Pushing Spontaneity

I just finished my assignment (which I titled Pushing Spontaneity). I had to write a 500-word artist statement about my assignment. It wasn’t that hard, I guess I kind of rushed it… but I made my point and that’s all that matters. I also have my photographs printed. I thought the big tube with my poster-size print wouldn’t fit in my locker, because it’s not that tall and not that wide, but thankfully it was deep enough and just fit.

I’ve only had a locker for about a week. Most of the lockers were taken by other photography students already. I had to share a locker with Johnny and Fernando (Fern) for a while. They were very kind to let me share their locker. I was very happy last week when I found an empty locker and by chance, James had a padlock on him. :D So I’ve got all my stuff in my locker, which means I don’t have to lug around a lot of stuff and can drop some stuff in there if need be.

Yesterday it was a hectic day. I had work early in the morning right through until the afternoon. It wasn’t a great day at work, I’ll be honest. I had to design a page, and code another – and they both went alright and I completed those tasks in the time specified. When I had to code the page I had already designed, I got frustrated. It wasn’t really difficult – it was just annoying to have to sift through the existing HTML and CSS and style things accordingly. That’s the thing I don’t like. I have realised that though I was scared of coding things from scratch, I actually like it now. I have been planning my own layouts as I’ve learned from work how important it is to plan. Coding from scratch isn’t very hard. It exercises my brain and it helps me remember things off the top of my head – which you can easily forget when it comes to something like code.

As I struggled, I went overtime by nearly two hours. It was upsetting. I thought I would be alright, but it also turns out there was something up with the server so any changes I made to the HTML and CSS weren’t taking effect. I think that really affected how much time I spent on the project. I had to then edit the files directly from the editor in WordPress. My boss didn’t seem pleased and wanted to talk to me after my shift… he just told me that I do need to pick up speed, and they realise I’m still new and sometimes I struggle, but that I shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. He said, “I’d rather you ask a million questions and we can help you, rather than you trying to figure it out yourself”. He explained that that’s what they’re here for, and that I shouldn’t worry about them thinking I’m dumb – as it’s all a learning process.

I hope I get better. :( It’s just all such a new experience to me.

I had to meet up with my family and relatives after 15 hours of being at work and university. It was horrid. I didn’t even want to eat but I felt it was polite, so I bought ramen and sushi. Well deserved I think… ;)

Brandon and I were walking up to the station from the food court, and it only takes five minutes, but suddenly my dad insisted on taking the tram. I thought it was ridiculous. He just wanted to show everyone he knew everything. Brandon got angry, saying he needed the bathroom and he’d just walk. I told my mum that there was no point in paying for the tram when I could just walk, but she insisted too. /hmph I had followed Brandon but she snapped at me not to make a scene. Yeah… 🤬

I had to walk to work today, and I did that idiotic thing again and forgot to brush my teeth before I left. Just my luck, I forgot to bring my mints as well, so I bought some on the way. It was drizzling, but I was already feeling very warm in my work shirt, coat, beanie and scarf.

Earlier this evening I had some sweet potato. I peeled the vegetable, and instead of boiling it like I did last time, I baked it. I had cut it into small pieces and used a bit of butter, pepper and salt to taste. When they were out of the oven, I spread a bit of low-fat cheese on them. Oh my god it was so good. And I’m not even good at cooking. I’m so proud of myself. /bounce

I’ve been working on that new layout, I hope to have it up soon!

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Ah locker~ How I wish I had locker back in high school. O_O I remembered how we brought heavy big bags just so we could fit all thick books inside… no lockers for students but lockers for teachers were there /wah how picky and stingy of the principal.
Coding from scratch is most of the time quite a trouble for me. I don’t know why but I got the whole design plan but I just have no idea how to start it.. whether using div or table coding. /lame
You got one friendly boss thar~ (H) He seems to care for his subordinates which is good :P (man,the business student side of me is creeping out..)
Ah yes! The sushi! Saw it on your photoblog… salmon,yes? :D I love love salmon~ though not that type… that picture just made me drool all over. 😰
sweet potato.. I remember how my mom forced me to eat it because I have difficulty in….*cough*metabolism*cough*… and I almost threw up because of it. I just dislike sweet potato.. /ehh
Can’t wait for your new layout! ✌️

Hahahah oh my god I know what you mean. My high school didn’t have lockers either and we’d spend the whole day lugging around all our books for all seven classes. Sometimes heavy textbooks too. Bleh. We were pretty poor though. After I graduated they started to buy a few lockers.

I usually know what I want to do but I prefer to just edit my own themes until I have made enough changes to call it “new”. :P

I actually like that kind of salmon – I know not everyone likes raw salmon but I really like it. :)

My mum makes kolak and puts sweet potato in it, that way it is actually kind of nice (I know you understand because it’s Indonesian hahha).

Sweeeet, got a locker. That would be convenient. I like taking my time coding, but it’d be cool to get paid to do it. Aw, I’m sure you’ll do fine.

Sounds like it was hectic. That’s how today has been. Actually, this whole week. Sweet potatoes…now I’m hungry again. /ehe

Wow, sorry about all the fragmented sentences.

You don’t know how jealous I am right now. I thought you were taking a photography class in the winter semester over there but you still are? Or are you going into photography? Lol I still don’t know what you study. I keep getting confused!

Your job sounds so cool too. I’d love to code for a job haha though I’m really bad at it, I’m willing to learn! I never cod from scratch cus I’m that lazy! I know you will get more used to asking questions, it’s not dumb! I used to be so afraid of asking questions but my professors are so kind about it.

Ahh after 15 hours out I don’t want to do anything! But my mom always makes me do something at night it’s so stupid! I don’t wanna do stupid chores! Haven’t needed to go to any dinners or gatherings though. I saw a couple of pictures on your photo blog, I thought one of the girls was you from a distance! Cept I realized it couldn’t be because you took the pictures haha.

Ooo sweet potato. I’ve never actually tried that but I hear about all these Asian dishes with it. Sounds so yummy!

Can’t wait to see your new layout! I’d want to help but I can’t think of what I love at the moment.

I have several classes in a day so if one teacher cancels I wouldn’t be too pissed I guess. I just hope I pick myself up soon. Can’t afford to keep wasting time or messing up on assignments. I haven’t forgotten about any assignments yet though. None of that high school OH NO ITS DUE TOMORROW thing.

I might be moving hosts, not because I don’t love you or the name floriental, but I just don’t think it fits with my subdomain that I want. Just giving you a heads up … I’ll look into this thing when I have time. I think I had 30 fanlistings in August now I have 23 and am still cutting.

Ohhh I get it now. That studio light thing needing a source from an angle, no ceiling. Be more careful though. =)

Don’t worry about your 6 weeks! You can do it! You’ll be done with university OMG.

I didn’t know that haha I’ll be sure to remember that I can only run down from a fire escape. Or yell at someone to help me and open the door. Or get stuck like you did. XD Lol sorry.

Lololol I think that’s the first thing I’ll say to Nancy too. I don’t curse or say bad stuff out loud but I’ll make an exception.

Wow so you were 12 and he was 14 when you dated? O_O That is a huge age gap for that age period. Mingyun is 2 1/2 years older than me but it’s not such a huge deal at my age … though some people still say he’s too old for me.

LOL my bad! Brandon Brandon Brandon I’ll spell it right next time!

New layout already? I feel like this one only went up not too long ago. Then again, I first visited your site when you had the “Love is…” layout up, so my first impression of you might not be your usual cycle.

Personally, I do all my coding from scratch. I’ve also written my code and found the need to add “updates” to it. One thing that I wind up doing is not making a good, abstract (in a computer science term), update, but by just adding a few lines here and there. Do that a few more times, and the code is not necessarily broken, but definitely a mess. It sounds like you might have run into a bit of that. Also the fact that you’re reading someone else’s code – or bits and pieces of everyone else’s code. Ugh…

Good luck these next few days! *hugs*

It’s like the only Blur song I really listen to. That’s not to say I don’t like Blur. I think they’re an awesome band! I only have the album Parklife though. Maybe you can recommend another album to me? :)
That music video is seriously amazing! I have the milk carton as my avatar on last.fm xD It’s too cute! Do they sell milk cartons like that?
By the way I’ve linked you on my latest entry. Yay for giving credit! I used your button rotation tutorial :D

hey there
that’s good that you have a locker i can imagine all the stuff you have to lug around with you and it isnt very good with your back. at my school they only had a limited amount of lockers so normally the art students would get and the sport players.
coding from scratch is very hard for me, i have like a plain template i got from my host and i just develop my site layout from that.
ye i also got the talking to as well from my previous job but when i did go ask questions they treated me like i was an idiot for asking the question, that job wasnt for me lol. your boss sounds sooo friendly :)
i love sweet potato :)
cant wait to see the new layout, is it kinda different to the one now?

Congratulations on finishing up your assignment. From the sounds of it, it seems to be nicely done :D. I never had lockers in my school/college life but I am glad that you were able to fit it into your locker without destroying your print!

Ah it must be nice to get that locker for yourself. I wish my school had lockers so that I wouldn’t have had to carry around so much stuff :(

I personally prefer coding from scratch at all times. Sure I will used HTML editors or even Dreamweaver at times to make it easier but I like structuring everything from scratch. Like you said it helps to keep your brain upto speed XD.

I think it will get better eventually. It takes time to get into groove at work. But like they said I think you should ask them when you can’t figure out something instantaneously. Eventually you will get really good at your stuff :3

Haha looks like Brandon really had to use the restroom XD. Were you with your relatives at that time? I think your dad suggested the tram to make it easier on your aunts?

I am not particularly a fan of sweet potatoes but I like baked potatoes. Sometimes I will fry (not healthy) potatoes with spices and eat them with curd…simply awesome *_*

Looking forward to your layout!

Yes, argh. My dad suggested the tram but he was clearly showing off. It was only a five minute walk, and I was with them, and my brother was too. My dad just suddenly insisted on waiting and catching the tram. It made my brother really pissed off.

Also I know what it’s like not to have lockers… there weren’t any at my high school so often we had to lug around gym gear, textbooks, books… and we usually had seven classes a day. X_X

Oh the lockers! How I miss them. I currently have a huge holdall bag to carry multiple A3 sketchbooks in for college. Super heavy, but I suppose it’s worth it rather than carrying them in my hands all day. ;) I prefer coding from scratch too occasionally, I don’t find it very hard. I’m better at coding CSS from scratch, though. I know a few people who would call me mad for saying that but I do! Haha!

PS. I’m back, finally. I hope you’ve been well. ♥

Glad you got your assignment done! :) I hope things are going well with you aside from your job. I think things with that will get a lot better. :D

hehe I remember reading your older post about forgetting to brush your teeth and asking your brother for mints or something XD You’re so silly. You should bring a box of mint and leave it in your locker just in case lol

My mom would be the same =_=” At least you got sushi and ramen lol

It’s okay, you will get better with the job! You’re new and need a little time to learn and adjust..soon enough you’ll be up to speed with everyone :)

I need to cook… but i always just make instant ramen instead XD

Hey, it’s good to hear that your assignment went well. The title “Pushing Spontaneity” sounds good. XD Haha, thank God you found a locker. At least all your stuffs would be safe and not lying a round here and there. Plus the fact that it has a padlock. ;)
Looks like you had a hectic day designing the page. But, I’m sure you designed it beautifully. You are a PRO! /bounce Were you designing a page for your working place or something? ;)

You forgot to brush your teeth again? Haha, thank God you had time to buy those mints on the way.
And sweet potatoes are good! I like to have sweet potato soup! ♥

Anyway, hope you have a nice day ahead. Take care.

Hmm, you know. I hate coding. Or perhaps it’s the same as it’s with you.. coding itself is not bad but the pressure/annoying features of it are. Like making things from scratch – but then again it COULD be easier, as you said. Hmm.

Congratulations for finishing the assignment! The title is lovely.

Oh haha… lockers. At my new school there are some but our class still hasn’t got assigned any (I swear there aren’t any left), so I’ve just accepted the fact I won’t get one. I thought of you! :P I remember you telling me that at high school you had no lockers. It’s not really that bad, since we can leave textbooks/books behind in our classrooms if we don’t need them for homework, but it still can be a pain. Especially since my history textbook is at least four inches thick -_-

I’m unused to coding off the top of my head; I just fiddle with my old coding. I prefer how I structure it and I’m used to it now after years, so if I were to code from scratch… eep.
Aw, man. I would have been so confused as well, and it does not help that the stupid server went crazy on you. I’m sure your boss will make allowances – you have just started and you are bloody good and coding, but coding in a new environment must be pretty horrid, gah. Have a hug: *hugs*


Sushi! I love sushi. Most deserved, indeed. :)
I hate forgetting to brush my teeth. 😰 It sounds like it’s getting warmer over in Aus – over here in merry old England it’s fucking freezing. My hands are stiff from the cold, I swear – it’s hard to type. /hmph

Funnily enough I’m also working on a new layout. /oh I can’t wait to see yours – you know that I love all your layouts.

I liked Rise Against’s S&W but some of the albums before that (like The Unravelling) never really did it for me. And you need to listen to Anberlin’s new album – it’s gorgeous. (Not-so-new album, I guess).

Take care! xx

I listened to Dark is the Way, Light is a Place today. It’s pretty. Like James said, it’s “fuller” than their other albums. It’s so lovely, I have to listen to it more. :)

I can’t wait to see your new theme. Is it similar to what we talked about when you were making my current theme?

I’ve been on the same page when I was really trying to figure out something myself without remembering that my colleagues are more experienced than i was. everything was so late that in the end i just gave up and asked them. I know it’s a little frustrating, but as a person who wants to learn myself, i tried to go figure it out anyway, and i just told myself that if i won’t be able to make it just in time, i’d ask. but then i went overboard. haha! it taught me somehow. :D

LOL my friend lucked out and also found a locker in school (without having to actually pay for it). She also quickly put a lock on it and used it for her stuff ~ I agree, it didn’t beats having to lug around things in school. Especially in the winter when it gets super cold and you don’t want to have to carry around a big jacket, textbooks, or gym gear :) (Y) Nice to hear that you look coding from scratch! I think it’s hard to do so good stuff XD Keep in touch <3


I hated having a small locker. I always thought what I had to shove in there wouldn’t fit but somehow it always fit in the end. Glad to hear you do have a locker though so you are able to drop off anything you don’t need with you.

Oh my gosh, I’ve been gone for too long. >_< Well congrats on the job – I know I'm SO late with that. Looking through coding to make sure the new coding you're doing matches up is always such a pain. That's when I'm willing to let anyone else do it so I don't have to do it. Ha ha.

I miss having locker! xD gaaah! since i entered college life, i don’t have any locker anymore. Our locker is first come first serve basis. And if, there is any lost the school is not legible for that xD so in other side, our locker is not safe to use i guess. Only my own perception. haha! xD I know you’ll get better with that thing :) just do a lot of practice /eee i know you can do it. ooh. oooh! i never tried tomato cooked into oven. hihi. xD i think it yummy! yuum! /ehe

yay sweet potatoes :D

I think starting any new job is tough. There’s always many things to learn and it’s hard to decide when to ask questions and to who because every team is so different. I rather my mentee struggle for a while, that’s how you learn stuff, but that’s because we have plenty of time.

Lockers make one’s day convenient and easier. Hahaha. :) You sound so hectic!

I think what your boss said is very true. It’s better to let other people to teach you something you don’t know then for you to spend hours figuring out yourself. Although, to come and think about it, both of them will produce positive things. Like, if you ask your colleagues, you’ll get your work done faster but when you figure it out yourself, you’ll learn something new and you’ll get that sense of accomplishment and proud to say that you figured it out yourself :)

But it’s nice that they know you’re still new. I know you’ll get better. Just keep doing what you do :) And I am definitely looking forward for the new layout of yours. I always adore your layouts :)