Tree-huggers and one-cent books

About three years ago one of my friends took a picture of me hugging a tree.


Last week, I had to buy a sketchpad for one of my subjects – animation. Being the cheapskate I am, and knowing that I have piles of notebooks at home that aren’t used because I deem the paper ‘too cute to use’, I chose the cheapest sketchpad. It was only a dollar cheaper than the next one up, but I chose it anyway. It was eleven dollars for fifty sheets; when you divide that up, it’s like paying 20 cents for each sheet. Really? At this rate I have already used about two dollars.

I used to love back-to-school shopping with a passion. Now that I’m in university I don’t really need many supplies. I have my laptop, which is all good, and I only really need a few notebooks. Now I don’t need to go back-to-school shopping; I don’t need to buy a new calculator and multiple binders and exercise books. My family used to go absolutely bonkers over the cheap exercise books. They were only about 90 pages, and a small sort of size, but they were one cent each.

I’m not joking. One cent. Splashed all over the covers of catalogues and brochures – the amazing, cheap, versatile (okay, maybe not) one-cent books. They were ridiculously famous. And of course, there was the limit.

“Limit 100 per customer”.

Only a dollar for a hundred. We’d often buy 20 of those, maybe 50 – because after all, they were just one cent. What made me feel guilty was that after buying a supply of 50, they would be in the cupboard for many years before we went through all of them. I often felt bad so I just used some of them as scrapbooks or scrap paper. As my mum said, “it’s only one cent”. One cent that may be but how many trees were killed? :O

I’m not a hugely green person, but when it comes to recycling paper, putting rubbish in the bin, saving energy – I try to do that as much as humanely possible, provided my laziness does not get in the way. They have Earth hour to turn off the lights, but sorry, I won’t turn off my computer. :P

We have a pile of scrap paper in a folder at home, which has literally been there for a year. I just have never needed to use that scrap paper, because every time I get a handout or something from class, and no longer need it, I use the back of that paper to doodle or write to-do lists on. Paper is always coming in. When I’m done with my old mail and envelopes, I write poems on the back. We are really killing trees. The paper is endlessly coming in.

Today my animation teacher unfortunately had to admit that we would be killing forests in this subject. When some of us wanted to cut our large pieces of paper in half for an animation exercise, he said we couldn’t afford to save paper in this subject. I guess that’s true; for I’d imagine illustrators working for Walt Disney Productions would have used a lot of paper to draw sketches and versions of their characters.

I think it just sucks that paper is sometimes expensive to buy. I care to recycle, but the government goes on killing trees to make us vote for their representatives and shit. I remember that when I went to vote, they handed out all these brochures and leaflets and things. A lot of people just tossed them in the bin. The regular bin. That made me a little sad.

Go and hug a tree today. :)

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I heard trees grow stronger and thicker the more they are hugged. Already, research is being devoted to ‘hugging forests’ where people (some professional ‘tree mentors’) can go hug trees to their hearts content. So far, there seems to be a slight increase in average paper per tree yield, although consumers of this special product complain of odours reminiscent of hippy underarms.

On a side note, I have around a hundred of those books. To think I got those for a dollar. Splendid!

Also, your tutor seems quite hip and funky.


This reminds me of the time Ryan made you hug a tree on the way to Building 5 from the Tower building last year. Fun times.

Back-to-school shopping… so many memories of shopping with my mum/dad when I was younger haha. Especially uniform shopping. I hated uniform shopping. But book/pens/stuff shopping was fun.


Yay! Hugging trees is good :). I still have a picture/icon/whatever saying “Hug a tree: They have less problems than people”, which is sort of true, and never fails to make me smile :P.

Oh wow. You had to buy an EXPENSIVE sketch pad D:. 20c per sheet of paper? OMGGGG D:. I hope the sketch pad lasts you the semester, so you don’t have to buy another one!

I LOVED back to school shopping. I looked forward to it every year :P. Contacting exercise books on the other hand, not so much. I still do a bit of back-to-uni shopping, but not much. I have so many pens and whatnot, the most I need to buy is lined notepaper, printer ink, a few binders and liquid paper :P.

BUT THOSE 1c BOOKS! I totally remember them :P. We used to go crazy with buying them as well. Hahahahaha! I think we bought about 20 at a time. I swear there are STILL some lying around somewhere D:. I must hunt them down and use them! I can’t even remember what we used them FOR now.

LOL, trust you not to turn off your computer for earth hour. Maybe unplug it and use the battery power as a compromise?

Omg! I have a pile of scrap paper on my desk as well! I have no idea where it all came from, because I just found it this summer when I was cleaning my room. But don’t worry, I am SLOOOOOOWLY using it up. SLOWLY. Haha. Scrap paper was heaps useful for me last year, cos I did rough maths working out on it when I was studying economics :P.

But it IS good to recycle paper :). We kill WAY TOO MANY TREES D:.

Hahaha! At least your tutor admits that you will be killing trees :P. I swear, I kill trees in ALL my subjects :(. With the amount of printing I do. I literally went through one whole black ink cartridge last week D:. I don’t even know HOW. But I try to print back to back where possible :).

OMG! Election advertising makes me SO ANGRY! With all those leaflet thingys. I don’t even LOOK at them. WASTE OF PAPER! The tree killers /angry.

It’s late right now, so I shall hug a tree tomorrow :).

Back to school shopping was the best! I use to love that. I miss those days actually. I haven’t bought a single piece of stationary since I finished university. I just need my computer and that’s it.

I have so many cute notebooks at home. I never write in them because I don’t want to ruin the cute paper. I know that’s so sad. What’s the point in buying them in the first place right? Cute things are just too hard to resist.

One cent? wow serious. How does that paper company even earn money!

Our lecturers are university use to print out their slides each lecture so students can take notes on them. It is kinda a waste though because sometimes people loose the notes and they print them out again. Sometimes people don’t even write on the notes.

Some lectures put the slides up a few days before the lecture and let the students print it out themselves. Which I though was much better. It lets me have a quick read on the slides before the lesson. I found that to be more useful and I absorbed more during the lecture.

I love trees! Hugging them is fun. :P

I love how many things in university can be done on computers, and it’s a lot easier to organize things when there aren’t piles of paper everywhere. There are some kids who choose to buy a tablet computer and eBooks, and they literally NEVER ever touch paper. I just wish that it was easier to type equations sometimes, since LaTeX, if you’ve heard of it, is not user-friendly and typing equations in word processors is slow. Such is the life of a student studying engineering. You’re learning to use equations to make things that potentially keep people away from paper. Except that most of us are doomed to paper during university. Bleh… I’ll stop ranting now.

Are there still people making flipbook animations? I made one with a pad of paper almost 10 years ago, but I highly doubt that there are professional animations that aren’t done with computers these days.

Just to get the hang of the basics, we’re starting out on paper. Part of the subject is knowing the theory and the history of animation. We’ll be working in Flash for the major project, though no doubt we’ll need to do some planning on paper to begin with. :B

First of all I apologize for taking so long to reply. But as you know I’m busy with college, and enjoying the things offline. My apologies. But so everything I’ve read some of your blogs, to keep up to date. Thanks for understanding me! /um

Good luck with the return to the University! Hope you doing well, and that you are not busy though.

That’s okay. I believe that friends should be both good times and for bad. It’s great that your friends will keep happy after a bad day :)

Still doing group work, and have had problems with two members of the group. Fortunately, other people who make up the group are working, and we could solve the problem. I dislike group projects. I understand what you say, there are usually people who do not cooperate.

Yeah. You’re right. Not only do we share love with a lover, you can also share with friends and family. I’m single, and so far I’m glad to be. I guess you may not have found the right person to have as a partner. I understand.

Yes, I have one of these phones. I see. Not everyone has a photographic memory, there are people who remember well the name of a person. Although I have a tendency to associate the name of a person with his face. Happens to me as well as you, when it comes to a meeting of many new people, it is difficult to know everyone.

You’re welcome!

Oh it’s cool. I also I have a picture hugging a tree. It’s a nice gesture.
Usually, we tend to buy notebooks with a pretty design and end never use. I always buy notebooks without design and cheap, because in this way that I’ll use it.

I also used to love back to school shopping. It is true that going to University now do not need many supplies. I have a CASIO calculator for almost 10 years and still works.

You do well to recycling, but many people do not. I’ve always been a green person, and I always worried about the environment. It’s paper is expensive, but we also think that many trees are felled. And in the distant future will be endangered species.

You’re right we should go and hug a tree :)

:O there`s nothing wrong with having a picture of you hugging a tree :P! Unless there`s a story behind it :O!

I remembered those days when my parents go crazy over 1 cent deals in the office supplies stores! I remembered how there were limits and my mom payed for the limit she got, my dad paid for his, and they gave me money for mine :P! Except that my dad also used his credit card so it was a sick exploit over cheap notebooks, pencils, pens, and books and so. :/. It lasted us for 4 years :P!

What I think is that as long as you have a usage for the notebooks and so, there isn`t a problem. If you just leave it there to … gather dust, it is a process of killing trees. It is just one cent, but look at it this way. When its not one cent, it is like… 75 cents.. Or something. Depends. If you don`t use it, someone else always needs what you need– more. :P

The only thing I recycle atm is old papers from school, aluminum cans, and.. plastic bottles. Apparently, here they charge you the recycling fee. So basically, you recycle to get the refund of the recycling fee of that recyclable item. :O! It is crazy~ I won`t turn off my computer either. :P! When I`m using it. :P The only time its really off is when I`m sleeping during the night :P!

We always use scrap papers at home to make notes. What I think, is to replace these papers with electronic pads. :P Or a white board.. :O!

Sometimes, we have to sacrifice what we have for something. ‘~’ .. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Its not like you`re using a lot of papers for every subject, hopefully. :)

I hate it when people pass out brochures. Most of the time, I don`t care unless it has to do with me. :P and its like a waste of paper. Honestly, 95% of the people here don`t even pay attention to brochures. I hate it when companies send junk mails. I rather have people send e-mails instead :P!

Thank you for following me :P! I followed you back. :P :O I love it when people are active on Tumblr :P! It is like.. I rather have active people than dead people. :O I love the uniqueness of your tumblr url/name :P! You post nice stuff on tumblr :P! Happy 3 years and 1 month to you and James :)! :O! 3 years + 1 month is a lot! I am happy for the both of you :D! I love how people have meaning behind their names :P! Or display names :O! Or so. Yours have a deep and meaningful meaning :P

I hate data plans for the phones D:! It is expensive! For T-Mobile, the carrier I use, it may be 10 dollars with some promotion, but its only for a certain amount of time and they extend your contract. Oh the things these companies do for more money. :(

Wow.. That girl is an idiot. I wanted to go on her site to call her out, but as soon as I got on her site, I was like.. “Nah. It`s not worth it.” I hate it when people are pricks. How can this girl not know this site is a blog?! Every site you come upon these days (at least 95%) have some sort of blogging feature on it! And what she said afterwards is.. Uncalled for because shes just being a plain bitch. (Sorry for the language ‘~’)

I hate it when people say that they are curious about your phone but they go through your stuff instead. i know I always ask my friends to look at their phones. And they ask if I`m going to look through their stuff, I say, “relax. i`m not interested in the novelas in your life” (novelas is like… soap operas or drama or something :/)

hey Georgie – – Haha! I remember that one episode of Lizzie Mcguire where she got all carried with saving the earth/trees and what not! LOL. Tree hugging is something I’ve never done yet. I probably plan on doing it but I doubt it. Maybe if the timing is right I might but other than that I probably won’t. :P . Just cause I’m cool like that.

Anyway, hmmm, only a cent for text books?! WOW! That’s insane! Really!! But omgoshers, I never knew how inexpensive Australia is. My friend Andrea has been there twice, and New Zealand once. I envy her haha! But no really. She gets to travel a lot so I’m happy for her. But it also makes me sad to know about her eating habits as of late. They’re not really all that good, but what can you do if you’re on a low income salary right? She’s going for a job interview today so I hope she gets it!

Hmmm, Yeah the Walt Disney Company does go through a gazillion papers each day for animation art and what have you. Even if they mess something up on a character they have to go back and re-do the ENTIRE thing AGAIN. NEW/MORE paper waisted. UGH! I like saving and helping the planet when possible, but it does get to be a chore sometimes ya know? So I dunno. I mean I still recycle cans and bottles and what not to help protect the ocean life creatures and other creatures as well; But seriously….some people do actually go overboard by trying to help the planet out. But I’m glad you’re not that way though!

I’m picked on sometimes for my wanting to recycle and saving electricity. The paper thing is true; it really is always coming in. I do use a lot it for school, but I wad the papers I no longer need into paper balls and put them in a basket. Todd loves jumping into the pile and playing with them! :P // I don’t really do the “Earth Hour” thing. I woul… brb.

probably do it, because we could play a game or something? But I wouldn’t turn off my computer, either. Ha. …Or my phone. // I write on other things sometimes. Or with those brown paper bags, I use them to make my own envelopes – then I really do use those envelopes. :) // I wouldn’t mind paying that. That’s actually about half of what other people are charging – and I really admire your layouts slightly more because they look the same in every browser… And I never have problems with them… Ya know? :3 I don’t need one right now; I really like this cloud one. xD // SOrry ofr the “brb”; I took Todd out to the barn with my mom’s kitten so he won’t be lonely. The kitten is Rascal<3 She's trying to get him used to the barn. (:

I never understood why sketch pads are so expensive. You could buy notebooks for $0.10. I understand drawing paper is higher quality, but so much so that the price needs to be 100x higher? Something is not quite right there.

I’m not crazy when it come to recycling and such either, but it bothers me when people can’t even do the simple things to help the environment. In my school, the recycle bin is right next to the garbage can, but people still throw paper in the trash can. It’s really unfortunate.

Schools use way too much paper in general. I recycle an inch thick stack of papers that I don’t need at least once a week. Multiply that by the thousands of kids and my school and you got yourself a lot of paper. I guess I can see where it would be necessary in an animation class, but do I really need print outs of the example problems in my trig book? No…that’s why they’re in the book. :/

Maybe all paper should be as expensive as drawing paper. People would be more careful about the amount they use.

YOU, treehugger? noooo way ;-) I am currently on a public computer so I thought I would pop by and say hello and say I will be back very soon and I miss reading you … ♥

I am an avid recycler. I freak out if people in my house don’t recycle hahaha …

I’m a little confused as to why people are always trying to save trees, they are a renewable resource after all. It isn’t like fossil fuels which once they are gone we will need to wait millions of years for more to be created.

I’m surprised they are even making you do paper animation, I would think with how cheap tablets have gotten you could do it all in Photoshop with even better precision and no paper.

Part of the theory is to learn the history and development of animation since the beginning of the last century; we’re doing our major projects in Photoshop and Flash.

Aw man, this post was just adorable XD

1c-notebooks are CRAZY! that’s supercheap! In Norway, you rarely find a notebook of ANY kind under 10 NOK (2 dollars) and we have huge forests and recycling is very wide-spread and popular (yes, that’s the word), I guess.

I’m applying for Illustration and Animation next year, but I didn’t get an impression that you’ll have to draw on paper at all. I thought everything was digital. Oh well. Basics, I kinda get it. The first year on my school, we used these post-its to make flipnote animation. <3

I'll hug a tree today!

I really feel for the environment. I am not saying I am this eco-loving freak who doesn’t use a car because its harming the environment, but I do try to put it wherever I can. I try to do most of my stuff online on the computer, instead of writing it down on paper and waste precious trees (the only good thing technology has done) and I try to re-use or recycle as many things I can. Its the least we can do. I also try not to let tap water run, or make a point to switch off all lights before I leave a room, and I try not to leave the computer on stand-by if I am going to go for more than half an hour just because I am too lazy to start it up again.
Little things, which I hope do make a difference. Sometimes looking at the direction where we’re headed depresses me. I just hope Nature has mercy. 😳

Thank you for inspiring me. As soon as I am done with this, I am going to hug a tree. I love them. :) ♥

My exams are over! *Cartwheels* My stress time is gone. I am sooooo happy. *Hugs* I am glad you bounce back easily. I like sulking, but it gets depressing after a while. It feels happy to be happy.
The first book I wrote was about 80,000 and full of crap. The one that got published, however, was about 60,000. Don’t worry about length. If you elongate a novel just to make it seem longer and more impressive, it would spoil it. However, if you really feel that you need those 75000 words – go for it! 750000 is not very long anyway. But, just be careful with the length. Its very important. I have read some really thick novels and there were a few, where if you remove the middle 25000 words in the book, it wouldn’t make a difference. It would have actually helped those novels sell better.

Literary agents are again a very complicated issue. Its good to have one, especially for someone as young as you and me who doesn’t know much about the professional writing world. However, it is not the end of the world if you don’t land one. I have some pretty awesome websites that list amazing agents, and some agents I have heard a lot of good things about. If you want, I could give you their names/websites/emails.

They were 1 cent in Aussie?! Duuude they were 4 cents here originally, then it went up to 5 cents… and then when we lost the 5 cent coins, they were 10 cents. And now they’re so much more expensive I don’t even know anymore.

I also miss going “back to school shopping”. i made myself buy a couple of new 2B8s and folders for putting in all the music sheets i need to store, and started actually taking notes in jazz history class lol.

Hugging trees are the way forward. -cough- Yes, anyway. I will hug a tree butnot now, it’s too cold even to eat… LOL.

Aww, I totally love back to school shopping. I used to do it all the time but rarely now since my parents are totally out of money and we only need to buy food for like a month. But back to the days I bought school supplies for school – I bought tons of pens and rulers even if I already have 20 at home my sister on the other hand is a notebook freak like you so should would buy the pretty notebooks with the pretty paper and she’d never use it just stare at it. Yeah. C:

Thank you! And good luck to you with university!

Haha ah, my sister told me that once you start watching Korean shows, you won’t go back ! XD I hate waiting for next weeks episodes XD Thankfully when I was watching my Japanese drama, my sister had them all on dvd’s so I could just keep watching them XD

Yeah I love Beauty and the Beast as well! The modern take thankfully didn’t ruin it :] There were some differences, but it is the modern version! XP I’m so happy because in orchestra we are playing different songs from Beauty and the Beast! I love the music! It’s beautiful!

Ahh, speaking of tree huggers…my school’s ecology club sweatshirt says “treehugger” on the back XD Ahh I have like a massive pile of scrap paper, which I almost never use. It’s like a few piles actually o.O XD Paper is so expensive these days. At my school, they ran out of their surplus of paper (even though they practically throw paper out the window) that they have security camera’s to the paper closet. Teachers have to sign out if they are using paper -___- I’d rather bring my laptop to class and take notes on the computer rather than writing on paper XD But sadly, I can’t do that in high school >.<

Ahh I love back to school sales. I kind of go nuts because I need a lot of binders, and I can't stand reusing the old binders. I always like to start the year off neatly. It helps me stay organized than having my new notes in a worn out binder. But I love it when I can get like things for one-cent! We always stock up :] But yeah, you're right, it's one-cent, but we are killing so many trees T.T We're tree killers D:

at least companies are doing paperless billing and stuff now. It’s amazing how much crap we still get in the mail, but it’s less than what it could be. Amazingly, even though I get an ebill for our mortgage, they still send me a paper one for some reason.
At work we often have to print out 100 page design documents. Usually I do double sided and two pages per side. People are always asking me how I can read the print :P I also don’t have any notebooks at work. Whenever we print something, it prints a cover page, so I just use that as scrap and it seems to be enough.

Aww, I always seem to buy fancy notebooks but never use them! And end up using cheap stuff. I’m so obsessed with recycling and stuff, I’m like the save-the-world police! I turn off lights whenever I can, recycle whatever I can. When I was working at this studying prep school in high school, everything they taught came from photocopied pages! We always make fun of them saying they kill so many trees. But it’s so true.

My mom likes to throw out my papers I keep, sometimes she throws out completely good paper because ‘one sheet or two is no big deal’. Uh, what if you keep that habit you could be throwing out hundreds of sheets of good paper in your lifetime. HMMPH! I reuse papers all the time, I use sharpie on top if I have to.

I’m a good girl I don’t tell lies like that! Haha. I don’t have to work there really she just wants me to get some unpaid work experience, which should be okay. My mom is cheap she doesn’t want me to waste the thousand dollar plane ticket. Hmmph, and she gets to go just for my grandparents’ golden wedding. Who’s the real waster huh?

Oh I get it now, since formspring allows you to be anonymous with no IP address recorded, people get to say shit about you! That’s not cool though, I heard about those contests they shouldn’t be bullying you for it, bully Namecheap if they must.

My lover is home for spring break I must go, I have read your comment don’t worry, I’ll finish returning when I get a chance! <3

Woah one cent?! That is so cheap :o! I would probably buy loads as well. I use notebooks all the time though, so I’d trust that I’d get through all of them.

I would say I’m not that green either. Like you, I do some things, I recycle, I turn off my lights during the day, the water when I brush my teeth – etc. I hate to waste paper, in school I’ll use every single bit of my exercise book, I’ll use up scrap paper etc. Sometimes I can be quite careless though, I never really switch off my computer. Dx

That is actually really true, it does feel like we are killing trees. People use paper for anything these days, and worse, people don’t recycle them. Sometimes I think it doesn’t even come into peoples minds, because I know I have probably been given a leaflet before and dropped it into the nearest bin without even really thinking about it D:

Oh man, that’s wonderful! A notebook for a cent? I need one of those. I think the cheapest I’ve seen a notebook is 99 cents. A bit disappointing now compared to your one cent notebook :P

I did Earth hour last year. Harder than I thought it would be. I think I spent most of my time on my phone. It’s really sad how attached I got to technology /ehe

I’m one of those people who recycle a lot. Primarily because of my father who has now embraced the “green” movement. Ha. It’s quite easy, really. We all get bins where we can put paper, plastic, glass, etc. No need to be sorted. I think the city/town recycling plants do the sorting for you.

I am a huge paper recycler (hehe is that a word?) as well. I clip pictures and words from magazines and use little bits of paper for collages in my art journal. I never have to actually buy scrap pads because I use little bits of paper to do my writing on. I always choose paperless billing. I dunno though, once cent books might be a little hard to resist, depending on how nice they were.