Peace Speaks

Whenever you walk past I think,
‘Why didn’t I do things right?’
I know that it was all my fault
Why we had that fight.

All I think of when I see you
Is why, oh why, oh why.
Why can’t you just forgive me?
It makes me want to cry.

I remember the time
That we actually talked,
We found out about each other,
Jesus watched and walked.

I treated you way too nice
So I became a horror
You wanted to stop it then and there
Your hatred became thorough.

You played along and happily
But thought, ‘What for?’
Then I screwed the whole thing up
It was the last straw.

When I found that flower
Wilting and completely dead
I know that you tried to be
That friend until the end.

But the way you never tried
This time you failed and lost
I know you loved me
But I never saw your trust.