Let Go

I can’t help it, I’m in love with you.
I can’t help but know
I know you love me.

I heard you say it, I saw you write it
I felt it from your heart.
It’s because of something we couldn’t help
When we tore apart.

‘I’m sorry,’ you said
You said that you loved me with all your heart.
But you had to do it
Because you couldn’t lie.

And from that second, I cried.

I wouldn’t stop, into my pillow.
I wouldn’t stop
The choking tears.

I know you do, I feel you do
I feel it from your heart.
It’s your bravery that made myself cry
When we tore apart.

‘Please,’ you whispered
You whispered precious words into my ear.
But you meant them
Yet you couldn’t even cry.

And when I remember, I cry.

I know now, that I still truly love you.
I know now I do
I can’t let go.

I fear you don’t, I feel you don’t
I may feel it from your heart.
It’s become after all these times I cried
Since we tore apart.

‘I know,’ you told me
You told me you still did.
Now I’m not so sure anymore
When I gaze into your eyes.

And when I look into them, I still cry.