Pushing Spontaneity

I just finished my assignment (which I titled Pushing Spontaneity). I had to write a 500-word artist statement about my assignment. It wasn’t that hard, I guess I kind of rushed it… but I made my point and that’s all that matters. I also have my photographs printed. I thought the big tube with my poster-size print wouldn’t fit in my locker, because it’s not that tall and not that wide, but thankfully it was deep enough and just fit.

I’ve only had a locker for about a week. Most of the lockers were taken by other photography students already. I had to share a locker with Johnny and Fernando (Fern) for a while. They were very kind to let me share their locker. I was very happy last week when I found an empty locker and by chance, James had a padlock on him. πŸ˜„ So I’ve got all my stuff in my locker, which means I don’t have to lug around a lot of stuff and can drop some stuff in there if need be.

Yesterday it was a hectic day. I had work early in the morning right through until the afternoon. It wasn’t a great day at work, I’ll be honest. I had to design a page, and code another – and they both went alright and I completed those tasks in the time specified. When I had to code the page I had already designed, I got frustrated. It wasn’t really difficult – it was just annoying to have to sift through the existing HTML and CSS and style things accordingly. That’s the thing I don’t like. I have realised that though I was scared of coding things from scratch, I actually like it now. I have been planning my own layouts as I’ve learned from work how important it is to plan. Coding from scratch isn’t very hard. It exercises my brain and it helps me remember things off the top of my head – which you can easily forget when it comes to something like code.

As I struggled, I went overtime by nearly two hours. It was upsetting. I thought I would be alright, but it also turns out there was something up with the server so any changes I made to the HTML and CSS weren’t taking effect. I think that really affected how much time I spent on the project. I had to then edit the files directly from the editor in WordPress. My boss didn’t seem pleased and wanted to talk to me after my shift… he just told me that I do need to pick up speed, and they realise I’m still new and sometimes I struggle, but that I shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. He said, “I’d rather you ask a million questions and we can help you, rather than you trying to figure it out yourself”. He explained that that’s what they’re here for, and that I shouldn’t worry about them thinking I’m dumb – as it’s all a learning process.

I hope I get better. 😞 It’s just all such a new experience to me.

I had to meet up with my family and relatives after 15 hours of being at work and university. It was horrid. I didn’t even want to eat but I felt it was polite, so I bought ramen and sushi. Well deserved I think… πŸ˜‰

Brandon and I were walking up to the station from the food court, and it only takes five minutes, but suddenly my dad insisted on taking the tram. I thought it was ridiculous. He just wanted to show everyone he knew everything. Brandon got angry, saying he needed the bathroom and he’d just walk. I told my mum that there was no point in paying for the tram when I could just walk, but she insisted too. 😐 I had followed Brandon but she snapped at me not to make a scene. Yeah… 😀

I had to walk to work today, and I did that idiotic thing again and forgot to brush my teeth before I left. Just my luck, I forgot to bring my mints as well, so I bought some on the way. It was drizzling, but I was already feeling very warm in my work shirt, coat, beanie and scarf.

Earlier this evening I had some sweet potato. I peeled the vegetable, and instead of boiling it like I did last time, I baked it. I had cut it into small pieces and used a bit of butter, pepper and salt to taste. When they were out of the oven, I spread a bit of low-fat cheese on them. Oh my god it was so good. And I’m not even good at cooking. I’m so proud of myself. 😁

I’ve been working on that new layout, I hope to have it up soon!

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