Temporal lag

I’ve made an image uploader with PHP and MySQL. It’s nothing much at the moment, but it’s part of my plan to turn it into a WordPress plugin. I am not quite sure how to get it working in WordPress, but this is what it does so far:

  • Type in some metadata for the image. Title, caption and so on. It doesn’t include everything WordPress asks for – the idea for this is to make it very simple.
  • Choose the image on your computer to upload.
  • If the image is over a certain size, it won’t upload.
  • If the file is not a valid image file, it won’t upload.
  • Images upload to a selected folder on the server.
  • Image metadata and the URL of the image is stored in a MySQL database.
  • After connecting to the database, the page loads and displays the images already in the database.

I won’t really say it’s “getting there” but I’m getting a move-on. There’s so much I want to push out of the way in terms of university. When I think about it, there’s not too much to go, but everyone knows that you start falling down when it gets into the last weeks of semester. Since I’m horribly scared of that, this week will have some intensive work, alright. Time to get caught up on stuff, time to study and go on and on, time for things to never end.

I am so tired… I feel like I’ll be able to catch up on things on the weekend, then the weekend catches up with me

Time to sleep earlier, time to doze off on the train, time to skip lectures when you know you’re just going to be sitting there in the pits playing on your iPad. If I get that vibe again this week, and if I believe I’ll work better at home and learn more by reading the notes rather than listening to someone yak on and on… well, so be it. Not everyone learns fantastically well when it comes to listening to someone. Some people work better when they have a discussion with friends. Others work better reading, writing, drawing.

The good thing about university is that people don’t watch your back all the time. That’s what we were told in high school – “no one is going to spoon-feed you and warn you and remind you to study!”

They said it like a threat. Like it was a bad thing.

Being forced and told to study and having work thrown in my face wasn’t my idea of desirable. I have no idea what high school teachers think, but if they think we’re going to fall down, they’re wrong. There is something just absolutely liberating about a teacher not being on your back or breathing down your neck all the time. You have the independence, you can work at your own pace, and you pay for your schooling and you hold the responsibility. I like that. I like having that kind of flexibility. I don’t even think it’s about trust – but someone is trusting me to do what I need to do. Maybe I’m trusting myself.

me with my new red-highlighted hair
new hair!

Apart from classes starting again, I did get my hair cut on the weekend. I got it highlighted red. I sort of wanted to have my whole head coloured, but I think something set me back. I chose a red that wasn’t all that natural, and my hairdresser suggested having highlights… so I guess that was the way to go. It took a while as they were busy that day. Maybe I regret not colouring my whole head, but at least this way I still have some of my natural hair colour. Which isn’t too bad either!

I’m mostly happy about the cut. ☺️

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