At The Beginning

It’s time for some new things. My laptop has been playing up lately and with James’s help I figured I should just upgrade to Windows 7. I’ve had Vista for about two years now, and have had absolutely no problems with it until recently. It liked to freeze when I opened new tabs in Firefox. And recently Outlook has screwed up so I had to get Thunderbird instead (so much more stable, though). So yes, it’s time for a change. My laptop otherwise has no problems with the hardware or anything else. I guess the operating system is just poo.

I’ve made a list of all my programs that I will have to re-install; thankfully it’s just Microsoft Office, Photoshop, iTunes and a lot of other free programs including my browsers and so on. I dreaded backing up my iTunes library but I read the support documents on the Apple website and they helped.

With over 30 gigabytes of music, it’s rather scary. I arranged all my music manually, because I’m so pedantic about that. Before iTunes, I used to use RealPlayer and I refused to use anything else. iTunes still pisses me off from time to time but I decided to use its consolidation feature and have it organise my files. So at least I will be able to back up all my music that I’ve had since 2002. O_O

All that’s left to move over to my external hard drive is that music, and my regular files, including website files and homework things. Oh, and I have to export my Firefox bookmarks. James and I are planning to give Fin the “gritty reboot” some time this week. Hopefully I can leech the internet at university to download all my programs. Hahaha.

I’ve jumped ahead on some university work and gone ahead in planning my animation project. It’s going to feature one of my cube characters (like on The current summary is that the character reaches into the fridge to serve him/herself some ice cream, doesn’t like the flavour, and throws the ice cream away. The resolution of this problem is that s/he will find another flavour of ice cream and like that much better; shown by the expression of enjoyment. It’s a simple story, but that’s how it should be. :P I have to integrate a secondary character in there somehow, even if it’s just a bird flying by the window. I was thinking there’d be a dog in the corner or something; I’m not sure. The entire animation will be bright and bold, a bit like Mr Men style (James’s way of putting it :D).

Also, I figured that now it’s been four or more weeks, I won’t be getting my iPhone back. Lost and gone forever, thanks to the inconsiderate douche who pocketed it. After much thought, I have decided that I’m going to be a superior bitch and not get an iPhone. My last phone was just so expensive and I don’t want to spend $1000 on a phone again. James is going to help me get a new one, which will most likely be the LG Chic.

Now I’m actually getting sick of seeing people everywhere with iPhones. And I’ve seen enough BlackBerrys in my lifetime; the HTC is ugly, the… yes, I could go on. I used to be the girl with the fat black and white phone you could throw at a wall. So I figured, let’s be different. Because I don’t think many people have heard of the LG Chic. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I’ve got a backlog of emails to reply to (I’m sorry Jamie!) but let me just say this: I’m proud to be on the ball with university work. I’ve nearly done all my stuff for this week, and it hasn’t even… well, it’s barely started. :B

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Haha, I guess it’s about time to move on. LG Chic look so pretty ♥ I’m also thinking about getting a new phone, it’s either LG Optimus or Chic or Froyo. With time, dear, you won’t have to pretend to hate Apple. 1984 baby.

What exactly is Thunderbird? Is it easier to set up than Microsoft Outlook? If so, when my lappy gets fixed I’ll just use that. My Microsoft Outlook is … so complicated! D: Or maybe I just don’t know how to link my website e-mail to it? Ha. Sorry about Fin. I think I prefer Vista over Windows 7; Windows7 just annoys me. Although, that Windows Cloud they keep showing on commercials here seems really cool. =0 That’s a lot of m6usic. I could probably say that for myself, however; I never got around to adding it all. Haha. Good luck. :) I haven’t heard of that phone. :P Enjoy it! :]

That’s why I was picked on! I turned off the lights in rooms that weren’t being used/turned off the air conditioning/heater when the windows were open! It was logical, though. My mom and Tony DON’T know how to save money. So I try to help. I also shut the cabinets when they’re just open, not being used, because of the cats (they’ll go inside and get all the dishes dirty). But I haven’t recently; I haven’t been over there. // I guess I’ll keepp my junk mail from now on. That is, unless my siblings want them. They love pretending (sometimes it’s not pretend) leaving mail for each other. They’ll leave it in their fake mailboxes. Ahahh. Ooh. A black dice one would be so cool… Or… Eh. Oh well. I can always think of cute ideas that would make great themes/layouts, but I don’t want to make them/can’t really make them because because they’ll most likely look like some cheap, boring, half worked on layout.

DANG! 30 GIGS of music? I don’t know what I would do with all that music! Thats so crazy! LOL. I’ve never backed up anything of mine. *knocks on wood* But I definitely need too! LOL.

I definitely need to leech internet. Right now, i’m using my phone as a modem, but i’m afraid it’s just not enough! Blah! It sucks but once I get more income, i’ll be able to use the internet more. I really need to download Office 2011 when I get the internet back too.

That’s really awesome that you are still in college. I really wanna go back and get a degree in Vocal Performance or in Graphic Design. Two things based on creativity and arts but totally different.

Sad to hear that you aren’t gonna get your iPhone back! I hope it wasnt the 4G! They are coming out with the 5G later on this year, I heard. I have a Blackberry right now and it’s alright, I mean, i’ve never been so organized in my life, but I want the Sidekick 4G to come out already. I loved that the old ones.

I had Vista for quite a while, but I never had any problems with it. Everyone used to tell me it was crap and crashed all the time, but I never experienced that.

When I got my new laptop in August 2009, it came with a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it was realised. So in October 2009, I upgraded to Windows 7. I’ve had it ever since and I must say I love it to pieces.

It took forever to put all my programs, pictures and music back on my laptop but it was totally worth it. You have 30GB’s of music? o__O I think I had 10GB’s at the time, but it’s a lot smaller now because I had to restore my laptop last week and I lost quite a lot of songs.

I hate iTunes, it crashes all the time and I think it looks quite ugly now. I can’t get WMP to work on my laptop though and I don’t know anything else that works with

That animation/story sounds really cool. I remember your cube characters; that layout will always be a favourite of mine. :3

I would never spend that much on an iPhone; I’d rather buy it second hand. I do agree it’s not worth buying one again. You’re right though, I’ve never heard of a LG Chic before haha. *Googles it* It looks like an iPhone. ;3

OMG. :| I couldn’t imagine that happening to me, I feel for James. :( I don’t blame him for feeling ill for the rest of the day. That’s gross, ew ew ew ew ew.

I used to be able to kill spiders but I can’t anymore; because like you said, the smalls ones are really quick. One charged at my sister once so now I won’t even attempt to kill it. I usually spray them with fly/wasp killer, it does the trick eventually. I think I remember that spider haha, I got really paranoid and started searching my room to make sure I didn’t have any. We don’t get one like that where I live, luckily.

I remember your fear of staples, that’s what inspired my blog post actually. /hehe Glad it’s wearing off though. ;) Ew cockroaches; I never see them where I live but there were LOADS in Gran Canaria at our resort, it was disgusting. :(

Conkers are really good at keeping spiders away apparently. We have a conker tree near us so I might go and get some. xD

Yeah, I kinda haven’t blogged for 5 days. /ehh I’m struggling with ideas and kinda got a bit lazy but I’m blogging later today. :)

I might watch a few Doctor Who episodes one day actually. You talk about it so much, in a positive way, so it’s really i intrigued me. :P

My parents LOVE Back To The Future, I’m not really that into it though. But exactly! You don’t get people walking in the way of the screen either, or little kids making loads of noise. My step dad gets all the films I want to see anyway, legally of course. :P

I think David Tennant is quite hot, though. xD

:) Good luck with the upgrade. My parents recently did the same thing with their computer, & it went pretty smooth. /eee I don’t really use a lot of Microsoft products, mostly Mozilla since I’ve experienced way less lagging than I did with MS. :D

/wah Backing up stuff is a bit scary for me, since there’s a chance you could lose all of your precious files. :D Good luck on your animation project, is sounds great!

The LG Chic sounds nice. /bounce I recently watched the commercial. My sister has an iPhone 4, and it makes me jealous (but in a good way, teehee). Apple makes new versions of everything WAY too fast, it’s hard to keep up & you may eventually waste your money getting the next thing. /bash

Thanks! :) I don’t see how backing up could cause you to lose anything, if you have the copies elsewhere, especially on an external drive, then there shouldn’t be a chance of losing it unless you smash it or something. :P

That is quite true. I thought I’d have my iPhone for ages. To be honest, I don’t like the iPhone 4, and I was sure I’d keep my iPhone (3GS) for a long time. I loved it, but since I lost it I’ll have to get a new phone now and I’d rather get something more affordable. Apple is always changing and always expensive… unfortunately.

:) I was backing up my iTunes once & it deleted some of my music. 😰 I guess it was some sort of an error that I had made, but fortunately I was able to find all of the CDs I used & download the purchased songs again.
/eee Yeah, the iPhone 3G/3GS was nice. /bounce I hope the new phone will be better than your iPhone~

Oh what bad luck! Well, I’ll tell you what… I just installed iTunes again on Windows 7, and after following all the instructions carefully on the Apple website, the library file isn’t there, so I can’t back up my library. It’s gone. All I have are the files, which I have to re-add. My playlists and play counts are gone. It could have been worse though, I guess.

My moms laptop just died on her last week. Before that the WIFI died. She very bored now, lol and she wont use my computer casue she claims that it’s too slow. It works fine for me. It just some games that are played that make it runs slow. Need more memory or something.

I’m kinda glad that I don’t go to college, it sounds tiring. I’m glad to hear that your doing great in school. Keep up the good work. :D

Oh, I also changed my email incase you were wondering why the email on this comment was different.. :D

I told my mum not to use Hotmail because it loads so slowly. For some reason every time she uses the computer and types an email, it decides to be really slow and get lag when you type, so the words come up a few seconds after you’ve typed them. :P

Oh yes, I got your email about that. I changed the links on my fanlisting affiliates. :D

I should have know that, lol. You are an affiliate of my site. Duh Vanessa. lol

Oh my goodness! That sounds like a LOT of work to do! :/ . My bf Andrew is into all that techy stuff too (like I told you before heehee).He actually wanted me to take my drive out of my tower and take it with me when I go to see him tomorrow (Monday for us non-future like people lol j/k!). But than he decided against it and said he just wants to spend time with me. Awww! :D.

But yeah, I finally got to see Finding Nemo which has been killing me forever to see! I don’t know what happened to my original DVD, but I’m sure it’s at my dad’s gf’s place or packed in a box at her place. But anywho it’s gotta be there just like my Sleeping Beauty DVD is. I know for a fact it’s over there, but eh. It’s packed now, so yeah. Can’t cry over it now. But at least I got to see it heehee. Oh and Andrew got me hooked on the Closed Captions thing so whenever I watch a movie or a t.v. show now, I have to have it on lol. You can actually skim a lot quicker through things with having that on. :) . But yeah good practice. There isn’t a blog entry up right now, but there will be probably on Tuesday or Tuesday night something like that, because as of this moment I still have a bit of anxiety going on. I’ll tell you what happened last night.

Last night I couldn’t even go to sleep because I was extremely petrified over something, and I heard a low female groan (very faint, but still you can hear it). But I knew that I was the only one in the house. So it took me over two hours for my anxiety to calm down. What initially calmed me down was the fact I heard the rain outside even though it wasn’t raining outside at all. But to me, it sounded like it was and it was so comforting I just started calming down and what not and was able to go to sleep. According to my friend Wilile it was a panic/anxiety attack. Most likely due to me being off of my Klonopin medication, which I haven’t been on since Thursday morning. So it’s been wearing out of my system. But I do need it or at least half of it. But tonight I’ll take at least two full ones when I go to get them. So that way tomorrow I can be clear, and wide awake and what not. But yeah, that’s what happened last night. I was extremely nervous, jumpy and scared all at once, and no matter what the circumstance was, even if it was just my kitty walking by me I would jump. :/. That’s how bad the anxiety was. :( .

But eh, I know what you mean about being behind on emails. I was behind on Becca’s email until yesterday afternoon. But even than I was feeling something weird on my body. So I was having trouble typing at that point too. But thankfully Andrew’s voice was helping me to be calm at that time. :). He’s my anti-drug haha. But yeah, I’ll probably post more about it tonight or something. So look out for it! I’m still working on the domain too. Heehee.

Yeah for Windows 7! Although they get ahead of themselves in a couple of areas. When you have time I would love to see you write a review on it. :)
iTunes looks confusing to me too. I actually prefer windows media player over real player but I like downloading videos with RP.
It is good hear that you are ahead on university work. I’ve been hearing a lot of talk around me about being on top of school work. It is really helping and motivating me. I just hope I can carry this into my weekday.
I hope to see your story when it is done. :)
Wow it sounds like you have really moved on. You are not even getting the same phone. Good for you!!
I don’t know of LG Chic but I’ll soon find out.

Hey, I hope the upgrade goes well and that Fin likes Windows 7. xD My aunt asked me if I wanted to upgrade last year, but I didn’t want to back up everything and re-install all my programs again – one of them being the whole Adobe CS4 suite, which was installed a week before my aunt asked me about the upgrade. I don’t know if I’ll upgrade my laptop. Most likely I’ll get a new laptop or netbook at the end of the year. So far Vista is working fine, so I don’t see a reason to change operating systems.

So, what do you think of Windows 7? I personally don’t like it. I like vista the best out of all of the OS’ that Windows has come out with so far. 7 is a more advanced vista but I still don’t like it.

I don’t really like the iPhone. I mean I have an iTouch so I have a reason not to like it soooo…I don’t think I can say anything but if I didn’t have the iTouch I still wouldn’t like it. I mean I love my iTouch and I know the only difference is the fact that it can make calls and has mobile internet but whatever…I still don’t like it.

I have never heard of the LG Chic. I’m going to look it up sometime. :)
Hahahaha. Yeah. :P

Yeah, I guess I could do that so I didn’t get sick of it. ;P I am trying to decide whether or not to change my layout completely. I changed the header on my current layout but idk if I like the IBE text. I wrote it out but Idk if I like it.

Cool. I’m not one for skirts and stuff like that. I haven’t had time yet to go to the mall so I have just been looking online.

Totally. Hahaha. I don’t like it now. I like the way it was when everyone used it. Now it is trying to hard. hahahaha.

Oh, that is awesome! (:

thats the thing about windows it always freezes and mozilla is now starting to become a total bitch.. thats the reason why im now using chrome instead of firefox.. and thanks to James for helping you out Georgie,, LOL

the university works seems to take some of your time.. Goodluck on that I guess? :-( specially with animation..

Im really sorry about your iPhone.. Dont worry, afterall it’s not the best phone ever.. lol Im also sick seeing people around using an iPhone.. LG chic seems cooler.. haha

Oy. I hate setting up a new computer because of all the installing and moving files around. And 30 GB of music is a LOT.

I haven’t heard of the LG Chic, but then I’m don’t know much about phones. After some Googling, it looks like an Android. If I had to choose between an Android phone and an iPhone, I’d probably pick the Android just so I can mess with it more. You can make it all Georgie-like!

Will we get to see your animations? I like looking at other people’s animations. They’re something that I’d never be able to do.

If I think they’re good enough, perhaps! They’re going to be pretty basic though… :P

Yeah, I have noticed my windows vista freezing a lot now, I have had it two years now too.

I worry incase I can not get my abobe software back because I bought the student one and well I am not a student anymore to get my serial number, unless I dont need to ask adobe for it again? Adobe photoshop is my life lol.

I hate itunes, I remember I plugged my ipod in once and it wiped all my stuff. :( Itunes has changed a lot now, it sometimes backs up for you doesn’t it?

The animation project sounds so good, can’t wait to see it. I remember doing a animation one at uni using images, it got frustrating at one part because my teacher was usless. :D

Sorry again about your iphone, I wanted to upgrade to one but then turns out to be over 1000 pounds I would have to pay over the 2 years that includes 119 upfront for it. My uncle said as well he sees too many with iphones, I haven’t seen one person yet with the Samsung galaxy s, the galaxy s 2 comes out soon, looks super fast and nice layout.

Good for you on upgrading to Windows 7. I have never used it before but as long as it’s not Vista I’m all for it! I have a partitioned Macbook Pro with Vista (no choice when you wanna save money) and it works pretty well compared to my old vista laptop. But I really don’t have much on it. Just Microsoft Office, Firefox, and Paintshop Pro. All my music and ‘big stuff’ is on the Mac side. How do people get 30GB of music? I have 2.30 GB!

Hmmm cube characters. So cute <3 Do you illustrate by any chance? Like uhh are you obsessed with Adobe Illustrator and use that to your advantage? Hmm I don't know. I should start creating characters like that for layouts I wanna make. :P

$1000 on an iPhone? That's crazy! My iPhone was $199. My friend has a Verizon touch-screen phone that I don't know the name of and was $400, and I was so shocked at that. Why is technology so expensive outside of the US …

Ages ago I wanted a laptop where I could choose either Mac or Windows. But I don’t think I really need it, so I just stick with Windows. I’ve accumulated the music over many years, and I listen to a lot of music of different genres, so I suppose that’s why I have a lot. :P

Ahh, it is. I actually won money for an iPhone in an online competition, because I wasn’t a US resident they couldn’t send me one. I had to buy my iPhone outright which is why it was so expensive. Sucks that I lost it. XP

Yeah that really does suck, sorry … my friend happened to lose her $400 phone too. =( But hey if you won money for iPhone it’s a nice $200USD added to your wallet. :P

Hmmm question, how expensive are Macs in Australia (according to your sidebar)? One of my best friends lives in Australia and she always tells me they’re too expensive, but she doesn’t really know the price. She has a Toshiba which cost like $1200, same price as my Macbook.

I know the Macbooks are about $1500 for a 13 inch; as they get bigger they exceed $2000. The iMacs are about the same (I just took a look at the Apple store for the prices). I have a Toshiba! It was $2000 but came with all this other stuff like a laptop bag, programs, and so on. Now when I think about it, that is quite expensive. :X

Oh gosh the most horrible part of a crash or just re-programing is adding all of the programs. That’s the part I hate the most. Thankfully as far as program disc, I only have to reinstall Photoshop – everything else I use is free. haha.

Backing up music, is one thing that was the worst. I moved all my music files to my external drive. I still have 1.30TB empty on it too. Just shows – I need more stuff! :) I don’t use iTunes at all. I try to stay away from Apple products in a whole. Yeah, I’m kinda weird when it comes to my technology.

Your animation project sounds like it is going to be cute! I wish I could see it.

I’m sick of seeing all the touch screen phones. At the concert Friday the girl who was standing beside me (she was nice and we talked during the show, the guitar played kept looking at us and nodding at us) she had a touch screen phone and before The Adicts went on she was texting someone the whole time. I took out my phone to take a picture of the banner and got some weird looks because my phone isn’t touch screen. haha. That’s when I realized you have to love your own phone and I do. :) I’ve been able to keep in contact with Maki every day since the earthquake as well as keep people up to date on how my mom is doing. So it does its job well.

If I had more frequent Internet access, I would most likely have not done that – I would have written about something else! Haha. However, I have scheduled posts for at least 1 and a half weeks. :) My mom is trying to keep me from blogging again. *sighs* If only she knew… I wonder what she’ll do when I have Internet installed at home. She won’t be able to control me at all. // What is bushwalking? Is it walking through bushes? // // I never wrote diaries. It was harder and harder to do as I grew up. I remember a phase I went through, though, and I kept a … diary? But I wrote lies. I called it my “lie journal”. That way, my mom would quit taking me to the doctor/psychiatrist. She kept trying to get me diagnosed with some mental challenge aso she could put me in a hospital. I couldn’t shut my door – I couldn’t do annything. My life didn’t really start until I moved in with my dad.<3 That's why I love blogging. ._. // Haha. Todd and I are actually very much alike<3 It's very … weird. xD // Thanks! Yeah, I wwould like to do thst, but until my laptop gets fixed, I can't. I plan on using the first $200 I make on fixing my laptop. Or maybe just buying a new laptop. Because you can get one for $200. My mom said she and Tony are looking at buying med Ahahh.on // e, but I'm afraid they'll put some spy thing on it so they can see

are buying me a new laptop, but I’m afraid they’ll put… // can see everything I’m doing on it. They’ve done it before. Ahahh. *

don’t do an upgrade to windows 7, so a fresh install of windows 7. But I guess you already figured that out since you’re talking about reinstalling stuff. I’ve had issues with windows 7, but “people” say it’s because I didn’t do a fresh install, but the problems aren’t major enough to go back and do it. They only happen when I haven’t rebooted in a while and a reboot always fixes them.
iTunes is really good about restoring everything from a backup. I had no trouble with it switching laptops. You should always have a backup of everything anyway. I got a 1TB thing from amazon for like $50 or something and ran windows backup thingy. 6 hours later, I have piece of mind :)

I don’t have an iPhone not because I hate apple or don’t want to be a sheep, I just think there are much better phones out there. I have an iTouch and I’ve only ever used it as an mp3 player. I think android is a far superior OS. Not that iPhones are crap, but you can certainly get a better bang for your buck. Besides, the new iPhone will be coming out in a few months.

Oh yup! There was an option to upgrade but I figured since I rarely keep anything on the C drive anyway, I might as well just install everything new. So the disk was formatted. It’s fantastic so far; I just posted a new post about it! :P

Apple comes out with new iPhones all the time; they’re also very expensive so I’m glad I’ve made the decision to not go with an iPhone again. XD

I hate when computers crash, and you have to reload everything. Lucky for you, you had everything saved already. I never did >.< so I always lost all my pictures and files. It used to really upset me =(

From what I heard Iphones are crap anyway. My friend Devo had one and he barely had it a month before it completely shut down on him. It's been about a year and he's finally got it fixed and working properly again.

I have the LG Shine Plus. I used to always use LG phones, but then I got the Rumor and it was crap, so I switched to Motorolla, and that still wasn't any better. So far this phone has worked out pretty good for me, but still has it's problems. I think it may be the service though, who knows.

I'm an extremely open person, I don't have any secrets or anything to hide. I sometimes watch what I give away though, cause there are people who hate me that follow my sites. They tend to use what I write/post against me and try to cause trouble. It's really annoying. I wish they'd stop.

I need to buy some skirts too. They will be nice to wear in the spring rather than jeans all the time. :)

Last time I went on holiday I blogged using the WordPress app on my iPod. The neighbour let me use his WiFi so it was perfect.

I went straight from Windows xp to Windows 7. I’ve never really used Vista but I know my friend had problems with it.

It took me ages to transfer my music from my old computer to my laptop just because my computer was so slow. I’ve lost my iTunes library so many times because of my computer breaking. Back then it wasn’t too big but now I have so much music that I would cry if I lost it.

I had to make an animation for my ICT college work. It was rubbish really but I’d never used Flash before so I was happy. :D

I hope that you get the phone you want even though it couldn’t be your lost iPhone. I’m rarely see people with iPhones anymore. Everyone has a Blackberry! I see so many, it would be nice to see some variety. I love my little HTC Wildfire. Anything is better than my old phone that had a huge crack in the screen and that enjoyed turning itself off when it felt like it. It had a mind of its own!

Wow that is great. People dont tend to run ahead of their university work but its a good idea to give yourself that buffer. Who knows when it might come in handy. Never heard of the LG Chic though. Hope it’s much better than your old phone was.

Oh … I am so mad. I accidentally just pressed the back button, and lost my comment. Damn it. /bash

Anyway, hey Georgie (remember, Georgina was too formal :P)!
I could just make up some kind of lame excuse as to why I haven’t been online in forever, but the truth is that I’ve been extremely lazy. /type

I know how you feel about Finn. I recently made the decision to restore Mr. Laptop to his factory settings – took a complete reformat of the hard-drive and reinstall of the OS, but it was well worth it. (H) He runs like a charm now, barely crashes and is much, much more responsive. I also think that the viruses have gone completely. Ha! Screw you hackers! /wave It was just like Christmas. Like getting a brand new laptop. Thank you product recovery disk. (Y)

Haha, oh my. I think we’ve all had that phone at some point. That was my first phone – only I had the light blue version and I think it may have been a slightly later model. /hehe
I need a new phone, mine’s scratched and is never used; no credit whatsoever, ever. /oh
The LG chic looks nice. Personally, I’ve never liked BlackBerrys (it should be berries).


Ah, no violin? :( hehe. Piano is great too. I’m wishing I took piano lessons (like I need more music in my life! :0 ) I’m learning guitar actually right now. It’s very different from violin, which has given me both an advantage, and disadvantage in may aspects. :}

That’s one thing that I think not many people (especially those who don’t play a ‘classical’ instrument) have a hard time understanding about classical music. That it has lasted for hundreds of years and evolved, and is the base for most music today. There is so much and so many different types of classical music in itself and it’s amazing how it all works. Being in an orchestra, I have even a greater apperciation of composers. I have a hard time explaining it to non-musical people sometimes.

I am just starting to learn Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Summer. Beautiful movement! (horribly difficult!) :0 Canon is great too! Such a simple idea: canon, but so beautiful. I’ve heard the other versions. All great!

Oh yes, moody blogs. -_- I get so annoyed by them, especially if it’s more complaining. I can understand a rant from time to time. But drama-filled blogs like about breakups and stuff are not my cup of tea.


Hey! Oh yea. I just got a new computer for college next year. A Mac. My first Mac. I love though! I had a Windows 7, 2003 Dell B Inspiron. It was great; never had to change a batter or anything. And suddenly it started to overheat and then shutdown after only a short time. And int eh end the batter would die after 15 minutes off AC. I even had trouble transferring all ym iTunes, because my computer refused to stay on long enough for them to transfer all my files (almost 34 GB!) Yea I have a lot too! More than 5,000 songs (and actually none of the are from illegal sites like Firefree or Limewire, ect. It’s scary when you value every song at more or less, $1.00. That’s more than $5,000 of songs. O_O In the end we got almost everything over. Only the most recent songs (2 or 3 albums) didn’t transfer. And I had to do that manually with a flashdrive. O_O

I am happy to say that my phone is more “unique”. In 5th grade I got my mom’s old phone. It was a LG flip phone. It’s was like a brick! No screen on the front and totally black and white. It was just for answering the phone and sending limited texts (like max 50 characters). It was great though, because I never had any problems. It had been launched, thrown, dropped, crushed, and it still works. I even dropped it in my lake. All I did was take it apart and dry it with my blow dryer!!!
Last year, for the first time, I wanted a new phone for texting. One with a slide out keyboard. My old phone still worked. I still have it too! (as a back up). So I go the Envy1. It’s still like a brick and limited, but it has the slideout keyboard. I can’t stand the touch keyboards! After using plenty of touch phones I have come to the conclusion that they make great “mini” computers, but not phones. My dad has a Droid, and he calls me all the time by accident >_> even though he has the screen lock and stuff. Or when I use it, I have trouble operating some of the things, and it’s not because it’s glichy. *shrugs* If Apple make an iPhone with a physical slideout keyboard AND touch screen capabilities, I would buy it in a flash. Then again I’m content with my wonderful computer, which is very portable, and my simple non-touch phone. :]


I know, I know, I said I’d comment in the morning, but I had to go out grocery shopping and then I refused to turn on my internet until I did my debate so I wouldn’t get distracted. I’M SORRY! But I’m totally commenting now before I go print lecture slides and eat dinner :).

OMG! Fin is getting an upgrade today :D :D. I hope it’s going well :). At least you got a 2 year run with Windows Vista without the operational problems :P. But I’m sure Fin will be happy to be more modernised? Haha.

Man, backing up all your files and moving everything to an external harddrive sounds like a bitch D:. I would HATE to have to do that :(. But hahaha, I may have to sooner or later cos I’m still on Windows XP :P. But then again I don’t use as many programs as you :P.

Ohhhh! An animation project with your cute cubes! That’s so awesome! You totally have to let me seeee when you’re finished! It sounds SUPER CUTE! Hehehehe. Totally the kind of thing I’d squeal over xD.

What a stupid ass who pocketed your iphone /angry. I hope he gets hit with a HUGE dose of negative karma! HMPH. LOL, I think you’re right that not many people have heard of the LG chic. I totally haven’t :P.

And omg, talk about Blackberries. SO MANY PEOPLE at my uni have them D:. Every second person has an iphone and every other person except a select few either have a blackberry or the Nokia slide phone thing. LOL. Aren’t I great with models? But yay! Let’s hope the phone is as good as your iphone :).

Congrats on keeping up with uni work :D :D ♥.

Good luck with the computer! I recently got Windows 7 on my work computer and so far I really like it :) I don’t find it to be THAT different from Vista, but I’ve heard it’s supposed to be more stable and less buggy so I guess it’s better in that way.

Poo about your phone :( Just about everyone I know has an iphone and they bug me to get one too – but I’m not going to. Smartphones are cool and all, but they’re expensive and I’m a klutz D: I think I’ll stick with cheap, simple phones that no-one would want to steal and doesn’t cost a fortune to replace if I break it.

I haven’t been here for so long!
It must be really creepy rebooting your computer…
I use vista, and I’ve never seen anything wrong with it, though people keep complaining about it. I feel pretty scared at the thought of losing all my files, though I keep losing my files… one would think I’m used to it.

It’s not that bad! I just wrote a new blog about it. I didn’t have problems with Vista until recently so I decided to make the change. It just took forever to start up and sometimes froze. Windows 7 is doing well so far. :D

I had vista for about two years. I didn’t freeze or anything but it was just too slow. I upgraded to Windows 7 last summer and really happy with it.

You should save all your bookmarks to then you can access them anywhere and don’t need to back them up. You can sign in using your gmail account so it’s very handy.

Android phones are actually really good. There are so many nice phones out there, it isn’t just the iPhone that’s nice.

My mum is just like your mum when it comes to boyfriends. Thing is, I’m almost 23. Surely she should be less strict and uptight about it. I’ll probably get married in 3-4 years so I have no idea why she’s still so old fashion about it. It’s like she doesn’t want me to leave home :(

Sorry some jerk took your iPhone. I hope he gets his soon! /angry

I’ve never really been an iPhone person. Never got swayed by their marketing. Probably because I’m too much of a geek to fall for it. I’m the type to do all the research and specs before buying gadgets. I want the most bang for my buck! :P Kudos to Apple though. They have a phenomenal marketing team! 🙄

P.S. I just realized that Ben Jorgensen is on your header. Not sure why I never noticed that before. LOL. Has his band released anything new lately? I’m quite out of the loop.

Haha yes, that is him. His band Armor For Sleep disbanded though. :( He’s working on solo stuff and I think he’s sticking with it. :)