I love grey.


Well hello. I always do this, do the layout in a rush and have it looking like… I don’t know. But anyway, I got sick of the fluid layout and I wanted something fixed, so I’m sorry if you have a resolution that’s a bit small. Just zoom out and you should be fine. I was telling James how hot this layout looked on his exceptionally large monitor. :P

As promised this is the layout for the I Love Project. You can visit The “I Love” Project to see all the quotes that are on rotation above the sidebar. I am pretty proud of this layout, and I really do like the grey. Most of the layouts for my other websites were grey and I liked them very much. After the pink on my previous layout looked really gross after a while, I decided to play it safe.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a quote to go in the sidebar. You guys are awesome. ♥️ Please visit The “I Love” Project page because I am introducing another part to this project and I would like people to participate again. You basically write a blog post about what you love, or a poem, or some piece of writing, and link back to Heartdrops so I can share everyone’s stories.

I was away for a day or so, because my cousin (the bride) got married yesterday and we were all preparing for the wedding. All our relatives who have been visiting us also attended. For a few days they were at my aunt’s place instead of ours, so our house was a bit quiet for some time. I tried to make the most of it, of course. The night before the wedding we had to make sure we had everything because the next morning we were going to my aunt’s so that we could all get ready and attend the wedding ceremony together.

It was really beautiful. My other cousin – the brother of the bride – said, “I nearly cried… nah, joking.” XD My cousin seemed teary as she was saying her vows though. It was very sweet. On the other hand it got me thinking about the church setting and how I personally find it a bit dull and too serious. The priest had a friendly demeanour and a mild sense of humour, though. Everyone was taking photos throughout the ceremony and afterwards we all posed in front of the church for photos with the bridal party. Some people just scurried off for the refreshments.

When I went for the refreshments they were all gone. My cousin said that they went pretty quick. I managed to get some strawberry banana guava drink or something like that… some very exotic flavour. It was really awesome. /bounce

I went with my cousin (the brother) to McDonald’s as we went to buy 25 cheeseburgers for everyone. He went to his old workplace as he was able to get a discount. (I was very naughty and ate two of those this morning.)

The reception was really enjoyable. It was a ten-course meal, which was really delicious, and included trout, prawns, vegetables, lobster, shark fin soup, red bean soup, and much more. The servings were small but all the same, really filled me up. I was very full by the end of the night. Of course there was a bit of dancing and conversing and some people drinking, and there was a band who did some pretty good covers of recent and classic songs.

I remember my brother and I being very hungry before the food arrived and while some of the speeches were going. We were eating the small jellybeans and chocolate pieces that were given to each guest as a gift. We ended up eating all the contents of our individual boxes. XD

I stayed the night at my aunt’s place, so that’s why I wasn’t around to blog. :P Anyway, I have posted some photos on my photoblog so feel free to have a look… and let me know what you think of the layout as well. :)

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What can I say, it’s very grey indeedy. /um

The emotes sort of spice up the comments section, don’t they. :3

I suddenly realized how awesome the Man’s Best Friend layout was /um. It was pretty good, really.

Ten course meal? D: Good thing the portions were small, I guess. Besides, a trout can only stretch so far..tahee

My monitor is a pretty standard size; you could get a full HD Benq or samsung for around $150 these days. ngeo


Wow, I’m glad to have stumbled across your site :) It’s very cute 😝 [I came across here from Twitter, because I follow Meera and she RT’ed this /wave ] Anyway, yeah, um, 🙄 , [sorry I’m having a bit of a smilie rave here /eee ] I like the grey layout, it’s very .. *hunts vocabulary*… Classy! XD

Well that’s the most awkward comment I’ve ever written.. /type

♥ Sophie :)

I really love the layout! Not many people can pull off an all-grey color scheme without it looking too “blah”, but you’ve done it very well, indeed! :)

I’m glad you had a good time at the wedding! I saw the pictures, and it looks like it was incredibly beautiful! The food also sounds like it was delicious! I don’t think I could have eaten all of that, ahahaha!

Your “I Love” project is a really awesome idea; I definitely need to do it! ^__^

Wow, your layout makes mine look like I got it on a glitter site. It’s great that someone finally pulled off an all grey layout that doesn’t look tacky – good work Georgina!

The project is a great idea! I also love the way you do one for every heartdrops birthday! :P It’s a shame – when my site turns one it will die. :( It’s only free for a year, and I’m so not paying for a .com! I’ll probably just get a .co.cc or something until I find a host. It’s still 8 months away though, so hopefully I will still be blogging then!

I love getting those little boxes in weddings! I don’t think there’s ever been a day when I haven’t eaten the lot when I was actually at the wedding. :P

Oops, I left the wrong site url!

Sweet layout, it’s very calm to the eyes.
I love weddings. Happy occasions in general are great but happy occasions with good food are even better xD

Thanks for including me in your project. I didn’t think you were gonna add my quote, I got a little giddy when I saw it on the project page. /hehe

Your cousin’s wedding looked great, I especially loved her flowers, dress and cake. All were really beautiful. And you looked really pretty yourself there, Georgie. :D

Your photos where great and this layout is the best. You get an A+++++ in my book. :D

This layouts awesome :D Thanks for your last comment, btw, I cheered me up a lot /eee
The “I love…” project seems like a great idea. I didn’t participate in the first part, but I will definitely write a blog post for this project.

Congratulations on your cousin getting married! I really like the pictures you took, especially this one : http://indecisively.me/x/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/IMG_4917.jpg (the facial expressions are priceless :D) and this one : http://indecisively.me/x/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/IMG_5084.jpg (everythings so pretty and shiny and the blurry hands are cool)
The little dolls on the cake are cute /ehe A ten-course meal? Wow, cool (but you don’t eat EVERY course, right?). I always liked the way shark fin soup sounds. Eating a shark’s fin. In soup. CHYEAH (H)

I’m glad you said that The Great Gatsby is a beautiful novel and definitely one of your favourites. Before I read that comment I was beginning to doubt it (just a little).

I love the layout. It’s very simple, which I like, and I love grey too. Mmm… that ten course meal sounds so good. I’m a big food lover. :P

I love the layout! It’s simple, but beautiful. Good job. :)

Also, congratulations to your cousin! And aaaah, the meal you had at the reception sounds fantastic. I got hungry reading about it, lol.

Glad you had a great time at your cousin’s wedding.

love your new layout. u can always pull off any layout, plain or complicated. loveeeeeeee it. congrats to your cousin, was it a beautiful wedding?

I need to blog again … At the moment my Swedish family are here so I’m busy with that and helping the family with things … Hopefully end of this week I’ll get something down ….

I have always loved your themed layouts :) I am on my iPhone right now so I’ll check it out when I get to my laptop :)

I’m glad you enjoyed the wedding. Did James go too? :)

Aaah dear Georgie. :) Your layouts never stop astounding me. The design may be simple, but it’s charming, reminds me of an ancient book filled with delicate decorations. Love it!

Nice wedding party! It was so touching when you said your cousin was teary-eyed upon saying her vows… Gosh, I think I would be too! Weddings are such very special moments in life. :’)


~ Luana S.

P.S. I plugged in my last post up there in the link field because the very ‘last’ post is a guest post. ^^

Your layout looks perfect in my screen resolution, JSYK. ;) I see you’ve changed the body font now? I’m sorry for being awkward haha, well, actually it’s Firefox’s fault. :P I love how you can make the simplest of layouts look so amazing, I’m jealous – I’ve always admired your grey layouts on your other domains!

The dividers in the sidebar, headers, footer, etc. are an awesome touch, good job. ;) I think I’m definitely going to a “I love..” blog, since I have nothing to blog about and that would fit nicely, hehe.

Your cousin’s wedding looked beautiful – it’s so colourful. o___O Weddings here are generally pretty boring, colour wise haha.All the pictures look amazing and you looked so sophisticated and beautiful! :P

Love Balloon… hehehehe.

A ten-course meal?! :| Jesus, I think I would have died haha! That said, at my friends wedding the main course was a HUGE leg of chicken and all the trimmings to with it, I was so stuffed afterwards after waiting nearly 4 hours for the food to be served! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself though. :)

My mum probably wasn’t smart enough to just steal it, delete my dads number and give it back LOL. I have lost a few phones but that doesn’t bother me, since they were pretty crappy phones anyway. You know, the good old black and white phones aha.

I’ll definitely be keeping Dearagony.org a lot longer, I promise. :P It expires on 21st December 2012 – the day the world is supposed to end LOL. /amused

I think I would be okay in Australia with the heat because I assume the heat would be different. When I went to Spain, it was 30+ degrees all the time but it was so nice and totally different to the heat in England. 10 degrees isn’t THAT cold for us, well, some people might consider it cold but I wouldn’t. You should come to the UK. :D

I usually end up getting pissed off and getting up to go and get my phone, pahaha. :P

Hehe I see you love grey and I love your layout XD.

It fits in my work resolution just fine…I am sure it will look gorgeous on my mac <3. I love the "I Love" project. It is a very cool idea…very good collection of quotes as well :D. I will try to contribute in my own way to the second half of the project…will take me some time to gather my thoughts though lol.

Sounds like a hectic day for you. I am glad the wedding went well and I love the pics that I saw. I guess the church setting can be a bit too serious. Would you prefer an outdoor setting instead?

LOL at the refreshments disappearing…but that's what most people do at weddings – they eat XD. Sounds like a very exotic drink indeed.

Interesting…at most of the weddings in my home land it is more or less a buffet system so you serve yourself but I kind of like the idea of a menu with a fixed course meal. Saves you the trouble hehe.

I would've gobbled up all the chocolate pieces as well lol. I don't have much patience with sweet stuff @_@.

This layout sure is a turn from your others. It’s very elegant, and I like it. Also, it’s the perfect size for my 15″ laptop, which I believe is a large chunk of your target audience. To me it looks just like your fluid layout. Also, James’s quote, “I sure love Wuggs!” is adorable.

Congratulations to your cousin and her new husband! I looked through the pictures on your photoblog, and they were absolutely gorgeous. I wanna look that pretty at my wedding!

Very lovely layout indeed. I love your chosen theme as well as the colours involved. The “Love” projects you carry on are something many blogs tend to loose: a feeling of tradition and love to others. ^_^
I am quite glad I stumbled upon your blog! /hehe

Congratulations to your cousin and her new husband. I wish them a lifetime of happiness with one another! Though legally I am married, my ceremony is December 17th, and i do hope it to be just as enjoyable as what you recently experienced 👏

The part about a “Ten course meal” got me, ha! That sounds amazing! I wish i had the time and effort to make new layouts. I am sooo sick of mine and i *sort of* know what I want to do with it, but its just a matter of waiting until the summer holidays and finding the effort to undertake it. Gah. The Love project sounds awesome. I wish i had time to write something on it right now ><

I love your new layout! It’s so gorgeous O_O man.. I envy you~ *stares at my blog* ……..I feel like crying for the ugliness of my blog. /argh
about the “I love” project, do I have to write, say.. one blog post per quote or I can combine all of them into one post? Because I’m thinking of a post and a writing…. idk though 🤬 /embarrassed for some unknown stupid reason.
XD McDonalds~ gotta love the Mcflurry ♥
shark fin soup~ 😢 …oh don’t mind me. I pity the sharks.. lol
you seem to be enjoying the celebration. :D for some reason, I never like going to parties like this… wedding invitations and all that even though the one who’s married is a cousin or someone I know… /snort

lovely layout :)
I want to see the wedding pictures, but the damn wifi in the hotel is so frelling sloooooow. I’m sure it was beautiful. How could a wedding with a 10 course meal and a live band not be beautiful? Sounds expensive :P