Control… on an iMac

It’s been two days I’ve been back at work. Yesterday I thought I was struggling and going really slowly. I found that a bit upsetting, because I am often very pleased with myself when I work speedily, and yesterday I don’t think I was doing such a great job.

My boss was lovely enough to give me his Mac to work on. I had to bring in my laptop every day to work, but now with an iMac, I can just pop in and get to work. Before, I refused the offer because I wasn’t keen on using a Mac, but he decided that it would be best I have one… in the long run, I guess? Well, I have had quite a bit of experience using a Mac. In the three years of my Bachelor degree, I learned how to use them quite a bit. Since I took several design subjects, it was the norm. There are no computers running on Windows in the design faculty. Typing that statement feels odd, as if I’m verifying it in this big way.

It still took me a while to get used to the Mac, though, since I have never actually done web design on a Mac, per se. My boss said that in a week I wouldn’t want to go back to Windows. It seems that a lot of people say that about a lot of things. :P I suppose I take their word for it, but I don’t usually try and check if they’re right. For instance, James talked about how easy it is to get used to a Dvorak keyboard. I remember telling Lilian years ago that she should move on over to Firefox and she’d never look back, and that’s just what happened.

My boss was nice enough to suggest all these programs and told me about all these shortcuts. I don’t remember them all, but I’m getting used to it. He also made my mouse left-handed for me. Long story short – I injured my right (writing) hand years ago and I haven’t felt good about using it so much.

Most of the programs are similar to the ones I use on Windows and I must say, I’ve picked up on it pretty quickly. At first I was so confused. Today I think I was much more speedy. In fact, I went home and looked at my laptop and I got confused and kept pressing the wrong key instead of Ctrl. It got me thinking about my mum’s offer to buy me a new computer, and I thought about getting an iMac, but she seems to think that I’m considering it just because I use one at work. She wasn’t keen on the idea. After all, the only thing I asked her for was an LCD monitor so I could have more screen space for designing – and she flat out suggested I get a new computer altogether. It is a bit much asking for a Mac since she’d like to stick to a budget and Macs are generally expensive. I’m happy to save that for another day, another year.

The guys at work usually like to go out to lunch but most of the time I bring my own, or spend my lunch break surfing the web and responding to emails. My boss figured I was saving money. They always ask why I don’t go out for lunch and he said, “One day… one day”. Hahahha. XD

Again I’m still busy cleaning things. Today I managed to clean my desk. I really just put most of the junk lying around on my desk into a box instead. Half of those things I rarely even need out on my desk. Receipts, highlighters, some keyrings, notes, hairclips. Today at work I realised I work much better with a less cluttered desk, so I thought I’d make my desk at home much better to work on.

I mentioned that for Christmas last year I got my mum a silicone-lined porcelain coffee-cup lookalike, but there was a chip on the edge. She wasn’t happy with it so today I took it back to the store and the lady there was nice enough to let me exchange it. Since there were only red and purple ones left in the same style and my mum didn’t want any of those, I got her one of the white ones. They read “I’m not a paper cup” on them and when I first saw them I thought it was silly for that text to be on it. Now that I look at it, the design is much nicer. My mum looked at the pictures on that website and said she sort of preferred the white one because of the humourous tagline.

I wish I drank coffee enough to buy one of those. :’)

Also, James and I have been together for nearly four years. It’s been 47 months today. ♥️ We are making plans for the 5th February… /eee

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In the end I do recommend PCs strictly because you know what goes into them. /um I mean, who knows where mac parts come from /cactus
and we can bootcamp it. TAHEE

Get a new comp. /bounce just save up, etc. :) and pick a nice monitor too :B

Back to work! /wuw


I think it’s natural to feel like you’re working at a slower pace when you come back to work after a longish break; I’m sure you’ll be back up to speed in a few days, or less. (Y)

I couldn’t imagine you using a Mac; I know that sounds weird, but I always imagine you being a Windows person. I guess I shouldn’t judge, though. 😳 Your boss is really nice to make an offer like that and show you the “ropes” too. You won’t find many people like that, that’s for sure.

It’s funny, I made my sister switch to Firefox a few weeks ago. We play these games on Facebook but they rarely load in IE, so I said to her “get Firefox and you won’t look back” – I noticed she was using Firefox for other things the other day and I was surprised, she said “Firefox is so awesome, makes me realise how crap IE really is.” XD

The only time I’ve used a Mac was in Best Buy, when I was just having a play with it. They are impressive and a lot “smoother” but I don’t know, I think I’ve grown to love Windows far too much. Then again, I could grow to love a Mac too. I must say though, I think they’re far too expensive for what they are, but that’s just my opinion.

I cleaned my desk out last week; my step dad blew his computer up (was hilarious, seriously) and had to buy a new case since he wanted to rebuild it, but it was too big for his desk so I had to switch with him. It gave me the motivation to clean it out – it’s lovely having a clean, uncluttered space. :B

Aww, congratulations to you and James. ♥

Wow! 4 years? That’s crazy. I didn’t realize you were together for so long. I guess I still look at it as I was with my ex before you guys got together. I forget that I’ve been with Caleb for over a year now, and was broken up with Jordan for a year before that. Seems like just yesterday that Caleb and I got together =) but congratulations! That’s a long time.

I’ve never used a mac for anything other then checking facebook. My best friend has one and I’ve just used it to browse the web. I’ve never done any design on it though, and I don’t think I could learn it at all for some reason. I’m the kind of person who learns by repetition, and I’ve never been around a Mac long enough to learn it.

It makes you realise how long we’ve been talking to each other, haha! It was way back in 2007 or something, if I remember correctly. You were already with Jordan when we first spoke and I remember you commenting on my blogs around the time James and I got together. :) It doesn’t seem like four years have passed and I have to admit I can’t believe it’s already over a year that you’ve been with Caleb.

I’ve been around Windows for most of my life, but I have to admit, after a few days’ intense usage at work, it was easy to get used to. XD

Ah macs. You know how I (mostly) feel about them haha, although that somehow is changing. I blame it on my friends! (which isn’t a bad thing, actually). I don’t know, having an iPhone made me realise that as far as making things work goes, Apple is pretty good at it. Sure the way their products works may not be the best way, and maybe even be annoying (coughiTunescough) but, they aim at something, and they achieve it. I think I will eventually get a mac, at some point in the future for one reason or another, but I think I will still have a PC/laptop at home haha. Old habits die hard. xD

Taking your own lunch sure saves money! Hahah, I remember when I used to take sandwiches to school and uni. It’s a nice feeling, saving money. Although it’s also fun to have lunch with other people (although I mostly just stay quiet and eat and let other people do the talking. :p)

Woot 4 years! Congrats to you and James! Hopefully nothing gets in the way of you guys celebrating it on the 5th. ^^

i recently went from PC to Mac too, the design programs are a bit hard to get used to in the first place but I think I got the hang of it. Still don’t know some of the shortcuts but I’ll find out eventually haha. One down side to Mac is that I find it hard to work fast on it, you have to switch between screens… it won’t let you drag stuff to folders sometimes blahblahblah. It’s a good investment though, I personally think.

Imac screens are so nice! I would be so grateful to have that screen… I’m working off a 13” and it gets on my nerves a lot :(

Congrats on the 4 years :) That’s not easy to do!

Haha yeah, that’s what I found with a Mac! You couldn’t as easily move things around. My boss uses QuickSilver though, apparently it’s good for quickly finding folders and files and such. He’s so fast, I’m amazed.

I used to think really huge screens were annoying. My boyfriend has a 26 inch or something, the biggest I’ve had was an 18 inch and it looks weird. But after using a huge iMac at work, I look at my 15 inch laptop and my eyes feel so strange. :P

I don’t often use any Apple products, and I doubt I’ve even used a fraction of the programs, but from those few experiences, I’m always with Windows. c:

Windows has some (better) features that Macs can’t try to copy, but the same with Windows. I could say I prefer Windows to a public crowd, but then quite a few would just happen to disagree.

It’s all personal preference. ;)

Anyways, 4 years?!?!? Congratulations, you both have been together for a long time! ♥


I’ve been forced to use a Mac a few times. Yet, I hate it to this day. The most recent time I used one was my trip to Pittsburgh at the end of December. HATED IT! Maybe it’s just me though. My best friend who works in the computer/programing field refuses to take me to his office to show me around because everything there is Mac, and when I visited him early in December he hid his laptop because it’s a Mac – he knows my deep hate for Mac products. Ha ha. Maybe it’s just because I grew up a Microsoft girl, it’s part of me now.

It’s great you were able to exchange the cup. Sometimes places won’t let you do that. I’ve seen those white ones. I don’t drink coffee – I had coffee New Year’s Eve and I was up until 3am – but I am going to get one of those cups. I’ve seen the hard clear plastic ones as well – so I’m going to end up buying two. Ha ha. Maybe I’ll use the clear plastic one for cold things and the other one for hot things.

Switching to Dvorak is not easy. I tried and failed. My boyfriend did it and it took him a while. Now he can’t type in the usual qwerty layout. Switching to Firefox from IE, however, was incredibly easy.

What will you use your new computer for? If you’re doing mostly design work on it, it seems that most designers use Macs, so then you should seriously consider getting a Mac. If you want to play games, then I think that PC is still the way to go.

The new cup is cute. It certainly tricks me unless I look closely! And congrats on four years with James! I am envious.

Dvorak’s hard compared to Qwerty because in school, you probably learnt to type on those cheesy learn-to-use-a-keyboard programs whereas you most likely tried Dvorak right off the bat.
I can still type okay on a Qwerty if you sit me in front of one, but I prefer Dvorak simply because it really does feel less tiring over long periods of time.

Macs and PCs eventually boil down to aesthetics and know-how; yeah, Macs look pretty slick. Thanks to VM software (and piracy, I guess) the OS choice is essentially irrelevant, but I prefer PCs because you know what goes into them, and part-for-part they are far cheaper than a Mac..

Four years….DANG! Congratulations. ♥ Makes me think about how long Dante and I have been together. 3 years this November. WOW! Doesn’t even seem like that long…I’m just glad I’ve had people as nice as you to relate to and help me think that my insecurities are normal…I don’t know what I would have done with you, Georgie. :) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

On another note-as that one was getting really cheesy lol-I hate macs. I just always have. I have no idea why. XD The mouse is just odd and the monitor is also the computer?! WHAT?! hahaha. It’s like a martian computer to me. My family has ALWAYS used HP brand of computers with Windows on them. ALWAYS. Like no lie. XD

I know what you mean about the bigger screen. I have a 28-in monitor, though a bigger screen isn’t always good. I had to adjust this layout because the “ribbon” was too big for someone else’s monitor. XD
Yeah, I didn’t think about it that way. :) I’m thinking about getting into reading this summer. I really want the kindle with the keyboard….I am asking (or at least calling the person back) about whether or not FSCJ or my scholarship covers it. The person was out. I just haven’t gotten hold of anyone yet.

Yeup. That’s what I plan on doing. Idk if I want my directory anymore as there are TONS of other directories. I may give to Jennifer to use on I want to keep all of my other domains though. I just don’t think a directory is needed in my group of websites…We’ll see after I put up Mushie’s new layout. :P

Thanks. & I know how much you don’t like but that’s where I got these colors. I didn’t use the whole scheme but I used most of it. 1 color was too bright for the scheme so I just ignored it. :P

Yeah, it’s not on my “do right now” list. So I am not worried about it that much. :P I know I’ll go when I am ready and actually WANT to go. :)

Oh, I didn’t even think of that. You do blog A LOT (idk how) so, that is a really easy way to tell. :) Though I have also blogged a lot this past year but not nearly as much as you.

Welcome back to work! Your boss sounds like one cool person by giving you his Mac to work on ;D! Especially by getting you that nice left handed mouse to use! Bosses knows it best when they want you to work on something early, it helps a lot :O! The only reason why I would see no Windows running in the design faculty is because it probably crashes more than Macs. I would know D:! Firefox is awesome- but myself, I moved on to Chrome on my Desktop :/.

Macs are confusing with their ctrl/apple keys D:! I had to use one for computers and it was a bit complicated sometiems :P. Macs are worth saving up for- I want to get one for college (because my laptop sucks D:). Just some day xD!

Eating in for lunch saves you a lot of time from everything. If I had a choice, I rather reply to my comments during my breaks and relax at home or something. An organized desk is a happy desk ;D! Just remember that :P

It’s nice that the store lady allowed you to exchange the gift :D! Hopefully, your mom will enjoy it this time!

Congratulations to you and James for making almost 4 years into the relationship! :D! I am happy for the both of you :D!

If my friend didn’t text me, my parents would’ve probably woken me up like 10 minutes later. They didn’t sleep through the night :O!!

When you’re a part of something big, it gotta be on TV! I saw the reruns of the parade and saw like an inch of my face on tv XD! It was exciting enough.

2011 DID went by fast! I’m glad that it went by fast because I couldn’t stand what we did at school like half of the time :c.

I haven’t played Minecraft that much since Thanksgiving. If anything, I just go on it for 10 minutes and exit D:! My friends secretly have a Minecraft “guild” group on facebook too XD!

Take care ;D

Macs are the way to go! I wish I had one, I’ve always wanted one. When I got to work on one for my high school’s yearbook I was excited. But now I’m back to my laptop. Oh well, my laptop will do. But overall I think Macs have the best screen to view graphics and such.

Congrats to you and James on four years!

Woah, you’re lucky to have an iMac at work. Before I got my Macbook, I wish the school had iMacs instead of PCs but now that I got one, it seems that my school is the place where I can tweak Windows 7 since my computer isn’t updated from Windows Vista :( .

At first, my mom didn’t convince me to buy Macs too, since she said, “You haven’t tried it yet, so I’m worried if you can use it.” and I agreed. But recently she was recommended by my friend’s parents amd everyone in that family uses Apple products! Now that I use Macbook, I guess it’s pretty faster, and it’s better than any laptops because of its multi-touch trackpad /bounce .

But I suppose the Adobe programs are much more comfortable in Windows. I don’t know…perhaps I’m not really used yet :P .

Ugh cleaning…my room and my bookshelf have always been messy. I really need to buy a new bookshelf but there’s o more room and I don’t think my mom will agree though. I guess I’m going to stop buying monthly comic magazines for a while to save room and money to buy comic serieses instead /bash .

Aww the cups :D ! I’ve seen the same ‘I’m not a paper cup’ porcelain cup somewhere…perhaps in the store? My sister also admitted that it’s cute /eee .

Congratulations and happy anniversary to both of you ♥ !

Unfortunately it is true that people who use Mac can’t go back to Windows because Windows is just too slow. However for design it is way better to be using a Mac, since, as I’ve probably said to you before, the colors are much richer. I think that’s the only reason all design labs have Mac computers. Windows is more encouraged for architecture and programming.

I hope you have an easy transition and not get too annoyed with it since you have a designing job. Just get used to command+something rather than ctrl. Other than that I don’t see many differences. Oh there’s the minimize and x buttons on the left.

I really dislike the iMac though, mainly because its only purpose is to function as a design computer. Browsing a website on it is quite painful. Recently we bought an iMac for home since it was cheap. Yes, it’s the same price as my tiny Macbook Pro thus it’s cheap. Any Windows computer that work well is far more expensive.

A Macbook Pro has what, i7 processor, 4 gb ram…integrated graphics for close to $3000 here
An Alienware notebook with similar (superficial) specs and benchmark discrete graphics is still only close to $2000..

It really depends on the size. My Macbook Pro is 13 inches, basically tiny, and has the i5. The i7 was only $1500. Any Windows computer that is similar is about the same price. You can always get a Windows for $400 or so but chances are it’s out of date.

Currently I am picking out parts for a new computer for Georgie with an i3 processor, 4 gb ram, for around $409.
I got an i7 computer with discrete video for around..$1200. And that was in 2009.

Just putting it out there. I mean, seriously. We each know what we know.

Actually – I can build my own Windows computer, i7 processor, with an LED monitor as well – under $700. The benefit of buying individual components is that it’s cost effective. You can’t exactly do that with a Mac.

If you’re gonna save money with individual components then that’s a different story. I didn’t really want to get so technical. Just that one time I said I might settle for an iMac because it was cheap, as in same price as my tiny laptop (I obviously expected much more expensive) that annoys the hell outta me when I’m working on a larger scale. Some girl from New Zealand completely bashed her keyboard on me about that one little thing. I know prices on these things can be ridiculously expensive in Australia as well.

Pretty much all I’m saying is from the point of view of NOT building a computer. The Windows computers that I have owned are cheaper than my Macbook Pro but they really fail as computers. I have used Windows computers that are great and they are no cheaper than my Macbook Pro. I’m only doing a general comparison from experience not technical details.

Well my original point is that Apple prices is a lot different in Australia than in the US.

Mac people are always confident that once you use a mac you’ll never go back. I’ve always been a PC person myself but that being said I have always had a clause that I think that macs are awesome for graphic design and the like. I hope you enjoy it and get used to it quickly. :)

I highly agree. Once you get used to something, you never wanna go back to the old. I know I’ve tried it with different browsers and it’s just so much better with Firefox. It’s easier and less complicated then Safari, I.E., and Google Chrome. It just makes sense that way I think. Ya know?

Congratulations on getting a mac from your boss! Your boss must be a nice one? I was asked a very difficult question today. Could I move to Canada with the little girl, that calls me her sissy. I had to decline the offer as I’m starting college, and it’s a 3 year commitment. I can come visit, but if I move there, that may mean I lose my Social Security, and my potential boyfriend. I don’t want to risk any of that. Plus my medications for diabetes. Her dad even said it can’t happen overnight. He told her he’d have to find a buyer for the house, than he’d have to pack up everything, and not only move himself, but me and the animals. So it’s not an overnight thing.

But, who knows, it may happen in the future. Maybe I after I finish college. Cause he’s even said that once I start college I have to finish to his daughter. She started crying again. I hate breaking her heart. But she’ll eventually understand later on. Why I’m going to college. Though she’s saying they have a web-design college in Canada. That’s not the point, my stuff is here in California. I can’t move away. Though living in a different country might be kinda fun and fascinating. But not right now.

Congratulations on your guys’ 4 years of being together! Wowie!!! That’s a long term commitment right there! I have my date tonight. I’m making him dinner, and will be spending the night over there as it will be late. He got an email saying that there is a meeting at 4:30, so he’ll be a little late picking me up. No biggie. At least he told me. Unlike most people, where they would just leave you hanging. I think it’s gonna go well tonight. I honestly do. He’s such a sweetie honestly. He’s a web-designer (freelance I think?), so we have a LOT in common heehee. I’m a little nervous but in time it will go away! So I’m staying over tonight, and will be home sometime tomorrow. Not sure when. But, it shall be fun hee hee. Just hope he’s a good catch, but I think he will be. Congratulations again to you and James!!! You guys are such a cute couple!

Oh, speaking of designing, I have been really keeping up with my photoblog!!! I am so darn proud of myself for doing so!!!! It’s just something, I never thought I’d be committed to, cause I never was before. I’d start it, but never finish it. So far, it’s the 6th of January, and already have 6 pictures out of 365 days!!! PROUD OF MYSELF!!! lmao. Anyway, I know this is a long outdrawn comment, and all over the place. I’m sorry for that. At least it’s better than the last one lol :P. Where I didn’t repeat myself this time.

Awesome that you are getting used to a mac :) I totally suggest you get it if you can. I love them!! They are so much safer than PCs!

Congratulations to you and James! <3

I've always had Windows at home and Macs at work and at school, so I was always carrying files in between both systems. I find it so funny switching between Windows & Mac. It's almost like going into Mac mode at work/school and Windows mode at home.

That "paper cup" thing is nice. My sister has the same thing, but without the words. I like the look of it. I think there are reusable bags that are in the same vein: "I Am Not A Bag".

Haha yes! I have a handbag that says “I am not a plastic bag”. I completely forgot the resemblance!