What do you love?

So, it’s day two of my ten relatives staying here and it got momentarily intolerable last night (their first night staying with us)… but tonight, it was better. Today I didn’t see them most of the day as they travelled four hours down south to Canberra (the capital of Australia). I took my brother to taekwondo, and since I’ve never actually seen him do it other than practicing randomly at home, the first hour was rather entertaining. I talked to the Master, who encouraged me to try. πŸ˜† I think I could do it, with my great coordination as I’m a dancer, but I don’t think I could be serious and dedicated about it.

I went to the toilet while I was there and when I came out of the cubicle I saw that someone had left their mobile phone by the sink. It was just sitting there, with nothing else.

I wanted to pocket it, because, “finders keepers”, but then I realised that the phone could probably have belonged to one of the students. I still had seen no one enter or exit the bathroom the whole time I was there, except for one girl who took a short break in the middle of class. I just gave the phone to the Master, it was the right thing to do. I actually hesitated, wanted to unlock the keypad and have a squiz… but something just stopped me from doing so.

No one claimed the phone when the Master held it up, and I sort of regretted not just keeping it (what the heck though, it was not that good a phone). It made me think of when I lost my iPhone and cursed the man who picked it up and stole it. My brother recently lost his iPod touch, and he’s been doing fine without it, but he’s clearly distressed that it must have just fallen out of his pocket. I feel sorry for him. Not because I used to own the iPod before I gave it to him – but he really took care of that thing and was pretty much attached to it.

I’ll be so busy this week. I got annoyed… you know how I broke a lamp while trying to take photos? Well, shit. I took my photos, and I was planning to go to the photo centre yesterday to print them. Lucky I decided to call them up first, because they were closed that day because it’s a public holiday weekend. I actually got really upset and started crying. I had wanted to get it over and done with, that ugly hell of a project. I took photos for it that I wasn’t pleased with. I asked people for their opinions to see if I was just being harsh on myself. Maybe I was… maybe I was. I tried my best with those photos and I don’t care – I’m just going to print them when I have the chance.

Again as it’s Heartdrops’ birthday soon, I want to get you guys involved like The ‘Love Is…’ Project that I did last year. This time, I didn’t have much time to pull something together (I was going to do something more physical), so it’s another question:

Who/what do you love, and why?

I would love you to all answer this in just a few words, writing something like, “I love James because he cheers me up whenever I feel down”, or “I love sushi because it comes in many different and exciting flavours”. It can be as simple as you want and it can be about whatever you love (nothing too explicit or violent though). I guess this time around it’ll be The ‘I Love…’ Project. I want it to be a tad more personal than before, that’s why.

I always sort of liked how the name Heartdrops referred to love. I think it is truly one of the most powerful emotions in the universe.

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