Twenty-one, twenty-one, are you having fun

The ugly wound on my knee is still ugly, and I’ve been trying my best to keep my leg straight so as not to tear the growing skin when I bend my knee. I think it’ll take another week for it to fully heal.

A lot has been going on despite me having a study break this week. I’ve been working eight hours a day, and we’ve got a new project in the works, completely rebuilding a website and its content, and setting up an online shop. Today I finished some wireframe work for the client, and I used Omnigraffle on a Mac – I think it’s really easy to use, even though I think the price tag is really ridiculous. I was thrilled when I found it available for iPad, but the price was ludicrous, I recall – and given the capabilities of the program, I don’t think it’s worth that much. Same goes for the Adobe Creative Suite; you’d think that they have enough money by now after people have bought their products, but no, it still has to be five hundred bucks a program.

On Wednesday we had a public holiday, so I stayed at home. Last week, I was thinking it would be a good day to hang out with James, but we were both very busy with work. I have an assignment due next Friday, and I started it then. I got up to 2000 words. The whole essay has to be around 3000 words. In my Bachelors degree, I had a lot of essays that had this limit, but because I enjoyed the research and had so much to write about, I honestly ended up writing about 5000 words. I probably lost marks for that, even though it was never explicitly said.

Today I reached 2200 words, but since I’m tired and wanted to write a quick post, here I am. I will finish it tomorrow – I really want to get it out of the way. I have a group assignment to work on after this. We’re working in pairs and my partner Kirti says we should get as much done as we can by next week and just get a start on it. I believe we still have another three or so weeks, but we’d really better get a move on. πŸ™‚ I also think we’re going to need to write a hell of a lot more than 3000 words… so I’d better work hard.

I’m graduating from my Bachelors degree on Friday! I’m annoyed at the schedule and how we have to turn up an hour and a half before the ceremony to get our gowns and all that other crap. It’s very organised. I’ll be working in the morning and then going to the ceremony and then going back to work. We’re allowed to invite three guests, and my parents said, “Of course we’re coming, it’s special!” – so they’re two, and James wanted to come, so that’s three.

That night we’re having pizza. I know I don’t like pizza, but last week we went to a fancy Italian restaurant and had their pizza. It’s far from the oily and gross Western shit. It was honestly the best pizza I’d ever had. It wasn’t too oily, it was thin but it was crispy and not too crispy, and it tasted spectacular. The cheese was stringy without being too gross or thick. It was perfect pizza, honestly.

I’m turning 21 in May. I decided that in very early June I’ll have a birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant; I booked a washitsu room for the full dining experience. πŸ˜‹

I’m planning way ahead of time, and it’s going to rock. 😁

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