Sorry, but I think your marshmallow’s on fire.
Nah nah, can’t be…

Some time ago, I was stopped by you.
I stared at you, you oblivious
Such a bright soul, I thought.
I feared confabulation
So I pretended not to see.

Some days later, I had to ask you.
I spoke to you, I don’t think you cared.
A quaint soul, I thought.
I put out my query
You answered.

So I’d got my answer,
I nodded.
You played a hilarious prank on me
Though at the time I was merely annoyed.

You ran away before I could speak,
I shouted after you anyway.

Learnt to deal with it, put up with it
Then I just forgot it.

Some weeks later, I had to tell you.
I couldn’t so, I passed a message.
What’ll you think, I thought.
I waited silently
I don’t know.

I think maybe it started there,
maybe not.
Sometime around then I must’ve known
What affection came my way.

Then I remember the marshmallow.
Thank you.