At The Beginning

It’s time for some new things. My laptop has been playing up lately and with James’s help I figured I should just upgrade to Windows 7. I’ve had Vista for about two years now, and have had absolutely no problems with it until recently. It liked to freeze when I opened new tabs in Firefox. And recently Outlook has screwed up so I had to get Thunderbird instead (so much more stable, though). So yes, it’s time for a change. My laptop otherwise has no problems with the hardware or anything else. I guess the operating system is just poo.

I’ve made a list of all my programs that I will have to re-install; thankfully it’s just Microsoft Office, Photoshop, iTunes and a lot of other free programs including my browsers and so on. I dreaded backing up my iTunes library but I read the support documents on the Apple website and they helped.

With over 30 gigabytes of music, it’s rather scary. I arranged all my music manually, because I’m so pedantic about that. Before iTunes, I used to use RealPlayer and I refused to use anything else. iTunes still pisses me off from time to time but I decided to use its consolidation feature and have it organise my files. So at least I will be able to back up all my music that I’ve had since 2002. O_O

All that’s left to move over to my external hard drive is that music, and my regular files, including website files and homework things. Oh, and I have to export my Firefox bookmarks. James and I are planning to give Fin the “gritty reboot” some time this week. Hopefully I can leech the internet at university to download all my programs. Hahaha.

I’ve jumped ahead on some university work and gone ahead in planning my animation project. It’s going to feature one of my cube characters (like on The current summary is that the character reaches into the fridge to serve him/herself some ice cream, doesn’t like the flavour, and throws the ice cream away. The resolution of this problem is that s/he will find another flavour of ice cream and like that much better; shown by the expression of enjoyment. It’s a simple story, but that’s how it should be. πŸ˜› I have to integrate a secondary character in there somehow, even if it’s just a bird flying by the window. I was thinking there’d be a dog in the corner or something; I’m not sure. The entire animation will be bright and bold, a bit like Mr Men style (James’s way of putting it πŸ˜„).

Also, I figured that now it’s been four or more weeks, I won’t be getting my iPhone back. Lost and gone forever, thanks to the inconsiderate douche who pocketed it. After much thought, I have decided that I’m going to be a superior bitch and not get an iPhone. My last phone was just so expensive and I don’t want to spend $1000 on a phone again. James is going to help me get a new one, which will most likely be the LG Chic.

Now I’m actually getting sick of seeing people everywhere with iPhones. And I’ve seen enough BlackBerrys in my lifetime; the HTC is ugly, the… yes, I could go on. I used to be the girl with the fat black and white phone you could throw at a wall. So I figured, let’s be different. Because I don’t think many people have heard of the LG Chic. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I’ve got a backlog of emails to reply to (I’m sorry Jamie!) but let me just say this: I’m proud to be on the ball with university work. I’ve nearly done all my stuff for this week, and it hasn’t even… well, it’s barely started. πŸ€“

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