s probably a bit odd, but even though we don’t use our laundry shower, I probably prefer it to the one in the house.

My mum also bought me a new hairbrush. Those who know me quite well will know that I don’t brush my hair. It started when I was perhaps twelve years old, and grew sick of French braiding my hair so I just tied it up or tossed it in a bun. I was the girl who never brushed her hair.

One girl at school was jealous; she didn’t believe me that my hair could be so “perfect” when I woke up and I wouldn’t need to brush it. Blessed, I guess? /eee Still, I’ve learned over the years that just because you’re blessed with something doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. I think that your blessings have a way of coming back at you – the same way I got top marks in mathematics up until I was 14, then just went downhill.

Took my natural intelligence for granted and it obviously came back to bite me in the ass. A bit like I ran out of that power. Similarly, my hair wasn’t going to be beautiful forever, and when I got that nasty asymmetrical haircut at the end of 2010, it grew out horridly.

I’ve decided to use my hairbrush this time. :) Today I thought I’d be a badass though, and cut my own hair. It had been growing really long at the front, and while I’m trying not to get my hair cut into a new style, I am allowing it to be trimmed when necessary. Having to constantly sweep my hair out of my eyes bothered me so I got the scissors and hacked at my fringe. I don’t think I cut enough, but it’s enough to be back to how it was before. /bounce

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I have the weekend off (finally), and I stayed up until about 4am. I think it’s because I wasn’t home, though — I’m at my mom’s house at the moment because she decided to go out of town because she “needed a few days away”. Blah. At least I’m getting paid. ^^

I DON’T BRUSH MY HAIR EITHER! I take the tangles out with my fingers! I straighten my hair, too. I don’t really need a brush. However, lately I’ve been wanting one. P:

Off topic, but I’ve always found asymmetrical haircuts to be kind of cute. I’m not up for it though because I’m a layers person. :P


I usually stay up to around 9 PM and then fall asleep, but sometimes 12:30 is my deal… x3

Anyways, good to hear you’re doing well. I’m pretty high in mathematics, but my BFF goes up a grade to do math. She’s very smart.

I get a haircut when my bangs are in my eyes. :P It grows really fast, so every 2 months I need a haircut. O_O

Well ,see ya around!


I usually don’t have trouble falling asleep at all. I just happen to hit the sack really late, so I should probably jump into bed an hour earlier even though I’m not tired. Since I don’t have trouble falling asleep it might help.

I actually like when mine gets in my eyes. I cut mine so that they just hit my eyes. I don’t really like them much shorter. XD

XD I don’t like my hair in my eyes! :P

Well, good talking to you, talk to you soon!


I should be sleeping earlier too! Lately, I’ve been having a lot of anxiety that’s preventing me to sleep. I’m not a nocturnal kind of person either, so I don’t do well at sleepovers, lol :p

I barely have to brush my hair either! I something get up brush my fingers through it and what’s done is done. You’re right about it being blessed, haha.

Well, I hope you do well with the antidepressants. See ya! :)

SLEEPING IS GOOD FOR YOU AHHHH SLEEP ← obnoxious caps right there XD I’m like the opposite of you; I used to want to stay up all the time and now I’m just like, “sleep sleep sleep ;___;” You should probably sleep more for your working, haha–you might need it? ^^

Also, I’m jealous of your perfect hair too :3 Your hair always looks so pretty in your pictures and that doesn’t make me sound creepy at all Seriously though, why can’t I have your hair ;u; and you are SO badass with cutting it because it’s so hard cutting hair oTL

I used to go to sleep really, really late on weekends. I mean like, six in the morning. I used to talk to someone who lived in a different time zone, so I’d have to stay up insanely late. XD It was fun for a while until it really started messing up my sleep schedule for weekdays.

I love putting necessary junk into boxes! :P I’m a neat freak so I love cleaning. I recently cleaned out my desk as well and it looks so pretty now.

I used to never brush my hair either! I’d just braid it or put it in a bun overnight, and since I wanted it to stay wavy, I wouldn’t brush it out and it would still look perfectly fine. I sometimes still don’t brush my hair because if I do, it turns straight (my hair is naturally wavy when I don’t brush it) and I hate having straight hair.

I really am a horrible person to be around at night (mostly evening); I’m just really irritable, moody and just hate talking to anyone. I used to sleep really late, like 3 or 4 in the morning and then wake up at 3pm, which obviously wasn’t very suitable. I personally think it’s natural to wake up a couple of times during the night, but that’s just from my own experiences. I wake up 4 or 5 times for the toilet (I wee WAY too much honestly) but I think it’s good that your body wakes you up for it.

I’m the opposite now though, I LOVE sleeping haha. XD

I used to store everything in boxes, I mean literally everything. I don’t do it so much anymore – I have a folder/wallet thing all my Coeliac information came in so I tend to shove everything in there, ha. It’s not very tidy so I think I may buy a proper folder soon. I love having everything clean and tidy, though. :B

You’re lucky having two showers. We only have one and there’s four of us in my house – my step dad moans though since we have an electric shower and my sister and I shower everyday. He tells us not to because our electric bill is always high, oops. :X

That’s pretty awesome that you don’t have to brush your hair; I used to brush mine a lot, you know, I’m like obsessed with touching my hair ha. When I was younger, my hair used to get knotty a lot so it was awful to brush. :( I don’t brush it so much anymore, or straighten it and it’s in much better condition.

Like you said, I wouldn’t take it for granted though. :P

I would never cut my own hair; I used to let my mum cut my fringe but she messed it up SO bad. I won’t let her near my hair now.

I don’t really have much to say in relation to your comment, haha. Trying to keep my comments short-ish because I know I’ll end up overwhelmed and bored of it. :P

I tried looking into web-designing jobs but you need certain qualifications, experience, etc. There isn’t really too much around here in that area either. Kinda sucks. :( Same goes for teaching. I’m sure something will turn up!

Also, that website I bought for that other blog? I’m selling it already hahaha. I set it up but I decided not to go with it since I’d probably forget about it, get bored of it etc. I really just want to concentrate on DA and get some new themes up and blog more often, hehe.

A new reader here XD

I know how that feels, being lethargic and everything but still refusing to go to sleep. And sometimes when I do like to sleep I won’t fall at all. It was annoying.

I always sleep late. I usually get by on about 4-5 hours of sleep everyday. I tried sleeping earlier before, and it failed. I ended up staying awake for about two or three hours.

My hair is like yours – I never need to brush it. Ever. When I wake up in the morning, it looks like I never slept. It’s completely straight. I still brush it, though, only because I somehow feel compelled to do so. One time I came to school late and asked my friend if I could borrow her brush, and she didn’t believe me when I told her I didn’t brush my hair.
My hair can’t stay messy for long either. I’ve had people deliberately try to mess up my hair, and I always only had to shake my head for a few seconds before it fell back to place.

Up until now, I have a regular sleeping schedule. I usually sleep at about 9 o’clock. They say that growing children should sleep earlier and get up earlier to be healthy. I don’t stand staying awake until 3 o’clock, because I did and I woke up at 6 o’clock, which gave me a terrible headache @_@ .

Two days ago I managed to rearrange the books on my shelf, but I still have a pile of books on the table which I don’t know where to put them since the bookshelf is full. I also still have a small pile of Japanese comic books I recently started to buy. I guess I can follow you though – putting them in a box :B.

And I still have my desks to clean /poo .

I haven’t a friend who never brushes her hair, so I have to admit that I’m surprised to know that you don’t! During the holidays I also rarely brush my hair since it isn’t that messy, except after I wash it up. I guess that my hair isn’t very messy after I sleep, except my bangs /bounce .

Yeah, I also took my skills for granted and so I failed an economics test, which I admit is very embarrassing when I knew my top rival got a very good score. I tried to study more before the exams, hoping that I will do the best instead of doing “enough” :D .

Since I was sick last week when it came to night I just wanted to sleep but then Thursday night since I had felt better I was just trying to get out all those hours I slept during the week. Lately I’ve had trouble sleeping through the night but because of four-legged reasons. Ha ha. When they wake me up I lay there and usually end up going to the bathroom because I know if I don’t by the time I’m almost back asleep I’ll have to go.

Reading blogs and such is what I normally end up doing in the early morning hours – it’s just a good time because no one else is up and you can just sit and read for hours without someone bothering you.

And film canisters are great for storing things! I have a bunch of them, even my mom has used some to put beads and little craft items in.

When I had long hair I had to brush it every day or else…well it didn’t look pretty at all. Now though since I don’t really have hair I hardly brush it. When I do brush it you don’t really notice. Ha ha. Gives me reason to keep my hair the way it is.

It seems I clean my desk off every week and well by the end of the week it’s a complete mess again. Since I have a desk calendar now though I do need to clean it off so I can put my calendar on my desk.

– I never thought about designed album art for this mix CD. I guess it will give me something to go though when I have another night I can’t sleep. I will have to try to make it un-mushy, ha ha, it’s for my guy friend that I’ve been talking to and visited for that weekend.

I cut my fringe a week before Christmas forgetting it looks feral for a few weeks. OOPS!!! Now it looks good. It just needs a back trim and a colour which I’ll do at some stage in the next week or so. My hair also looks like I haven’t slept in the mornings. I was hated at school too for that and got the award for the hair that always looked nice and not a hair out of place …

Since I got my MAC I am up later then I should be. Not good at all.

What is a desk? Heh, I have a special table thingee I have so I can sit on my bed and do my work without a desk. I love it, it only works with laptops. I always said I’d never get a laptop. OOPS!!! (H)

Colour! I want colour so bad, but usually I want my mum to help me with that and she’s just so busy with work. :P

I like my desk! I think I work better at one, to be honest. I can’t imagine your weird special table haha.

I usually stay up til 2 am when I have no class on that day. I find it peaceful also to do some things when midnight. Maybe because of the silence. /bounce It’s relaxing too.

Clean desk is such a good thing when you’re working 👏

When I was a kid, I also had a hair which you didn’t need to comb or brush just to get it fix until when I had my hair styled by someone. 😒

It seems that your antidepressants maybe causing you to go to the bathroom at night more often or either that you may have diabetes. I have the same problem. Once or twice at night. You may want to get that checked just in case. You just never know.

Actually; I don’t have any homework assignments yet. I start tomorrow (Monday which it is over there where you’re at now). I have my carpool but no ride back. So I’m gonna have to do some searching from now until that time comes. Unless, I can get my dad to come pick me up tomorrow or something? Only bad thing is my carpool is going to be bad on Thursdays. I have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. and go to school at that time!!! UGH!!! Maybe that day I can get my ‘dad’ to take me or something I’m not sure how that will work. But yeah it’s quite silly to friend Carpooling on Facebook. I’m beginning to really hate it right now (Facebook). Most likely because people can report you (which I have been reported) and on top of that, someone reported me for requesting to many people I don’t know. How in the world would they know? What’s the sense of having Facebook if you can’t be friends with someone right? Doesn’t make sense. So now I have a 14 day block on me. It started a few days ago.

It’s okay don’t be sorry about me not going to Canada. I’d rather do my studies and get them out of the way and than when it’s time, or whatever God has in stored for me, for the future, than I will do what he has in stored for me. But schooling is a must and comes first!!!

Hmmm, your nights seems a bit odd if you ask me. I used to stay up at 3:00 a.m. on the laptop that I once had, but my dad has it now it was a trade off for the speakers he got me for my desktop p.c.. I finally got back on a regular sleeping pattern, though not sure how Thursdays are going to be. So you’ve never brushed your hair? That’s amazing!! I agree don’t take blessings for granted.

Returning your comment now, cause I can. xD

Luckily for me, Sainsbury’s do their own brand of cereal and the “fake coco pops” they do only contains barely malt extract which is suitable for Coeliac’s! I’m happy about that because I love my coco pops, haha. I don’t really like muesli or oatmeal. :P

Pizza is yum. I think everyone knows how much I love pizza now haha, I used to order it like all the time. :B I’m glad the gluten-free one is nice though, otherwise I would just cry. :( The pasta is okay, I’m not gonna lie it’s not as good as normal pasta but eh, I’ll have to make do I guess. I have chips (my mum uses potatoes to make them) or rice literally every single night since I can’t really eat much else, so I’ll have chips or rice as a “side” with curry or something. I love rice, I could eat it all day. :P

I’m awful at cooking, although, I’ve finally mastered how to make the perfect omelette haha. If I’m out of pizzas, I’ll have a ham omelette since I can eat ham and eggs. I don’t like cooking on my own either. At least if you and James live together one day he’ll do all the cooking, haha!

Perhaps you are drinking more, idk. I know that as you get older your bladder gets slightly weaker so that could be why as well? I’m terrible, even if I wake up 4 or 5 times in the night I try my best to hold it and in turn, I get terrible pains in my kidneys. :( I don’t like walking around the house in the dark though. /wimp

I used to hate waking up early, but I wake up between 7am-9am most days, which to me isn’t that bad. Sleep is good.

I don’t know why we struggle then haha. We have a toilet downstairs which is handy obviously, but everyone is always queuing for the upstairs bathroom. XD Everyone uses more electric in the winter but my step dad doesn’t understand that, paha.

My sister cuts her own fringe, but I wouldn’t dare cut my own. Mine’s really long now but I just clip it back since I hate having my hair in my face now. /bash

Some people are willing to take on people who aren’t experienced enough but because there aren’t many jobs going and about 200+ are applying for just one job, they prefer to take on someone experienced so they don’t have to give training. Sucks really. :(

Hey Georgie! I’m weird with my sleeping habits, I think I’m a nocturnal kind of person ever since grade six when me and one of my best friends that time used to call each other vampires because we slept so late (because of hw! imagine that XD). I kinda got used to sleeping late and for the past nights I’ve been sleeping super late because opf my addiction to this RPG game called Inotia 3 but then school started and i started sleeping earlier like at 1 or something. But I can change my sleeping habit too like last month I slept at 10. When I’m at home I usually sleep straight but when I sleep in other people’s house or somewhere for the first time, I usually wake up at random times XD

OH LAUNDRY SHOWER! That sounds cool that you have that! Hahaha there’s only one working shower in the house so imagine the waiting time! Well not really XD Mom showers really early so no problem and brother late. hahah!

I know what you mean by natural talent! I used to be so good at math too but then I neglected it and poof. I didn’t really love math that much so I guess that’s the reason too. Am jealous of people with great hair because I really don’t have good hair. I need to straighten it every few months just so it doesn’t frizz. Maybe I’ll go back to being curly, I’m a natural curly haired girl and maybe I’ll change my look this year. You should take care of your hair too dear! I do love it! :)

I also have trouble going to bed early. BUT when I was younger it was sooo easy to stay up during weekends and holidays until 3am or so. Nowadays I just feel “weird” staying up that late if I’m at home on the computer. Of course when going clubbing that’s a different thing.

I’m always up very late! I’m very nocturnal, and even if I have nothing to do I’d be reading a good book until 3AM. That’s not much. Only 5AM would be considered late for me, hehehehehe. However I wouldn’t stay up if I had work or something so important during the day though! You shouldn’t stay up either if you’re not energetic at night. Just like I wouldn’t get up at 8 in the morning on a free day because I’d be sleepy.

I’ve never heard of a laundry shower before, what is that? The laundry house sounds so cool though! So if you’re using the laundry shower you’d have to go outside after showering! O_O

I never would’ve thought you don’t brush your hair. It looks very neat! Unless you mean you do brush your hair now. When I was in high school I didn’t really brush my hair because I was into the wavy look but now I like making it all neat haha. I have cut my own hair before actually, but it was only a trim because I’m so scared I’d mess it up.

Since Mia lives so close to me it’s not such a huge deal in going to see her, but every moment still means the world as well. =) That’s the only reason my mom made me cancel the sleepover anyway, because could have it “anytime”.

But I don’t even live in the suburbs of NYC! It costs just as much and takes just as much time for me to go to NYC as someone who lives maybe 2-3 times as far away! I can’t even go to the next town’s movie theater because it’s too far to be walked to. I really, really live in the middle of nowhere.

Since I think Australia is about beaches and tropics of course you wouldn’t be too interested! That’s your climate! Hahahaha.

Well yeah isn’t that what an accent is? I mean since you and I speak differently how are we supposed to differentiate other than the Australian accent and the American accent?

I think I do bump into disrespectful people, especially since I live in the middle of nowhere with hardly any foreigners. Any Asians here are American-born as well so no accent!

I really didn’t mean “ohh that’s nothing don’t be too proud” I really didn’t! Sorry I didn’t mean for it to sound that way! I meant normal as in it’s something normal not freaky like 10 year old high school students! You should be proud of Brandon! I wasn’t aware that people drop out after 10th, since in my school I wasn’t in advanced history and I was looked down upon for it since I think many if not most were. Even so here if someone gets in an advanced class it’s still something to be proud of.

I can never go to sleep either. I lay in bed for hours until I can fall asleep. It’s a bit annoying if you ask me. I seriously try everything to fall asleep.

I agree if you are naturally blessed, you should take it for granted. I use to be really good with science. Now I hate it. I can’t take it when I have to take a science class haha.


I was going to consider have a photoblog separate from my actual blog but then I thought it gave me more of challenge to take a photo of something related my blogs. Mind if I take a look at your photoblog? :)


You know I am the same, even if I go to bed at 10pm I am still awake until about 2am. It’s really bad as I am constantly yawning the next day. I’ve tried everything, even mediation but it never helped me. I think my whole family is like that though tbh. Aww man I wish I could get away with not brushing my hair but it’s a nightmare so I would have to. Never heard of a laundry shower? It sounds interesting though :)

I never brush my hair either!!! My hair is so thick and curly, I simply comb it when it’s wet and that’s all. I never fix it during the day because I simply CAN’T! As for staying up late, I’ve been trying to hit the hay earlier as well. I find that it’s hard to do it during the week because I’m usually working on things for my classes or planning lessons. Then it screws me over because the weekend leaves me wanting to stay up late to go out with friends or with my boyfriend. It’s a battle, I tell you!

Maybe try laying in bed with a book for a few days rather than being in front of the computer? I find that that helps me some when I’m trying to put my mind to rest.

I also cut my fringe myself. It grows out quickly and settles into my eyes, which is quite painful. So I just take some scissors and cut like a centimeter off every month or so :)

Ugh, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night quite often. I have absolutely NO idea why! I don’t have to use the toilet or anything. I just wake up sleepy for no reason. It’s terrible D:

Haha, anyway, I wish I was as organized as you! I procrastinate SO much every day because I have ADD. But when I take my med to allow me to focus, it makes me . . . well, not depressed, but like I have no emotion at all. It really sucks. Have you had that experience with meds or in general? People I talk to don’t fully seem to understand it. D:

My friend’s house has a separate laundry room as well, but it’s more of an outhouse. I think it was a late addition by the original owner. She often complains about to go outside in the cold/heat just to do laundry. It’s not a far distance, but it’s definitely quite a hassle.

I’ve been going through weird sleep patterns lately as well. I’ve noticed that taking short naps during the day have helped regulate them. Perhaps power naps can help you as well?

I’ve always been a regular power-nap-taker actually. :P I haven’t needed to take any recently because I don’t get tired very often during the day. I sometimes power nap on the train. I do think it’s just my antidepressants though, it isn’t completely bothering my sleep, I just noticed it’s a change from the usual.

Ugh, I have a love/hate relationship with sleep. I absolutely love sleep, but I hate going to sleep. Because it takes FOREVER! No matter how tired I am, it takes at least a 1/2 hour for me to drift off :( I always wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom too…. just makes me nervous that I might be pregnant again cuz I usually can wait til morning D:

I think it’s great you can trim your own hair! Beats spending at least $20 for someone else to do it, when you really don’t need much done :)

Haha, I don’t brush my hair either. It’s getting a bit gross and tangled at the ends at the moment, but I’m not going anywhere, it hurts to brush out, and I can’t be bothered, so I don’t.

I also need to clean my desk, but I can’t see that happening too soon. :D

As for sleep, I’m such a nocturnal person, but I’m crabby enough in the mornings, and I still have my parents nag at me to go to bed earlier because the light coming under my closed bedroom doors is apparently still too distracting late at night. Left to my own devices, I’d be up until about three or four am every night, but I’d have to sleep through the day to recover, and life gets in the way of that a bit.

Ha, I’m back again. ;) Wondering how much time I have until you post again. xD

Yeah, I’m not a fan of oats or porridge or anything like that to be honest; it just seems really gross to me. XD I’ve heard that porridge is really good for you but I couldn’t stand eating it; I have tried it before but eh, it was bland.

I still struggle with food though; I used to have bread, pitta bread and naan bread with literally everything but I can’t anymore and the GF versions aren’t nice. My mum still does bread for her and my step dad and I do get annoyed that I can’t have it. I’ll get there, though. :B

Haha I’ve never attempted to make my own chips, I’ve tried peeling potatoes for my mum before and it took me nearly 20 minutes to peel one, haha. XD I fail. My mum often cuts them up into cubes for me and we call them “cubies”; they’re good. xD No, I don’t like sweet potato heh. /fussy

Rice and potatoes are both good. We don’t tend to have rice as much anymore, maybe twice a week but I do love it. Me and my step dad have basmati rice and it’s so much lighter than the rice my mum usually buys, mmm.

Hahaha man, I’ve yet to master the perfect soft-boiled egg – mine are usually a little bit too hard. :( It’s hard to get it just right so well done for that, hah. :D

Ooo seriously?! I guess I won’t hold my pee so much anymore. :( I go like 15-20 times a day so I’m always like “oh I’ve been enough today, I’ll wait”, paha. I didn’t know holding your pee could cause things like that, interesting. That teacher was mean, imagine if something bad really happened, that would get fired for sure.

I’m glad I’m working atm otherwise I would have to get up at 5am, which kills me. XD I like getting up before 7am in the summer though, it’s all bright outside and you can hear the birds singing and stuffs. It’s quite relaxing.

I definitely will, thank you. ♥

Oh yeah.. I usually see your tweets that your sleeping on time, not like me! LOL. And now it’s the other way around? Yaaaaayyy! :))

I think my mom never bought me a hairbrush even though when I was a kid, I USED to have this hair that everyone admires. It’s thick, long, suppppeerr black hair. I only trimmed it but never cut it with styles. One day, I got tired and decided to cut it layered. Since then, my hair was not beautiful as before. Until now. Hahaha. But like you, I don’t really brush my hair after I wake up. I don’t know why. HAHAHA. :D

You are definitely on the way to being successful and awesome! Being clean and organized helps. Getting enough sleep feels awesome, but it’s just so hard to do all the time. Once in a while, though, blogging in the hours of the night is definitely tranquil and calming.

My hair doesn’t need much brushing in the morning – just a little bit of tidying up is enough. Must be an Asian thing. Our hair is so thick, it’s not easily moved around at night. :D