What do you love?

So, it’s day two of my ten relatives staying here and it got momentarily intolerable last night (their first night staying with us)… but tonight, it was better. Today I didn’t see them most of the day as they travelled four hours down south to Canberra (the capital of Australia). I took my brother to taekwondo, and since I’ve never actually seen him do it other than practicing randomly at home, the first hour was rather entertaining. I talked to the Master, who encouraged me to try. XD I think I could do it, with my great coordination as I’m a dancer, but I don’t think I could be serious and dedicated about it.

I went to the toilet while I was there and when I came out of the cubicle I saw that someone had left their mobile phone by the sink. It was just sitting there, with nothing else.

I wanted to pocket it, because, “finders keepers”, but then I realised that the phone could probably have belonged to one of the students. I still had seen no one enter or exit the bathroom the whole time I was there, except for one girl who took a short break in the middle of class. I just gave the phone to the Master, it was the right thing to do. I actually hesitated, wanted to unlock the keypad and have a squiz… but something just stopped me from doing so.

No one claimed the phone when the Master held it up, and I sort of regretted not just keeping it (what the heck though, it was not that good a phone). It made me think of when I lost my iPhone and cursed the man who picked it up and stole it. My brother recently lost his iPod touch, and he’s been doing fine without it, but he’s clearly distressed that it must have just fallen out of his pocket. I feel sorry for him. Not because I used to own the iPod before I gave it to him – but he really took care of that thing and was pretty much attached to it.

I’ll be so busy this week. I got annoyed… you know how I broke a lamp while trying to take photos? Well, shit. I took my photos, and I was planning to go to the photo centre yesterday to print them. Lucky I decided to call them up first, because they were closed that day because it’s a public holiday weekend. I actually got really upset and started crying. I had wanted to get it over and done with, that ugly hell of a project. I took photos for it that I wasn’t pleased with. I asked people for their opinions to see if I was just being harsh on myself. Maybe I was… maybe I was. I tried my best with those photos and I don’t care – I’m just going to print them when I have the chance.

Again as it’s Heartdrops’ birthday soon, I want to get you guys involved like The ‘Love Is…’ Project that I did last year. This time, I didn’t have much time to pull something together (I was going to do something more physical), so it’s another question:

Who/what do you love, and why?

I would love you to all answer this in just a few words, writing something like, “I love James because he cheers me up whenever I feel down”, or “I love sushi because it comes in many different and exciting flavours”. It can be as simple as you want and it can be about whatever you love (nothing too explicit or violent though). I guess this time around it’ll be The ‘I Love…’ Project. I want it to be a tad more personal than before, that’s why.

I always sort of liked how the name Heartdrops referred to love. I think it is truly one of the most powerful emotions in the universe.

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I really hate that feeling you get when you lose something. I remember I misplaced my iPod for half a year. X_X I died a little.
I think it’s good that you gave the phone to the Master– it was the better thing to do. :)

If you tried your best with those photos, that’s all you could do. No one expects you to be bitten by a radioactive spider and become SUPERSPIDERPHOTOGRAPHER (<–doesn't make a lot of sense, but whatever). Your photographs are pretty good; I've seen a bunch on your photoblog.

Things/people I love…
I love my family because without them I would be utterly lost in numerous ways.
I love the internet because it allows me to get many things done.
I love the internet because it gives me a hobby(which I love so dearly).
I love natural foods because there's no artificial flavoring/coloring.
I love music because there are so many different types.

I can picture you doing taekwondo; I don’t know why, ha. I’m sure you would be pretty ace at it. Plus the way he’s called “the Master” amuses me so much. As for the phone, though – I think you did the right thing. I admit it must be tempting to look through it, but to be fair, most of it wouldn’t have been of great interest.

Aw, that’s pretty crappy that your brother lost his iPod. I’d die without mine.

Don’t worry Georgie, that evil bitch of a project will be dead before you know it. At least you didn’t go to the printing place and find out it had closed; that would have made you more upset, I’m sure. I’m sure this month will be better for you, though – I’ve been reading your blogs/tweets (naturally), and you really do sound pretty terrible, man. :( Head up! Things always get better, right? And once your relatives are gone for good it’ll be so much easier. How long are they staying for?

I’ve always loved the name Heartdrops; it’s so cute. I believe I tweeted you one earlier, but here is another one: I love my guitar, Mikey, because I always imagine him being old and wise (he’s from the 70’s).
(It sounds weird, but it’s true!).
If that’s too long for whatever reason: I love my twin brother because he always gives me random hugs.

Take care, love – I’m thinking of you! xx

You’d be awesome at taekwondo! xD

Things/people I love and why:
– My best friends, because they’re always there for me, no matter what. :)
– My mother, because she supports me.
– My desktop computer, Leo, because he hasn’t died on me yet. ;)
– The night sky and sunsets, the most beautiful things in the natural world.
– The online community! <3

It’s nice that you have returned the phone, keep a clear conscience. I bet once somebody is trying to get back their phone they’ll be really happy that you’ve done that. (You could also have tried to unlock it and try to call a number from the address book).

I like the idea of the the love is project. Here is a few things that I love;

– I love it that roy is being there for me all the time (which I need the most)
– I love it that I saw my friends this weekend and had a great time
– I love guinea pigs a lot <3
– I love internets, so I can stalk you (aka read your blog posts ) ;)

Thank You. ♥ XD
I used to take taekwondo until I got bored of it, (after 2 months.) Lol. /bounce That saying, I was no dancer and I thought it was frustrating. Perhaps with your experience as I dancer, it would be fun for you. I think you should do it too. :)
Aww, when I lose something, I get very crazy. I won’t do anything ’til I find it; I love everything I have. I die a little bit, until I find it. (H)
As for the ‘I Love… Project:’
I love my family. I’m nothing without them.
I love a frosted jar because I put all my magical stars in the jar.
I love designing because it opens my mind up.
I love to keep it positive because that’s what makes life so much better.


I am glad that your relatives are becoming more tolerable hehe! Maybe by day 10 you’ll miss them when they leave? *smirk*

I think you did the right thing handing in the phone. I’m sure something good will come your way because of it. Good things eventually happen to good people, y’know? :)

Hmm, about the love. Love is a funny word because it has so many meanings. You don’t love your parents the same way you love your boyfriend or your husband and you don’t love people the same way you love an object or food or the summer breeze but you still love them all the same. Interesting.

I love my husband because he is my other half, the love of my life, and the epitome and embodiment of the word love to me.
I love my family because they would do anything for me and are always there for me even if I am a world away.
I love my friends because they are good listeners, but give good advice too, and we have a great time together.
I love my computer and the internet because it’s my source of information and a contact with the world since I moved overseas.
I love New Zealand because it is so beautiful and it has shown me a whole new meaning of life and has calmed my soul.

ahhh totally feel you about the phone incident but in the end, you definitely did the right thing in my opinion. such a shame that no one claimed it and thanked you for finding and returning it though :(

ahhahaa i remember participating in that project last year (whoa, it’s been a year already?) though I went under the alias “Sapphire”. Lulz. Well I must admit, my view on love is still the same as last years so I’ll just say it over: Love is…knowing that you are never alone in this world.

And I swear by that, fo sho. Hope your relatives aren’t too noisy for the remaining days!

Love is that feeling you get when you know everything will be ok…

I love my friends for the simple reason that, even if something is VERY wrong, they always find a way to cheer me up!

That was nice of you to have returned the phone! You could have tried to open it up (assuming there was no passcode) and called yourself or the last person that the phone had dialed, and tried to find the owner that way.. and if that didn’t work you could have kept it I guess… lol

Ah, I know that urge to just keep what you found. Usually, with me, if I spot money on the ground and everyone’s just walking by it, I just take it. Because it would seem a little silly if I picked it up and was like, “Did anyone drop this $20 bill??” Some random person could just say it was theirs and yeah. :P But with a phone, it’s a bit different. I don’t care much for cell phones, so I wouldn’t even want it anyway, even if it was the latest and greatest design. It sucks your bro lost his iTouch though. :T

I love my family because I know they’ll always be there to help me and buy me whatever I want (hah, just kidding…).

This may seem pretty typical for me, but……… I love the band No Doubt beacuse they always have great music, they’re always positive in the media and they dont care what other think of them or their music. :)

Hang in there, Georgie! You can do it! We’re all here for you! And there are a lot of things that I love very much:

– I love my dear boyfriend because he always hugs me, although not always in person, whenever I need a hug.
– I love the Android logo because he puts a welcoming face to new technologies, and because it’s a robot.
– I love ocarinas because they reflect the simplicity that music had when it first started.
– I love martial arts because my training has taught me a peaceful state of mind.
– I love knowledge because it gives us the power to do good in this world.

Thanks, I’m planning on sticking around this time, don’t worry. ;D And this time is an improvement from the last times because the site never came down. :)

Well, my situation is a little bit difficult, but thank you for the reassurance. :) I’ve missed talking to my web friends.

For you too. <3

Taekwondo looks like so much fun :) But I suppose, since you dance, doing two things at once will make one of them a burden…
Does your family tend to act ..crazy sometimes? Because of all the people I have asked, not one person has an average “normal” family, so I guess you don’t have one either(no offence). Why did I ask this+ /ehh Well, I hope you strat enjoying the company of your visitors, I’m sure they have their nice sides like everyone else. (Y)
The “I love…” project is so cool!
I love the moment I lose myself in a book.
I love the small bands that only a few people know about.
I love my mother because she is so much like me even if we both deny it.
By the way..with my website adress, it might look wrong, but it’s new (and still unfinished). /argh

I don’t think many people have an “ordinary” family… there are always weird happenings in each and every family! I have been both annoyed and happy that my relatives are here, but of course, I study and work so I can’t always be around them.

Thank you for your submissions! I have included them as you can see. :)

Oh wow, having ten relatives must be exhausting! I love when you have a big family gathering but it definitely can get so frustrating, especially if you want some quiet time. :P

I remember when I was in a nightclub and I lost my phone – I almost died because at university it’s literally the only way I can talk to my parents. Luckily, some one kind enough to answer and return it to me when I phoned them. I don’t know why but whenever I find something like phones and wallets I always hand them into either the place I found them or the police – I guess I can’t have live with a guilty conscience! :)

I like this “I love…” project! It’s so cool. Hmm, I’ll think of a few.
– I love when you receive an unexpected cuddle.
– I love when you witness something hilarious with your best mate.
– I love when you capture a photograph and you know it’s perfect.

Take care! xox

You’re a much better person than me, I would have pocketed that phone! 🙄 (Y)

– I love my boyfriend Matt because he makes me very happy.
– I love my friends because they make me smile when I need it most.
– I love my family because they’re the coolest people to share DNA with.

/um ♥

taekwondo would be fun to try /eee even though I prefer doing aikido… but oh well, for some stupid motherly reason, I’m never allowed to do aikido or taekwondo.. /wah
Lol with the finders keepers policy. It’s surprising that you still think that way too. I’ve always kept that policy since elementary… but I guess I’ll try to stop doing it.. it’s just..not right. :P
and for “what do you love” part.. here ya go~
– I love words and literature because they’re beautiful in their own ways
– Movies. I absolutely love movies, simply because it’s one of my biggest interests. For someone to be able to make a good movie, I admire him/her for it. XD
– I love the universe, constellations, astronomy! The universe is great, it’s wide and mysterious and it’s sad to see how people think lowly of the universe as simply nothing but “the universe”.
– I love logic, knowledge, puzzles, some brain teasers; they keep my brain working and useful, makes me feel useful too. (H)
….I hope they’re not too long. I just like doing this kind of things.. lol

someone found my crappy cell once and called up my parents to give it back. Crappy as it may have been, new phones cost quite a lot without a contract. I was very grateful.

I love my friends and my family. Especially my husband, my parents, his parents and the pup. They make life worth living. They make me laugh, they’re there for me when I need to talk or vent, they’re excited for me when things are awesome and comfort me when they’re not so much. Everyone should have people like that.
I love my job, not because of the work I do but because of the amazing people I get to work with.
I love food… because it’s yummy :P
I love shopping. It’s fun to imagine the possibilities and the challenge of finding the best bargain.
I love singing. I love hitting a note perfectly and the sound as it resonates in my head.

I love my husband because he loves me back and he cares so much about me, so I am to him.
I love my daughter in the whole wide world because she gives us all all types of happiness.
I love art because it’s my passion.
I love the internet because it connects me to my family and I learn a lot from it.
I love my grandma, because I just do and I misses her a lot. :)

You did the right thing by giving it back. I mean when I thought I had lost my headphones, I freaked out, but imagining my phone being stolen or misplaced would make me literally flip as I am attached to the thing. Just know you did the right thing! <3

I love my family as they continually support me.
I love Sydney (from Drunken Lullabies.org) because of her continual support and companionship.
I love my friends because they love me for who I am.
I love my job as I have met many new people and have learned so much.
I love writing as it is more than my passion, but rather a piece of me.
I love music as it has kept me alive the past couple of years.
I love my online friends for being there when my real life friends weren't.

There is a couple for you. :) Best of luck with your new project. I am thinking about doing a project like this, but as a video. I don't know yet.

I’d be pissed the fuck off if someone just kept my cellphone, whether it’s a piece of shit or not. All you gotta do is pick up the phone and text the contacts labeled as “mom”, “dad”,”work”, whatever and it can so easily be returned. You know, without nosing through their calendar and old texts, etc. I don’t think Karma would be cool with any of that crap.

I love my husband, because he completes me in every way imaginable.

Which is why I’m hoping the same thing happens to the person who stole my phone. That gave me so much hell I actually wished them dead. I’d seen them on the camera footage, too.

I could totally picture you doing taekwondo, haha! I actually think you’d be good at it, not to mention it would let you let off A LOT of steam in a safe environment. :P I used to do it when I was about 7, but I gave it up after about 3 weeks because we had to do it barefoot and I absolutely cannot stand feet. :| ASDFGH, kinda wish I never gave it up now though.

You’re a much better person than me, that’s for sure – I totally would have kept that phone lmao. That said, I’d be pretty upset if someone just took my phone if I accidentally left it somewhere, I guess that would sway my decision whether or not to hand it in. I think you made the right decision though, I mean, you lost your iPhone and someone just took it and that made you really upset so that person could feel like that too.

I once left my phone on the bus and when I tried to get back on the bus to get it, the bus driver told me to get off and drove away. I never found out what happened to that phone. :'( I also lost a phone in the supermarket – well, I think my mum stole it and never told me because it had my dad’s number in it and I wasn’t supposed to be having contact with him, eh.

Dearagony.org is turning 2 in December. Can you believe I’ve had it for nearly 2 years? :O That’s the longest I’ve kept a domain, aha. I don’t know if I’m going to do anything for it yet, though. This project sounds interesting though, excited to see what you do with it. :D

Who/what do you love, and why?
– I love music because it takes me to a better place, a place I never thought I could be.
– I love my mum because she’s such an inspirational woman.
– I love my dog Sasha because she never judges me. :)

(I clearly fail with this.)

RE your comment: I had a few things to say so I thought I might as well reply here. :B

You can have our heatwave if you want! I hate the heat so much, I’d much rather it be below 10 degrees. :( That’s usually how our weather is in October but we’re having an “Indian summer”. Yesterday was our 3rd hottest day of the year; that tells you something! September is a stupid month, it should die. :P

I do that too – I always turn my laptop off before 11pm anyway (well most nights) but then I’ll check comments, emails, Twitter etc with my phone or iPod Touch. It takes me forever to fall asleep because I always do that. I have to put my phone and iPod on the other side of the room sometimes to force myself to sleep – you should try that? :P

Good luck with your goals! ♥

I can sort of imagine your pain…I never much liked our “relatives” much either but thankfully my folks were more supportive so I didn’t have to suffer much.

You should try it just for the sake of trying…I can see you in the taekwondo uniform lol.

I won’t judge you on your honest thoughts. Actually I have had similar thoughts before. When my things got stolen I would feel angry because I was attached to them. Many times I had the urge to replace those feelings by following the “finders keepers” rule. I have to say human psychology is very fascinating.

I don’t blame you for feeling frustrated. I think similar stuff has happened to me too T_T. It’s like one of those days when everything goes wrong.

Hmm I love a lot of things…I will try to sum them up here though. I love my mom and sis because there have been times when I can trust no one else besides them. I also love all my hobbies because they give me pleasure and keep me entertained, due to them I am self-dependent for my happiness and I don’t have to rely on others :D

You absolutely did the right thing! I would have done the same and handed in the phone to the Master as well. I once lost my wallet and a few hours later a man called my house and said that he had found it and my Dad and I went to go and meet him. Everything was still in it, cash, cards, and all, and I’ve never forgotten the honesty that that man demonstrated.

You did the right thing! People have taken things that I’ve misplaced and I wish they hadn’t.

I love my family because they lift me up when I am down.
I love my husband because he makes me laugh when I want to cry.
I love my son because he is so sweet and pure hearted.
I love the internet because it gives me something to do when I am bored.
I love bejeweled because its fun to play.
I love bug village for the same reason.
I love Hawaii because its sunny and beautiful.
I love the Aloha Spirit that the people in Hawaii have.

Sushi comes in many flavors? …Interesting. I’m still not trying it. :P

Life seems pretty shitty for you right now. With the photos and annoyances, I mean. /poo I didn’t know you’d broken a lamp whilst trying to take photos! That’s…kinda weird/funny. :O

Perhaps you turned in the phone because you had wishes whomever stole yours turned it in instead of keeping it? o.O Sorry about your bro’s iPod. :( If I lost mine…I don’t know what I’d do.

If you’re going to quote us and there is another Liz, then I’ll be Liza. If there’s another Liza, then I’ll be Eliza. If there’s another one of those, then…just screw it. I give up on trying to be visible.

I love the Internet because I can share my love with the world.
I love the Internet because I can create so many things with it.
I love the guinea pig I had in tenth grade because it taught me responsibility.
I love my cat Todd because he’s my best friend.
I love blogging because I love the communication.
I love black and white because I love simplicity.
I love black and white because I love to add color and create.
I love creativity because I love individuality.
I love music because I love to dance and to release energy.
I love my mom because she gave me life.
I love my dad because he saved my life.
I love making lists just to alphabetize them.
I love babies because they’re so innocent and full of life.

I love Georgina’s blogs because they make me laugh, and I can sometimes relate to them in an unrelatable and unhumorous way — especially whenever I make up my own words that have red squigglies below them because Google Chrome says they’re not a word (even though sometimes it just calls right words misspelled because it thinks it’s so ice cool) — and sometimes creating long sentences like this one is the only way I can say it without a major pause from whomever may be reading it (just in case someone is reading this really quickly) so they don’t waste any time taking a “breather” whilst they could be spending it reading this sentence and wondering if it is a fragment or not.

But it isn’t possible for it to be a fragment, because an English professor person thingy made the class I was in create long sentences because she said we’d “need it in the future”. Yeah, okay. That was the second time in my life that I used one of those sentences, and I must say I love it so much I’m saving it in my “favorite things I’ve said online” page on 6birds that is unpublished. Clearly, though, that doesn’t go in with the list. And this comment is longer than it should be because I just put too much energy into typing out a comment from a sugar rush from having too much sugar. But it’s all one hundred percent true. ;)

It was the right thing for you to do in returning the mobile phone, I know it is test of our character and you just proved to yourself that you are a kind and loving person, advance happy to heartdrops.. enjoy :)

Primer really does make a difference. I used a nude based one & it was awesome.
You’re so lucky! I wish my mom was a beauty consultant too~ My mom knows a lot about makeup & fashion… she’s a pharmacist lol. Not really her department. But she gives me tips on makeup, which I tell other people.

Haha! The same thing happened with me on Halloween on year! I used this body glitter & I accidentally squeezed out way too much. I didn’t wanna waste it because I paid a lot for it, so I put it EVERYWHERE that was visible, including my face. What a bad idea. I looked like Edward Cullen in the sun.

Ten relatives would be way too hectic in my house. Thank goodness we’ve never had to do that lol.
My friend does TKD & she says that it’s really fun. :3 You should try it!

What kind of phone was it? I would be nosy too. :( I would’ve looked inside!

I would die if I lost my phone or iPod! I paid so much for them, I would be pissed!

Crying? Like, really crying? D: Awh, you can print them out tomorrow! I’m sure your photos are bomb. :D

Yay! Happy early birthday to Heardrops!
I love my boyfriend, Will, because he’s always there for me & he supports me in every way possible.
I also love using the computer (going online & making graphics) because it’s a way to forget the world.
Is two okay? If it’s just one, then choose the first one. :D

Oh wow, I love too many people and things (many of which are abstract, rather than materialistic) to even answer this here. I might even do a blog post on this! haha.

I think it was good that you returned the phone. I’ve found to phones before (one of which was a brand new iphone at a gig) and have returned both. Usually i just call up the last person they txted or their parents if they have them under “mum/dad”,… unlike me, I have my mum under her name, haha. I just think it’s really wrong to keep things like that. Especially when I would DIE if my phone wasn’t returned to me, so karma?

its very good that you handed in that phone most people would’ve taken it. i know it crosses your mind to take it but yes our conscious gets to us.
that’s all you can do, is try your best. thats all most people expect from us. you also can’t be such a camera prof from day one, it will develop :)
happy birthday to heartdrops, you have done a fantastic job on this website and i expect many more birthdays to come.
i love my friends, they are always there when i need them and will drop everything if i am in trouble.

with regard to my blog. no i wont be able to walk independently because i am paralysed from the waist down so my legs are paralysed (i broke my spine when i was 4 years old). the reason for the standing wheelchair is to put pressure on my legs so that my joints dont break. if you dont stand for a long period of time your joints get weaker, so weak if you just bump your foot against something you might break your foot.
hope you understand my injure, if not tell me and ill explain in more detail.