Temporal lag

I’ve made an image uploader with PHP and MySQL. It’s nothing much at the moment, but it’s part of my plan to turn it into a WordPress plugin. I am not quite sure how to get it working in WordPress, but this is what it does so far:

  • Type in some metadata for the image. Title, caption and so on. It doesn’t include everything WordPress asks for – the idea for this is to make it very simple.
  • Choose the image on your computer to upload.
  • If the image is over a certain size, it won’t upload.
  • If the file is not a valid image file, it won’t upload.
  • Images upload to a selected folder on the server.
  • Image metadata and the URL of the image is stored in a MySQL database.
  • After connecting to the database, the page loads and displays the images already in the database.

I won’t really say it’s “getting there” but I’m getting a move-on. There’s so much I want to push out of the way in terms of university. When I think about it, there’s not too much to go, but everyone knows that you start falling down when it gets into the last weeks of semester. Since I’m horribly scared of that, this week will have some intensive work, alright. Time to get caught up on stuff, time to study and go on and on, time for things to never end.

I am so tired… I feel like I’ll be able to catch up on things on the weekend, then the weekend catches up with me

Time to sleep earlier, time to doze off on the train, time to skip lectures when you know you’re just going to be sitting there in the pits playing on your iPad. If I get that vibe again this week, and if I believe I’ll work better at home and learn more by reading the notes rather than listening to someone yak on and on… well, so be it. Not everyone learns fantastically well when it comes to listening to someone. Some people work better when they have a discussion with friends. Others work better reading, writing, drawing.

The good thing about university is that people don’t watch your back all the time. That’s what we were told in high school – “no one is going to spoon-feed you and warn you and remind you to study!”

They said it like a threat. Like it was a bad thing.

Being forced and told to study and having work thrown in my face wasn’t my idea of desirable. I have no idea what high school teachers think, but if they think we’re going to fall down, they’re wrong. There is something just absolutely liberating about a teacher not being on your back or breathing down your neck all the time. You have the independence, you can work at your own pace, and you pay for your schooling and you hold the responsibility. I like that. I like having that kind of flexibility. I don’t even think it’s about trust – but someone is trusting me to do what I need to do. Maybe I’m trusting myself.

me with my new red-highlighted hair
new hair!

Apart from classes starting again, I did get my hair cut on the weekend. I got it highlighted red. I sort of wanted to have my whole head coloured, but I think something set me back. I chose a red that wasn’t all that natural, and my hairdresser suggested having highlights… so I guess that was the way to go. It took a while as they were busy that day. Maybe I regret not colouring my whole head, but at least this way I still have some of my natural hair colour. Which isn’t too bad either!

I’m mostly happy about the cut. /eee

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Oh your hair looks fantastic! I love it! ♥
The work load in high school is definitely a pain, and also catching up with me considering exam week is coming up and we have a lot of last minute projects and such. /bash
Honestly I work best under pressure. I have a habit of putting everything off until I have my one ‘busy day’ of the week where I don’t spend my afternoon walking around or scrolling through Tumblr, I sit in my room with about 8 billion books and my computer and iPad and try to finish all this stuff. /wah
There’s a lot going on this term for everyone though. But high school teachers do have a habit of “You need to study it’s for your benefit we won’t watch you 24/7” like you said. It’s not the best. 😒
The worst thing was is I’m lacking sleep too .I passed out about 8 pm last night which is kind of a record, considering I’m a night owl. :P
I hope things get done for you. Your photo-uploader sounds really cool and it sounds like you’ve done a good job with it!

is the wordpress plugin something visitors of the blog could use? when i was doing my wedding website, I was going crazy looking for a plugin that people could use to upload pictures they took at the wedding to my site, but I never found anything.

so true about HS teachers. HS sucked compared to college. I cried a lot more in college, but I don’t think I realized how miserable I was in HS until I was out of there.
Though I had professors that took attendance and collected homework which I thought was pretty lame. Really, we’re paying $8000 a semester for these classes. Doesn’t require much convincing to make us go. Just make it a little interesting. Not surprisingly, I fell asleep in most of those classes that took attendance. OK, I fell asleep in my other ones too, but the attendance classes more often.

My plans are that it isn’t going to be – but as a standalone, I could make it work. I can password protect the page and you can share it with anyone who wants to share photos. It’s going to be a hassle if there are many photos as I haven’t made it to upload multiple ones at a time (getting there, getting there… it’s more of a personal project so I don’t know how far it’ll go and how long it’ll take!). But that’s definitely an idea if I can’t get it working with WordPress. I’m still learning! :)

I have to disagree slightly with you about no spoon-feeding is not a bad thing. Personally I love the independence of university and I worked much better without a teacher always on my back, just like you. However I do know people that weren’t able to cope at all with it. A friend of mine repeated first year twice! He found it difficult to self study and keep up with the fast pace of university. He was spoon-feed all his school life. His mum got him private tutors for a few of his subjects. It was the only reason he was able to do well during high. It’s really unfortunate as he never developed the skill to be independent and responsible for his own education. He relied on his tutors to teach him everything and help him pass. He’s about to repeat first year again for the third time.

Either way, I’m glad we’re not like that. I guess it’s a pretty rare case as most people do generally do well.

Ooh, I like your hair :O

LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT WORDPRESS PLUGIN and yeah, I think I’ll definitely download it once you’re done with it XD I don’t really like how the WordPress image uploader is now because it’s too complicated and yours does sound similar.

I really liked it when you said, “There is something just absolutely liberating about a teacher not being on your back or breathing down your neck all the time. You have the independence, you can work at your own pace, and you pay for your schooling and you hold the responsibility“–preach it, seriously. I think with the older generations they were always told what to do and it was part of their culture, but nowadays the world’s becoming a bit more liberal when it comes to personal choices, in a “do what you want to do” sort of way. A lot of adults haven’t realized it, but more young people are becoming and wanting to be independent–like me and you :D

I would use that plugin of yours if ever.. I really wanted something where I can store all my images. And I guess it’s pretty safe if you store it on your own space. Hihi.

Anyway, my hair is just plain straight – it would be hard to put waves on it. But I’ll try! I love your hair, I wish I could come up with something lively like that. :)

I will definitely try out that WordPress plugin once you are done! I personally think that the current default image uploader does way too much. I don’t want thumbnails of all my images generated!

I think that you and I are both independent people, so we don’t like it when we’re spoon-fed. Like Krystal, I have definitely met some people that were spoon-fed their whole lives and have a very hard time being out on their own at university even though they did extremely well in high school.

Good luck towards the end! You’ll make it through! And nice haircut!

Aww… I wrote a huge comment yesterday and then my computer crashed!!! It was so irritating!
Well, it’s awesome that you programmed your own image uploader, Even with those flaws, it’s really awesome to design something like that!
Well I agree with you that spoon-feeding is not so gr8… it’s sometimes better that unis let us work on our own, with our own ideas… so that we get prepared for working on projects and stuff later!
And, OMG Georgie, tht hair style is looking so awesome!! I loved the way you have had that hair cut!!!

Btw, I’ve been too busy lately, I’ve read loads of books, but I’ve not really started reading those you suggested, And i dinb’t get time to come ol… and if I do, my computer crashes!! so I kinda avoid it… well you may see some reviews soon!

Ohmigosh, your hair is lovely!

…Teachers here are all over you about your work most of the time. At least, my speech teacher was. Then again, she knew me and my mom and my step dad (never a good combo). But now that I think about it, she did it to everyone. It was always this “read & fill out my note sheet” thing where you had to interpret what YOU learned from said chapter & it was expected to match what SHE wanted, which was quite difficult because I always interpret things differently. P:

What’s the latest iPad? And you found yours on eBay right? I’ve tried searching, and it comes up with records and junk. o.o

Awesome image upload thingy, by the way. ^^ I’ve come across something similar, but the person who made it uses it only for herself & isn’t into sharing it. :p …Plus it lacks a name. p: But it’s pretty cool.


Oh I’m totally going to treasure it. e u e That’s not going to change, but I do want to learn guitar, |D And it wasn’t my first ever concert, but it was by far the best!

Your hair looks gorgeous! I miss being a redhead, although I had a tempter then.

I’m not looking forward to the end of this year with my uni work, I’m scared I won’t be able to handle it.

That sounds like a really good start! I can’t wait to see it as a plugin :)

I felt the same way about college, I loved the new freedom and flexibility, and I enjoyed it a lot more than high school. I guess some people do better with guidance, and others do better when left to their own.

I also like your hair cut and color! Reminds me that I’ve been wanting to dye my hair again :)

Love the hair, it looks so cute!!! Love the color.

Ah dozing off on the train. I found out, while I was in Japan, that people did that very often. Almost everyone on the train just “slept” during their train ride. And surpsisingly everyone woke up “early enough” to catch their stops. At least I didn’t see any panicking faces of missing a stop.

I love the haircut! It looks really cute – the new color as well! I’m kind of addicting to coloring my hair but I’ve never tried highlights..other than the blue streak I had for a week. I like your red though, it suits you. (:

As far as studying goes, I don’t think it made any difference to me if someone was breathing down my neck or not. I still didn’t do it. I used to be top in my class, super nerdy, all that jazz, then one day (not sure what happened exactly) I just stopped caring. lol. College has made it a little better I guess but I’m a huge procrastinator and the fact that the end of the semester is in exactly a week is making it wayyyy worse. I have no desire to do anything. I’m sure I will…at some point…but at the last minute of course. Haha. It’s really a horrible habit.

Hellooooo, I am back … :) I missed you. :)
Well, I love the look and the colour. You are so adorable … And I am not being biased at all ♥ ♥

Your hair looks really shiny from that pic. Love it! The red looks nice, too. I bet it looks fantastic outside when hit by the sun. I’ve never had my hair dyed professionally. I’d really love to do it one day. I’ve been tempted to just buy a box of dye from the grocery story and just do it myself, but I’ve always wussed out. Hahaha.

Good luck on your WordPress plugin! I’m sure you’ll eventually work everything out. Don’t forget to share it with everyone when you do finish it! :D

I totally agree with you. I liked the lack of hand-holding college professors exhibited. I liked doing things on my own pace as well. I think you learn better that way. Sometimes it would bite me in the butt since I have a procrastinator streak that liked to come out at the worst times, but it pushed me to be a good multitasker.