It’s a Wunder

I’ve been out of touch a little… not just my posts about technology here and there, but the general hey-look-it’s-a-personal-post post.

Thankfully the huge ugly wound on my knee as a result of me falling on the concrete in the rain is healing and closing up. I actually put some honey on the wound today. I’ll be honest, I picked at the scab a little bit. You know when you think it’s safe to pick at a scab, it’s not going to bleed, it’s going to be perfectly fine? That’s just what I thought as I dabbed some Vaseline on the dry edges of the wound. So I didn’t pick anything off just for kicks to see fresh blood again (who does that?) but just to remove scabs from already formed skin.

Honey, with all its antibacterial properties, is quite good for wounds. I was surprised that from this morning until now, my wound has healed quite a lot. The skin around it is pink again, except for the ugly bruise. I forgot to mention that when I wrapped up my bandage on Thursday and Friday before I went to work, I noticed that there was a horrible bruising around the wound on my knee. I must have fallen pretty damn hard. There’s still a nasty bruise on my hip as well.

I’ve been using Wunderkit lately, which is a – well, how should we put this? It’s a tool, it’s a system, it’s an application. It’s a place where you can efficiently organise your own tasks, own personal projects, or even group collaborations. The project is still in beta but you can sign up and check it out. I’ve found it quite useful to keep track of all my tasks in one place. There is an app for the iPhone and a desktop application for Mac.

I love to-do lists and now it just seems like the notebooks I have maybe won’t really be needed anymore. Pen and paper is always magnificent for planning and brainstorming, but for quick to-dos, you will probably like Wunderkit. It can be social if you want it to be – Rachel and I have invited each other to our respective workspaces so that we can see what the other is doing or what they have planned. It’s really simple to add tasks – you just type it in the box and hit return on your keyboard. You can also assign tasks to other people who are members of the workspace, you can create lists of tasks to organise them into manageable chunks, and you can even use tags to tag tasks.

It doesn’t stop there, though. While I can assign a task to Rachel to humourously tell her to study for her Japanese exam and “star” it for priority, she is also able to “like” my task. Of course, “like” is just the same as liking posts on Tumblr and Facebook, and/or favouriting tweets. However, if you’re not one for liking but you want to respond, there is also comment functionality. You can also comment on comments. What’s great about these is that you can easily discuss if you’re in a group, and of course, one can always step in to help or give some guidance along the way.

You don’t have to invite anyone to your workspace either; there’s the option to have to completely private if you’re working on a surprise birthday party for someone.

I’ve been using Wunderkit to organise all my website duties and other online business, as well as keeping reminders of things to do – like buying train tickets, cleaning my desk, or even keeping quick notes. The notes are another basic functionality of Wunderkit; if you want to write something a bit longer they’re there. I must also mention that Wunderlist is for those who are after something simpler, less social, but just as efficient. Also created by 6wunderkinder, it’s available as an app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OSX and Windows. At the moment there is no integration between it and Wunderkit, but it’s soon to come. :)

Wunderkit is a terrific option for project management and we’ve started to use it at work as well. The great thing is that it syncs at regular intervals, so if you’ve lost your connection you can still add tasks as per usual, and they’ll just sync as soon as you’ve got a connection. It’s probably a bit late to be delving into project management halfway through the semester for university, but it’s just another handy thing to start using for anyone who wants to keep organised, or, like me – likes a to-do list for anything.

Well, going back to my idiot wounded knee, I’m sure it’ll heal a lot quicker if I keep treating it like how I did today. The honey should do a good job again, and of course I’ll clean the wound regularly. It’s already drying and pretty much closed up, but I don’t want the skin to get too flaky, so I’ll have to pop Vaseline on the edges again.

Excuse me for talking about my horrid wound.

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Wunderkit does sounds useful xD I think I can share this with other people I know, so thanks for sharing! :)

good luck with the wound D: I hope it’s over soon *hug*

Honey is antibacterial? Whoa! That’s so cool! The things I learn from reading all of your blogs!

I haven’t heard of Wunderkit, but that sounds really useful. I’m the type that has to make to-do lists all the time, and stay organized. It drives me crazy when things aren’t written down. I may have to check this out on iPhone :)

Ooh, I didn’t know putting honey on wounds helps. That’s good to know. I’ll try it next time!

o.o You put honey on the wound? What is it supposed to do, exactly? I’ve never heard of that…! :P Sounds so weird, no offense. Sorry, I have two windows open when I read a blog post: One with the full entry for reading and one with the comment box so I can write comments as I read. I’ve a horrid memory, so I can easily comment about what I want to comment about without forgetting! ^^

Wunderkit sounds pretty cool, and I suppose I’ll try out Wunderlist to see if it does anything for me. Gah, I really want an iPhone, but I am so certain I will just end up breaking it! Maybe this Wunderthing will help me to organize what I need to do a little easier? (H) /type 😰

Hopefully the bruise/scab/etc. will go away soon. :) Once the scab/scar heals, if your skin is a bit (or a lot) discolored from it, you can get [white] vinegar on a cotton ball and dab it on said bruise everyday until it disappears — but it usually works after the second day. The length of time it takes for the vinegar to make it disappear depends on how big/dark/etc. the bruise is. /rose ♥

:O D: …Well THAT is embarrassing. Where the other strike code is is where it’s supposed to stop. Ugh, I forgot the dang SLASH. D; /um O_O @_@ /bash 🤬 /argh /angry :X

dammit. >.>

Fixed it for you!

I used to use Split Browser for Firefox but it hasn’t been updated and isn’t compatible with the newest version of Firefox. Since I now have a bigger screen, I can just move the windows around freely and use the space.


Thanks! ^^ Yeah, I use tabs. :P

Oh no! I hope your knees get better. Not to discourage you, but I scraped my knee real badly over half a year ago (it bled and I had to use gauze pads that were the size of my palm) and now I am left with a scar — which looks like this:

I put Tacamahaca seed oil (which is supposed to help it fade) on it every day though apparently the results are quite slow to become obvious.

Wunderkit is the best. It may be the only way I get some of my stuff down. I’m one to procrastinate horribly, and I need something keeping me on track so I don’t wander to Tumblr or watch my Youtube subscriptions. I’m so bad with that. 😒
I use it more to keep track of planning parties, work, school, etc. It plans everything for me.
I’m sorry about your knee D:
I hope it gets better. Honey sounds like it would be helpful though?

Aww sorry about your wound…I got a similar would last year on my birthday too with a nice hole in my tights -_- omg I pick at scabs all the time…it is soo bad because sometimes I misjudge :(

O.o I never knew that about honey…that’s good to know! Bruises are bad…hope it doesn’t hurt a lot. Hmm seems like an interesting website/app. I will check it out!

I never really made too many to-do lists but sometimes they are handy :D. I guess making it public would add a little bit of social pressure so that I actually try to accomplish it xD.

Hope your wound heals soon! Take care ^_^

I can finally check your site on my computer, YES! /type :D

Anyway, I’m glad your wound is healing well. I’ve never tried honey on a wound, but that’s something I’d love to try. I usually just use Vaseline or hydrogen peroxide (if it’s a small wound. I’m not brave!).

Seems like everything is social nowadays. Wunderkit would’ve worked well with my old boss. She was always trying to figure out what we were doing, and wanted us to keep a list on Google Docs. I do love task lists. I constantly use the ones I have on my phone, and I’m always writing down notes here and there. It’s great to be able to organize everything in one space.

Oh, wow! That honey thing . . . I never knew! I’d probably never put some on my wounds because I really don’t like stickiness of any sort. Still, though, I’ll keep that idea in mind if I ever really need it :D

Oh I love picking at scabs. Whenever I get acne on my forehead. I pick at it non stop until it bleeds, scabs, and bleeds again. @_@ It’s such a terrible habit and it takes forever for the scabs to heal. Thank god I rarely ever get acne.

And I never really treat my wounds either. I just let them sit there and rot themselves to recovery. Guess I’m just generally lazy when it comes to managing my health. :P Good to hear that you got your wound under control though and hope it heals nicely!

Yeah I saw that picture on instagram and ouch is looked sore. I keep bashing my knee on the side of my bed and I never learn because I still walk into it lol grr. Never thought of putting honey on it, I hate the smell though. My mum eats it on toast eww.

I always want to pick at scabs because they’re ugly and rough, but I can never time it right, since the skin starts bleeding again and the scabbing has to start all over.

I had no idea honey had antibacterial properties. I would naturally assume that the sugar would make wounds worse…I think I might try this little remedy the next time I get a cut.

i ♥ your bloggg it’s so intresting but if you don’t mind answering one question… what fonts do you use i love ’em! :)

Sooo I just spent all that time reading about an app that i can’t use because the only Apple product i have is an ipod classic lol. Buuut if all goes well, apparently my uncle is generously giving me an iphone for my 21st so many then i’ll find out the wonders of “inviting people to my workspace” myself :p

careful with the knee, you. tahui, wonderkit seems pretty :B
and go easy on the honey D: . it’d be bad if it got..Ants



I hope your knee recovers.
I couldn’t help but smile at your previous post because I had the exact same reaction to that album cover. I just don’t understand how fantastic albums can have such terrible covers. I’ve always disliked Bombay Bicycle Club’s cover for their album I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose.

I never knew honey was good for wounds. That’s really useful because I keep slipping in this weather. Thank you! Just a tip, if you ever have eczema, honey can help. Sometimes I get eczema on my face and ointments are too strong to use on that area so I just use honey instead. I’ve even heard of my friends using it in their hair mixed with olive oil. I would try that but I’ve got long, thick hair and I could probably bake a cake with those ingredients.

While Wunderkit sounds useful, it also sounds like another place for me to procrastinate. Often when I don’t want to do work, I make lists of work I have to do rather than actually doing it and I organise my life :) If I don’t have access to my computers, I organise my wardrobes.

However, the other features sound cool and I really want to see them. Thanks for sharing.

Get well soon. ♥

Hey! hope your wound gets better soon!
Wunderkit and Wunderlist sound great! worth giving a shot! :D :D

Ooh, wow, I think I’ll use honey next time I have a scab! :O

Bahh Wunderkit sounds really awesome, by the way you’re gushing about it xD I might download it when I get a Mac! Geez, everything you do is so efficient xD

I didn’t know honey was good for wounds! Ah, I have to try that sometime!! Wunderkit seems pretty useful. I hadn’t heard of it before but it seems pretty good!

By the way I’m flying down to Australia in August ;)!

I have such a bad habit at picking my scabs too. Even if they start bleeding. It’s a wonder that i t takes me forever to heal. LOL. 😳