Why must I be the burden of your stupidity
The prisoner of your touch
Like a possession nailed to the bottom of your heart
A mutant façade trapped by your darkness.

Why did I even think to see
The one behind the malformed trait
Who really didn’t tear me through
Life’s unwanted pleasures.

Why do I have to listen to your words
The stone cold terminology
It wouldn’t hurt to ignore them for twice
But for you, you yearn for attention.

Why are you so desperately seeking
The one true treasured pet
I don’t belong, you snotted pig
Your hopeless twisted mind.

Why do lies loll inside you
Tearing me to pieces
Must you feel the need to hurt
The life you thought would persist.

Why do you make such a big deal
Out of every single blunder
If attention don’t go your way then why
Do you drag me into turmoil.

Why do you expect the perfectionist
Hauled out of my essence
When life could have pleasured you enough
If only you had listened.

Why did you not care those feelings
Those feelings really lost
Friendship was valued through my eyes
Yet you thought the opposite.

With fake niceties you befriended me
It failed and never prevailed
I believed your lies and all your truths
Never knew that I was wrong.

I was trapped for mere months of destruction
My eyes welled up with tears
You knew you could hurt me with
All your evil acts of benevolence.

Why can’t you look around for something else
Instead of treating me like a toy
Hurling around your heart on such
An innocent defenceless soul.

Look around and find another because
I no longer want to hear your words
You will search and hopefully
I will be no more to you.

You’ll finally see I’m no better than any other
Out there, if you open your eyes
So now you know that there’s more
Than two people in this world.