Control… on an iMac

It’s been two days I’ve been back at work. Yesterday I thought I was struggling and going really slowly. I found that a bit upsetting, because I am often very pleased with myself when I work speedily, and yesterday I don’t think I was doing such a great job.

My boss was lovely enough to give me his Mac to work on. I had to bring in my laptop every day to work, but now with an iMac, I can just pop in and get to work. Before, I refused the offer because I wasn’t keen on using a Mac, but he decided that it would be best I have one… in the long run, I guess? Well, I have had quite a bit of experience using a Mac. In the three years of my Bachelor degree, I learned how to use them quite a bit. Since I took several design subjects, it was the norm. There are no computers running on Windows in the design faculty. Typing that statement feels odd, as if I’m verifying it in this big way.

It still took me a while to get used to the Mac, though, since I have never actually done web design on a Mac, per se. My boss said that in a week I wouldn’t want to go back to Windows. It seems that a lot of people say that about a lot of things. 😛 I suppose I take their word for it, but I don’t usually try and check if they’re right. For instance, James talked about how easy it is to get used to a Dvorak keyboard. I remember telling Lilian years ago that she should move on over to Firefox and she’d never look back, and that’s just what happened.

My boss was nice enough to suggest all these programs and told me about all these shortcuts. I don’t remember them all, but I’m getting used to it. He also made my mouse left-handed for me. Long story short – I injured my right (writing) hand years ago and I haven’t felt good about using it so much.

Most of the programs are similar to the ones I use on Windows and I must say, I’ve picked up on it pretty quickly. At first I was so confused. Today I think I was much more speedy. In fact, I went home and looked at my laptop and I got confused and kept pressing the wrong key instead of Ctrl. It got me thinking about my mum’s offer to buy me a new computer, and I thought about getting an iMac, but she seems to think that I’m considering it just because I use one at work. She wasn’t keen on the idea. After all, the only thing I asked her for was an LCD monitor so I could have more screen space for designing – and she flat out suggested I get a new computer altogether. It is a bit much asking for a Mac since she’d like to stick to a budget and Macs are generally expensive. I’m happy to save that for another day, another year.

The guys at work usually like to go out to lunch but most of the time I bring my own, or spend my lunch break surfing the web and responding to emails. My boss figured I was saving money. They always ask why I don’t go out for lunch and he said, “One day… one day”. Hahahha. 😆

Again I’m still busy cleaning things. Today I managed to clean my desk. I really just put most of the junk lying around on my desk into a box instead. Half of those things I rarely even need out on my desk. Receipts, highlighters, some keyrings, notes, hairclips. Today at work I realised I work much better with a less cluttered desk, so I thought I’d make my desk at home much better to work on.

I mentioned that for Christmas last year I got my mum a silicone-lined porcelain coffee-cup lookalike, but there was a chip on the edge. She wasn’t happy with it so today I took it back to the store and the lady there was nice enough to let me exchange it. Since there were only red and purple ones left in the same style and my mum didn’t want any of those, I got her one of the white ones. They read “I’m not a paper cup” on them and when I first saw them I thought it was silly for that text to be on it. Now that I look at it, the design is much nicer. My mum looked at the pictures on that website and said she sort of preferred the white one because of the humourous tagline.

I wish I drank coffee enough to buy one of those. :’)

Also, James and I have been together for nearly four years. It’s been 47 months today. ♥️ We are making plans for the 5th February… ☺️

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