Glass fields

Great. I don’t know why I have to be the person this happens to, but I just broke a lamp. I was trying to take photos for my assignment, which I need to print tomorrow, and now I want to stab someone in the face with the broken lamp because I’m pissed off. It’s not fair… it’s not. I am sick of my mum telling me my relatives are coming – I get the point. She has told me numerous times to help her clean, I’ve been working all week and tonight was pretty much the only free night I had to do this, and now, I break a fucking lamp. I just want to cry. I spent time sweeping up the mess I made and I just didn’t want to do my assignment after that. I don’t want to do it. It’s not fair that I’m the only one in my class who doesn’t know how to use a lot of the equipment in the room or where it is. I’m using my new camera and I just feel like a bloody shit failure trying to do this at home, at night, when it’s fucking dark. Like a n00b amateur.

I have to now find some time to take photos of my work when I’m not feeling completely screwed over. And then somehow I have to find time to print these bad boys. Yeah.

I’ll never get this done, I have to work a lot next week and I have group meetings and classes and other crap… give me a break. Give me a bloody break. Fuck September. Bitch fucking ends today, thank goodness. I hated this month altogether, completely, every single bloody bit of it.

As if a new month really makes a difference. But I guess if there’s anything to look forward to when you’re feeling shit, anything works. I try to be optimistic. October will be better.

In other news, I nearly got stuck in a fire escape yesterday morning before work. It was pretty funny, I guess, if you hear the whole story out.

I missed the elevator, and though I’m only four floors up, I hate taking the elevator. It seems endless, and I really don’t have a fear of it, but often I don’t like being with other people in it especially when they get off at a different level from me. I might be selfish, but it seems like a long wait when I can just take the stairs.

I knew where the stairs were – in the fire escape. I just walked around past a few of the suites in the building on the first level, and found the fire escape. It looked like any old fire escape, so I walked through the door and just kept walking up and up. There were a few windows in the stairwell that actually had a nice view. I realised that I needed to go to the top of the building – I had completely forgotten that my office is on the top floor. I reached the top of the staircase, and reached for the doorhandle.

It was locked.

Great, I thought. I walked back down the stairs and tried the door on each level in turn. I tried two, and when they didn’t work, I started to panic and wonder what I would do if I was stuck in here and no one came to take the stairs. On the way down in a panic, I passed a friendly-looking woman who was making her way up the stairs. I didn’t say anything, just smiled and minded my own business. I was listening to music and I didn’t want to start a conversation.

It was when I hit level one, the door I had come through, when I really started to panic. I ran back up the stairs to see where the woman had gone but just when I thought I’d catch up to her, I heard a door slam. She was gone. She must have had a key.

I ran all the way back down and realised that I was the idiot here. I had known enough about fire escape routes to know that most stairwells do not open from the inside. I slapped myself hard. I had been walking down past level one as I realised this act of idiocy. There were two doors and I thought, if one of these doesn’t get me out, fuck my life.

I tried the first one. SHIT.

I tried the second one and it opened. I don’t care how it opened or if I ended up in another universe. I don’t care how I got out but I got out. Somehow, my head took over and told me I was just at the back of the building.

Fuck that, I am still scared of stairwells.

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You need and deserve a vacation.

Georgie! Considering fire escapes are used for people to get out of the building, you should have known the bottom door would be open! :X

That is all.

Breatheee, dude. Breathe. ♥ /love

No elevator and No fire escapes eh? Guess that leaves becoming spiderwoman, or teleporting in wich case I want to make use of your traveling services xD.

It’s a pain to feel swamped in work. I hope the skies clear for you soon so you can catch your breath.

Aww *hug* how did you break the lamp? It’s not really clear in what you wrote but were you trying to take a picture in the dark and knocked it over? Don’t be too pissed about it things like that happen, though I’ve never broken a lamp before since we actually don’t have one of those floor lamps as we installed ceiling lights ages ago.

Maybe you should take a break because you’ve been doing too much. So have I lately, in fact today’s the 2nd time this year so far, only 5 weeks in, that I messed up the date. Though in my situation I’m just mad disorganized, which I know you’re the farthest thing from. Since you probably can’t take a break from assignments maybe take a break from the internet, free up any time possible. Just a thought though. =) October would be better for you wouldn’t it? You don’t have much school left right?

I don’t think your story is that funny. I always fear the same thing when I take an unknown staircase. Something might be locked and I’d get locked in. I didn’t know that fire escapes don’t open from the outside, I’ll keep that in mind. This is why I take the elevator when some people might call me lazy. I only want open staircases, like ones that aren’t hiding behind a door.

LOL my turn to have my stomach explode!!! I never even thought of an answer like “older than you”. Gonna use that in future along with Nancy’s “baby dick” if I’m game enough.

I’m more concerned as to how he knows his uncle is looking. I’ve never even spoken to my uncle before, exaggeration but I wouldn’t talk to them for no reason. And plus, why would you tell your nephew you’re single and desperate? lololololol.

Younger than 12??? Oh Georgie …. I think kids that young with boyfriends/girlfriends really are just bored. I mean what would you two do together, homework? XD I was 15 when I had my first boyfriend and uhhhh that’s during a pretty bad time when you think you’re adults and do more than homework together lolol.

Yeah I kinda realized that you’re young for your year, because really who graduates at 20???? I started at 19 and I know people in my classes who are older than me.

Oops how in the world did I spell it?! It’s just that everyone seems to spell Brandon differently than Brandon which is the general spelling so I get confused!

Spare mattresses in the living room … that sounds quite messy. Good luck with that!

Oh no!! Sounds like you’ve not been having much luck recently :( I hate breaking stuff, I have a cursed lamp which keeps being broken by people and yet I never learn and keep replacing it!

Phew! Good thing you bought that face cream that allows you to walk through walls.
Oh, wait. I’m thinking of that other thing

Oh noes D; you could have been Stuck Forever! *huggs*

Reminds me of a short story about a cursed windmill tower or something where you go up stairs
but when you go back down the stairs never end. NGEO


:/ Aww, it’s okay Georgie. Maybe October will be better. :) I’ve had a rough past few months too…

Oh gosh, I hate elevators too. :/ But staircases I’m usually pretty good with. That story was both funny and terrifying. xD I’m glad you managed to get out!

OMG! That would have been awful. I would have been so scared!

I’m sorry that September was shit for you. :( It’ll get better I promise. Just look forward to your family coming here because then the month will pass by really fast…or however long it will take them to come and leave. I always do that and time flies like the wind when I do that. :D

Good Luck getting through this though. Try to be optimistic! :)
I LOVE them! :D

Do what you can Georgina. Don’t try to push yourself. Don’t let your mom push you.

Totally. :) Why not talk to James a lot more then? Hopefully, that will help you stay optimistic. :)

I’m glad you wont do it again. :) Congrats on getting out of that phase. For some people that can be pretty addicting and that’s pretty scary, to say the least.

No problem. I’m always here. :)

I hate stairs. It’s too much effort. I guess I’m just a lazy b*itch, haha. When I lift is available, I will use it!

Oh my, that would of scared the hell out of me. I hate the idea of being trapped. At least you got out pretty soon though!

Hopefully, things will get better for you soon! ♥

I don’t know what you’re going through now, of course, but I seriously mean this when I say good luck! If I was in your position I would have cracked long ago. Stay strong! You can do it :)
Thank goodness you were able to find your way out. I can totally imagine myself in your place, probably because I’ve accidentally locked myself in places quite a lot. Yeah, I don’t know how I do it either xD

Sorry your lamp broke :c You are not a failure! Don’t give up do your best. I think everyone feels like a failure every now and then. We just need to keep going. October will be better.

Getting stuck in a fire escape seems uber creepy. Thank goodness you got out. The scariest part, for me, was when you where about to catch up with the lady and you heard the door slam shut o__o But you survived! Pfew.

Sorry I’ve been kind of inactive… :/

Like everyone else just said. Breeeeatheeee… LOL Everything will be okay, and you are not a failure. I barely know you but from reading some of your blog posts and just seeing your work – you are faaaar from it. At least you’re doing something with your life. That’s more than some people can say about themselves. You may only be doing a project in uni but a lot of people wish they could’ve stayed in uni.

Everyone hates September T_T Unfortunately I’m born in that month – the month of hate. /cries a river

Haha, I think we all have hilarious ‘stuck’ stories. I have one I think I’ll share on my blog, it’s pretty hilarious too. But at least you got out, I had to wind up sleeping in a hallway like a ho-bo. XD

I did the same thing in a stairwell once when I was staying in a hotel. I didn’t feel like taking the elevator and I got stuck in it, running up and down the stairs in the middle of the night hoping that whoever opened the door wouldn’t be a rapist. Ha!

You sound so stressed, hun. I really hope that you can get some time off soon. I’m sorry the lamp broke but that doesn’t make you a failure or anything! Stop beating yourself up, silly! I knock things over all the time! Gosh, I’m such a klutz at my new job but I just laugh it off because hey life goes on and if you can’t laugh at it then what else is there to do!


OMG! don’t you worry. It’s October already. hihi. xD and I know everything will be alright soon. I’m sorry for the broken lamp. >.<' ahh. I hope you can find another way about your assignment :) jeeeh! Good luck then. take a lot of care! ♥ ♥

I’m sorry you broke the lamp – it just sucks 10 times more when you break something when you’re already feeling down or in a bad mood. :( You’re not a failure though; we all make mistakes, break things by accident, etc, we can’t always be perfect!

I’m sorry September was so shit for you, I definitely hope October is a better month for you, Georgie. ♥

Asdfgh, I hate elevators, I try to avoid them at all costs because of the same reasons as you. Not to mention I hate people and being stuck in an elevator with a bunch of people I don’t know is even worse.

LOL that story did make me laugh, I guess looking back on it, you can see the funny size but shit, I would have crapped myself if that was me LOL. I panic SO easily and knowing me, I’d probably only try one door and then freak out. That said, even if you couldn’t get out until someone found you, at least you had your music. ;) (Yes, that would have kept me sane if it was me. xD )

Stairwells are stupid – just as stupid as elevators. End of.

you deserve a long vacation where theres nothing that will upset u. go with james somewhere nice :).