The Boyfriend Interrogation

I’m starting to dislike the word “boyfriend” the same way James dislikes the word “girlfriend”. It’s weird. At least, in bold print as the title of my blog post it is.

My relatives have become tolerable again. The snoring I hear when I’m trying to sleep sadly isn’t – but what can you do? :( The other day I grabbed my most worn down headphones and listened to music as I tried to sleep. I didn’t want to be rolling around in my sleep ruining my best ones. I’ve been asked questions by my aunts if I have a boyfriend… the last time we talked about this was back in 2007 when I was single. I hope they haven’t noticed that I rounded up the years and just said that James and I have been together for four years. Easier than telling them “44 months tomorrow actually!” and waiting for them to go figure.

They wanted to know how we knew each other and if I’d met his family and other really general things. It was still strange to have them say “that’s good” when I told them more… well, good is good, right? 😰 I mean, James is pretty awesome. /love

The language barrier hasn’t been too bad; all my aunts speak Indonesian and only a few of them know a little bit of English. One of my aunts said it was best that I keep learning and improving my Indonesian because they’re all too old to learn English. Valid point. :P But while I can understand what they’re saying, or at least get the gist of it, I find it hard to form sentences in the language so my sentences are Indonglish. Or Englonesian.

Yesterday was a public holiday and I had the pleasure of going to university for a group meeting. Thankfully we weren’t too groggy, even though we agreed that having a meeting on that day was not the best idea. We still got some work done. Allyson had her hair coloured and curled and I didn’t recognise her! I felt bad because she waved at me through the glass and I wasn’t sure if she was waving at me because I wasn’t sure it was her. XD

Today I didn’t receive a reply from my supervisor about work. Turns out we had a bit of a misunderstanding and he didn’t check his email; I was supposed to come in today but I’m going in tomorrow so that should be okay. Last week he emailed to ask if I got his phone message and I replied and said I hadn’t, and left my number just in case. He said “I had another one LOL”. That made me laugh. XD

I’m glad I used today to travel out east (I live in the west) to a cheap professional photo centre to print my assignment. I was scared that the guy there would be grumpy, because my teacher said she went there a lot and greeted the man cheerfully and he was just, “grumble grumble, grumble”. He (and his assistant) was (were) very nice, though. It was just a 40 minute wait so I bummed around at the shopping centre, debating whether or not I should buy sushi… instead I spent $2 to use the internet. Oh Georgina, your priorities… no but really, the McDonald’s free WiFi was just horrid so I gave up.

I have one poster size print and it looks great. /bounce The quality isn’t amazing, but there’s not much you can do – when you blow up these things, you can’t expect them to be perfect. Especially since I was photographing writing/sketches. But it looks great, I’m happy. :3

Today I went out for dinner with my family and all my aunts and uncles and cousin who are currently visiting us. We went to a buffet. I posted photos on my photoblog. I got annoyed because yesterday I wanted to eat my peas in the freezer, but they had used my peas for their cooking – so at the buffet, I ate all the peas I could. Man, I missed my peas.

And THANK YOU to those who answered my question for my project. If you haven’t yet, please answer this question at the end of your comment: Who/what do you love, and why? :)

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Hahah ‘Girlfriend.’ D: It’s just sort of tacky, if you know what I mean. Cheapened by the way it’s used and misused.
Glad to know you too. :) Tahee

I prefer Indonglish. It sounds more hrb. 33333

I’m glad you ate so many peas /love but you should try and eat a broad range of veges toooo /um

I sure love Wuggs! /eee


Hullo! Oh man, I hate when relatives ask about one’s personal life (outside the family). It gets ever so awkward. I hate when my mum calls a relative through skype, and somehow I get involved in the conversation and eventually my aunt ask if there’s anyone, while my mum being right there. *sigh* Oh well, at least they’re not doing it to embarrass you or anything (hopefully) and just want to know.

Nice to know your group meeting went well! It sucks when you go to one and not much gets done. I had mine today, and we met all the way in Cabramatta (why we met there, I do not know). It wasn’t a complete waste of time, at least, although at the end I am in charge of helping with the report and – and I’m going to hate this part – taking care of the website. I’m gonna make it on WordPress because I don’t have time to worry about coding haha – also, it’s been too long, I don’t remember much. Should be fine though, I believe we’re only making one page (okay, so not really making a website) but I’d rather worry about other things haha… Oh well.

Anyway, stuff I love… hmmm… I mentioned potatoes already. Another: Doctor Who! For being a really good show with a great story and fun characters. Oh, and amazing music. Man, I can’t get tired of the music. One more! My friends, for always being there for me and making this boring life into an awesome one. Can’t wait to see what you do with this answers! =D

By the way: Cabramatta is a bit of a hole. It’s like mini Asia! I actually thought that someone from your group decided that everyone travelled about the same distance there, or that your organisation is near there.

Tell me about it. I am so sick of this project hahaha. I guess you’re making a webpage rather than a website. Either way, that is something to add to your project nonetheless. :D

My aunts and uncles asked me loads about my boyfriend when we visited them in Hong Kong. Can be pretty annoying if they keep asking, keeps scary after a while.

I always wondered what ethnic background you are. I assumed you’re Chinese but I’m guessing you’re not since you have Indonesian family…*confused*

I can see from your photoblog your photography skills have improved. Your photos now seem more artistic. Oh and high five to Canon DSLR, it’s a great brand.

Completely off topic but have you seem the finale of this season Doctor Who? It came out on Saturday here in the UK. I’m not sure if you’re up to date with the latest season or not. How do you go about watching them in Aus? Do they get aired on TV there?

i actually like the word “girlfriend and boyfriend” in norwegian, as we only have one word for both sexes. i think the norwegian word describes the relationship better, not just “boy-friend”, but it goes something along the lines of “the closest one to you”, but this is only a bad translation.

well it takes a lot of one another to ignore each others annoying habits and to please everyone at the same time, especially when everyone doesn’t come along. i hope you’re doing well tolerating everyone, i know i have bad temperament, and i couldn’t last long without commenting. i try to be nice of course, but i find it so hard if someone is for example critisizing me. i hope you have had a really nice timem with your family, and that you didn’t run into too many conflicts and discussions.

i haven’t answered your question to your project yet due my absence from my site, but i would absolutely love to help! :D
first off i love my family and friends. they’re there for me even when i have bad days, and i am allowed to be myself 100%.
second, i love ferrero rocher (i don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it’s a chocolate). it’s the best chocolate in the world, and it’s melting on the tounge and tastes heaven!!
third, i love creating. i love to express myself through art, even if it’s photography, web design or manipulations. i also like to write poems abd song lyrics (but that’s a secret)
fourth and last, i love music. when the words fail, music speaks up and save my day. it changes my mood from depressed to happy instantly, and i couldn’t have asked for a better lifesaver (:

thank you too <333333 i hope to have more time on my hands as well, i think it's so depressing to see my own side fade away. awwh yeah i also like to just walk with music in my ears and just clear my mind while inhaling the fresh air.

I don’t dislike the word “boyfriend” but sometimes it feels kind of awkward to say it. haha Not that I’ve really thought about it too much though.

Congratulations on the 44 months! That’s very impressive. I know how you feel about not wanting to tell family members some things. My bf and I have known each other for 8 years but we met in an odd way (it’s a long story!) and I know if I told my parents/family members how we met, they’d think badly of him. However, my sister knows and she’s totally fine with it because she knows him. <3 Plus, it's like a long distance relationship. CA=me VA=him. He's coming to visit in December and I'm super excited!

Enough about me. Your photoblog looks amazing! I'm super impressed. and omg! Song lyrics, that's so amazing. Do you play anything?

HOpe the snoring dies down! /argh

Congrats on your 44th month together with James ♥ I’m glad to hear that your relatives are tolerable again. It’s better than being annoyed by them. xD (Cheap ass headphones ftw! Always a good investment to have)

Saw your photos on your photoblog. They’re lovely!

Hmm makes me wonder why? I don’t particularly like or dislike that word but then what would you use to refer to someone who you are dating steadily?

LOL…um certain relatives can be really nosy. I don’t know about your aunts but some of my distant relatives were pretty annoying or so I remember them to be…I was probably around 16-ish when they pestered me with stupid questions @_@.

Haha so you can speak Indonesian…I wonder how it is like XD.

LOL some people can dramatically change with just coloring and changing their hairstlyes. If I were you, I would be as stumped as you ;)

I would have gotten internet instead of sushi too O_o. So addicted we are ^_^;

I like those pictures! I like your hair :D. LOL you are obsessed with peas aren’t you?

It’s funny how people always want to put labels on things, and how those labels always seem to end up with a negative connotations. Yet, each generation continues to use those same labels. Hm, maybe we need to come up with a new term to use in place of ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’. :P

I am glad to hear that having your relatives visit is becoming tolerable, despite the snoring and the ‘boyfriend’ questions. Although I can see how communication could be a problem, have you considered asking one of your aunts who speak both Indonesian and English to help you speak Indonesian better? You could say that you are interested in learning more about the culture or something like that.

As for spending the $2 to get Internet, I think that I would have gotten sushi. But then again, I don’t currently have a laptop and can only access the internet at the library. :(

Finally, congratulations on 44 months, and I hope that James and you have 44 more. :)

None of my aunts can really speak English, so even translation is difficult without my mother or father there. The language barrier is just a bit of a problem – I can understand Indonesian, but it’s hard to speak it. /um

Sounds like a typical day with lots of relatives around and that everything’s all right! Worst they will do is tell your parents that they highly disapprove of you having a boyfriend, etc. But I think that you and your parents all know that since they’re so far away most of the time and hardly affect the grand scheme of your life (not the little present moments), their opinion doesn’t actually matter. So all good!

$2 for good WiFi sounds like a deal. Prices tend to be quite exorbitant around here, unless there is actually free public WiFi.

Hi :3 I’m new here. Sort of. Kind of. Haha anyway! /awkward. Your website’s really adorable :3 I love everything you offer here, especially your blogs. They’re always fun to read and are so quirky.
I’m not fond of the boyfriend/girlfriend terms either; they’re too bothersome. You and James are very cute, haha.
Your problem with speaking the same language as your relatives are the same as mine. My whole family’s either Vietnamese or Chinese, and I’ve never really been taught how to speak either of them–only little snippets, so when I attempt to speak Chinese, it comes out…weirdly. Either that, or I’m mixing the two up–entirely too weird.
I find it very awkward to talk to my family or relatives about boyfriends. They either act bored, or are overly enthusiastic about it, and ask me more. Then, the same thing happens: I can’t explain anything, not in their language. I try, though. It’s usually not understandable.
I hate McDonald’s Wifi D: It’s not very good. I think I’d rather spend the money on sushi if it were me though, since it’s one of my favourite foods.
As for your project question… Hmm. I love my friends, and family. But because my dad’s very strict, I don’t love him as much. That puts my friends first, though that seems mean. My dad doesn’t know anything about me, barely talks to me, and forces me to do things I don’t want to do, and my friends? Well, they’re pretty accepting. My mother and brother do come before, though. I also like food. Every one says that I’m too skinny and are amazed by my metabolism, which is, frankly, not that amazing. I do enjoy food, and when I find some kind that I like especially, it causes a sort of binge xD. Hmm, I probably wouldn’t be able to stand it if the internet were gone, so I suppose I love that too. There are so many things on the web and no one would be able to explore everything in their lifetime, even if they were online 24/7. That’s what’s amazing about it.

Hi Kiku, just wanted to say thank you for the comment! Are you new as in your first time visiting, or leaving a message? I get quite a few people who say they’ve been reading for a while but only recently commented. :)

I am part Chinese and part Indonesian but since I know no Chinese, I don’t really get anything mixed up. But the language barrier really is a burden when it comes to communicating with some of my family members.

Sushi is definitely one of my favourite foods as well. :D

To be honest, I am not so close to my parents, and sometimes I argue with my mum, and there are times I feel like I get along better with my friends. I totally understand where you’re coming from – and with the metabolism too. I actually have a high cholesterol so despite being thin, I have to maintain a healthy diet. I cop a lot of slack from people who say I need to gain weight; they don’t understand that I really do have to watch what I eat.

The internet is just too amazing for words. I love what you said about no one being able to explore the whole internet in their lifetime, so I added it to my project.

Wow congrats on 44 months with James! :)

I know quite a few people who dislike the word girl/boyfriend word, but I don’t think I’ve heard them use anything else — and really, in English, what other word is there? Significant other sounds stodgy and formal and I loathe the word “lover” (and it’s not a word most people would feel comfortable saying to family). I suppose “partner” is a viable option, but again, it sounds formal and dry. Meh.

Oh, man, buffets with family. I had to do that the other day, and it’s always an ordeal. I always end up getting plates for my older family members and eventually getting stopped by staff because I’m “returning so quickly.” Well, yes, but I haven’t even gotten to eat yet!!!111 Ugh. But, also: PEAS. I love ’em so.

As for who/what I love… too many to list. I have an obsessive personality, so I love dozens of things at one time and then dislike them later on. Besides, I’m horrid at explaining myself, let alone why I love something. :(

I think relatives will always be like that. Interrogating us with lots of questions when we’re already in a relationship. And sometimes it’s awkward when I already told them that we’ve been together for 5 years already and then some other aunt or uncle will ask that question again XD Oh when you mentioned the word “snoring”, I instantly think of my grandfather and my dad cause they snore so loud lol But we’ve gotten used to it already. Btw, congratulations to you and your boyfriend! October is a special month for us too ♥ Hope you both will last forever.

my nan snores so loud and my friend the other day at my sleepover did, she didn’t even realize when she was only half asleep lol.

I think boyfriend and girlfriend sounds childish, I prefer my partner instead, sounds grown up.
wow that’s a long time you have been together, really sweet.

The food looks amazing, is that orange stuff sushi? never tried it.

Soon I am posting pictures of my wreck this journal. You will see the fun experience with it.

Looking forward to what your what you love & why project. :)

I really liked it when boyfriend referred to a boy that was your friend not lover. I mean now I have to say ‘guyfriend’ or just say friend and shock someone when I mention this ‘friend’ is a boy. 🙄
I think it is valid to say 4 years. :)
Work miss-communications make me antsy. I worry waaay to much.
I went over to your photoblog. Nice!

I can’t say that I know how you feel when family is over, because they don’t come over much. I personally don’t know many of them. Which is a good thing, cause most fo them are very annoying.

I also stopped by your photolog, and I must say, that it’s pretty great. I loved the picture of your family standing out by the driveway. If people didn’t know you lived in Australia, they would think you’d live somewhere in the states. Atleast that’s what I would think. I don’t venture out much past my state, so I’m pretty interested in what other places around the world look like, especially other neighborhoods in other countries. 😳

And that sushi looked really good. I’ve always wanted to try it, but never been able to gather up the nerve. One day I will, cause it lookes delish. :D

My extended family and my immediate family aren’t really that close. My parents, my brother, and I are usually the ones that visit everyone else because they won’t. Not a great familial bond….which sucks sometimes. Especially when my grandmother hasn’t called me since I got to college and I have to watch my roommate get all these cool packages from hers. :( Sorry…got carried away.

Ahhh, I want to take pictures and make them into posters! That’d be cool to do. And I can’t really relate to the boyfriend thing seeing as I’ve never had one. (H)

I love my (immediate) family because they care about me and are always there for me (even my younger brother). They let me complain to them and allow me be myself. I think going off to college has strengthened our relationship, too.

I’d like the word boyfriend a lot more if I had one ^__^
I don’t have a problem with the words boyfriend or girlfriend, I just think they have lost they’re true meaning and they are beginning to get overrated.

I hate it when family comes to vist. They’re always in your face and in your business. When my family comes to visit I can’t sit around on the phone texting or talking without someone asking “Who is that?” Or come in the house or leave the house with someone asking “Where are you doing?” or “Where have you been?” The most annoying question though is “Do you have a boyfriend?” Gahhhh I hate when people (family members) ask that question. I never know whether to say yes or no whether I do or not because either way more questions are sure to follow.

Our McDonalds WiFi is AWESOMEEEEEEE!

lol Indonglish and Englonesian! Even I’m fluent in both, I struggle sometimes. And I mix the two languages in one sentence. Sometimes you just can’t find the right word in another language xD

I’d love to have a boyfriend though. You and James are so lucky! Oh, and I get that a lot from my relatives too, if we’re having a family gathering. The question “do you have a boyfriend?” is starting to get on my nerves!

You’re not the only one who started hating the word, “boyfriend” after a while. I started hating that word because it’s overused. Now, I just see that word as something insignificant.

I hate it when people snore hella loud. It’s ridiculous! Sometimes, I hear my dad snore and it’s going THROUGH WALLS! I wonder how my mom tolerated it -__-.

I hate it when someone related to you asks about your relationship status! It just puts you on the spot -__- even though.. I do that to my friends a lot :c.

It’s good to just have a busy day full of things to do. I tried out McDonald’s wifi once and it wasn’t that slow compared to the fact that it was on the border next to Mexico. :O!

I don’t really love anyone to begin with. It’s just a petty crush here and there. But I love what I have in life. :)

I wish we played nonstop in these football games! But the referees made it a rule that “When the ball is in play, no pep team shall perform until the play is done.” So that means in between “1st down and 2nd down”, we can play a short song. It’s ridiculous :(.

Yup! We get to choose our own poses for the personality pictures :D! But since you don’t have a Facebook, Here’s the link:

As long as I practice the instrument I have to play, I should be fine :)! Unless… Otherwise said :O!

But now you know, masters are done at night.. I guess that means you have to rearrange something with your work? :O! It’s really intense from what I hear if you work and school. I guess you have your priorities split!

I recently did a mass print on pictures I took recently. It was iffy just looking through old pictures ):!

Take care (: