The Boyfriend Interrogation

I’m starting to dislike the word “boyfriend” the same way James dislikes the word “girlfriend”. It’s weird. At least, in bold print as the title of my blog post it is.

My relatives have become tolerable again. The snoring I hear when I’m trying to sleep sadly isn’t – but what can you do? 😞 The other day I grabbed my most worn down headphones and listened to music as I tried to sleep. I didn’t want to be rolling around in my sleep ruining my best ones. I’ve been asked questions by my aunts if I have a boyfriend… the last time we talked about this was back in 2007 when I was single. I hope they haven’t noticed that I rounded up the years and just said that James and I have been together for four years. Easier than telling them “44 months tomorrow actually!” and waiting for them to go figure.

They wanted to know how we knew each other and if I’d met his family and other really general things. It was still strange to have them say “that’s good” when I told them more… well, good is good, right? 😰 I mean, James is pretty awesome. 😍

The language barrier hasn’t been too bad; all my aunts speak Indonesian and only a few of them know a little bit of English. One of my aunts said it was best that I keep learning and improving my Indonesian because they’re all too old to learn English. Valid point. πŸ˜› But while I can understand what they’re saying, or at least get the gist of it, I find it hard to form sentences in the language so my sentences are Indonglish. Or Englonesian.

Yesterday was a public holiday and I had the pleasure of going to university for a group meeting. Thankfully we weren’t too groggy, even though we agreed that having a meeting on that day was not the best idea. We still got some work done. Allyson had her hair coloured and curled and I didn’t recognise her! I felt bad because she waved at me through the glass and I wasn’t sure if she was waving at me because I wasn’t sure it was her. πŸ˜†

Today I didn’t receive a reply from my supervisor about work. Turns out we had a bit of a misunderstanding and he didn’t check his email; I was supposed to come in today but I’m going in tomorrow so that should be okay. Last week he emailed to ask if I got his phone message and I replied and said I hadn’t, and left my number just in case. He said “I had another one LOL”. That made me laugh. πŸ˜†

I’m glad I used today to travel out east (I live in the west) to a cheap professional photo centre to print my assignment. I was scared that the guy there would be grumpy, because my teacher said she went there a lot and greeted the man cheerfully and he was just, “grumble grumble, grumble”. He (and his assistant) was (were) very nice, though. It was just a 40 minute wait so I bummed around at the shopping centre, debating whether or not I should buy sushi… instead I spent $2 to use the internet. Oh Georgina, your priorities… no but really, the McDonald’s free WiFi was just horrid so I gave up.

I have one poster size print and it looks great. 😁 The quality isn’t amazing, but there’s not much you can do – when you blow up these things, you can’t expect them to be perfect. Especially since I was photographing writing/sketches. But it looks great, I’m happy. :3

Today I went out for dinner with my family and all my aunts and uncles and cousin who are currently visiting us. We went to a buffet. I posted photos on my photoblog. I got annoyed because yesterday I wanted to eat my peas in the freezer, but they had used my peas for their cooking – so at the buffet, I ate all the peas I could. Man, I missed my peas.

And THANK YOU to those who answered my question for my project. If you haven’t yet, please answer this question at the end of your comment: Who/what do you love, and why? πŸ™‚

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